Thursday, February 16, 2012

2/16/2012 Results

TPiR: On the taping week of January 9-11 (including this morning's episode), Drew has his sling covered up again just like the first time (Amber gives him the microphone). Feeling fit & ready to come down to Contestant's Row, however, are Newfoundland's Brittany McCarthy from the front row, Daniel Vickery from Oregon, Brandy Hubbard & Joseph Mendoza. The first PUFB's a 13-piece Nintendo DS package (Rachel & Manuela)("T.H.E." by featuring Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger).

Brittany: $575/Daniel: $650/Brandy: $700/Joseph: $465

ARP: $820

Brandy from Portsmouth, VA plays the Card Game for the 2012 Chevrolet Cruze (Std., Prot)(Amber at Door #2)(a current Edd Kalehoff car cue's used, I think).

Range: #4- $1K (#1 had the $5K & #7 was a $2K card, I think)

1. 6 OF CLUBS ($15,600)
2. 10 OF HEARTS ($16,600)
3. 3 OF CLUBS ($16,900)
4. QUEEN OF SPADES ($17,900)- STOPS! (ARP: $18,064)

That's the best winning difference in this Pricing Game in almost 12 years (since presumably Feb. 23, 2000)- congratulations!

Kris Copeland (obviously not related to Adam "Edge" Copeland in any way) comes fifth & the second PUFB's his/her TourEdge golf equipment (Manuela in the clam)("Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj).

Brittany: $750/Daniel: BUCK/KRIS: $796/Joseph: $625

ARP: $1,170

After making today's orange podium record 2-0, Kris, a Christmas card designer from Culver City, plays Flip-Flop for a five-night trip w/ limo service to the McLean Company Rentals in Palm Springs (Rachel at Door #3)('94 trip cue by Edd), the former home of Dinah Shore. The incorrect price to start off:


She Flips only after nearly going all-in...

$ 4 6 7 2 just wasn't meant to be for her.

Orange contestant #3's Jennifer Hickson & the third IUFB's a sofa (Amber behind splitting sign)("Say You Like Me" by We The Kings).

Brittany: $900/Daniel: $600/JENNIFER: $795/Joseph: $800

ARP: $1,940

Brittany, a Business student, will spin The Big Wheel second unless she really strikes it rich in Pl!nko (Rachel w/ the SPs; "Heartbeat" by Fray).

Tomato press ($50): 0- $40
Versaci men's cologne ($74): 7- $71
Sur la Table stainless-steel grill rack ($23): 3- $20
Decorative glass serving jar ($64): 4- $67

THE CHIPS (Manuela has the other two):

1. DUD (Left)
2. $1K (Right)
3. $10K- WINS $11K

Kris ($1,170): 15 + Quarter = Four Dimes
Brittany ($13,051): 40 + 90 = OOPS
Brandy ($18,884): 15 + Half-Dollar = WINS W/ $.65

The past three Card Game winners (including Brandy) & the past four players w/ that PG overall have all made it to the Showcase & won; I hope this Virginian can continue that trend.

Red podium occupant #2's Geoffrey Powell from a LewisMen's volleyball team & a Danby stainless-steel refrigerator's the fourth GUFB (Rachel behind rising sign)("Disaster" by JoJo).

GEOFFREY: $350/Daniel: $575/Jennifer: $14 (STAGE GARF)/Joseph: $600

ARP: $1,100

Joseph, a real-estate salesman from San Diego, plays the $1K Clock Game for a DELL desktop (Amber to the left in front of Door #3), the Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 (Manuela to the right in front of the same door) & dry cleaning, haircuts, manicures & pedicures for a year (Rachel in Door #3).

1. Computer ($889)
BIDS: $1.5K, $1,300, $1,100, $700, $800, $900, $850, $875, $895, $890, $882, $885, $887 & $889

2. Kayak ($770)
BIDS: $1.5K, $1,400, $1,200, $1,100, $1K, $950, $875, $800, $825, $700, $750, $760...TIME

SOLE DQ: Late $825 bid on kayak

Next to be called by GG's Carol Searing & this is the "Price Look of the Week"- a hippie chic dress w/ some Jimmy Choo black leather platform boots & a Michael Kors snakeskin totebag (Manuela)("Glad You Came" by The Wanted).

Geoffrey: $1,700/Daniel: $950/Jennifer: $1K/CAROL: $2K

ARP: $2,203

Carol from Minnesota plays Card Game's much-overplayed cousin, That's Too Much, for a '12 Jeep Compass Sport FWD (Rachel at Door #3)("Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine); I'm not sure if we're going to have both car game winners in the Showcase today after seeing this, but we're about to know soon.

1. $14,185
2. $15,620
3. $16,890
4. $18,990
5. $20,841
6. $22,560
7. $24,921- LOSS (ARP: $20,075)

The last name called's Kelly Bacilek & the final IUFB's a Jewels By Angelo rainbow bracelet worn by Amber ("Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People). Daniel's in First Four Breakfast Club trouble.

Geoffrey: $1,800/Daniel: $2,150/Jennifer: $2,151/KELLY: $2,100


Jennifer wins the $2,224 piece of jewelry & will be the last spinner of TBW today, but first, this Child Development major also in a sorority plays Make Your Move for a bern bike helmet (Rachel), a pair of Cannondale Quick 6 bicycles (Rachel) & a VESPA LX-150 ie (Manuela at Door #2). Layout:




...only the VESPA's correct.

SCSD #2:
Joseph ($1,989): Half-Dollar + 65 = OVER BY $.15
Carol ($2,203): $.95
Jennifer ($2,224): 20 + 35 = $.55 (could've left w/ $8,521)

SHOWCASE #1 (using some MDS Showcase music by Michael Karp, I believe):

Ceiling platform- Pair of iPhone4 S's w/ the one-year plan (Manuela)
In front of Door #2- 46" SONY HDTV w/ DirecTV one-year choice package (Amber)
Door #2- Hyundai Genesis (Manuela on turntable)

BRANDY BIDS 26 GRAND ON ELECTRONICS/CAR SHOWCASE (at the request of her husband George)



Right of Door #1- Seven Michael Kors accessories (Amber)(current IUFB cue by Karp)
Inside- Six-night stay at the ye olde England Inne in Vermont (Amber)(a current main prize cue by Karp)
Door #3- Pair of ski-doo Summit Sports (Rachel)("Without You" by David Guetta feat. Usher)



Hot Door Prediction of the Day: If Brandy does indeed win at least her Showcase, the Cruze will be behind Door #1

Showcase Prices:

Carol: $23,677
Brandy: $27,310

That's the third season in a row one player on this show has won two cars on this day- Brandy has done my state proud on "Price" to the tune of $46,194!

FINAL CRUZE LOCATION: Left side of Door #2 (just to the left & in front of the Genesis turntable)

TODAY'S PG RECORD: 2-4 (w/ one TW)

LMaD: First wanted by the staff this morning's Buffy (a 911 police dispatcher dressed as Superwoman instead of The Vampire Slayer). She goes all the way w/ the first offered item in the Silver Envelope.

Small Box (Jonathan; it can play music)- 3-D laptop w/ $1K SonyMusicPass gift card ($3,100)
CURTAIN #1 (comes w/ a helmet)- Red motorscooter w/ helmet ($4,758)
CURTAIN #2 (involves at least one plane)- Flaming cardboard biplanes
SE (also turns down $1K)- $2K Fred Segal makeover

Ruth plays The New Tic-Tac-Deal for the '12 Ford Fiesta S (Curtain #1).

(Notes: All of the game cards have blue backgrounds as of this playing; the X's are orange & the O's are green.)

1. #2- O
2. #5- O

Offered in the Sure Thing Jackpot's 30 pairs of Naughty Monkey shoes worth $2,480 (Curtain #3) & $500...& she's going on.

FINAL ENVELOPE: #7- LOSS (Other O's: #1 & #6)

Surprise, surprise- it's time to ask Who Wants To Answer Multiple-Choice Questions For Cash & Prizes? Nathan (dressed as a black/white dog) does.

1. In the first ZONK of the day, what was shooting fire- igloo sauna, biplanes or wooden BBQ?
PICK: Biplanes

2. Who's the company that made the shoes that were just offered in TTD- Naughty Monkey, Slappy Dolphin or Punchy Penguin?
PICK: Naughty Monkey

3. Where was the very first prize of this episode offered- Big Box, Curtain #2 or SE?
PICK: SE ($3.5K)

Today, instead of a ride, either CURTAIN #2 or #3 has the bigger $19,478 piece of the largest Big Deal of the Day of the season worth $32,728 that was offered back on Nov. 8- a one-week vacation to the Villas de Trancoso in Brazil. But he walks away.

FINAL CHOICE: #2- Brazil

Next to be in No Complaining are Loni (a farmer who's wearing a cherry hat), Robert (dressed as bacon) & Stephanie.

Rejected at the Start: CURTAIN #1- Avanti treadmill ($2,499)
Jonathan's Left Pocket (Loni)- $1.5K
CURTAIN #2 (Robert)- Michael Amini-designed living room ($3,907)

Delores & Mauricio (both dressed as referees) play the Find the Prize After Pricing It Deal for a five-night holiday to the Gansevoort in Miami Beach, FL (Curtain #3).


Mauricio: $7K
Delores: $8,950
ARP: $6,600

First Round (timer music theme):
Mauricio: #2- NO
Delores: #5- SOUTH BEACH

Arlene & Tiffany (who've been best friends for eight years) are the last two ladies to help make deals today.

Vault Choices:
Arlene: Big
Tiffany: Small (CURTAIN #1)

Tiffany's Round: CURTAIN #2- AjMadison pizza kitchen ($5,108)(SV: $623)
Arlene's Round: BV- $3,623 (SE: Zillion donkey dollars)


THE BIG DEAL: Delores blows her S.B. trip on Door #2 & must settle for a TOSHIBA 47" 3-D HDTV w/ a year of cable service valued at $2,128.

#1- '12 Honda Civic LX Coupe ($18,425) & trip to Charlotte, NC ($6,665)
#3- Sea-Doo ($7,999)

A lady who's dressed as a giant jellybean bag wins the $500 twitter purse for bringing a bottlecap to Wayne.


GAME #1: Lees (whose one-day cash winnings total five $100 bills) vs. Butlers

R1: Name a place where a middle-aged guy might feel the need to suck in his tummy. The first guess (es) today:

#3: Gym (6)(Cathy)
DUD: Work (Sandy; male)


Keira: Bar/nightclub- #2 (21)
Brianna: Date- X
Don: Looking at some girls on the beach- #1 (52)
Tina: In the bedroom- XX
Cathy: Wedding- XXX

Sandy Steal (for 79): Getting his picture taken- NO

#4: Swimming pool (5)
#5: Strip joint (3)

R2: Name something a couple married for 50 yrs. has probably been fighting about for that same amount of time. Fire away:

#3: Hanky-panky (6)(Jay)
DUD: Children (Keira)


Grant (a high school History teacher): Finances/money- #1 (47)
Teri (who's married to Sandy for 34 yrs.): Who's in charge- X
Glenn: Work- XX
Sandy: Housekeeping- #2 (9)
Jay (who attended a seminary last Fall): In-laws- BOTTOM ANSWER (3)
Grant: Clothes to wear- XXX

Cathy Steal (for another 66): Annoying habits- OTHER BA (3)(144)

#4: Toilet seat down (5)
#5: Snoring (4)

Double: Name something that people use usually only once. An example or two:

#2: Toilet paper (21)(Grant)
DUD: Paper plate (Brianna)


Teri: Wedding dress- X
Glenn: Kleenex- #1 (24)
Sandy: Dental floss- XX
Jay: Trash bag- XXX

Cathy Steal #2 (for another 90): Diaper- NOT THERE, EITHER

#3: Condom (10)
#4: Paper towel (6)
#5: Toothpick (5)
#6: Q-Tip (4)

Triple: According to 100 women, name something you do to be attractive that would be a turn-off if your boyfriend did it, too. Guess (es), please:

#1: Wear lipstick/makeup (43)(Don)
DUD: Color their hair (Teri)


Tina: Waxing/shaving- #3 (9)
Cathy: Tweezing/shaping eyebrows- #4 (7)
Keira: Wear sexy clothing- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP FOR THE WIN! (15)(366)


1. According to 100 married men, name a part of your wife's body you can pinch more than an inch.
2. What month do you start Christmas shopping?
3. Name an animal that lives in a hole in the ground.
4. Name something you do after dinner.
5. Name something you leave the skin on when eating it.

1. Butt- 37
2. October- 28
3. Gopher- 28
4. Go for a walk- 3
5. Apple- 40
TOTAL- 136

1. Thigh- 7
2. November- 23
4. Coffee- 6 (Top answer: Watch TV)
5. Peach- 7
TOTAL- 179

Two-day total: $1,395.

GAME #2: Scotts (whose two-day cash winnings total $20K; one win so far) vs. Horns (Dallas)

R1: Name something a dieter might do right before being weighed. This game starts off like:

#2: Go to the bathroom (30)(Tami)
#4: Don't east/fast (10)(Gwen)


Jamie: Take off their clothes- #1 (30)
Kelley: Run/exercise- BA (2)
Tim: Try to spit a lot- X
Joey: Might try to throw up- #3 (14)
Tami (who does some turkey calling because she's a turkey-gobbling champion): Check the scale- XX
Jamie: Go in a sauna- XXX

Gwen Steal (for 90): Suck it in- NO (Other BA: Empty pockets)(2)

R2: Name a discreet spot to put a tattoo. Let's hear them:

#1: Butt (47)(Jamie)
#4: Breasts/chest (7)(Melanie)


Kelley: Hip- T2 (9)
Tim: Pelvis/dong- T6 (5)
Joey: Foot- #8 (4)
Tami: Back- T2 (9)
Jamie: Ankle- T6 (5)
Kelley: Stomach- X
Tim: Thigh/leg- SWEEP! (7)(183)

Double: According to 100 guys, name a kind of how-to book you'd like to buy for your wife. First:

#2: Cook (12)(Kelley)
DUD: Build (James)


Tim: Sexually-gratifying- #1 (16)
Joey: Drive- X
Tami: Clean- XX
Jamie: Dress sexy- XXX

Gwen Steal (for 56): Work on a car- ALSO WRONG (Scotts: 239)

#3: Accounting/save money (10)
#4: Stop talking/complaining (8)
#5: Like/play sports (6)

Triple: Name something kids wipe off their faces. Let's hear it:

#1: Food/chocolate (58)(Tim)
#2: Dirt/mud (24)(HB, Jr.)


Joey: Boogers/snot- #3 (10)
Tami: Kisses- SWEEP FOR THE SHUTOUT! (7)(536)

FM #2: In The Scotts' Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment, daughter Amy & their grandchildren are seen.

1. Besides blueberry, name a kind of muffin people eat at breakfast.
2. On the 1-10 scale, how cool do you think you are?
3. Give me a word that rhymes w/ "humble".
4. Name something specific you buy at a party supplies store.
5. Name someplace teenagers go when they skip school.

1. Cherry
2. 8- 11
3. Bumble- 11
4. Balloons- 33
5. Mall (originally ball game when she didn't fully understand the last Q)- 46
TOTAL- 101

1. Strawberry- DUD
2. 10- 10
3. Rumble- 10
4. Candles- 2
5. Home- 2
TOTAL- 125 ($625)

After two wins & three games, they've accumulated $20,625.


1. Banana (nut)
2. 5
3. Mumble

WoF: So far this week, I think the producers have been making the bonus puzzles hard (although last night's was solved) to offset the fact that two Bahamas trips are being awarded to Wheel Watchers Club members each night.

$1K T-U: Phrase

_ H A T ' S / Y O U R

_ _ G _ ?

Rocio & Gabriel ask "WHAT'S YOUR SIGN?" to strike first blood. Tonight's married duos:

Rocio & Gabriel Moran (Miami, FL; three yrs.)- He's a call center supervisor for seven yrs., while she's a Third Grade teacher at Coral Park Elementary School; they've got one child
Sarah & Jason Rose (Benton, AR; one yr.)- She's a 9-1-1 operator, while he's an accountant & a former boss of hers at a restaurant; they've got two children
David & Rose Russo (Alexandria, VA; 13 yrs.)- She's a retired non-profit executive fundraiser, while he's a retired Army Lieutenant General & G.S. senior civilian, as well as a defense contractor supporting the Navy

$2K T-U: Around the House

Q _ I L _ E D

B _ _ _ _ _ _ A D

David & Rose take a QUILTED BEDSPREAD.

Ashley Jackpot Round: Show Biz

David & Rose first call up quad T's while on the Jackpot for two grand but then lose that amount back to the Million Dollar Wedge's right Bankrupt. Rocio & Gabriel secondly ask for a $550 H & seven E's, but they get the same fate to force them to fork over $300. Third, Sarah & Jason call a $300 R & buy two A's, then they call a $400 N & two $500 L's while on that Jackpot (but can't solve for a $7,250 pot). After they call a G to get the Wild Card & buy the leftover O, they call a $500 F for the blue 1/2 KIA & a $550 D before Free Playing a dud in Y & losing their turn for good w/ W. Once David & Rose call the two M's for 16 bills & the couple R's for another six...

T H E / T A L E N T E D

_ A S T / M E M _ E R S

O F / G L E E

...they solve THE TALENTED CAST MEMBERS OF "GLEE" to slightly more than double their dollars.

DUDS (both by Sarah & Jason): $900 W & $500 Y
BANKRUPTS: 2 (David & Rose, Rocio & Gabriel)

Current Scores:

S & J: $0 (WC)/D & R: $4,200/R & G: $1K

Mystery Round: Before & After

Rocio & Gabriel are leading off w/ two $600 R's (one at the end of both the second & last words), trip E's, double S's for $1,200 more, two A's & the same amount of G's for yet another 1,200 bucks, followed by an O, a $500 V, a $3.5K Y but then the natural Bankrupt next to top dollar wipes them out of $6,850; that's their second tonight. Second in control, Sarah & Jason put up nothing w/ an N call. David & Rose then pick a $600 C & a $900 H...

E G G S / O V E R


C H A _ R

...& add another $500 w/ EGGS OVER EASY CHAIR.

SOLE DUD: $800 N (Sarah & Jason)
SOLE BANKRUPT: Rocio & Gabriel

Current Scores:

S & J: $0 (WC)/D & R: $6,200/R & G: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: Same Letter

Sarah & Jason call another dud of S to start. Going down David & Rose's path second is the other normal Bankrupt (also their second of the game). Third for Rocio & Gabriel are a $600 R, twin E's (one at the end of each of the first two words in this three-word solution), a $600 T, an A, a $900 N & an I, then the SL of three P's for nine additional Benjamins & a U buy (but Gabriel wanted to buy the O). The board now...

P R I _ A T E

P _ U N _ E

P _ _ _

...they triple their cash earnings to $3K & add to that a second honeymoon to a place near at least one PRIVATE PLUNGE POOL, the Sandals La Toc Golf Resort & Spa worth $5,894.

SOLE DUD: $400 S (Sarah & Jason)

(Note: Jimmy read the entire copy for this trip instead of Vanna as it has been all week.)

ST. LUCIA SPIN ID: LB9086099 (Lawrence B.)

Current Scores:

S & J: NIL (WC)/D & R: $6,200/R & G: $8,894 in cash & St. Lucia

$3K T-U: Fictional Character

R O M A _ / G O D _ E _ S

_ E N U S

Sarah & Jason get on the board w/ the ROMAN GODDESS VENUS.

Last Chance Round: Living Things

Anybody can win w/ the consonant value of this puzzle being $1.5K. After three S's are wanted...

_ _ _ _ - S T _ _ _ _ _

R _ _ / R _ S _ S

...Rocio & Gabriel win it w/ a $4.5K bunch of LONG-STEMMED RED ROSES.

S & J: $3K/D & R: $6,200/R & G: $13,394 in cash & travel
GT: $22,594


Big Money Round #102: The lady spins the M in AMERICA'S for The Morans.

Subject: Thing

This one-wordy leads off w/ this letter:

_ L _ _ _ _ _

PCMA gives them...

P L _ _ _ _ _

...but PLAGUE's wrong. That means the $30K's blocked by some PLYWOOD & they leave the premises w/ $13,394 in cash & vacation.

BAHAMAS SPIN IDs: FH4567212 (Frank H.) & DB1870892 (Deanna B.)

J!: Teacher trio #2 in this tourney:

Brooks Humphreys (Omaha, NE)- Teaches at Mercy HS, which happens to be an all-girls school
Steven Evenhouse (Orland Hills, IL)- A teacher at Summit Hill Junior HS who tends to tell bad jokes to his classes
Jessica Dell'era (Oakland)- A teacher at Meadow Homes Elementary School who's been wanting to teach since she was seven

First Half-Dozen Categories:

CENTRAL AMERICAN WILDLIFE (Clue Crew clues from Manuela Antonio National Park in Puentarenas, Costa Rica)

Brooks' barely in Lock Game Territory w/ $2,800, followed by Steven w/ $1,200 & Jessica at $600. The Daily Double underneath the $800 U.S. Coins found by Steven w/ $4,400 to Brooks' $2,800 & Jessica's $2,200. Steven puts up $1,200 of fake bills & coins on this clue:

A 1946 memorial half-dollar was the first U.S. coin to feature an African-American, this educator.

"Who is...Booker T. Washington?"...that was the man to take the middle educator to $5,600. By the time we wrap up this J! Round, he's got $7,200 & a $2,600 lead over Brooks; Jessica's going first in the second round w/ $2,800.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $200 (U.S. Coins; there was another one for the $400 clue on Coastal American Wildlife, but Jessica's incorrect response was overturned)

Double J! Board:


Steven's second DD appears in the $1,600 Lakes box & w/ $9,200, he's only $1K behind Brooks; Jessica's a kinda respectable third place w/ $4,800. His wager this answer's $1.5K:

International travel between Tanzania, Uganda & Kenya on this lake's no longer permitted.

"What is Lake Tanganyika?"...NOT it; Lake Victoria was the right one, so he's slightly dipped to $7,700. W/ only the last three '50s answers left on the board & $10,800, Jessica chooses the $1,200 one & it's the other DD of the round; Steven's currently on $7,300 & Brooks leads her by $1,400 w/ $12,200. For $2K extra & first place:

His '50 novel "Across the River and Into the Trees" reflected a growing bitterness toward life.

"Who is Jean-Paul Sartre?"...NOT the writer; it was a more familiar one in Ernest Hemingway.


Going into Final J!:

Jessica: $7,200
Steven: $7,300
Brooks: $14,200


Jessica: $9,200
Steven: $8,400
Brooks: $14,200

FJ! SUBJECT: People in History.

The name of this assassin's Latin for heavy, dull, insensitive, oafish.

Response: "Who is Pesado"
Wager: $1,977
Final score: $5,223

Response: "Who is John Wilkes Booth"
Wager: $4,300
Final score: $3K

Response: "Who is (Patton) Oswalt" (Correct: "Who was Brutus?")
Wager: $500
Advances to semi-finals w/: $13,700

B IQ: Remember, this wraps up the penultimate week of at least their first series.

SECOND ROUND GAME #7: Billy Broadbent vs. Shawn Hoffman

Leadoff Home Run: How many career HR did Barry Bonds hit?
Shawn: 762

CATEGORIES: Nothing Gets By These Guys, Cooperstown First Balloteers, Pedro to the Rescue!, Two Obvious Answers Here, Great Vision in Cincy, When 40 Meant Something, South Side Sluggers & Who Needs Moneyball?

#1: Who Needs Moneyball?- Teams w/ $100+ payrolls on Opening Day last year (12)
GUESSES: Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Twins, Mets, White Sox, Tigers, Giants, Cubs, Dodgers & Brewers- BILLY (3)(Others: Phillies & Cardinals)

#2: Pedro to the Rescue!- Players Pedro Martinez retired in Game 5 of the '99 American League Division Series vs. Indians besides Dave Roberts (10)
GUESSES: Roberto Alomar, Jim Thomas, Travis Fryman, Manny Ramirez, Kenny Lofton, Omar Vizquel, Sandy Alomar, Jr. & David Justice- BILLY (5)(Others: Harold Baines, Wil Cordero & Enrique Wilson)

#3: Cooperstown First Balloteers- Other than Rickey Henderson, players w/ 92% of Hall of Fame vote in first year of eligibility (20)
GUESSES: Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver & Wade Boggs- BILLY (6)(Others: Cal Ripken, Jr., Ty Cobb, George Brett, Hank Aaron, Tony Gwynn, Mike Schmidt, Johnny Bench, Steve Carlton, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Willie Mays, Carl Yastrzemski, Bob Feller, Reggie Jackson, Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Jim Palmer & Brooks Robinson)

#4: Nothing Gets By These Guys- Pitchers who've won at least four Gold Gloves (10)
GUESSES: Jim Kaat, Greg Maddux & Mike Mussina- BILLY (7)(Others: Bob Gibson, Bobby Shantz, Mark Langston, Ron Guidry, Phil Niekro, Kenny Rogers & Jim Palmer)

#5: South Side Sluggers- White Sox w/ 30 HR+ in a season (18)
GUESSES: Frank Thomas, Dick Allen, Paul Konerko, Ron Kittle, Jermaine Dye, Jim Thome, Albert Belle, Bill Melton, Magglio Ordonez & Kenny Williams- SHAWN (4)(Others: Carlos Lee, Joe Crede, Carlton Fisk, Oscar Gamble, Greg Luzinski, Carlos Quentin, Jose Valentin, Robin Ventura & Richie Zisk)

#6: Two Obvious Answers Here- Most HR under Tony La Russa (18)
GUESSES: Albert Pujols, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Jim Edmonds & Larry Walker- SHAWN (5)(Others: Harold Baines, Ray Lankford, Carlton Fisk, Scott Rolen, Dave Henderson, Ron Kittle, Rickey Henderson, Terry Steinbach, J.D. Drew, Ryan Ludwick, Greg Luzinski, Ton Gant, Edgar Renteria & Greg Walker)

#7: Great Vision in Cincy- Reds w/ 20/20 seasons (14)
GUESSES: Barry Larkin, Eric Davis & Adam Dunn- BILLY (8)(Others: Vada Pinson, Joe Morgan, Brandon Phillips, Frank Robinson, Reggie Sanders, Aaron Boone, Mike Cameron, Kal Daniels, Ron Gant, Chris Sabo, Drew Stubbs & Bobby Tolan)

#8: When 40 Meant Something- Players to hit 40 HR in the '60s (18)
GUESSES: Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron & Ed Matthews- SHAWN (6)(Others: Dick Allen, Ernie Banks, Norm Cash, Orlando Cepeda, Rocky Colavito, Jim Gentile, Frank Howard, Reggie Jackson, Harmon Killebrew, Willie McCovey, Rico Petrocelli, Frank Robinson, Dick Stuart & Carl Yastrzemski)

NINTH INNING PROMPT: Pitchers w/ 3K+ career strikeouts (16)

First Bidder: BILLY AT 6
Final Bid: 9 BY SHAWN
GUESSES: Nolan Ryan, Steve Carlton, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, Curt Schilling, Warren Spahn- LOSS (Others: Bert Blyleven, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, Walter Johnson, Phil Niekro, Fergie Jenkins, Pedro Martinez, Bob Gibson & John Smoltz)

FINAL GAME OF THE WEEK: Curt Nelson vs. Dan Fabian

LHR: Who was the first African-American player in the AL?
Dan: Larry Doby

CATEGORIES: Name That Hernandez, Pitchers In on the First Try, Yanks for the Memories, From Montreal to D.C. to the All-Star Game, 52 Pickup, The Devil Went Downtown in Tampa, A Chipper Off the Old Block & You Complete Me

#1: Pitchers In on the First Try- First-ballot HoF pitchers not named Dennis Eckersley (10)
GUESSES: Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Steve Carlton, Sandy Koufax & Whitey Ford- CURT (1)(Others: Jim Palmer, Bob Gibson, Warren Spahn, Bob Feller, Walter Johnson & Christy Mathewson)

#2: Yanks for the Memories- Yankees retired numbers besides Jackie Robinson's (16)
GUESSES: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Billy Martin, Reggie Jackson, Bill Dickey, Elston Howard, Whitey Ford, Phil Rizzuto, Thurman Munson & Tony Lazzeri- DAN (4)(Others: Roger Maris, Don Mattingly, Casey Stengel & Ron Guidry)

#3: You Complete Me- P w/ 10+ complete games in a season since 1992 (16)
GUESSES: Jack McDowell & Tom Glavine- DAN
BIG INNING: Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite (Others: James Shields, CC Sabathia, Randy Johnson, Scott Erickson, Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, Pat Hentgen, Greg Maddux, Kevin Brown, Chuck Finley, Doug Drabek, Terry Mulholland, Charles Nagy & Melido Perez)

#4: A Chipper Off the Old Block- Players driven home the most by Chipper Jones (20)
GUESSES: Andruw Jones, Jeff Blauser & Ryan Klesko- DAN (5)(Others: Rafael Furcal, Marcus Giles, Marquis Grissom, Gary Sheffield, Kelly Johnson, Martin Prado, Kenny Lofton, Yunel Escobar, Walt Weiss, Mark Lemke, Edgar Renteria, Gerald Williams, Keith Lockhart, Michael Tucker, Ozzie Guillen, Guilvio Veras, J.D. Drew & Nate McLouth)

#5: From Montreal to D.C. to the All-Star Game- Expos/Nationals to start an ASG besides Marquis Grissom (10)
GUESSES: Andre Dawson, Gary Carter (who just died today; RIP), Tim Raines & Tim Wallach- DAN (6)(Others: Ivan Calderon, Vladimir Guerrero, Charlie Lea, Al Oliver, Steve Rogers, Alfonso Soriano & Jose Vidro)

#6: Name That Hernandez- Besides Roberto, players w/ last name Hernandez to appear in an ASG (6)
GUESSES: Keith, Felix, Livan & Orlando- CURT (2)(Others: Jose, Ramon & Willie)

#7: The Devil Went Downtown in Tampa- Rays w/ a postseason HR other than Cliff Floyd (14)
GUESSES: Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford & B.J. Upton- DAN (7)(Others: Carlos Pena, Willy Aybar, Rocco Baldelli, Desmond Jennings, Kelly Shoppach, Jason Bartlett, Johnny Damon, Eric Hinske, Akinori Iwamura, Matt Joyce & Ben Zobrist)

#8: 52 Pickup- Players w/ 52+ HR in a season besides Jose Bautista (18)
GUESSES: Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa & Prince Fielder- DAN (8)(Others: George Foster, Jimmie Foxx, Luis Gonzalez, Hank Greenberg, Ken Griffey, Jr., Ryan Howard, Ralph Kiner, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Willie Mays, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome & Hack Wilson)

NIP: Players w/ 40+ HR seasons in the '50s (17)

Sole Bid: CURT AT 6
GUESSES: Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Eddie Mathews, Ted Kluszewski & Al Kaline- PAINFUL LOSS (Others: Ernie Banks, Roy Campanella, Rocky Colavito, Gil Hodges, Harmon Killebrew, Ralph Kiner, Wally Post, Hank Sauer, Duke Snider, Al Rosen, Roy Sievers & Gus Zernial)

W: Tonight's Winter episode- "That Snow Way To Fall Down".

Opening Qualifier Obstacles: Ski Launch & Ski Boot
$500 Bonus Object: Penguin
Final Obstacle Theme: Arctic Circle


Katie "GaGa" Helmoth: 3:10.3 (BONUS)
Joe "The Dark Artist" Vaux: About 2:45
Tim Oswald (SCUBA diver & treasure hunter): About 4:10

The ones joining the three during Pain in the Ice are Chris Whithorn, Ricky Lacorte, Marie McCluskey, Aimee "Wild & Crazy" Riley, Lindsay Weglarz, Stephen Wallace, Brian "Mr. Gum" Aya, Stefan Roberts & Jason Wishnov (who also claimed the $500 penguin).

Headed for The Cold-Hearted Snake:

1. Tim
2. Joe
3. Jason
4. Aimee
5. Brian
6. Katie

FINALISTS: Aimee, Brian & Joe


Aimee- 15:05.33


Joe- 12:41.67

Millionaire Thursday (Double Your Money Week, Day 4):

Conclusion of Greg Sandukus' Game (& you'll never believe what gets asked next!)
Start of Alison McCreary's Game

Episode ratings:

8: "Baseball IQ", "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
7: "Family Feud", "Jeopardy!" & "Wipeout"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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