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1/24/2012 Results

LMaD: Sara (who's a teacher dressed as a baseball player) plays 0 to 80 for a 2012 Mazda2 Sport worth $16,005 (Curtain #1).

1. 10
2. 10 (20)
3. 20 (40)- BAILOUT AT $2K

Trading second, third & fourth are Cathy (a retired Special Education school bus driver who's wearing pink cupcake maker stuff, including a wig), Robert (a canine handler in the Air Force) & Jacquelyn (an assistant manager of a martial arts studio dressed as a clown).

Cathy & Robert's Round for Jacquelyn: Red Box- Dolce & Gabbana accessories ($1,950)
Cathy & Jacquelyn's Round for Robert: Green Box- Recumbent bike w/ free weights ($2,551)
Jacquelyn & Robert's Round for Cathy: $1K (Blue Box: Alienware laptop)($2,400)

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #3): Cathy & Robert (Guacamole hot tub)

Playing Higher or Lower are Antoinette from San Diego (a post office worker dressed as a giant envelope) & Leon (a Salsa instructor dressed as Zeus). The base number's 10 every time.

Dakota Fanning's age when her first featured film premiered in theaters: BOTH LOWER- 7 ($1K each)

Number of listed ingredients in Fritos
Leon: LOWER/Antoinette: HIGHER- 3 (Leon: $1.5K)

Length, in feet, of longest hair grown by a woman, according to Guinness World Records as of last year: BOTH HIGHER- 18 (Leon: $2K/Antoinette: $1.5K)

Number of women who have raced in the Indianapolis 500: BOTH LOWER- 8 (Leon: $2.5K/Antoinette: $2K)

TBR (CURTAIN #1): BOTH- Four-night trip to SuperClubs Breezes Resort & Spa in The Bahamas ($4,650; Leon picks Wayne up & spins him around for a few seconds)


Brenda (dressed as a court jester) is walking into a Dueling Rap Deal.

Wayne (Furniture): CURTAIN #2
Jonathan (Trip): Big Box

DECISION: BB (& turns down $800)- ZONKY Airlines
MIDDLE CURTAIN- Living room ($5,275)

Andrew (a cell phone store manager dressed as measuring tape) & Victoria (a restaurant server dressed as a bottle rocket) TOTALLY WIPE OUT in Pair a Dice by picking #6 & #4 & then incorrectly calling a five in #1 (which would've been worth $100 to them). They definitely don't win the $17,490 Mitsubishi Lancer (CURTAIN #3), either.

#1- FOUR
#2- SIX
#3- SIX
#5- FIVE
#7- FOUR
#8- FIVE

I would've given them $5K for picking both ZONKS right away.

Facing the Mystery Money Board to conclude today's regular deals is Heather (dressed as a bag of jellybeans). Base setup:

? 4 ? 2

She leaves it as is & trades for Curtain #2...

$ 0 4 4 2

...in exchange for a potential $4,240, she takes home the Maytag washer/dryer set & some J.R. Watkins beauty products, a prize package worth $3,181.

THE BIG DEAL: Today's worth $24,030 in cash &/or stuff. Leon takes Door #1...I'm glad he didn't listen to his mom's pick of #2, because he just won the BD of a four-night stay at the Sandals Whitehouse Village Resort & Spa ($6,560) & a '12 Chevrolet Cruze ($17,470)!

#2- Sunlighten sauna ($2,099)(which was revealed last)
#3- Home entertainment center, including the SAMSUNG 50" 3-D HDTV &, an HD camcorder a media console ($6,399)

Jonathan asks Maureen (dressed as a witch) for a salt packet near the end of the show & she has it for the $500 twitter purse!

(Note: Lenn also occasionally directs "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"; Andy Fisher's their usual director.)


WoF: Remember, this version invented the Toss-Ups & 500 was the value for a consonant if the Mystery Wedge gamble wasn't taken on the Australian version.

$1K T-U: On the Map

D _ B _ _ N

I _ E L A _ D

Kristen solves DUBLIN, IRELAND. Interview time:

Kristen Smith (Milton, MA)- A Fifth Grade teacher at Grover Elementary School
Margie Bannister (St. Louis)- An administrative assistant who has two children named Alexander & Sophia
LaBarron Edwards (Stone Mountain, GA; originally from Brooklyn)- A personal financial coach & football fan who's been married for 17 years w/ four children

$2K T-U: TV Title

_ _ _ / I / _ _ T

Y _ _ _ / M _ T _ _ R

Kristen triples up w/ "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER".

Featured Trip of the Night: Tallinn, Estonia ($6.5K)
Tuesday/Thursday Gift Tag: LuggageOnline

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Landmark

Called first by Kristen are a $500 D, two T's for the Wild Card & two H's for the trip, then she buys two E's, calls a $500 F while on the Jackpot & we have...

T H E / _ _ E _ T / _ _ _ _

_ F / _ H _ N _

...a $6K pot won because of THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA; including the vacation, her total for this round's $13,250 in cash & Estonia!


Current Scores:

Kristen: $16,250 in cash & Estonia (WC)/Margie & LaBarron: $0 each

Kristen's Aussie score would've been 950.

Mystery Round: Fictional Characters

While going first, Margie calls a $300 T at the start & a $400 H, purchases an O & three E's, inserts a $300 M, two A's & the other vowels (I & U) & then calls out triple N's (including the two at the end) for $2,400, a $450 C, a $300 K, a $3.5K D & trip R's for nine more bills before calling a $1K R while on the MW next to the Million Dollar Wedge. Alas, she risks the $8,450 she has right now because she apparently wants the lead right now...but the Bankrupt back there won't help her out at all. Afterwards from LaBarron are an S & two Y's at $500 apiece...


S A _ Y E R / A N D

H U C K L E _ E R R Y

_ I N N

...& his $1.5K solve of TOM SAWYER AND HUCKLEBERRY FINN to remain in control.


Current U.S. Scores:

Kristen: $16,250 in cash & Estonia (WC)/Margie: $0/LaBarron: $1.5K

Australian Scores:

Kristen: 950/Margie: 0/LaBarron: 1K

Prize Puzzle Round: Same Letter

His first letters of the round are two L's for a thou, four E's & three A's, followed by two $300 S's (one at the end), the other vowels (an O, three I's & two U's) but then the MDW's left-side Bankrupt triggers a $350 loss. Kristen secondly takes the trip N's for $2,700 but then Loses a Turn. Third, Margie makes a $900 trio of T's & the SL of five P's for another $3K appear...

P I _ T U _ E S _ U E



...but her solve of PICTURESQUE PINEAPPLE PLANTATION is disqualified because she pronounces the last syllable of the first word as "scay". Which means LeBarron steals this puzzle away from her for the holiday to the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort & Spa w/ Hotwire.com travel worth $5,065.

SOLE LaT: Kristen
SOLE DQ: Margie (blown solve)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: CW3922711 (Carla W.)

Current Scores:

Kristen: $16,250 in cash & Estonia (WC)/Margie: NADA/LaBarron: $6,565 in cash & Hawaii

Aussie Scores:

Kristen: 1,850/Margie: 900/LaBarron: 1K

$3K T-U: Event

B _ _ _ _ L

_ H O _ _ _

Kristen scores the T-U Sweep w/ BRIDAL SHOWER, so up to $19,250 in cash & vacation she goes.

Last Chance Round: Around the House

Consonants are worth...$1.5K apiece. She calls the T to start...

_ _ _ _ _ _ - T _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

...& pulls a Caitlin Burke by totally nailing COFFEE-TABLE BOOK!


Final U.S. Scores:

Kristen: $20,750 in cash & Estonia (WC)/Margie: EPIC GOOSEGG FOR A GRAND/LaBarron: $6,565 in cash & Hawaii
GRAND TOTAL: $28,315

Final Aussie Scoreboard:

Kristen: 2,350/Margie: 900/LaBarron: 1K


Big Money Round #86: On paper, I think Kristen's got a real shot at ending the current bonus round losing streak. She spins the C at the last split-second.

Category: Thing

Let's get started like this:

_ / _ _ _ E T

_ _ _ E N T

CDMAP gives her...

A / _ _ _ E T

M _ M E N T

...because she's wrong w/ A GREAT MOMENT, this is A QUIET MOMENT- her being the second straight $35K loser. She leaves w/ $20,750 in cash & trip.

J!: All next month, it'll be Tourney February- first, the College Tournament & the Teacher's Tournament. Still in regular play, Kirby Burnett defends his title against:

Elizabeth Edwards (Hendersonville, TN)- Graduate student of Museum Studies
Sean O'Connor (St. Louis)- Attorney

Opening Topics:


Kirby immediately SWEEPS New Age Thinking...& is in Lock Game Territory at the TV timeout w/ $5,400; Elisabeth has $2K & Sean's got $200. The champion later hits the Daily Double under the next-to-last You'll Need Insurance answer w/ $8,400; Elizabeth's slightly up to $2,800 & Sean's added a grand to his initial 200 bucks. Kirby wagers $3,400.

A film noir classic, or a clause providing for payment of twice the face value of a policy.

"What is 'Double Indemnity'?"...that's $11,800! The last two TV Reality Shows By Winner clues are left behind, so Elizabeth ends this round w/ $3,400.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $2,800

Double Jeopardy! Rundown:


The $1,600 Asian History screen's the location of Kirby's second DD this evening at the $13K mark; Elizabeth's a thou ahead of Sean, $3,400-$2,400. $5K's gambled by Kirby this time.

1946's Linggarjati Agreement gave grudging Dutch recognition to the autonomy of this island country.

"What is Indonesia?"...good to transform his total to 18 big ones! The DD Sweep's...completed w/ the $1,600 Play Dates answer & he's now at $24,800! Meanwhile, Sean's comfortably in second w/ $8K & Elizabeth's deep in last to the tune of $3,800. Kirby's going for $6K more on this:

In 1955, impatient Dodger fans got a title & the theater got this Tennessee Williams play about an impatient woman.

He CAN'T come up w/ "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof".

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $800 (Inside the Brain of Megan Fox)
SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $2K (Name's the Same)

After Two Rounds:

Kirby: $27,200 (LG!)
Sean: $6,800
Elizabeth: $5,800


Kirby: $28K
Sean: $6,800
Elizabeth: $5,800


The Carabelli & Durazzo families are considered the Hatfields & McCoys of this island.

Response: "What is Sicily?"
Wager: $5K
Final score: $800

Response: "What is Sicily"
Wager: ALL-IN

Response: "What is Corsica?" (also the name of a former Chevy car)
Wager: $3K
Retains w/: $30,200

He's working on a two-day total of $57,800.

B IQ: Remember, this is Matt Vasgersian's third GS hosting gig of any kind- he previously helmed "Sports Geniuses" & most of the "World Series of Blackjack".

PRELIMINARY GAME #1: Ben Baumer vs. Jay McLaughlin

Leadoff Home Run (for one run & control of the gameboard): Which hitter holds the MLB record for strikeouts in a season?
Jay: Adam Dunn (A: Mark Reynolds)(Ben: 1)

On the board are eight categories, each of which contain list questions. If the players finish a list, they'll both earn the maximum amount of runs for it. Every four answers make up a whole run (thus, once the fifth right answer's been said, a list's worth a minimum of two runs; the value goes up one after every four additional right responses). Should anyone miss on a list on their first guess, the other person must give one right answer to get credit for it. Once per game, he can attempt a Big Inning if there are at least four more answers that haven't been given yet. Should he give four more right answers, two runs are added to their score; otherwise, all runs earned in that inning will be lost. After the first inning, control of the board alternates between the two players.

CATEGORIES: Opening Day Starters, Sluggers Without a Crown, Redbird Knocks, Manny-Gers, We Are the Champions, I Left My Start in San Francisco, Double Trouble & Nobody's Perfect Except for These Guys

#1: Nobody's Perfect Except for These Guys- Pitchers w/ a Perfect Game since the start of 1957 (14)
GUESSES: Roy Halladay, Dallas Braden, Jim Bunning, Len Barker, Randy Johnson, Mike Witt, Kenny Rogers, Wilson Alvarez- BEN (3)
BI: Mark Buehrle, David Wells, David Cone & Tom Browning (5)(Others: Catfish Hunter, Sandy Koufax & Dennis Martinez)

#2: Manny-Gers- Managers Manny Ramirez played for besides Joe Kerrigan (8)
GUESSES: Charlie Manuel, Terry Francona, Joe Torre, Grady Little, Joe Maddon, Mike Hargrove, Jimy Williams & Kevin Kennedy- JAY (2)(Other: Ozzie Guillen)

#3: We Are the Champions- Franchises w/ at least three World Series titles besides the Senators/Twins (12)
GUESSES: Yankees, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants, Pirates, Tigers, Athletics, Braves, Red Sox & White Sox- JAY (TIED at 5 each)(Others: Reds & Orioles)

#4: I Left My Start in S.F.- Players w/ the most games played in S.F. Giants history (20)
GUESSES: Willie McCovey, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds & Mel Ott- JAY (6)
BI: Matt Williams, J.T. Snow, Brett Butler (back to a TIE at five runs each)(Others: Jim Davenport, Robby Thompson, Rich Aurilia, Will Clark, Orlando Cepeda, Chris Speier, Hal Lanier, Darrell Evans, Tito Fuentes, Jack Clark, Bobby Bonds, Jim Ray Hart, Jonnie LeMaster, Jose Uribe & Jeff Kent)

#5: Sluggers Without a Crown- Players w/ the most HRs without ever leading a league in a single season (14)
GUESSES: Eddie Murray & Greg Luzinski (A: Rafael Palmeiro, Frank Thomas, Gary Sheffield, Stan Musial, Carlos Delgado, Dave Winfield, Chipper Jones, Jeff Bagwell, Vladimir Guerrero, Cal Ripken, Jr., Jason Giambi, Mike Piazza, Billy Williams & Al Kaline)

#6: Opening Day Starters- Pitchers w/ at least 10 Opening Day starts (16)
GUESSES: Tom Seaver & Greg Maddux- JAY (6)(Others: Steve Carlton, Randy Johnson, Walter Johnson, Jack Morris, Cy Young, Roger Clemens, Robin Roberts, Grover Alexander, Bert Blyleven, Fergie Jenkins, Dennis Martinez, Bob Gibson, Juan Marichal, George Mullin & Warren Spahn)

#7: Double Trouble- Players w/ the most doubles since the start of 2005 (14)
GUESSES: Michael Young, Ryan Roberts & Chase Utley- JAY (7)(Others: Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Matt Holliday, Albert Pujols, Mark Teixeira, David Wright, David Ortiz, Bobby Abreu, Adrian Beltre, Carlos Lee, Alfonso Soriano & Raul Ibanez)

#8: Redbird Knocks- Cardinals w/ at least one hit in the most recent WS (12)
GUESSES: Albert Pujols, David Freese, Matt Holliday, Lance Berkman & Benji Molina- BEN (6)(Others: Allen Craig, Daniel Descalso, Rafael Furcal, Jon Jay, Yadier Molina, Nick Punto, Skip Schumaker & Ryan Theriot)

There's a Mercy Rule on this show, so if it's mathematically impossible for the trailing player to catch up in the final inning, the game ends immediately after the eighth inning.

NINTH INNING: This is an auction round; any error ends it & awards the appropriate number of runs to the opponent. In this inning only, each answer's worth a run. For at least the preliminary round of action, each game's winner receives $5K for their charity.
Prompt: Players to win the HR Derby since '91 (19)

Leadoff Bidder: Jay
Final Bid: 8 BY JAY
GUESSES: Ryan Howard, Bobby Abreu, Robinson Cano, Prince Fielder (who just signed a blockbuster deal w/ the Tigers), Albert Pujols- LOSS (Others: David Ortiz, Justin Morneau, Vladimir Guerrero, Miguel Tejada, Garret Anderson, Jason Giambi, Luis Gonzalez, Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey, Jr., Tino Martinez, Barry Bonds, Frank Thomas, Juan Gonzalez, Mark McGwire & Cal Ripkin, Jr.)

Ben will face either Mark Lehman or Dan Noffsinger in the next round.

(Note: There's no audience or canned applause whatsoever.)

PRELIMINARY GAME #2: Shawn Hoffman vs. Jay Moskowitz

LOHR: Who's the last Yankees pitcher to throw a no-hitter?
Shawn: David Cone

CATEGORIES: Guys Who Gave Jeter a Ride Home, Worldly Pitchers, Hot Corner, 1971 All-Star Immortals, Company Men, Cards vs. Cubs, Lefty Relievers & From Batters Box to Liberty Bell

#1: Company Men- Most Years Played W/ Only One Team in Career (18)
GUESSES: Cal Ripken, Jr. & Ted Williams- SHAWN (2)(Others: Brooks Robinson, Carl Yastrzemski, Cap Anson, Al Kaline, Stan Musial, Mel Ott, George Brett, Walter Johnson, Ted Lyons, Willie Stargell, Luke Appling, Craig Biggio, Red Faber, Tony Gwynn, Mel Harder, Alan Trammel & Robin Yount)

#2: Hot Corner- Most Starts At Third Base Last Year besides David Wright (14)
GUESSES: Mark Reynolds, Evan Longoria, Adrian Beltre, Chipper Jones & David Frees- SHAWN (3)
BI: Chase Headley, Ryan Zimmermann (2)(Others: Danny Valencia, Aramis Ramirez, Casey McGehee, Alberto Callaspo, Brent Morel, Placido Polanco, Kevin Youkilis, Ryan Roberts & Pablo Sandoval)

#3: Guys Who Gave Jeter a Ride Home- Players to Drive Derek Jeter Home the Most besides Nick Swisher (14)
GUESSES: Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, Jason Giambi, Paul O'Neill, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada (who retired today) & Darryl Strawberry- JAY (TIED at 2)(Others: Hideki Matsui, Mark Teixeira, Gary Sheffield, Bobby Abreu, Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, Tim Raines & Wade Boggs)

#4: Worldly Pitchers- Most Wins by Foreign-Born Pitchers (16)
GUESSES: Hideo Nomo & Pedro Martinez- SHAWN (3)(Others: Bert Blyleven, Fergie Jenkins, Jack Quinn, Dennis Martinez, Juan Marichal, Luis Tiant, Dolf Luque, Mike Cuellar, Livan Hernandez, Camilo Pascual, Fernando Valenzuela, Javier Vazquez, Bartolo Colon, Freddy Garcia & Ramon Martinez)

#5: From Batters Box to Liberty Bell- Phillies W/ Most HRs at Citizens Bank Park (14)
GUESSES: Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Jason Worth, Jim Thome, Raul Ibanez, Shane Victorino & Matt Stairs- SHAWN (5)(Others: Pat Burrell, Bobby Abreu, Aaron Rowand, Placido Polanco, David Bell, Mike Lieberthal & Chris Coste)

#6: 1971 All-Star Immortals- Appeared in '71 All-Star Game & Made Hall of Fame besides Reggie Jackson (18)
GUESSES: Jim Palmer & Pete Rose- JAY (3)
BI: Johnny Bench, Tom Seaver (2)(Others: Hank Aaron, Luis Aparicio, Lou Brock, Rod Carew, Roberto Clemente, Fergie Jenkins, Al Kaline, Harmon Killebrew, Juan Marichal, Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Ron Santo, Willie Stargell & Carl Yastrzemski)

#7: Cards vs. Cubs- Most Appearances in Cardinals-Cubs Games Since Start of '46 (16)
GUESSES: Stan Musial, Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Albert Pujols & Sammy Sosa- JAY (3)(Others: Lou Brock, Ron santo, Red Schoendienst, Ryne Sandberg, Ken Boyer, Ozzie Smith, Curt Flood, Don Kessinger, Julian Javier, Ted Simmons, Mark Grace & Willie McGee)

#8: Lefty Relievers- Most Strikeouts All-Time as Left-Handed Relief Pitchers (20)
GUESSES: Billy Wagner, Jesse Orosco, Paul Assenmacher, Mike Stanton & Terry Mullholland (6)(Others: Dan Plesac, John Franco, Tug McGraw, Arthur Rhodes, Sparky Lyle, John Hiller, Randy Myers, Dave LaRoche, Gary Lavelle, Willie Hernandez, Eddie Guardado, Mark Davis, Jim Brewer, Ron Perranoski, Alan Embree & Norm Charlton)

Prompt: MVPs in the 21st Century (17)

First Bidder: Jay
Final Bid: Shawn (12)
GUESSES: Justin Verlander, Ryan Vaughn, Josh Hamilton, Joey Votto, Joe Mauer, Barry Bonds, Jeff Kent, Ichiro Suzuki, Miguel Tejada, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols & Ryan Howard- WIN (Others: Dustin Pedroia, Jimmy Rollins, Justin Morneau, Vladimir Guerrero & Jason Giambi)

Shawn will go against either Brian Richards or Billy Broadbent in his next game.

Millionaire Tuesday:

Conclusion of Lizzie Bartelt's Game
Game 2
Start of Game 3

Episode ratings:

8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "Baseball IQ", "Let's Make a Deal" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "The Price is Right"
5: "Millionaire"
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