Tuesday, January 03, 2012

"The Biggest Loser: No Excuses"- PREMIERE

QUALIFYING CHALLENGE: In the first round, one member per team will run a 40-yard dash; the first four to cross the finish line gain entry to the campus for their teams.


1. Dark Blue Team
2. Orange Team
3. Brown Team
4. Yellow Team

(Note: Mark Cornelison blew out a knee during that round.)

In the second round, the six teams will collect puzzle pieces one at a time & take them to a stand where they will solve the puzzle before hitting a big white button back at the start. The first four duos to solve their puzzle & finish the 40-yd. dash are also in the game.


1. Grey Team (Chism represented them)
2. Red Team (Christina Pickler represented them)
3. Purple Team (Kim Stone represented them)
4. Green Team (Conda Britt represented them)

In the Last Chance Round, the Light Blue Team & the Pink Team (BTW, Kim "Desire" Nielson finished fifth for them in the prior round) will each hold onto themselves for as long as possible. The team that drops will be forced to leave the campus grounds immediately...

...& it's Adrian & Daphne Dortch. But they can still qualify if, a month from now, they weigh in & lose at least 50 pounds as a team.

Trainer Choices:

Bob: Jeremy, Desire, Joe Messina, Christina, Cassandra Sturos, Allen Shuh, Megan, Chism & Gail Lee
Dolvett: Conda, Emily, Mike, Roy, Nancy Rejala (partly because she's a big fan of him ever since he debuted last season), Ben, Kim, Mark & Lauren

FIRST W-I (the scale graphics are a little different this season w/ some flashing effects):


Gail: 313 lbs, nine pounds lost, 2.8%

Chism: 349 lbs, 12 pounds lost, 3.32%

Megan: 252 lbs, seven pounds lost, 2.7%

Christina: 232 lbs, eight pounds lost, 3.33%

Jeremy: 376 lbs, 13 pounds lost, 3.34%

Joe: 342 lbs, 15 pounds lost, 4.2%

Ben: 381 lbs, 15 pounds lost, 3.79%

Emily: 254 lbs, 10 pounds lost, 3.79%

Cassandra: 225 lbs, 14 pounds lost, 5.86%


RT (needs to have lost at least 95 lbs.):

Roy: 292 lbs, 14 pounds lost, 4.58% (Pounds left to lose: 81)

Conda: 285 lbs, nine pounds lost, 3.06% (Left: 72)

Mike: 345 lbs, 13 pounds lost, 3.63% (Left: 59)

Kimmy: 210 lbs, nine pounds lost, 4.11% (Left: 50)

Lauren: 237 lbs, nine pounds lost, 3.66% (Left: 41)

Mark: 282 lbs, nine pounds lost, 3.09% (Left: 32)

Nancy: 212 lbs, five pounds lost, 2.3% (Left: 27)

Desire: 239 lbs, 13 pounds lost, 5.16% (Left: 14)

Buddy: 381 lbs, 22 pounds lost, 5.46%

TEAM PERCENTAGE- 3.98% (both teams lost 103 lbs. apiece)

VOTE-OFF #1: Ben's done (at least for now).
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