Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Survivor: South Pacific"- CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW

FINAL DUEL: The male castaway that can hold onto their giant pole longer's back in the running for the $1 Million.

And he is...



...Ozzy! But it also means a ZONK for Brandon.

: The final five need to balance a balancing board w/ one hand & build a house of cards on it w/ the other high enough so that it reaches a designated finish mark.

Getting even closer to the $1M Tribal Council is...

...Ozzy again!

TC #16: Coach Wade doesn't use his Hidden Immunity Idol...he doesn't get any votes. Instead, Rick's OUT 3-2 over Sophie; she was crying just before they voted.

FINAL IC: The four survivors have gotta race through a sunflower-shaped obstacle course to collect five colored bags of puzzle pieces to solve a flower gear puzzle.

The first finalist definitely will be...


TC #17: W/ NO immunity this time, Ozzy's permanently put in the jury as their final member over Albert.

(Note: There's NO torch ceremony this season about the previously eliminated castaways, I think.)


Ozzy: He doesn't feel anybody from the jury should vote for either of the three finalists, although he's slightly leaning towards Coach.
Jim: He asks Albert which of his opponents he feels shouldn't be in this valuable position (during this time, Ozzy laughs).
Dawn: She asks Sophie about her strategy.
Rick: He asks Coach if he had anything to say & Coach apologizes to him, then he forces Sophie to ponder why her lying personality should be good enough to win the jury over.
Brandon: He questions Coach about his promise to never help vote him out of the game & to play w/ honor. Second, he asks Albert why using God carried him this far, but Albert denies that point. He also asks Albert if he knew that he wanted him out of the game.
Whitney: She calls Albert sleazy, thinks Coach used Christianity several times in the season & calls Sophie the most condescending person she's ever come across to in her life.
Edna: She congratulates the finalists on using manipulation well on this show.
Keith: He asks Coach why he never used his Idol & whether he was ever going to play it on his own or use it as part of a faction. In response, Coach says that he was intending to play it at the merger as part of a group, but didn't think using the Idol was necessary. Also, Sophie comments that Albert was actually the one that found the most recent Idol before handing it to Coach.
Cochran: He's a fan of Coach because of his impressive trickery, but is annoyed at him repeatedly saying he wants to play w/ honor.

$1M TC VOTING RESULTS: From CBS TV City in Hollywood, CA, the newest millionaire by a final vote of 6-3 is...



Coach would've won the million instead of the $100K had Rick replaced Sophie in the final vote. Russell Hantz's in the audience tonight!

Ozzy takes home the $100K Player of the Season award in the most lopsided vote for it ever over Cochran & Jeff presents a $1M check to Sophie towards the end of this season's reunion show (a first)!

The next cycle's titled "One World", where two tribes will start living on one island.
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