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2/22/2012 Results

FF: I have a feeling we'll get at least one more car win in May Sweeps before their current season's done. Let's see who'll start their climb to the Ford Taurus today:

GAME #1: Atoas (originally from Samoa) vs. Pittses

R1: Complete this statement- "Some women can drive their men to ___________". Base guess (es):

#1: Drink (64)(Andy)


Haley (a Fifth Grade teacher just like birthday lady Cathy was yesterday): Eat- X
Susan: The crazy house- T3 (5; Steve thought it was #2 instead)
Jennifer (a stay-at-home mom & part-time homeschooling teacher): Run away- XX
John (software developer/freelance web designer): Another woman/cheat- #5 (4)
Andy: Exercise- XXX

Nina Steal (for 73): Do drugs- NO

#2: An early grave (6)
T3: Distraction (5)
#6: Murder/kill (3)

R2: Name something Arnold Schwarzenegger did that he wasn't very good at. This could be interesting:

#1: Acting (40)(Michelle)
#2: "Governating" (24)(Haley)


Malua (who's wearing a necklace): Being a husband- #4 (11)
SONNY SIAKI (a former TNA X Division Champion & 12-year pro wrestler who's currently working for UPS): Role model- X
James: Staying faithful/cheating- #5 (9)
Nina (some more of her family members are in the bottom of the audience): Speaking clear English/articulating at work- SWEEP! (12)(96)

Double: Name something a female dog might think a male dog does in a sexy way. After we hear the show's clanging survey bell at least once in this face-off, we see:

#3: Sniffs/her pooper (13)(Malua)
#4: Goes to the bathroom/lifts leg (13)(Susan)


Sonny: Humps her- X
James: The way he walks/runs- #2 (17)
Nina: Protects her- XX
Michelle: Eat- XXX

Andy Steal (for another 86 & to regain the lead): Bark- #1 (18)(159)

#5: Wags his tail (12)
#6: Licks/his junk (11)

Triple: Name a word that rhymes w/ "winner". Who will own that title after this question?:

#1: Sinner (47)(Sonny)
WASTED TURN: Repeating "winner" (Jennifer)


James: Thinner- #4 (3)
Nina: Dinner- #2 (38)
Michelle: Kinner- X
Malua: Splinter- XX
Sonny: Binner- XXX

Andy Steal to do their own Aaron Rodgers impersonation: Spinner- WIN (9)(423)

FAST MONEY: Some of the Kellers from Nashville say hi to the new champs in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. Name something people get together to do once a week.
2. Name something people pay to have removed.
3. Name an item new parents can't live without.
4. Name a specific food that might be smoked.
5. Tell me how long you usually wait at the doctor's office.

1. Have dinner- 18
2. Moles- 21
3. Stroller- 5
4. Turkey- 19
5. 30 minutes- 40
TOTAL- 103

1. Church- 23
2. Scars- DUD
3. Diapers- 29
4. Chicken- 4
5. One hour- 17
TOTAL- 176 ($880)


1. Play cards
4. Ham

GAME #2: Grayses (whose one-day cash winnings total $585) vs. Jacobses (Quincy, MA)

R1: Name something many people like to do w/ a partner, but some people like to do by themselves. Examples away:

#3: Watch TV/movie (15)(Dan)
#4: Go out to eat/cook (8)(Briana)
DUDS: Rest (Denise) & play catch (Chris)


David (park ranger): Exercise- X
Colleen: Shopping- XX
Paula: Dance- #1 (30)
Chris: Making whoopee/"the nasty"- T2 (15)
Dan: Go to a sporting event- XXX

Denise Steal (for 68): Travel- NOT THE BOTTOM ANSWER (#5: Play cards)(5)

R2: During a medical exam, name something you'd hate to find out your doctor had used on a patient before you. Beginning w/:

#2: Gloves (22)
DUD: Knife (Briana)


David: Throat-cultured Q-Tip- X
Colleen: Thermometer- #3 (14)
Paula: Needle/syringe- #2 (21)
Chris: That little black thing in your ear- XX
Dan: "Johnny"- XXX

Denise Steal #2 (for 57): Tongue depressor- #1 (40)(#5: Speculum)(3)

Double: Name something a woman might have under her arms. Opener (s):

#3: Purse (10)(Quinta)
DUD: Dog (David)


Danielle: Deodorant- #2 (16)
Derry: Hair/fur- #1 (49)
Denise: Sweat- X
Briana: Bra- XX
Quinta: Child- #5 (5)
Danielle: Spouse- XXX

Chris Steal (for another 160 & to regain first place): Flab (& Steve forces him to apologize to all of the women watching)- NO (Grayses: 217)

#4: Books (6)
#6: Freckles/moles (3)

Triple: Name something that has pockets. Answers, please:

#1: Pants (82)(Danielle)


Derry: Shirt- #3 (3)
Denise: Jacket/coat- #2 (13)
Briana: Underwear- X
Quinta: Purse- XX
Danielle (for a 300-point sweep & another win): Air- XXX

Chris Steal for the Game: Kangaroo- LOSS (Grayses: 511)(#4: Pool table)(2)

FM #2:

1. Name a U.S. President known for his sense of humor.
2. Name the age when men buy toupees.
3. Name a word that rhymes w/ "twitter".
4. Name a piece of fruit you only might buy one of.
5. Name an insect you'd like to see in a garden.

1. President Bush- 6
2. 60- 10
3. Bitter- 27
4. Orange- 4
5. Butterfly- 20

1. Clinton- 27
2. 70- 3
3. Flitter- 3
4. Mango- DUD
5. Spider- 5
TOTAL- 105 ($525)


1. Reagan
2. 50
4. Watermelon
5. Ladybug

WoF: This episode was delayed two minutes in my area due to local news coverage.

$1K T-U: Landmark

_ _ _ / _ _ _ _ W _ Y

_ R _ _

Valerie quickly solves THE GATEWAY ARCH found in St. Louis. Tonight's American "Wheel" players:

Valerie Ronin (San Bernardino, CA)- A woman married to Aaron for six yrs. w/ two children (Adeline & Lily); Adeline learns the alphabet while watching the show w/ her
Tim Horton (Hawthorne, CA; originally from Crete, IL)- An Air Force Reserves Captain, private pilot & aerospace engineer married to Amy for 7.5 years who has a daughter named Elizabeth & another child on the way
Braden Pelky (Springfield, OR)- A local postal union Vice-President & high school football coach married to Teresa for 3.5 years w/ a nine-year-old son named Davin

$2K T-U: In the Kitchen

_ _ _ _ - I _ _ N

_ K _ _ L _ _

Braden takes out a CAST-IRON SKILLET no problem.

Wednesday's Trip Wedge: Omni Hotels & Resorts at Independence Park in Philadelphia courtesy of ($5,150)

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Quotation

Braden's first letters this night are trip T's for $1,350 & quad E's, then he Loses a Turn. Valerie secondly calls for three H's at $550 each, buys the I, calls three R's for $900 more & purchases a pair of A's, then she says the $2.5K L, buys the final vowel of O & calls up a $900 B & a W for the Philly getaway. But she then Bankrupts out on the Million Dollar Wedge's left side to lose both that holiday & $5,200. After that, Tim takes a $300 D, a $500 S for the blue 1/2 KIA & we currently have...

T H E / E A R L _

B I R D / _ A T _ H E S

T H E / W O R _

...but he goofs on the fourth word w/ "THE EARLY BIRD GATHERS THE WORM", so he doesn't get to keep that plate nor add $200 to his score, because Braden then gets the $1,100 steal w/ "THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM".

SOLE LaT: Braden
SOLE DQ: Tim (blown solve)

Current Scores:

Tim: ZILCH/Braden: $3,100/Valerie: $1K

Mystery Round: Proper Names

Valerie begins w/ the double R's for $1,800, four E's & an A, but she LaTs out afterwards. Second, Tim's taken two $400 T's, five O's but then D for dud. Third, Braden calls a $10.5K set of S's & the same amount of L's for $1,350 extra & buys the two I's to finish off the vowels, then...

_ A S _ I _ _ T O _

_ E _ _ E R S O _

R O O S E _ E L T

& / L I _ _ O L _

...he solves the four faces on Mount Rushmore, WASHINGTON, JEFFERSON, ROOSEVELT & LINCOLN for another $11,600.

SOLE DUD: $600 D (Tim)
SOLE LaT: Valerie

Current Scores:

Tim: NIL/Braden: $14,700/Valerie: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round
: Phrase

Tim's first up by Free Playing four E's, calling an S for the Julian Pie Company gift tag package, four T's for the MDW & the $400 Y at the start, then following his purchase of the twin U's come a $300 C, an O trio, but then the Bankrupt next to top dollar takes away that MDW & $1,200 in cash & food. Braden then tries to capitalize at his expense again...

Y O U / C O U _ _ _ ' T

_ S _ / _ O _

_ E T T E _

_ E _ T _ E _

...& does by saying "YOU COULDN'T ASK FOR BETTER WEATHER" for the $6,700 vacation to the Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa & Off-Shore Island.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RW9769225 (Raymond W.)

Current Scores:

Tim: NADA/Braden: $21,400 in cash & Bahamas/Valerie: $1K

WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: $35 Regal Entertainment Group package for $25; an additional $2 discount's taken if you use that SonyCard

$3K T-U: On the Map

_ _ _ / _ N _ _ N _ O

_ _ _ _ _

Tim's off the gooseegg mark w/ SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS.

R4: Event

Tim calls a column of two T's worth 600 buckaroos to start this puzzle out, followed by two E's, a $600 R pairing, an A, the starting $900 S but then D for dud. Second for Braden is an $800 N, but it's Last Chance Time...

S _ _ E N T _ _ _ _

_ R E A _ T _ R _ _ _ _

...w/ $1.5K as the consonant price. Tim's next consonant's B...

S _ _ E N T _ _ _ _

B R E A _ T H R _ _ _ H

...but he gives his second & likely final incorrect response of the night, which definitely isn't a SIGNIFICANT BREAKTHROUGH; he likely just gave back $3,100. Alas, he's back in control & this is what's up there following two C's...

S C _ E N T _ _ _ C

B R E A K T H R _ _ G H

...he gets SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH for a $6,100 payoff; Braden missed out on $2,300 & Valerie's not adding $4.5K to her winnings.

Prior to final bell: $900 D (Tim)
After it: L (Braden)
SOLE DQ: Tim (missolve)

Final Scores:

Tim: $9,100/Braden: $21,400 in cash & trip/Valerie: $1K
GT: $31.5K

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $11,550 in cash & Philly

Big Money Round #106: Braden's thinking big as he picks up the M in AMERICA'S.

Topic: Phrase

Here's one letter in the second word to get him on hopefully a good start:

_ _ _ _ / _ E

_ _

BDMA gives him...

B A _ _ / M E

_ _

...& he can BACK ME UP to the tune of $30K, which sends him packing w/ $51,400 in cash & trip, mon (I thought for sure the first word was PICK)!


J!: First in the Teachers Tournament semis: Lisa, Kathryn & Justin. Light 'em up, Kevin:

SCHOOL OF ROCK (all picture clues)

Justin's in Lock Game Territory just like that w/ $6K at the first timeout, which is five times Kathryn's early score; Lisa's $800 in the hole, though. Or Go Home's the last remaining topic, where the Daily Double's buried it appears, it's hidden behind the $1K answer for Lisa's potential benefit w/ $3,800; Kathryn's at $2K & Justin's still comfortably in front w/ $7,400. Lisa makes a wager of $1,800. Springwood Estate in this NY town (also named for a film production company), if you're our 32nd President (or his ghost).

"Who is FDR?" is definitely wrong; it's Hyde Park.

LACH TRASH (all attempted): $1,400 (the $600 TS under Or Go Home was a correct response reversal)

On Tap for Double J!:

TV SPIN-OFFS ("project ACCESSORY" is the subject of its first clue!)
THIS IS...A "JEOPARDY!" CATEGORY (Johnny announces the title & the quote for each clue, starting w/ "This is..."!)

Kathryn finds a DD two clues in under the $800 Black History answer & wagers her whole $2,400 on this:

A vessel called this historic ship "...of Liberia" left the U.S. in Feb. 1820 carrying free blacks back to Africa.

"Who is Amistad?"...sorry, it was The Mayflower. W/ only the $2K U.S. Place Names clue left after this, Lisa picks off the other DD of this round of play behind its $1,200 clue w/ $8K; Justin's all but in the finals w/ $18,200 & Kathryn's a goner w/ $400. Lisa makes a respectable $3K gamble, so this is to keep her in this game:

The name of this suburb of Washington, D.C. (& a former computer software company) is from the Hebrew for "house of grace".

"What is Bethesda?" right to keep this game interesting w/ her 11 grand!



Justin: $18,200
Kathryn: $2,800
Lisa: $11K

FINAL J! TOPIC: The New Testament.

In Chapter 1 of "The Acts of the Apostles", Matthias is chosen to replace him.
Response: "Who is Judas Iscariot?"
Wager: $219
Final score: $619 (she now has $127.5K in lifetime GS winnings)

Response: "Who is Judas?"
Wager: $10.5K
Final score: $21.5K

Response: SAME AS LISA
Wager: $4K
Advances to finals w/: $22,200

B IQ: This is the other night of quarterfinal play.


LHR: Name the two teams Pete Rose played for besides the Reds.
Ben: Phillies & Expos

CATEGORIES: Life Begins At 40, Hall of F"a"mers, A Tale of Tiger Starters, Players Who Really Were For the Birds, No Curse Here, Catching a Little History, I Went Deep in the 2002 World Series & Guys Who Give You the Runs

#1: No Curse Here- Red Sox to win the AL MVP/Chalmers Award (10)
GUESSES: Dustin Pedroia, Mo Vaughn, Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, Jim Rice & Jimmie Foxx- RYAN (2)(Others: Roger Clemens, Fred Lynn, Jackie Jensen & Tris Speaker)

#2: Guys Who Give You the Runs- Players w/ the most runs scored from 2000-9 (20)
GUESSES: Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Todd Helton, Derek Jeter & Barry Bonds- BEN
BIG INNING: Vladimir Guerrero, Jimmy Rollins, Jason Giambi (Others: Johnny Damon, Bobby Abreu, Ichiro Suzuki, Carlos Beltran, Miguel Tejada, Lance Berkman, Manny Ramirez, Chipper Jones, Rafael Furcal, Jim Thome, Carlos Lee, Carlos Delgado, Brian Giles & Alfonso Soriano)

#3: I Went Deep in the 2002 World Series- Players other than Barry Bonds w/ a HR in the '02 WS (10)
GUESSES: Troy Glaus & Garret Anderson- BEN (2)(Others: Rich Aurilia, David Bell, Shawon Dunston, Darin Erstad, Jeff Kent, Tim Salmon, Reggie Sanders, J.T. Snow & Scott Spiezio)

#4: Catching a Little History- Players w/ most All-Star Game starts as a catcher (20)
GUESSES: Johnny Bench, Ivan Rodriguez, Mike Piazza, Yogi Berra, Gary Carter & Brian McCann- RYAN (4)(Others: Del Candrall, Carlton Fisk, Bill Freehan, Bill Dickey, Walker Cooper, Roy Campanella, Earl Battey, Joe Torre, Ed Bailey, Thurman Munson, Benito Santiago, Ernie Lombardi, Joe Mauer, Sandy Alomar, Jr. & Gabby Hartnett)

#5: Players Who Really Were for the Birds- Most games played in Orioles history (16)
GUESSES: Cal Ripken, Jr., Eddie Murray, Brooks Robinson, Rick Dempsey, Mark Belanger, Boog Powell & Frank Robinson- RYAN (6)(Others: Brady Anderson, Paul Blair, Ken Singleton, Al Bumbry, Melvin Mora, Brian Roberts, Rich Dauer, B.J. Surhoff, Rafael Palmeiro & Davey Johnson)

#6: Hall of F"a"mers- HoFers whose last names start w/ A (10; includes two managers)
GUESSES: Hank Aaron, Cap Anson, Sparky Anderson & Al Avila- RYAN (7)(Others: Grover Alexander, Roberto Alomar, Walter Alston, Luis Aparicio, Luke Appling, Richie Ashburn & Earl Averill)

#7: Life Begins at 40- Pitchers w/ most wins after turning 40 (20)
GUESSES: Jamie Moyer, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Phil Niekro, Charlie Hough & Jesse Orosco- BEN (4)(Others: Jack Quinn, Randy Johnson, Warren Spahn, Cy Young, Hoyt Wilhelm, Gaylord Perry, Tim Wakefield, David Wells, Tommy John, Grover Alexander, Don Sutton, Kenny Rogers, Red Faber, Greg Maddux & Dazzy Vance)

#8: A Tale of Tiger Starters- Tigers P to start games last year (10)
GUESSES: Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello & Edwin Jackson- RYAN (8)(Others: Brad Penny, Phil Coke, Doug Fister, Jacob Turner, Duane Below, Charlie Furbush & Andrew Oliver)

NINTH INNING PROMPT: Most career HR as designated hitter (19)

First Bidder: RYAN AT 4
Final Bid: 8 BY RYAN
GUESSES: Frank Thomas, Edgar Martinez, David Ortiz, Paul Molitor, Jim Rice- LOSS (Others: Harold Baines, Don Baylor, Jose Canseco, Chili Davis, Jim Thome, Travis Hafner, Hal McRae, Brian Downing, Andre Thornton, Cliff Johnson, Rafael Palmeiro, Jason Giambi, Juan Gonzalez, Reggie Jackson & Dave Kingman)

AL EAST/CENTRAL REGIONAL FINAL: Billy Broadbent vs. Dan Fabian

LHR: Who was the all-time saves leader prior to Trevor Hoffman?
Billy: Lee Smith

CATEGORIES: Hey Ya, I'm on Top of the World...Series, Hitless Wonders, Dome Sweet Dome, "Magic" Johnsons, Stay Classy, San Diego, Mighty Texas Power Rangers, Nineteen Ninety-Sticks & Guys Who Do Squat for a Living

#1: "Magic" Johnsons- Players w/ the last name Johnson to appear in ASG (10)
GUESSES: Randy, Davey & Dave- DAN (1)(Others: Alex, Billy, Bob, Charles, Don, Howard, Josh & Lance)

#2: Dome Sweet Dome- Most HR hit indoors (dome or closed retractable roof)(20)
GUESSES: Ken Griffey, Jr., Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek, Jay Buhner, Gary Gaetti, Edgar Martinez, Jimmy Wynn & Tino Martinez- DAN (3)(Others: Jeff Bagwell, Vladimir Guerrero, Alex Rodriguez, Lance Berkman, Craig Biggio, Carlos Delgado, Fred McGriff, Moises Alou, Alvin Davis, Luis Gonzalez, Aubrey Huff & Tom Brunansky)

#3: Mighty Texas Power Rangers- Rangers w/ a postseason HR (12)
GUESSES: Adrian Beltre & Rafael Palmeiro- BILLY (2)(Others: Nelson Cruz, Juan Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Mitch Moreland, Mike Napoli, Michael Young, Bengie Molina, David Murphy, Dean Palmer & Matt Treanor)

#4: Guys Who Do Squat for a Living- All-time leaders in games caught (20)
GUESSES: Carlton Fisk, Ivan Rodriguez & Bob Boone- DAN
BI: Jason Kendall (Billy said this a little too late), Jim Sundberg, Gary Carter & Johnny Bench (6)(Others: Tony Pena, Brad Ausmus, Al Lopez, Benito Santiago, Lance Parish, Rick Ferrell, Gabby Hartnett, Ted Simmons, Ray Schalk, Bill Dickey, Yogi Berra, Rick Dempsey & Mike Piazza)

#5: Nineteen Ninety-Sticks- Besides McGwire, the players to hit 40+ HR in '96 (16)
GUESSES: Ken Griffey, Jr., Frank Thomas & Matt Williams- DAN (7)(Others: Brady Anderson, Albert Belle, Andres Galarraga, Juan Gonzalez, Jay Buhner, Mo Vaughn, Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield, Todd Hundley, Greg Vaughn, Ellis Burks, Ken Caminiti, Vinny Castilla & Sammy Sosa)

#6: Stay Classy, San Diego- Padres full-time managers not named Jerry Coleman (14)
GUESSES: Bruce Bochy, Bud Black, Dick Williams & Alvin Dark- BILLY (3)(Others: Jim Riggleman, Greg Riddoch, Jack McKeon, Larry Bowa, Steve Boros, Frank Howard, Roger Craig, John McNamara, Jon Zimmer & Preston Gomez)

#7: Hey Ma, I'm on Top of the World...Series- Yankees to win WS MVP (12)
GUESSES: Derek Jeter, Reggie Jackson & Mickey Mantle- DAN (8)(Others: Hideki Matsui, Mariano Rivera, Scott Brosius, John Wetteland, Bucky Dent, Ralph Terry, Whitey Ford, Bobby Richardson, Bob Turley & Don Larsen)

#8: Hitless Wonders- Lowest opponent average among qualifying P last year other than Mat Latos (18)
GUESSES: Clayton Kershaw, Justin Verlander & Roy Halladay- BILLY (4)(Others: Jeremy Hellickson, Josh Beckett, Michael Pineda, Jered Weaver, Cole Hamels, Ricky Romero, Matt Cain, James Shields, Tim Lincecum, Ian Kennedy, Cliff Lee, David Price, Gio Gonzalez, Jhoulys Chacin, C.J. Wilson & Shaun Marcum)

NIP: All-time hit leaders (20)

First Bidder: DAN AT 4
Final Bid: 11 BY BILLY
GUESSES: Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, Stan Musial, Carl Yastrzemski, Tony Gwynn, Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield, Eddie Murray, Kirby Puckett- GONE (Others: Hank Aaron, Tris Speaker, Cap Anson, Honus Wagner, Eddie Collins, Willie Mays, Nap Lajoie, Cal Ripken, Jr., George Brett, Paul Waner, Robin Yount & Derek Jeter)

Millionaire (Movie Week '12, Day 3):

Game 1
Game 2

(Also on "Let's Make a Deal" today: The first trader of the day, Mary, made it to Big Deal Land w/ an $8,046 BBQ island/outdoor furniture package, but she lost big on Door #2 & settled for a $2,550 game room. #3 would've won her that Toyota prius.)

Episode ratings:

"Baseball IQ":
9 PM: 6
9:30 PM: 8
8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal"
5: "The Price is Right"
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