Sunday, December 11, 2011


Opening Clue (four minutes after midnight; all three teams start a minute apart from each other): Fly via Delta Airlines to Amy "Lita" Dumas' current hometown of Atlanta (unfortunately, she got arrested yesterday for speeding & driving w/ a revoked/suspended license), where the second clue's found at FlightSafety International.

They all depart for Atlanta on the 8:30 AM flight.

Clue #2: The finalists have to successfully land a Learjet simulator aircraft from an altitude of 2.5K feet.

Jeremy & Sandy are in first place after nailing that task on the first try. Amani & Marcus, however, are deep in last place after attempting it 12 times.

Clue #3: Teams have to figure out that "The Dump" is referring to Margaret Mitchell's former residence; the fourth clue can be found here.

Jeremy & Sandy fall for the trap of the department store of the same name. As a result, Ernie & Cindy take the lead.

FINAL ROADBLOCK: Using an old-fashioned Remington 3 typewriter, the same device Margaret used to help write the classic "Gone with the Wind", teammates have to perfectly type in the text that leads to their next clue- "Route Info: These numbers are all the information you will need to find the location of the next clue: "44 - 715 - 74".
ATTEMPTERS: Ernie (even though Cindy says she can type much faster than him), Marcus & Sandy

Clue #5: Take a taxi to Turner Field for the next clue (the numbers in the previous clue symbolize "Hammering" Hank Aaron's then record-breaking home run).

FINAL MAJOR TASK: One-half of each team's attached to a giant map & using the verbal instructions from their teammate, they have to map out their entire "Race" to be able to move on.
ATTEMPTERS: Amani, Cindy & Jeremy

$1 MILLION CLUE: Take a taxi to the Swan House.

The newest "Race" millionaires are...

Amani & Marcus
Ernie & Cindy
Jeremy & Sandy

...CINDY & ERNIE, ALLOWING THEM TO START THEIR OWN CHARITY!!!! They're also going to Fiji! Runners-up Jeremy & Sandy leave for Turks & Caicos while The Pollards are flying to both Bali & Panama.
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