Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2/21/2012 Results

LMaD: Yesterday morning, Ali joined the exclusive club of traders who decided to forfeit a car that they've won & then won the Big Deal of the Day! Now, to the action on the trading floor today.

Consuela (dressed as a former shortstop), Amy (dressed as a mostly chocolate ice cream cone) & Daniella (dressed as a Disco queen) have to Follow the Leader. They all stick on Curtain #1 w/ the clue of Roll.

SMALL BOX (Rock)(Jonathan)- Sapphire/diamond white gold ring ($2,350)
CURTAIN #2 (Fly)- Flying house
SILVER ENVELOPE- Trip to New Orleans ($6,794)
CURTAIN #1 (all three just gave back $1K, too)- FlyScooter

Kavin, dressed as a '60s car salesman you might find in Detroit (& maybe Bruno Mars without a mustache as well), picked a good time to get chosen by the host, because he's playing 0 to 80 for the $16,120 version of the automobile that Ali traded away the other day (& he wants to win it for his mom), the 2012 KIA Forte LX (Curtain #3).

1. 30- TURNS DOWN $500
2. 10 (40)- TURNS DOWN $600
3. 10 (50)- TURNS DOWN $800, $1K & $1,200

Luis' iPod Deal Decision (Cutting Edge; he's dressed as a chicken): $1,600
CURTAIN #1- Electronics ($6,121)

Leanne's Close-Up Photo Decision (she's dressed as a Hippie): $1K
CURTAIN #2 (she thought there were Smurfs back there)- Giant sandcastle set (the close-up was a blue toy)

The couple of the day are James (dressed as a wizard) & Joan (a lady named Cheryl who's dressed as a rabbit in a hat; they've been together for 45 years); they're about to play the "My Husband Sounds Like a..." Deal.

1. Bird- COYOTE
2. Train- TRAIN ($1.5K)

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #3): NO (because they were on 37 yrs. ago & when they took the Big Box, they got ZONKED by some goats)- Nissan cube ($16,700)

Lauren (who has some hair rollers in her hair) will take part in the week's second installment of Time Is Money.

CHOSEN CLOCKS: #6, #14, #3 & #9

1. #14- :04 ($11K left)
2. #6- :01 ($10K left)
3. #9- :03 ($7K left)

Rejected as a Sure Thing (because she wants to pay off some college fees): isquared dining room set ($3,394)(CURTAIN #1)

FINAL CLOCK: #3- WINS $7K (Other DUDS: #5, #10 & #13- she was ONE OFF on each of those)

Kelly's Fast Deal Decision (dressed as a flamingo): BB- Luxury stereo & visiondecor.com lounge chair ($5,207)
Coach handbag bonus- Android 3-D smartphone ($1,398 total)


But she's NOT going for the $25,146 Big Deal w/ the boat...

THE BIG DEAL: ...because Lauren, a future teacher, is purchasing Door #2 w/ her $7K in tuition. In #3 was...a $6,149 pizza kitchen. Behind her door is...the $2,579 home gym.

Debra (dressed as a clown) follows the program's twitter feed, but she didn't do so the previous day, so she obviously doesn't give Jonathan an empty paper roll for $500. However, to end the Quickie Deals, Adrianna (dressed as a St. Louis Ram) successfully tosses a football to Sarah (who's also dressed as a football player) to earn them $200 each!


FF: In just a few moments, we'll know if this season's car game record will improve to 8-0.

GAME #1: Lees (whose four-day cash winnings total $22,050) vs. Johnsons

R1: Name something a woman reaches for when she's bored. Lead-off answer (s):

#6: Man (3)(Cathy)
DUD: Crossword puzzle (BJ)


Keira: Book/magazine- #2 (20)
Brianna (who's a college sophomore): Food- #1 (52)
Don: Phone- X
Tina (a mom of four): Nail polish- XX
Cathy (the day this episode was taped was her 25th birthday): Wine- XXX

BJ Steal (for 75): Laptop- NO

#3: "Adult toy" (7)
T4: Remote control & her hair/brush (4 each)

R2: Name something you measure in inches. Let's hear 'em:

#4: His "tallywhacker" (8)(Brianna)
DUDS: Submarine sandwich (Keira), TV (Breanna) & tire size (Joey)


Don: Shoe size/feet- #3 (10)
Tina: Height- #1 (24)
Cathy: Waist size- #2 (14)
Keira: Photo- X
Brianna: Hair length- XX
Don: Baseball bat- XXX

BJ Steal #2 (for 56): Neck size- ALSO NOT THERE (Lees: 131)

#5: Pants/inseam (7)
#6: Wood/lumber (6)

Double: Name something a Playboy Playmate might put on to go to work. I have a feeling what's at the top:

#1: Bunny costume (23; especially the ears)(Brianna)


Don: Negligee/nightie- #2 (22)
Tina: High heels- X
Cathy: Makeup- #5 (9)
Keira: Jewelry- XX
Brianna: Nothing/smile- #3 (20)
Don: Pantyhose- XXX

BJ Steal #3 (for 148 & the lead): Swimsuit/bikini- YES (10)(148)

FOR THE FORD TAURUS: Name something you hope a dog hasn't done just before it licks your face. At the face-off:

#3: Eaten doo-doo (7)(Don)
DUD: Pooped on the floor (Suzanne)


Tina: Lift another doggus'/person's butt- #1 (62)
Cathy: Eaten dog food- #2 (23)
Keira: Drinking out of the toilet- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (5)(422)

Don's in the driver's seat instead of Cathy.

Unused challenger: Leanne

FAST MONEY: To make them the second-highest winners this season w/ $68,295:

1. Be truthful- on the 1-10 scale, how much do you like to gamble?
2. Tell me another way to say that a woman's pregnant.
3. Name an occupation whose women have reputations of being tough.
4. Name something a doctor would had to run out of.
5. Name a country where their men have sexy accents.

1. 8- 11
3. Lawyers- 11
4. Gloves- 32
5. Italy- 15

1. 5- 14
2. Bun in the oven- 21
3. Roller derby- 18
4. Scalpel- LOSS
5. France- 52
TOTAL- 174

Add that little bit of money to the $48,295 they had coming in & that's a final haul of $49,165.


1. 10
2. W/ child
3. Police officers

(Note: By this time in the tapings, the car celebration videos are permanent for the credit rolls.)

GAME #2: Grayses (Mansfield, TX) vs. Wagners (whose three-day cash winnings total $21,575)

R1: Name something you'd hate your dad to be wearing when company comes along. Starting w/:

#1: Undies/shorts (34)(Denise)


Briana (who attends an American broadcasting school in Arlington & is wearing a Barbie necklace; she prefers to listen to R&B music): Nothing- X
Quinta: Robe- #5 (9)
Danielle (a marketing manager who's also a mom of two children): T-shirt- #2 (14)
Derry (father of three): Wig- XX
Denise (a Force of Nature singer who's about 50 yrs. old; that musical group's from Ft. Worth)- Mom's clothes- XXX

Julie Steal (for 57): Speedo- WRONG

#3: Pajamas (11)
#4: Sandals w/ socks (10)
#6: Tacky/dirty pants (6)
#7: Hideous hat (4)

R2: Name something you've done & blamed someone else for. For starters:

#3: Stole something (12)(Amanda)
DUD: Cheat (Briana)


Debbie: Told a lie- X
Ryan: Tooted/farted- #1 (37)
Pam: Broke something- #2 (16)
Julie: XX
Amanda: Left something- XXX

Denise Steal (for another 65 & to stay in front): Commit a crime- NO

BOTTOM ANSWERS: Used all the milk & been late/miss appointment (5 each)

Double: Name a type of business a man might like to live right next door to. Show off at least one of them, people in control:

#1: Bar/club (37)(Quinta)
#2: Strip joint (19)(Debbie)


Danielle: X
Derry (who's been married for three yrs.): Restaurant- #3 (8)
Denise: Stadium- XX
Briana: Gym- XXX

Julie Steal #2 (to retain lead w/ another 128): Golf course- NO (Grayses: 185)(Steve thought for sure that was up there)

#4: Hardware store (7)
#5: Auto shop/car lot (6)
#6: Brothel/escort (4)

Triple: Name a way in which a magician might end a relationship w/ his girlfriend. Opener (s):

#1: Make her vanish (68)(Danielle)
DUD: Pull a rabbit out of a hat (Ryan)


Derry: Chop/saw her in half- #2 (25)
Denise: Just say "I don't want you anymore"- X
Briana: Bore her w/ his other routine (s)- XX
Quinta: Disappears himself- #4 (3)
Danielle: Another woman- WIN (3; specifically from a box)(482)

FM #2: Their sister Tiffany's in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. Name a part of your body where two's definitely better than one.
2. Name a soul food.
3. Name a breed of dog easy to trip over.
4. Name a good age to start planning for old age.
5. Name something a doctor tells you to do that you don't really want to do.

1. Testicles- 7
2. Chicken- 21
3. Wiener dog- 16
4. 50- 6
5. Lower cholesterol- DUD

1. Hands- 22
2. Watermelon- DUD
3. Chihuahua- 29
4. 65- DUD
5. Stop smoking- 16
TOTAL- 117 ($585)


1. Legs
2. Collard greens
4. 30
5. Lose weight

BTW, there are actually 165 episodes this season instead of the reported 150.

WoF: The past two weeks the Winnebago's been in play, we've had a PERFECT BONUS ROUND WEEK. I DON'T think there's much hope of that happening this week, but never say never.

$1K T-U: Title

_ S A

T _ D A Y

Touwana knows about the USA TODAY, even though she might not necessarily read it on a daily basis. Tuesday's panel:

Touwana Tate-Edwards (Chester, VA; originally from Memphis)- A former member of the Navy in Antisubmarine Warfare who attended Whitney Young High School in Chicago w/ First Lady Michelle Obama; she has two children & three grandchildren
Ryne Eubanks (Marion, AR)- A student at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville studying Kinesiology & is the pledge captain for Brothers Under Christ
Brittany Krieger (Eugene, OR)- A registered nurse who works on the Neurology floor & is married to Chris for five yrs.; they've got a baby girl

$2K T-U: Occupation

_ E C _ _ T / S E _ _ _ _ E

A _ _ _ T

Touwanna takes another two C-notes from a SECRET SERVICE AGENT.

Tonight's Trip Wedge: Grand Canyon & Great American West Tour ($5K)
Tuesday/Thursday Gift Tag: Yankee Candle

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Song/Artist

Touwanna loses her first turn right away because of the Bankrupt on the Million Dollar Wedge to the right. Second, Ryne calls a dud of T. Third, Brittany calls two R's for $1,800 & buys the E at the end of the third word (& first line), followed by the Lose a Turn. Fourth, Touwanna calls a $500 B & two Y's for another eight bills (& complete the obvious fourth word of BY), but she then gets nailed by the regular Bankrupt next to the Wild Card to the tune of 13 Benjamins. Ryne next Free Plays an A & two O's & I's to clean out the rest of the vowels without spending even a nickel, then he lands on that wedge two more times in a row & calls a $1.5K set of N's & the $500 C at the start of the final word...

R I N _ / O _ / _ I R E

B Y / _ O _ N N Y / C A _ _

...& he solves "RING OF FIRE" BY JOHNNY CASH to close within a thousand of the early lead & keep spinning our giant ring.

SOLE DUD: $400 T (Ryne)
SOLE LaT: Brittany
BANKRUPTS: 2 (both by Touwanna)

Current Scores:

Brittany: $0/Touwanna: $3K/Ryne: $2K

Mystery Round: Before & After

First from him are a $1,200 N pairing, five E's, two O's (including one at the beginning of this board) & five T's to add $17.5K to his stake for the puzzle, then come a U buy but then a crucial dud purchase of the sole bad vowel (A), which may deprive him $17,700. Brittany secondly steals four $1K H's while on the Mystery Wedge next to that MDW (the 10 grand was back there, though) & buys the leftover three I's before Bankrupting next to the WC to give back the $3,750 remainder. After Touwanna claims the green 1/2 KIA w/ trip W's for $1.5K, she hits the MDW's other Bankrupt to lose both right back to the house; that's her third tonight. That gives Ryne a big opportunity at the following...

O U T / W I T H / T H E

O _ _ / I N / W I T H

T H E / N E W

_ E _ _ E _

...& he capitalizes w/ "OLD WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW" JERSEY for a $16,700 lead!

SOLE DUD: A (Ryne)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

Current Scores:

Brittany: NIL/Touwanna: $3K/Ryne: $19,700

Prize Puzzle Round: Same Letter

Brittany's back in command, but she's lost it right away w/ an R call. Second, Touwanna Bankrupts out next to the WC for the second time this evening (& fourth of any kind overall). Third, Ryne puts in two $300 T's & two E's, but then comes LaT. On Brittany's second chance in the round, she runs into the other normal Bankrupt; that's her second of the match. Touwanna follows up w/ an N for the gift package, a $300 L but then the sole negative vowel (I). Ryne's following letters are two A's, the SL of six C's for an additional $2,100 & quad O's, but he hits LaT for the second time in the round. Once Brittany calls the $450 H & takes care of the U's...



C U _ C A _ E _

...she eats a few CHOCOLATE COCONUT CUPCAKES for her first $200 & a trip to where she might eat more of those, the Outrigger Reef on the Beach from US Airways Vacations worth $8,535.

DUDS: I (Touwanna), $400 R (Brittany)
LaTs: 2 (both by Ryne)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women again)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: SS6884158 (Scott S.)

Current Scores:

Brittany: $8,735 in cash & Hawaii/Touwanna: $3K/Ryne: $19,700

$3K T-U: Living Things

S O _ _ _ N G

E A G _ _ _

Brittany gets closer to first place w/ some SOARING EAGLES, which boosts her winnings to $11,735 in cash & HI.

R4: Things

Her first consonant call is the $800 S at the end of this two-word solution, then she goes to the vowel shop to buy the E at the end of the first word but an R call ends her turn. Furthermore, Touwanna goes Bankrupt next to top dollar for the first time all game (& it's her fifth of this episode). Afterwards, Ryne calls for two T's at $600 per appearance, buys an A & calls N for negative before it's Last Chance Mode time...

_ A _ _ T _ _ E

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T S

...& the consonants still on this board are worth $1.5K each. Touwanna later wants quadruple H's...

H A L _ T _ M E

H _ _ H L _ _ H T S

...after all of her Bankrupts get edited out of our HALFTIME HIGHLIGHTS of the night, her money's tripled again.

Before final bell (both for $600): N (Ryne), R (Brittany)
During Speed-Up: C (Touwanna), D (Ryne)

Final Scores:

Brittany: $11,735 in cash & HI/Touwanna: $9K/Ryne: $19,700
GT: $40,435

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $5,050

Big Money Round #105: Ryne spins up the first A in AMERICA'S.

Topic: Thing

This answer, which should actually be a Phrase, starts out thusly as:

_ _ R E

_ E N _ _ S

He DCMAs out of the game & his best guess was WIRE FENCES at the start of the countdown. Because he didn't show any flashes of PURE GENIUS, he definitely won't be driving a Winnebago home. He leaves w/ $19,700 in his pockets.

J!: The last educators competing in this Teachers Tournament:

Pian Wong (NYC)- High school English teacher
Justin Hofstetter (Kansas City, MO)- A Sixth & Seventh Grade teacher at Alta Vista Charter Middle School
Leslie Decker (Austin)- A Taylor HS teacher who taught English to Europeans

We get our first look at the topic board & see:


Justin picks the Daily Double at the end of the Acts of Congress w/ $3K; he's tripled up Pian while Leslie's got a $400 beginning. He goes for broke on this piece of information:

Britain couldn't afford to pay cash for war materials much longer, so FDR proposed this alliterative act in December 1940.

All he says is "What is the 'I Just Lost $3K Act'?"- LOL! That was the Lend-Lease Act. He ends this part of the round tied for first w/ Pian at $1,800 apiece, each of whom are $1K ahead of Leslie.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $400 (Let's Hear the Composer's...)

Scores Heading Into Double J!:

Leslie: $1,600
Justin: $3,600
Pian: $4,600

Remember, everyone who participates in this tourney will receive the Classroom J! kit.

Back to the Board:


War, Who Ya Got? Justin choosing your $800 clue for his second DD & being in Lock Game Territory w/ $12,400; Pian has a $1K margin over Leslie, $5K-$4K. He wagers Leslie's score on this answer:

Punic Wars: Rome vs. _______

"Who is Carthage?"...right for $15,400! And behind $800 worth of A Hell of a Quote is what completes Justin's DD Sweep; he's sitting real pretty at $17,600, followed way behind by Pian w/ $5,400 & Leslie w/ $5,200. For another $6K in fake dough:

"All Hell broke loose" comes from this 17th Century epic poem.

"What is 'Paradise Lost'?"...$23,600!

DJ! LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $5,600

Scores After DJ!:

Leslie: $6,400
Justin: $28,400 (LG!)
Pian: $11,800


Leslie: $6,400
Justin: $23K
Pian: $11,800


In 1893, the British established The Durand Line, now the boundary, much in the news since 2001, between these two countries.

Response: "What are Pakistan + Afghanistan?"
Wager: $6,399
Final score: $12,799

Wager: $10,112
Final score: $1,688

Response: "What are India and Pakistan?"
Wager: $1,711
Wins this game w/: $26,689

That means Lisa claims the last WC berth.

B IQ: This is the last week, at least for their first series.

QUARTERFINAL #1: Craig Muder vs. Shane Demmitt

L Home Run: Who was the last Mets pitcher to lead the league in strikeouts?
Craig: Dwight "Doc" Gooden (A: David Cone)

CATEGORIES: Blacklisted White Sox, Shine On You Crazy Diamondbacks, Dan Marino Boulevard, American League Architects, Double Your Pleasure, Home (rs) on the Range (rs), 70's Thieves Besides D.B. Cooper & I Like to Hit in America

#1: Blacklisted White Sox- White Sox banned for throwing '19 World Series (8)
GUESSES: "Shoeless" Joe Jackson & Buck Ewing- SHANE
BIG INNING: Eddie Cicotte, "Lefty" Williams, "Chick" Gandil & "Swede" Risberg (4)(Others: "Happy" Oscar Felsch, Fred McMullin & "Buck" Weaver)

#2: American League Architects- Current AL General Managers (14)
GUESSES: Brian Cashman, Jerry Dipoto, Billy Beane, Jon Daniels, Ken Williams, Jack Zouriencik (although his pronunciation of that last name may have sounded off) & Andy McPhail- SHANE (6)(Others: Alex Anthopoulos, Chris Antonetti, Ben Cherington, Dave Dombrowski, Dan Duquette, Andrew Friedman, Dayton Moore & Terry Ryan)

#3: Double Your Pleasure- Most doubles last year (20)
GUESSES: Alex Gordon & Albert Pujols- SHANE (7)(Others: Miguel Cabrera, Jeff Francoeur, Robinson Cano, Jacoby Ellsbury, Ben Zobrist, Adrian Gonzalez, Billy Butler, Melky Cabrera, Michael Young, Victor Martinez, David Ortiz, Joey Votto, Carlos Beltran, Justin Upton, Ryan Braun, Carlos Lee, Hunter Pence, Brandon Phillips & Chris Young)

#4: 70's Thieves Besides D.B. Cooper- Most steals in the '70s besides Garry Maddox (19)
GUESSES: Lou Brock, Joe Morgan, Davey Lopes, Tommy Harper, Omar Moreno & Bobby Tolan- CRAIG (2)(Others: Cesar Cedeno, Bobby Bonds, Freddie Patek, Bert Campaneris, Bill North, Ron LeFlore, Amos Otis, Rod Carew, Larry Bowa, Frank Taveras, Don Baylor, Mickey Rivers, Dave Concepcion & Pat Kelly)

#5: I Like to Hit in America- Most career hits by players born in Puerto Rico (16)
GUESSES: Roberto Clemente, Roberto Alomar, Juan Gonzalez, Orlando Cepeda & Sandy Alomar, Sr.- CRAIG (3)(Others: Ivan Rodriguez, Bernie Williams, Jose Cruz, Sr., Ruben Sierra, Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, Benito Santiago, Vic Power, Jorge Posada, Mike Lowell, Felix Millan & Willie Montanez)

#6: Dan Marino Boulevard- Most games played in Miami, FL (20)
GUESSES: Jeff Conine, Hanley Ramirez, Luis Castillo, Miguel Cabrera, Edgar Renteria, Gary Sheffield & Craig Counsel- SHANE (9)(Others: Mike Lowell, Alex Gonzalez, Derrek Lee, Dan Uggla, Cliff Floyd, Charles Johnson, Wes Helms, Preston Wilson, Cody Ross, Jeremy Hermida, Kevin Millar, Juan Pierre, Mark Kotsay & Mike Redmond)

#7: Shine On You Crazy Diamondbacks- D'Backs all-time win leaders other than Ian Kennedy (12)
GUESSES: Randy Johnson, Curt Schilling, Dan Haren, Brian Anderson, Miguel Batista, Brandon Webb & Mike Morgan- CRAIG (5)(Others: Doug Davis, Andy Benes, Omar Daal, Daniel Hudson, Micah Owings & Armando Reynoso)

#8: Home (ers) on the Range (rs)- Most HR in Rangers history (18)
GUESSES: Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, Ruben Sierra, Pete Incaviglia, Mark Teixeira, Toby Harrah, Dean Palmer & Buddy Bell- SHANE (11)(Others: Michael Young, Alex Rodriguez, Hank Blalock, Larry Parrish, Ian Kinsler, Rusty Greer, Pete O'Brien, Nelson Cruz, Jeff Burroughs & Josh Hamilton)

NINTH INNING PROMPT: Most H by active left-handed batters (20)

Sole Bid: 6 BY CRAIG
GUESSES: Carl Crawford, Jim Thome, Ryan Howard- ELIMINATED (Others: Johnny Damon, Ichiro Suzuki, Bobby Abreu, Todd Helton, Juan Pierre, Jason Giambi, Raul Ibanez, David Ortiz, Mark Kotsay, Aubrey Huff, A.J. Pierzynski, Adam Kennedy, J.D. Drew, Matt Stairs, Eric Chavez, Adam Dunn, Robinson Cano & Hideki Matsui)

As the MLB/AL Central/AL West regional champion, Shane now has $15K for his charity & will face the winner of this game:

NL CENTRAL/WEST REGIONAL FINAL: Aaron Heinrich vs. Josh DeFamio

LHR: Who was the Royals manager when George Brett recorded his 3,000th hit?
Aaron: Hal McRae

CATEGORIES: Say Halo To My Power-Hitting Friend, Primo Postseason Pitchers, Follow the Leiter, 300 the Hard Way, Dominican Dandies, These Rooks Were No Pawns, Inhabitants of the Space City & Starting in Left Field

#1: Say Halo To My Power-Hitting Friend- Besides Leon Wagner, Angels to hit 30+ HR in a season (14)
GUESSES: Reggie Jackson, Vladimir Guerrero, Don Baylor, Troy Glaus, Garret Anderson, Doug DeCinces & Tony Armas- JOSH (2)(Others: Tim Salmon, Mo Vaughn, Bobby Bonds, Jim Edmonds, Bobby Grich, Wally Joyner, Kendrys Morales & Frank Robinson)

#2: 300 the Hard Way- Players to hit 150+ HR in both the AL & NL not named Fred McGriff (8)
GUESSES: Mark McGwire & Rafael Palmeiro- JOSH (3)(Others: Ellis Burks, Ken Griffey, Jr., Vladimir Guerrero, Carlos Lee, Frank Robinson, Alfonso Soriano & Dave Winfield)

#3: These Rooks Were No Prawns- Most HR by a rookie since '52 (14)
GUESSES: Mark McGwire, Ryan Braun & Ryan Howard- JOSH
BI: Frank Robinson, Wally Moon (Others: Albert Pujols, Ron Kittle, Mike Piazza, Jose Canseco, Jimmie Hall, Earl Williams, Matt Nokes, Tony Oliva, Chris Young, Jim Ray Hart & Tim Salmon)

#4: Primo Postseason Pitchers- Most career postseason wins by P (16)
GUESSES: Andy Pettitte, Whitey Ford, David Wells & Randy Johnson- JOSH (4)(Others: John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, Curt Schilling, Dave Stewart, Chris Carpenter, Orlando Hernandez, Catfish Hunter, David Cone, Orel Hershiser, Jim Palmer & Mariano Rivera)

#5: Inhabitants of the Space City (they're going column by column on the gameboard tonight)- Most games played in Astros history other than Ken Caminiti (18)
GUESSES: Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, Jose Cruz, Sr., Lance Berkman, Bob Watson, Kevin Bass & Glenn Davis- JOSH (6)(Others: Terry Puhl, Cesar Cedeno, Jimmy Wynn, Brad Ausmus, Doug Rader, Craig Reynolds, Bill Doran, Denny Walling, Enos Cabell, Joe Morgan, Roger Metzger & Bob Aspromonte)

#6: Follow the Leiter- Managers Al Leiter played more than one game for (12)
GUESSES: Cito Gaston, Jim Leyland, Joe Torre, Bobby Valentine, Rene Lachemann & Jerry Manuel- JOSH (8)(Others: John Boles, Dallas Green, Art Howe, Billy Martin, Jack McKeon, Lou Pinella & Jimy Williams)

#7: Dominican Dandies- Players w/ most career H in Dominican Republic (20)
GUESSES: Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa & Roberto Clemente- JOSH (9)(Others: Vladimir Guerrero, Julio Franco, Miguel Tejada, Tony Fernandez, Felipe Alou, Cesar Cedeno, Albert Pujols, Adrian Beltre, Placido Polanco, Luis Castillo, Aramis Ramirez, Matty Alou, David Ortiz, Alfonso Soriano, George Bell, Alfredo Griffin, Tony Pena & Rafael Furcal)

#8: Starting in Left Field- Players to start 100+ games in LF last year (14)
GUESSES: Gerardo Parra, Ryan Ludwick, Alfonso Soriano & Carlos Gonzalez- JOSH (10)(Others: Juan Pierre, Alex Gordon, Ryan Braun, Raul Ibanez, Carl Crawford, Brett Gardner, Jason Bay, Logan Morrison, Delmon Young, Mat Holliday & Vernon Wells)

NIP: Most seasons of 40+ HR (20)

Sole Bid: 10 BY AARON
GUESSES: Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Willie Mays, Harmon Killebrew, Mark McGwire, Reggie Jackson- LOSS (Others: Ken Griffey, Jr., Sammy Sosa, Albert Pujols, Ernie Banks, Adam Dunn, Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Juan Gonzalez, Ralph Kiner, Manny Ramirez, Duke Snider & Frank Thomas)

Third "Millionaire Movie Week" Game This Week

Episode ratings:

"Family Feud":
5:30 PM: 8
6 PM: 6
8: "Baseball IQ"
7: "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal" & "Millionaire"
6: "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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