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1/18/2012 Results

LMaD: Before we see how well Nick & Pam "did", let's see how Kristen (dressed as a Bill of Rights) & Amanda (dressed as the 7 of Hearts) do for real playing Girls' Night Out.

Base Prize: Silver Envelope- Beverly Hills makeover ($1,700)

Round 1: Silver Box (Jonathan)(Pool Party)

R2: SB
CURTAIN #1 (Pajama Party)- Decent bedroom ($6,192)

R3: SB
Big Box (Surprise Party)- Partially-eaten giant cupcake

Final Round ($800's turned down by both girls):

Kristen: CURTAIN #2- Trip to Costa Rica ($6,788)
Amanda: SB- Sunburn lotion

Eric (dressed as a world traveler) plays the Six Checks Deal for up to...the 2012 Hyundai Elantra Touring MT (Curtain #3). Up until this morning's episode so far this season in this particular game, they've offered nicer than usual cars; I would've liked them to have offered at least that $26,745 Mazda Miata today.

1. #1- $500 (S. -----)
2. #4- $300 ($800)(S. --G--)
3. #2- $600 ($1,400)(S. W-G--)
4. #4
$50 Consolation Roll- WINS $100

It's Now Serving time.

#218- Jenny: NO to SB ($1K)(Tiffany)- Garlic-flavored toothpaste

Gilbert meets Jonathan in the Hip-Hop Deal & then also leaves w/ a grand.

BB- SAMSUNG 55" HDTV w/ media console ($4,398)
CURTAIN #1- Swiss cheese & crackers dining room

Lydia (dressed as Miss Central Texas) will be the first trader this week to Go for a Spin; the Wheel of Jeopardy could win her the $17,460 Toyota Corolla (Curtain #1).

1. Mullet or Mohawk: Mohawk- YES
2. Lady GaGa or Katy Perry: Lady GaGa- NO
3. 2-D or 3-D: 3-D- NO

She removes the ZONK in between $4K & $5K...when she should've removed the one in between $400 & $3K, so she loses everything.

Here are even more women to take part in the Money Envelopes Deal.

Bronze Round:

Monique- $250
Sylvia- $250
Rachel- $750

Rachel's Round: BB- AjMadison/Frigidaire washer/dryer ($2,098)

Silver Round:

Sylvia- DOUBLE

Monique's Round: $1K
SB (Jonathan)- Topaz/white gold diamond ring ($3,996)

Sylvia's FR: CURTAIN #2- Trip to The Big Apple ($6,340)(Golden Envelope: $99)

Sergio, who's dressed as literally a cheerleader, is playing the Foreign Words Deal. On the board this time are Finnish words- aasi, rannokello & tietokone. He takes tiektokone & turns down double the American equivalent of 600 Euros from the SE.

Aasi (CURTAIN #3)- Surfing donkey
Rannokello (Red Box)- TagHeuer men's watch ($1.5K; that word means "wristwatch")
SE- $1,728
Tiektokone (Green Box)- Laptop w/ BlackBerry Curve 9330 & phone service for a year ($3,772)


THE BIG DEAL: Surprisingly, it'll be Rachel trying for the Dodge Challenger SE today, so she really doesn't have anything to lose here. She tries Door #3...but #2 conceals the $2,973 BBQ/hammock set, so she's instead going on the Coconut Bay getaway.


WoF: Just to let you know, Pat appeared on the intro of today's episode of "Around the Horn"! Before we possibly do that in interviewing tonight's contestants, we need to give them all a shot at an instant $1K w/ this Place Toss-Up:

S _ N _ _ A S S E S

_ _ O P

We will be going "AtH" on the panel, because Linda solves SUNGLASSES SHOP. It's made up of:

Linda Ferrill (Sandwich, MA)- An administrative assistant for an auto supply company on Cape Cod married to Woody who also bakes cupcakes
Duane Blank (Homer Glen, IL)- A Chicago convention center worker & bass guitar player married to Amy w/ a daughter named Josephine & 600+ records at home
Chantal Doucet-Brice (Magnolia, AR; originally fro New Brunswick, Canada)- A graduate student at Southern Arkansas University who's pursuing a Master's Degree in both Arts of Teaching for Secondary English & in Education for School Counseling; she's also a Canadian crocheter

Here are some Song Lyrics priced at $2K:

G _ T / I _ _ O

_ H E / G _ _ _ V E

Chantal recognizes Madonna's "GET INTO THE GROOVE".

One of tonight's big trips is to the JW Marriott Ihilani Ko Olina Resort, Hotel & Spa in Oahu, HI from worth $6,110 & the category of the IHOP Jackpot Round on this Wednesday's Person. Leading off for her are a $600 T, two S's to triple that, a $500 L & a $500 N while on the Jackpot, then she buys her first vowels of five E's & three A's before calling three R's for another $500 apiece & a G for yet another 500 bucks. After her next purchase of a couple I's & a $400 P call, we have...

A / P R I _ A T E

E _ E / S E A R _ _ I N G

_ _ R / _ L _ E S

...she proves to be A PRIVATE EYE SEARCHING FOR CLUES to bank an additional $4,450, making her first-place total $6,450.


In the opener of this evening's Mystery/Before & After Round, Linda says two T's for six bills but then buys a negative vowel in I. Second, Duane takes a dud consonant in S while on the Mystery Wedge in between Free Play & Lose a Turn. Third, Chantal calls three R's for the Hawaii wedge & two H's for $1K & the green 1/2 KIA, followed by the Bankrupt next to the $3.5K, unfortunately, so she says a negative Aloha to $7,110 in cash & trip. Returning to Linda, she calls N for another negative. Following Duane's spin of the other Bankrupt, we're right back to Chantal w/ her FP of five E's & a $600 C & then the board as we see it...

_ R . / _ _ T A T _

H E A _

C H E E R _ E A _ E R

...she believes a MR. POTATO HEAD CHEERLEADER actually exists for a $400 bonus & she's at $7,450.

DUDS: I (Linda), $300 N (Linda), S (Duane)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Chantal, Duane)

Time again for a Prize Puzzle Round w/ Food & Drink on the menu. Duane gets the Wild Card right away w/ an S & two F's for six Benjamins. Immediately following the pair of A's & the O quartet come a $300 D, trip E's but then a dud of R. Chantal secondly inserts an $1,800 T pairing & a $300 L before Bankrupting next to where the WC was taken to give those 21 bills right back; that's her second of the night. That means Linda can at least steal the mystery trip w/ what it says...

A / _ E T T L E

O F / S E A F O O D

_ _ _ _ O

...& she redeems A KETTLE OF SEAFOOD GUMBO for the $5K vacation to the Bienville House, so she's a bit more firmly in second w/ $6K in cash & New Orleans.

SOLE DUD: $900 R (Duane)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: WD6841623 (Willie Mae D.)

Wheel Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: Two CineMark movie tickets for $12; use the SonyCard & a 1/4 discount's taken

Duane's next opportunity to score comes on the Occupation T-U:

F _ _ _ _ G N

_ _ B _ _ S _ _ _ R

Duane solves FOREIGN AMBASSADOR for his first three thou...

...& he'll spin first on this Phrase. His base letters are two T's (one at the start of each line) for $1,800, a quintet of E's & a $1K pair of H's, then he duds out w/ an A purchase. Chantal secondly calls up $600 worth of two M's before it's Last Chance Mode time...

T H E / M _ _ E

T H E / M E _ _ _ E _

...& the last remaining consonant's worth $1,800 each time it shows up & she ends up calling it in the form of four R's...

T H E / M _ R E

T H E / M E R R _ E R

...THE MORE THE MERRIER; she's right to seal the deal w/ $15,250! Linda's taking a C-note to New Orleans & Duane's departing for home w/ $3K in T-U dough.

That maingame totaled $24,250 in cash & travel.

SOLE DUD (before final bell): A (Duane)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $9,210 in cash & Hawaii

Big Money Round #82: The E in AMERICA'S is where Chantal's spin stops on & her BMR theme's Around the House. She gets nearly half the letters to begin this board:

_ _ N _

_ R _ _ E R

DCMA almost completes the second word...

_ _ N _

D R A _ E R

...but I don't think she gets either word; another $45K goes into the JUNK DRAWER as a result & she leaves w/ $15,250 of that.

Millionaire Wednesday:

Conclusion of Patty Gallagher's Game

Game 2
Game 3

(Also: Amy Stephenson missed the Final Jeopardy! answer tonight, but she retained her title w/ $14,399 & has a two-day total of $32,799.)

Episode ratings:

7: "Jeopardy!" & "Millionaire"
6: Everything else
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