Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Price" schedule updates

This Week: 5751K (12/5/11), 5752K (9/14/11), 5753K (10/17/11), 5684K (7/18/11) & 5755K (10/19/11)
Christmas Week: 5761K (11/7/11), 5762K (11/7/11), 5763K (11/8/11), 5764K (11/8/11) & 5765K (11/9/11)
December 26th: 5802K (10/25/11)
December 30th: 5775K (12/7/11)


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oaklandfan2kx said...

Good Job on the TPIR Schedule Updates what December 27th-29th: Well CBS Can't Air Those New Episodes of TPIR from Tuesday to Thursday (for the week of 12/26-12/30) so we are expecting to do 3 TPIR Throwback Recap Remixes by Bobby McBride from the 1980s from December 27th-29th (and one of these episodes will be from 1984 which will be recapped sometime between the 27th to the 29th of December of 2011), so stay tuned!