Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/2012 Results

LMaD: This Friday show starts w/ these traders playing Beat the Dealer- Maria (a stay-at-home mom dressed as Santa w/ two children named Dylan & Noel), Lorenzo (a stay-at-home dad who has triplets w/ his wife Mia) & Vanessa (a part-time English tutor who's wearing a small Hawaiian flower on the left side of her hair).

$500 Round:

Maria: B (Brady)- TWO
Lorenzo: E (Ethan)- ONE
Vanessa: G (Gardenia, CA, her hometown)- EIGHT

R2 Prize (CURTAIN #1): Five-night trip to the Lexington Hotel Key West ($5,969)

Vanessa: A (A+)- SIX
Maria: D (Dylan)- THREE

CAR (CURTAIN #2): 2012 Honda Fit Sport ($17,680)


Wayne: H- HONDA (NINE)
Vanessa Janelle T. Brito: I- FIVE

Christa (dressed as an angel) gets a chance at the Guess Your Desired Money Deal.

Guess: $2K
DECISION: CURTAIN #3- ZONKY Fries (Limit: $9,999)

Roger Gregg (dressed as a SCUBA diver) will receive the Unlimited ATM Card.

1. $350
2. $500 ($850)
3. $600 ($1,450)
4. $850 ($2,300)- QUITS THIS DEAL FOR GOOD
5. $1,200

Big Box- LG 55" 3-D HDTV package (including at least two Blu-Ray Disc movies) w/ apple tv & some small retro appliances ($4,210)

Christy Hamilton's Poetry Corner Round (a college student studying Social Work & a giver): Red Box (Jewelry) or BB ("The Bold & The Beautiful")?
PICK: BB- "The Bold & The Beautiful" walk-on-role w/ $3K bonus (Jack Wagner; in case you didn't know)($3,800)
RB- White gold diamond ring ($3,743)

The other trader who will Go for a Spin this week is Alfonso (dressed as a bowling nerd)...nah, I was lying the whole time. Instead, he'll play Which Came First?

1. "Love Actually" & "Notting Hill": "Notting Hill"- 1999 ($1K)("Love Actually": '03)
2. "Dallas" & "Dynasty": "Dallas"- '78 ($1.5K)("Dynasty": 1981)
3. "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera & "Stronger" by Britney Spears: "Beautiful"- '03 ("Stronger": '01)

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #2): NO- Living room ($4,670)

Sherry (dressed as a Panda) plays Strike a Match. Remember, one curtain in this deal contains a brand new automobile.

1. #4: $2K
2. #22: $2K
3. #2: $1K
4. #8: $1K ($3K)
5. #1: $500
6. #19: ZONK
7. #14: $500 ($3.5K)- STOP

#12 & #20
- #7 & #24
SMALL BOX- #3 & #15
CURTAIN #1- #13 & #18
CURTAIN #3- #10 & #17

For the record, a KIA remains hidden from view.

Anastacia McPherson goes first in the final deal.

Erin's Round (dressed as an Indian): $500
CURTAIN #2- Cole Haan bags/shoes ($5,016)

Anastacia's Round: Stack of Cash- $2,220

THE BIG DEAL: Sorry, Jack, but Christy's giving up her soap opera experience for Door #2...she modestly improves to w/ a Maison Bertet dining room set & a BULL gas grill set w/ the Margaritaville machine, all totaling $6,036.

#1- One-week trip to the Gigaset Villas De-Trancoso in Brazil ($19,478) w/ a motorscooter & a helmet ($4,902)
#3- $2,845

Marianna wins $100 & a "B&tB" totebag from Jack for getting some lipstick from a friend.

Elsewhere this week, Jack's team got ZONKED last Wednesday in their mock deal on said soap opera, trading down from a $9,800 trip to Paris to a shipwrecked sailboat. Also, Smash for Ca$h was played on "The Talk" for a $150 Yummie Tummie gift card for everybody in the audience yesterday; the hosting panel got to smash the pigs, w/ only one having the gift card (#5 by Sheryl Underwood), seven having pennies & the other two having the ZONK cards (one was in #8, chosen by Aisha Tyler).


WoF: This could be the culmination of the WORST "Wheel" week in the modern era. So far, only $97,076 in cash & stuff has been given away; the current modern low for a full week's $124,350 from over five years ago. Let's at least not do even worse than that, even if we do get skunked for the first time this year.

$1K T-U: Rhyme Time

T _ _ / _ _ _ E / O F

_ _ E / _ A M _

Complete this intro spiel to a short-lived Bob Stewart NBC GS from the early '80s- "____________________________ is "GO". And two teams are here to compete for a jackpot worth up to $20,000". Amanda provides the correct words of "THE NAME OF THE GAME..." & here are our potential heroes for the night:

Amanda Dubin (Chicago; originally from Highland Park, IL)- A Sports Broadcasting major who recently got accepted to Columbia University & also serves at a downtown restaurant Al Capone used to go to
David Verschoor (L.A. for eight years; born in Chicago)- A restaurant general manager who has jumped out of an airplane three times so far in his life
Casey Larkin (Madison, WI; originally from Chicago as well)- A project manager for a health care software firm who went backpacking in Europe once

$2K T-U: Show Biz

T _ _ R _ Z E

A R _ _ _ _

Casey identifies TRAPEZE ARTIST.

IHOP Jackpot Round: Food & Drink

The last featured Pure Paradise trip of the week's the $7,800 Cuan Law ride through the British Virgin Islands courtesy of Casey's calls begin w/ three R's for $1,650 but then a negative of T follows right after. Second, Amanda calls for a $600 L & an N for the spawish gift tag, buys four E's & an A & takes the triple B's for another nine Benjamins, a $2.5K Y, a $400 K & triple the F's for an extra $1,800, then we have...

F R E _ _ - B A K E _

B L _ E B E R R Y

_ _ F F _ N _

...her eating FRESH-BAKED BLUEBERRY MUFFINS for another $6,700 in cash & gift certificate & stays in control of that wheel.

SOLE DUD: $600 T (Casey)

Current Scores:

Casey: $2K/Amanda: $7,700 in cash & GT/David: $0

Mystery Round: TV Quote

This is a biggie & Amanda starts it out w/ five T's for $550 a pop, but she then loses the $2,750 right back to the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card. On his first turn tonight, David calls three obvious H's for 900 bucks & buys four easy E's, followed by a dud of S. Headed Casey's way third are two $300 R's, two L's for the cruise & the same quantity of I's, then she tries to solve something that should bring bank memories for a lot of you...

T H E / T H R I L L

_ _ / _ I _ T _ R _

_ _ _ / T H E / _ _ _ _ _

_ _ / _ E _ E _ T

...this Jim McKay quote resulted in the biggest one-round maingame loss in the history of this program back in '85 ($62,400 worth), but she's exactly right on "THE THRILL OF VICTORY AND THE AGONY OF DEFEAT" for $8,150 in cash & cruise additional.

SOLE DUD: $550 S (David)

Current Scores:

Casey: $10,150 in cash & cruise/Amanda: $7,700 in cash & GT/David: NADA

At this rate, we should at least top the $124,350 mark for the week following this edition of "Wheel".

Prize Puzzle Round: Things

David leads off w/ an $800 pair of N's & the same amount of A's, then come three Free Play E's but he then says D for dud while on the blue 1/2 KIA. The letters Casey says after that are two C's for 12 bills & a $300 Q...


_ _ N _

Q _ E E N

_ A C _

...& she pulls out an ACE, KING, QUEEN & JACK to keep the additional 1.5K clams plus a $6K holiday from SpaFinder to the New York New York Hotel & Casino in Vegas.

SOLE DUD: $500 D (David)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: VH8292997 (Vann H.)

Current Scores:

Casey: $17,650 in cash & trips/Amanda: $7,700 in cash & GT/David: SCORELESS

Final T-U: Living Things

_ R O C _ _ _ _ E S

Casey gets CROCODILES for a new cash/trip haul of $20,650.

R4: Person

First for our leader are two T's for $1,100 but then an R call ends her turn. Amanda secondly lights up a $15K trio of S's, an E & four A's before she takes an $1,800 L pairing...

_ A S T - T A L _ _ _ _

S A L E S _ A _

...& knows that veteran show biz personality John Moschitta, Jr. should've been a FAST-TALKING SALESMAN for a $16,300 payday & the lead!

SOLE DUD: $600 R (Casey)

Current Scores:

Casey: $20,650 in cash & trips/Amanda: $24K in cash & GT/David: ZIP

R5: Phrase

Amanda kicks off this potentially last maingame round of the week w/ the Lose a Turn. David secondly calls trip T's for 18 bills & a $1K S pairing, buys a set of I's & after calling a couple of L's to add $1,600 to his stake for this puzzle...

I T ' S / _ L L / I _

T _ _ / _ _ I S T

...& says "IT'S ALL IN THE WRIST" to finally strike paydirt & start what should be the last upfront puzzle!

SOLE LaT: Amanda

Current Scores:

Casey: $20,650 in cash & trips/Amanda: $24K in cash & GT/David: $4,150

Speed-Up Round: What Are You Doing?

Consonants are worth...$1,400 each. After he calls for two O's...

_ O S _ N _ / F O R

_ _ _ T _ R _ S

...he'll be POSING FOR PICTURES after being $2,800 richer; Casey missed out on a $5,600 addition for the win.

SOLE DUD: L (Amanda)


Casey: $20,650 in cash & trips/Amanda: $24K in cash & GT/David: $6,950


Last Chance Endgame Saloon #6: Amanda spins up the N in WIN.

Big Money Round Category: Event

For starters:

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ R T _

PCMI gives her...

P I _ _ _

P _ R T _

...will we be throwing a PIZZA PARTY on her?...

...NO, WE'VE BEEN SKUNKED OUTRIGHT FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS SEASON. And she's the other $45K loser this week. She leaves w/ $24K in cash & gift card.

Millionaire Friday:

Conclusion of Karen Zucker's Game

Game 2
$1K Question Game

(Also: As a result of a Final Jeopardy! Triple Stumper, Bob Powell became the new champ w/ only $4,800; Lynn Hammerlund left w/ $23.5K.)

Episode ratings:

7: "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "Millionaire"
5: "Jeopardy!"
3: "The Price is Right"
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