Sunday, January 15, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: Jan. 16-23, 2012

We're one week away from the week where I turn 26, but on the week before that next time:

-The 11th season premiere of "American Idol" (includes an episode following coverage of the NFC Championship Game)!

-"Let's Make a Deal" spotlights "The Bold & The Beautiful"!

Also, "MAJORS & minors" begins its two-part finale & maybe a lot more next week on GSK.


oaklandfan2kx said...

Also Next Week on The Game Show Kingdom

project RUNWAY All-Stars: Last Week We've Learned in the event of models names which is not shown, we debuted Random Models which will be be designated in the runway show order so we used all Models from Season 9 of project RUNWAY to be designated in addition we put declared our First Real Model Name Alert so here's what we did

Leslie Mancia (Michael Costello)
Tatjana Sinkovica (Anthony Williams)

That Was Then, Now This Week we have our Second Real Model Name Alert, Let's See which designers affected this week.

Austin Scarlett (Ashley Lacamp -> Taylor Dean McCausland
Mondo Guerra (Michele Ann Lienhard O'Malley -> Jessamine Kelley
Kenley Collins (Karin Agstam -> Elaina Williams
Source: Facebook

And Finally for the 1st Time Ever we will have a Mystery Guest Model to Project Runway All-Stars Next Week so in the words of Larry Blyden (Host of What's My Line): Will Our Mystery Guest Enter And Sign In Please?

Designated Mystery Guest Model: Juliet Leonard
Occupation: Student At Alameda High School (Currently on Her Junior Year) from Alameda, CA.

So There You Go 3 More Designers Have Been Affected So Beginning Next Week, So Let's Recap so far (Designers name in Parenthesis)

Jessamine Kelley (Mondo Guerra)
Juliet Leonard* (Rami Kashou)
Leslie Mancia (Michael Costello)
Taylor Dean McCausland (Austin Scarlett)
Tatjana Sinkovica (Anthony Williams)
Elaina Williams (Kenley Collins)

*Mystery Guest Model will have the designer selected at Random

In Addition we will have 3 More Models from Season 9 of Project Runway and 2 Female Students from the Bobby McBride years of Varina High School will be invited as Random Models just like Juliet Leonard did.

Note: All Models are Subject To Change

And What About Decoy Models?: We didn't use the decoy models and we only had 1 Designated Runway Song last week on project RUNWAY: All-Stars but beginning This Week, It's going to Happen each model will be partnered with a Dancer of her choice and will be designated as a Decoy Model complete with a dance style and a designated choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance but we will have 11 Designated Runway Songs (1 per model only)

Jordan Casanova (SYTYCD Season 8 - Top 8) - Jazz
Montana Efaw (Clear Talent Group) - Hip-Hop
Ashley Galvan (SYTYCD Season 7 - Finished 7th; Now Represented by Clear Talent Group) - Contemporary
Cara Horibe (ABDC Fanny Pak - Finished 3rd) - Hip-Hop
Caitlynn Lawson (SYTYCD Season 8 - Top 6) - Contemporary
Sasha Mallory (SYTYCD Season 8 - Runner-Up) - Contemporary
Melanie Moore (SYTYCD Season 8 - Winner) - Contemporary
Clarice Ordaz (SYTYCD Season 8 - Top 10) - Jazz
Kayla Radomski (SYTYCD Season 5 - Finished 4th; Now Represented by Clear Talent Group) - Contemporary
Ryan Ramirez (SYTYCD Season 8 - Top 12) - Contemporary
Aubree Storm (Clear Talent Group) - Jazz

And The Runway Order Format Will Look Like This
Designer (Look) (Primary Model/Decoy Model - Designated Song) (Choreographer)

So Each Designer can have 1 Model and 1 Dancer to Walk The Runway, And for the theme for This Week's Runway Show we will go back to the 1980's because the writer who worked with the Game Show Kingdom Bobby McBride was born, so for this Designated Runway Music Category: The Big Hits of 1986-1987 (because Bobby McBride was born in 1986; because his birthday will be next week) which will take place on Thursday's project RUNWAY: All-Stars.

oaklandfan2kx said...

But if you think you want more music of the 1980's next week on the Game Show Kingdom, Then Bring in The Price is Right and Let's Make A Deal to be used a Recurrent Songs all next week so here's what we will see

The Price is Right (TPIRecap)
Monday: 3 Songs from 1980-1982
Tuesday: No Show (Repeat of the Salute to Teachers Show)
Wednesday: 3 Songs from 1983-1985
Thursday: 3 Songs from 1986-1987
Friday: 3 Songs from 1988-1989

Let's Make A Deal (LMAD Recap)
Monday: 4 Songs from 1980-1981
Tuesday: 4 Songs from 1982-1983
Wednesday: 4 Songs from 1984-1985
Thurssday: 4 Songs from 1986-1987
Friday: 4 Songs from 1988-1989

In Addition for There will be an added surprise

TPIRecap: In Addition to the Recurrent Songs that we will Designate as prize cues which will be shown above, 1 or 2 Classic Cues will be in the TPIRecap in order to fit the era with research from Youtube and Other Stuff to be designated as Prize Cues (which will not be heard on Today's Show)
Expect to See Starcrossed by Score Productions (to be played on Monday's Show) but i would not be surprised if the Theme from the Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour by Edd Kalehoff would be played on Monday's Show i'm betting on it.
And All This Week: All Active Pricing Games that have existed in the 1980's will now throwback to their respective color schemes from the 1980's as well (That's Old School Barker-Era TPIR from the 1980's), sorry Johnny Olsen, Rod Roddy, Rich Jeffries, Bob Hilton and Gene Wood not included, but only George Gray will announce.

LMADRecap: In Addition to the Recurrent Songs that we will designate as prize cues which will be shown above we will have the following
Monday-Tuesday: "Sexy" by MFSB will Be Used as the Big Deal of the Day Cue as well as the Theme from "It's Anybody's Guess" by Sheldon Allman and Stan Worth (Big Deal Only) along with "Biyo" by Earth, Wind and Fire and "Pop Trumpets" by Keith Mansfield not to mention the theme music from the 1980 Version by Sheldon Allman and Stan Worth which will be used for the Intro and the Closing Theme (including the Quickie Deals).
Wednesday-Friday: "Split Second '72" by Stan Worth can be used as a Car Cue along with the Theme Music from the 1984 Version by Michael Camilo which will be used as the Intro and the Closing Theme (including the quickie deals)
And All This Week: Tiffany Coyne will still be modeling but let's hope we can't be complete without more models for one week only so we hired the models from Season 9 of Project Runway to join Tiffany and model prizes, A Few Recurrent songs from the past 5 years will pop up this week along with a few prize cues from The All New Let's Make A Deal hosted by Monty Hall which aired from 1984-1986 and i hope Go For A Spin will pop up but it will be renamed as "Door #4" Next Week (Because Door #4 is used on the 1984 revival which aired on Syndication), Brian Cummings and Dean Goss not including but Jonathan Mangum will be in.

And That's The Forecast to see what happens Next Week on GSK.