Thursday, February 23, 2012

2/23/2012 Results

LMaD: This show begins w/ Melissa leaving w/ $800 instead of any of this:

SMALL BOX (freebie)(Jonathan)- MacBook Air & iPod Touch w/ eyewear glasses ($1,747)
SB #2 (Tiffany in front of CURTAIN #2)(Gold Country)- Gold/topaz bangle ($3,800)
CURTAIN #1 (Orange County)- Trip to Orlando ($6,150)
CURTAIN #3 (Motor City)- Dragon car

Ilisa & Raji, who just got engaged, play Smash for Ca$h.

1. #7 (Raji): $2
3. #9: $2 ($4; $1K)
4. #1 (at mom Cassandra's request): $3 ($7; $2K)
5. #4: $2 ($9; $3K)- BAILOUT
6. #10- BUCK
7. #6- $3
8. #2- BUCK

They get $200 more in consolation money.

It's time for the Choose a Music CD Deal.

Seshmi's Round (she's dressed as a movie popcorn stand)(Tiffany w/ SB in front of the center curtain): #4- German Beer Song
DECISION: GO ($1,200)- Three-night Tucson spa trip ($4,933)

Whitney's Round (dressed as a pirate)(CURTAIN #2): #1- Children's Nursery Song
CURTAIN #1- Washer/dryer w/ George Foreman cleaning products ($2,976)(#2: DUD giant BBQ)


Lucy (dressed as a ketchup bottle) plays Three of a Kind for a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta S (Std., Mats)(Curtain #3) worth $17.5K. She picks all the even numbers but has #4 & #2 reversed.


She's got a shot so far & is now offered $2,690 worth of designer accessories (Tiffany w/ SB in front of Curtain #2 again) & two $1K wads...& is going the distance.

#6: QUEEN OF CLUBS- LOSS (no buzzer sounded)

#1- 4 OF CLUBS

Jeffrey (dressed as a football) & Margaret (dressed as a cook) are our next two people.

CURTAIN #1 (Jeffrey)- La-Z-Boy living room makeover, including $2K Lumber Liquidator$ gift card ($3,827)
CHECK (Margaret)- $1,450
CURTAIN #2- Jacuzzi ($5,970)

Sabrina (dressed as a pink baby) just turned 34 years old. She goes all the way w/ the SB (Tiffany) that's been in front of Curtain #2 virtually the whole episode.

STACK OF CASH- $2,360 (118 $20s)
SILVER ENVELOPE- "Iris" VIP experience ($1,766)
SB- Triangle wheel roller skates

THE BIG DEAL: Seshmi from Tampa (who's lived in Tampa for two months, but was in Orlando for three yrs.) could win at least a better vacation as part of this morning's Big Deal of the Day worth $23,832 total. She's trying Door #2 as well...this time, it comes through for a trader this week- she's going to the Marriott Aruba ($6,782) & driving to & from there in a '12 KIA Soul+ MT ($17,050)!

#1- Home entertainment center ($3,100)(which was revealed last)
#3- $6.5K

Cory brought a strawberry in a plastic bag to Jonathan, but it's NOT accepted as a bag of strawberry seeds for the $500.



GAME #1: Dunns (NOT the same ones who lost to the Ruffs, resulting in them winning their car) vs. Pittses (whose one-day cash winnings total $880)

R1: Name a reason why a man might not recognize his high school sweetheart at their 25th Anniversary reunion. This game begins with:

#1: Gained weight (68)(Joyce)


Tilden (a security officer for Chicago Public Schools who also has the keys to the city): Her hair fell out/changed/got gray- #2 (9)
Brian: She's a drug addict- X
Leon: She has wrinkles-aged- #4 (7)
Katrina: She's missing teeth- XX
Joyce: Their clothes are ragged- XXX

Andy Steal (for 84): The sweetheart's now a man- #5 (4)

#3: Plastic surgery (8)
#6: Lost weight (3)

R2: Name something about her man that a woman might just pretend to like. First to be offered as a guess:

#1: Body/dong (30)(Brian)
DUDS: Looks (Tilden) & personality (Haley)


Leon: Hair/fur/bald head- T2 (15)
Katrina: Style of dress- #4 (5)
Joyce: His momma- X
Tilden: His kids- XX
Brian: Sex- BOTTOM ANSWER (4)
Leon: The way he smells- XXX

Andy Steal #2 (for another 54): Job- NO

T2: Bad jokes/humor (15)
OTHER BA: Laugh (4)

Double: According to 100 men, name something you give to a woman that you wouldn't give to a man. Face-off guess (es):

#2: Flowers (25)(Susan)
#6: Lingerie/clothes (2)(Brian)

Pittses (who are wearing red "Good Answer!" buttons for at least this afternoon):

Jennifer: Kiss/nookie- #3 (21)
John: Candy- X
Andy: Glass of champagne- XX
Haley: Jewelry- #1 (29; she even called it beforehand)
Susan: Car- XXX

Joyce Steal (for another 154 & the lead): Foot massage- NO (Pittses: 238)

#4: Perfume (12)
OTHER BAs: Love & sex toy (2 each)

Triple: Name a kind of cart. I know at least one of them:

#1: Shopping (53)(Leon)


Katrina: Go- #2 (27)
Joyce: Golf- #4 (7)
Tilden: X
Brian: Football- XX
Leon: Cartwheel- XXX

Andy Steal to Remain Champions: Food- ELIMINATED (Dunns: 315)(#3: Push)(8)

FAST MONEY: Three ladies are supporting The Dunns in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. On the 1-10 scale, how well-mannered is today's youth?
2. What would you hate to see come out of your closet?
3. "Butter______".
4. If you had to have a tattoo on your body, where would you put it?
5. Name someone whose name you should never forget.

1. 5- 20
2. Rat- 19
4. Chest- 3
5. Your parents- DUD

1. 3- 17
2. My clothes- 16
4. Ankle- 14
5. Husband- 49
TOTAL- 138 ($690)


2. People
3. Fly
4. Back

In the nightcap, The Grayses lost to the Forsythes, 493-243, after Erica knew in Sudden Death that the holiday that honors the great American pastime of shopping was Christmas (72). Let's get to know them a little more:

Ashley: An English teacher at Clarksville HS
Magen: Her 50-year-old dad works for a truck company
Amanda: An aspiring teacher & mom of three who graduated from Austin Peay State University last Dec.

FM #2: In their CIHTFM's their aunt Bonnie from Ashland City, TN.

1. How did 100 men complete this statement- "My wife married me for my ________"?
2. Name a part of the body you have a pair of.
3. Which country has the worst food?
4. Name a house pet you'd never let sleep in your bed.
5. Name something men hate to wear.

1. Looks- 25
2. Breasts- 5
3. France- 3
4. Dog- 17
5. Ties- 42

1. Money- 25 (body also tied for #1 on this query)
2. Buns- DUD
3. Italy- DUD
4. Lizard- 10
5. Underwear- 10
TOTAL- 137 ($685)


2. Legs
3. England
4. Snake

WoF: Because next week's episodes are taking place on that Hawaiian set from last December, look for the bonus round car that week to be the Mazda Miata.

$1K T-U: TV Title

T _ _ V _ L

C _ A _ _ _ L

They're known for airing the first several tournaments of the World Poker Tour (but also for the ill-fated "Great Getaway Game" & the U.S. version of "Scream! If You Know the Answer") & Justin gets the TRAVEL CHANNEL. I guarantee you one of these players will be traveling after tonight's match's said & done:

Justin Davenport (Baton Rouge)- An LSU junior majoring in Chemistry who's also an Chi Alpha member
Brian Pacheco (Belmont, MA)- An engaged Boston nurse & Taller in Person band member who's getting married to Crystal
Lou Salute (West Hills, CA)- A retired education company Vice-President, local senior citizen volunteer & very lucky slot machine player married to Gene w/ two grandchildren

$2K T-U: Living Thing


C _ _ O T _

Lou slowly solves DESERT COYOTE under the wire.

Thursday's Featured Trip: Kimberly Hotel in NYC from ($7,900)

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Landmark

Lou gets underway by spinning up the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card. Second, Justin calls a $900 R, buys two E's, says a $500 S, two T's for the green 1/2 KIA & another grand & three L's to add $2,400 on top of that, then he buys three A's & Free Plays a set of O's before he...

_ E L L O _ S T O _ E

_ A T _ O _ A L / _ A R _

...solves YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK for a $4,300 victory in this round of play & retains the wheel.


Current Scores:

Brian: $0/Lou: $2K/Justin: $5,300 (1/2 KIA)

Mystery Round: What Are You Doing?

Justin immediately gets a 1/2 KIA from the same position as last time w/ three $500 N's, then come the same quantity of I's before he's stopped by the Lose a Turn. Second, Brian Bankrupts as fast as Lou did in the previous round. Third, Lou lights two G's while on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar Wedge & gives back $2K...for her second Bankrupt of the night. So just like that, it's back to Justin we go & he buys an O, captures two $300 C's but then hits the other natural Bankrupt to lose $1,600 besides the KIA Soul. Brian then asks for four T's to get the trip & two H's for $1,600 in potential spending money...

_ _ T T I N G / T H _

I C I N G / O N / T H _

C _ _ _

...& he's PUTTING THE ICING ON THE CAKE to take the lead & begin the next puzzle.

SOLE LaT: Justin
BANKRUPTS: 3 (Everybody)

Current Scores:

Brian: $9.5K in cash & Big Apple/Lou: $2K/Justin: $5,300

Prize Puzzle Round: Thing

Two N's give Brian a $600 start in this round, followed by a $900 trio of L's, five E's, four A's to clean out the vowels just like that, a $700 D pairing, a $600 H couple but then the same Bankrupt Justin got to rid him of $2,300, his second tonight. Once Lou gets the $1,200 S couplet...

H A N D _ A D E


N E _ _ L A _ E

...she can put that money towards a HANDMADE SEASHELL NECKLACE & maybe even some spending cash for her $6K trip to the Makena Beach & Golf Resort.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: TH8123845 (Tracy H.)

Current Scores:

Brian: $9.5K in cash & NY/Lou: $9,200 in cash & HI/Justin: $5,300

$3K T-U: Show Biz

_ _ U N _ _ _ / M _ _ _ C

_ _ T I S _

Justin figures out that Taylor Swift's a great example of a COUNTRY MUSIC ARTIST to take over second place by $100.

R4: Around the House

First from him are twin L's for nine bills (one at the end of the first & third words), triple E's but then the LaT strikes against him for the second time on the evening. Brian secondly Bankrupts next to where the WC formerly was, making that his third one this game. Third for Lou are a $1K pair of T's, an A & her second LaT as well. Returning to Justin, who puts up $2,700 worth of three R's & purchases an O set...

_ _ _ _ E R _ A L

R E _ O T E / _ O _ T R O L

...before pulling out a UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL for $3,100 additional & the lead.

LaTs: 2 (Justin, Lou)

Current Scores:

Brian: $9.5K in cash & NY/Lou: $9,200 in cash & HI/Justin: $11,400

R5: Phrase

Big Brian spins out a $300 T & N but then calls a negative of L. Second, Lou gets a $600 S, double U's but then loses her turn w/ a J call. After Justin's second Bankrupt of the night next to the invisible WC & Brian has called three M's to add $1.5K to his stake, it's time for the Last Chance Mode part of the program...

_ _ U / M U S T / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ / M _ / M _ N _

...& the left consonants are worth $1,350 each. Next are the double D's...

_ _ U / M U S T / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ D / M _ / M _ N D

...but he has no guess for the title w/ $4,800 more on the line for him. Two Y's are taken by Lou right after that...

Y _ U / M U S T / _ _ _ _

_ _ _ D / M Y / M _ N D

...same result, so we're pretty much in Sudden Victory. Back to Brian, he calls two E's...

Y _ U / M U S T / _ _ _ E

_ E _ D / M Y / M I N D

...another blank. Lou might know it after she calls for the R...

Y _ U / M U S T / _ _ _ E

R E _ D / M Y / M I N D

...well, I was wrong. Justin next gets the H...

Y _ U / M U S T / H _ _ E

R E _ D / M Y / M I N D

...still nothing. Has Brian finally ended this round & game after he's called that V?...

Y _ U / M U S T / H _ V E

R E _ D / M Y / M I N D

...yes w/ "YOU MUST HAVE READ MY MIND" for $6,150!

DUDS (both before Final Spin): $600 J (Lou), $900 L (Brian)

Final Scores:

Brian: $15,650 in cash & NY/Lou: $9,200 in cash & HI/Justin: $11,400
GT: $36,250


Big Money Round #107: Brian's envelope comes from the A in GAME.

Theme: Thing


_ _ _ S E _ _ R _ _ N _

_ _ _ T

GDPO are enough to...

_ O _ S E _ _ R _ _ N G

G _ _ T

...only get the second word. He doesn't win the HOUSEWARMING GIFT of the Winnebago & leaves w/ $15,650 in cash & NYC.

J!: Competing second in these semi-finals are Leslie, Brooks & Nate. First six subjects:


Slightly in Lock Game Territory by the time a break's taken is Nate w/ $3,800; Leslie's $2K behind him & Brooks has begun w/ $600 tonight. Just after the commercials & end of Toys & Games, Nate goes Daily Double Hunting w/ the $800 Other Wonders of the World clue...he finds it on his third shot w/ the $1K clue & $4,400. Nate wagers $2,400:

The Alcazaba's the Citadel of this moorish masterpiece in Granada, Spain.

"The Alhambra" is NOT recalled by him, so he's down to $2K & loses his LGT positioning for now. After Potpourri ends up being a WIPEOUT, Leslie ends up ending the round in first w/ $2,400, Nate has two thou & Brooks has half that, so the middle man begins the upcoming round.


Double J! Brings Out:


When it comes to its $1,200 clue, Leslie might not be one of those Lesser-Known Women for much longer in her neighborhood, because it's DD time w/ $3,200; Nate got the $400 clue to get this round going. $1,700's her wager on this:

Massachusetts' state heroine's Deborah Samson, who, disguised as a male soldier, fought in this war.

"What is The American Revolution?"...good for $4,900. At the conclusion of that topic, Nate's doing something very similar late in the last round, which is going DDH, this time beginning w/ the $1,600 Rhyming Movies answer...but the $800 clue proves to be Toot Sweet to Brooks at least for now. Brooks stands at $7K & trails Nate for second by three G's & Leslie by $4,300. The middle guy's bet will be $5K, so here's his clue for first:

This Sousa piece, the official march of the U.S., includes the tooting of the euphonium, clarinet & cornet.

"What is 'Stars & Stripes Forever'?" is nailed by him to take the lead w/ $12K; he also RUNS THAT CATEGORY to make his score $16,800!

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1,200 (Engineering)

Heading into Final J!:

Nate: $9,600
Brooks: $19,200
Leslie: $11,300


Nate: $12K
Brooks: $15K
Leslie: $10,800

FJ! CATEGORY: Singers.

On the eve of Earth Day, 2011, he became the first performer inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

Response: "Who is John Denver?"
Wager: ALL-IN
Final score: $19,200

Response: "Who is John Denver?"
Wager: $2K
Final score: $13,300

Wager: $3,401
Wins w/: $22,601

B IQ: This is the championship tripleheader!

SEMIFINAL #1: Ben Baumer vs. Dan Fabian

LHR: Who's the Rays' all-time HR leader?
Dan: Aubrey Huff (A: Carlos Pena)

CATEGORIES: Leaders of the Tribe, Houston Heroes, Middle Management Perks, Stars in July, Ruling Cardinals, The Hall of Rookies, Topping 200 & Lovable Losers

#1: The Hall of Rookies- Hall of Famers to win Rookie of the Year (14)
GUESSES: Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson & Don Newcombe- BEN (2)(Others: Cal Ripken, Jr., Andrew Dawson, Eddie Murray, Carlton Fisk, Johnny Bench, Rod Carew, Tom Seaver, Billy Williams, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda & Luis Aparicio)

#2: Ruling Cardinals- Besides Dizzy Dean, players to win MVP w/ the Cardinals since '31 (12)
GUESSES: Albert Pujols, Keith Hernandez, Stan Musial, Joe Torre, Bob Gibson, Ken Boyer & Johnny Mize- BEN
BIG INNING: Willie McGee, Orlando Cepeda, Frankie Frisch & Marty Marion (6)(Others: Mort Cooper & Joe Medwick)

#3: Lovable Losers- Teams to defeat Cubs in postseason since their last World Series title in 1908 other than the '03 Marlins (12)
GUESSES: '45 Tigers & DQ (repeated those Marlins)- BEN (7)(Others: '08 Dodgers, '07 Diamondbacks, '98 Braves, '89 Giants, '84 Padres, '38 Yankees, '35 Tigers, '32 Yankees, '29 Athletics, '18 Red Sox & '10 Athletics)

#4: Leaders of the Tribe- Indians w/ 4+ ASG appearances other than Bob Feller (16)
GUESSES: Bob Lemon & Omar Vizquel- DAN (1)(Others: Lou Boudreau, Larry Doby, Ken Keltner, Sandy Alomar, Jr., Earl Averill, Sam McDowell, Jim Hegan, Kenny Lofton, Albert Belle, Rocky Colavito, Mel Harder, Vic Power, Manny Ramirez, John Romano & Al Rosen)

#5: Topping 200- Most career seasons w/ 200+ hits (18; minimum of six seasons per player on this list)
GUESSES: Ichiro Suzuki, Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby & Honus Wagner- BEN (8)(Others: Pete Rose, Lou Gehrig, Willie Keeler, Paul Waner, Wade Boggs, Charlie Gehringer, Derek Jeter, Jesse Burkett, Steve Garvey, Stan Musial, Sam Rice, Al Simmons, George Sisler, Bill Terry & Michael Young)

#6: Houston Heroes- Astros ASG participants since 2000 (14)
GUESSES: Roger Clemens, Lance Berkman & Andy Pettite- BEN (9)(Others: Roy Oswalt, Hunter Pence, Miguel Tejada, Billy Wagner, Moises Alou, Carlos Beltran, Michael Bourn, Morgan Ensberg, Jeff Kent, Carlos Lee, Brad Lidge & Shane Reynolds)

#7: Stars in July- Players to hit a HR in one of the last 10 ASGs (20; since that infamous tie in 2002)
GUESSES: David Wright, Barry Bonds & Brian McCann- DAN (2)(Others: Prince Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, J.D. Drew, Matt Holliday, Carl Crawford, Victor Martinez, Ichiro Suzuki, Vladimir Guerrero, Mark Teixeira, Miguel Tejada, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Garret Anderson, Hank Blalock, Jason Giambi, Todd Helton, Andrew Jones & Alfonso Soriano)

#8: Middle Management Perks- Managers of the Year in the 21st Century (20)
GUESSES: Joe Maddon, Mike Sciosia, Ozzie Guillen, Joe Girardi, Bobby Cox, Tony La Russa, Dusty Baker, Kirk Gibson, Jim Leyland & Joe Torre- DAN (5)(Others: Bud Black, Ron Gardenhire, Jim Tracy, Bob Melvin, Eric Wedge, Buck Showalter, Jack McKeon, Tony Pena, Larry Bowa, Lou Pinella & Jerry Manuel)

NINTH INNING PROMPT: Players w/ highest career slugging percentages (20)

First Bidder: BEN AT 4
Final Bid: 9 BY BEN
GUESSES: Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Hank Aaron- ELIMINATED (Others: Ted Williams, Albert Pujols, Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg, Mark McGwire, Manny Ramirez, Joe DiMaggio, Rogers Hornsby, Alex Rodriguez, Larry Walker, Albert Belle, Ryan Braun, Johnny Mize, Juan Gonzalez, Ryan Howard, Stan Musial & Willie Mays)

OTHER SEMI-FINAL: Shane Demmitt vs. Josh DeFamio

LHR: Who was the manager of the 1983 White Sox?
Shane: Tony La Russa

CATEGORIES: Not a League Leader, Home Sweet All-Star Game, Brew That Gets Better With Age, A Cy of Relief, The Wild Bunch, Let's Start Two, Streakers Who Wore Clothes & When the Babe Said Goodbye

#1: A Cy of Relief- Relievers to win Cy Young besides Mike Marshall (8)
GUESSES: Dennis Eckersley, Bruce Sutter, Mark Davis, Rollie Fingers, Willie Hernandez, Eric Gagne, Sparky Lyle & Steve Bedrosian- SWEEP #2! (Shane leads, 3-2)

#2: Not a League Leader- P w/ most career wins without ever leading a league since 1900 (16)
GUESSES: Milt Pappas & Dennis Martinez (A: Nolan Ryan, Don Sutton, Eddie Plank, Tommy John, Bert Blyleven, Jamie Moyer, Red Faber, Herb Pennock, Frank Tanana, "Sad" Sam Jones, Luis Tiant, Paul Derringer, Mel Harder, Hooks Dauss, Jerry Koosman & Jerry Reuss)

#3: When the Babe Said Goodbye- Career HR leaders after Ruth through '35 season (20)
GUESSES: Roger Connor & Lou Gehrig- JOSH (TIED at 3)(Others: Jimmie Foxx, Rogers Hornsby, Al Simmons, Cy Williams, Hack Wilson, Mel Ott, Chuck Klein, Goose Goslin, Jim Bottomley, Ken Williams, Gabby Hartnett, Harry Heilmann, Wally Berger, Babe Herman, Earl Averill, Bob Meusel, Chick Hafey, Bill Terry & George Kelly)

#4: Streakers Who Wore Clothes- Players w/ hitting streaks of 30+ games since 1994 other than Hal Morris (14)
GUESSES: Luis Gonzalez, Luis Castillo, Jimmy Rollins, Nomar Garciaparra, Chase Utley & Marquis Grissom- JOSH
BI: Moises Alou, Ryan Zimmermann, Andre Ethier & Albert Pujols (7)(Others: Dan Uggla, Vladimir Guerrero, Sandy Alomar, Jr., Eric Davis & Willy Taveras)

#5: Home Sweet All-Star Game- Other than Chipper Jones, players w/ an ASG HR in their home ballpark (12)
GUESSES: Fred McGriff & Cal Ripken, Jr. (A: Sandy Alomar, Jr., Hank Aaron, Frank Howard, Harmon Killebrew, Jim Gilliam, Larry Doby, Al Rosen, George Kell, Vic Wertz, Stan Musial, Ted Williams & Joe DiMaggio)

#6: Brew That Gets Better W/ Age- Most games played in Brewers franchise history, including '69 (20)
GUESSES: Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Jim Gantner, Prince Fielder, Geoff Jenkins, "Stormin'" Gorman Thomas & Rickie Weeks- SHANE (5)(Others: Cecil Cooper, Charlie Moore, Don Money, Ben Oglivie, B.J. Surhoff, Jeff Cirillo, Greg Vaughn, Dave Nilsson, Bill Hall, Corey Hart, Mark Loretta, Sixto Lezcano, Jeromy Burnitz & George Scott)

#7: The Wild Bunch- WC teams to reach WS (10)
GUESSES: '97 Marlins, '00 Mets, '02 Angels, '02 Giants, '05 Astros, '03 Marlins, '06 Tigers, '11 Cardinals, '07 Rockies & '04 Red Sox- SECOND SWEEP TONIGHT! (Josh leads, 10-8)

#8: Let's Start Two- Twins P w/ 2+ career postseason starts since '61 (16)
GUESSES: Jack Morris, Frank Viola, Burt Blyleven, Johan Santana, Les Straker, Scott Erickson, Brad Radke, Kevin Tapani & Scott Baker- SHANE (TIED at 10)(Others: Jim Kaat, "Mudcat" Grant, Joe Mays, Brian Duensing, Eric Milton, Carl Pavano, Jim Perry & Rick Reed)

Shane has control of the bidding for the final inning of this game because he answered the LHRQ correctly.

NIP: HoFers whose last names begin w/ R (19)

First Bidder: SHANE AT 7
Final Bid: 10 BY JOSH
GUESSES: INSTANT STRIKEOUT W/ HONUS WAGNER (A: Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourn, Pee Wee Reese, Jim Rice, Sam Rice, Branch Rickey, Cal Ripken, Jr., Eppa Rixey, Phil Rizzuto, Robin Roberts, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Jackie Robinson, Willie Robinson, Wilber "Bullet" Rogan, Edd Roush, Red Rudding, Amos Rusie, Babe Ruth & Nolan Ryan)


LHR: Name the three teams the Braves lost to in the WS in the '90s.
Shane: Twins, Blue Jays & Yankees

CATEGORIES: Phils On First, Mastering Both Leagues, A Ribeye a Night, Recent ALCS Heroes, Guys Who Lead the Hit Parade, Stars of Expansion, All-Star Losers & Friends of the Cobra

#1: All-Star Losers- Most appearances on a losing AS team, excluding Brooks Robinson (16)
GUESSES: Reggie Jackson & Willie Mays- SHANE (2)(Others: Rod Carew, Carl Yastrzemski, Mickey Mantle, Al Kaline, Harmon Killebrew, Stan Musial, Yogi Berra, Barry Bonds, Carlton Fisk, Nellie Fox, George Brett, Tony Gwynn, Fred Lynn, Johnny Mize & Ted Williams)

#2: Guys Who Lead the Hit Parade- Besides Robinson Cano, most career 200+ H seasons among active players (8)
GUESSES: Suzuki, Michael Young, Derek Jeter & Johnny Damon- BEN (1)(Others: Vladimir Guerrero, Juan Pierre, Alex Rodriguez, Miguel Tejada & Todd Helton)

#3: Recent ALCS Heroes- ALCS MVPs since '95 other than Orel Hershiser (16)
GUESSES: Nelson Cruz, Mariano Rivera, Josh Hamilton & Derek Lowe- SHANE
BI: Adam Kennedy, Paul Konerko, Matt Garza & Placido Polanco (5)(Others: CC Sabathia, Josh Beckett, David Ortiz, Andy Pettitte, David Justice, Orlando Hernandez, David Wells, Marquis Grissom & Bernie Williams)

#4: Mastering Both Leagues- Pitchers w/ 100+ wins in each league since 1901 (8)
GUESSES: Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Gaylord Perry & Cy Young- BEN (2)(Others: Kevin Brown, Jim Bunning, Fergie Jenkins, Dennis Martinez & Pedro Martinez)

#5: A Ribeye a Night- Other than Sosa, players w/ 160+ RBI in a season since '20 (10)
GUESSES: Hack Wilson, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Manny Ramirez, Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg, Joe DiMaggio & Stan Musial- SHANE (7)(Others: Hal Trosky, Chuck Klein & Al Simmons)

#6: Phils On First- Last 10 Phillies to start at first base on Opening Day
GUESSES: Ryan Howard, John Kruk, Jim Thome, Rico Brogna, Von Hayes & Jim Eisenreich- BEN (4)(Others: Travis Lee, Gregg Jefferies, Dave Hollins, Ricky Jordan & John Russell)

#7: Friends of the Cobra- HoF teammates of Dave Parker not named Willie Stargell (10)
GUESSES: Bruce Sutter & Barry Larkin- BEN (5)(Others: Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven, Dennis Eckersley, Goose Gossage, Rickey Henderson, Paul Molitor, Tony Perez, Dave Winfield & Robin Yount)

#8: Stars of Expansion- '92 Expansion Draft picks to make an ASG appearance (10)
GUESSES: Jeff Conine & Charlie Hayes- BEN (6)(Others: Andy Ashby, Brad Ausmus, Vinny Castilla, Carl Everett, Joe Girardi, Bryan Harvey, Trevor Hoffman, Danny Jackson & Eric Young, Sr.)

FOR ALL THE MARBLES: P to throw a complete game no-hitter in the 21st Century (20)

Sole Bid: SHANE AT 10


1. Ervin Santana- YES

2. Francisco Liriano- YES

3. Justin Verlander- YOU BET

4. Ubaldo Jimenez- DITTO

5. Dallas Braden- RIGHT

6. Roy Halladay- YUP

7. Matt Garza- YES INDEED

8. Edwin Jackson- YES

9. Jonathan Sanchez- YEAH


Others (not revealed): Hideo Nomo, A.J. Burnett, Bud Smith, Derek Lowe, Kevin Millwood, Anibal Sanchez, Mark Buehrle, Clay Buckholz, Jon Lester & Carlos Zambrano

W/ the $45K in charity winnings he has racked up as the champ of this show, Shane's GT for all of his winnings to date are $77K!

W: The title of this year's last "Winter Wipeout" episode is "You Ain't See Nothing Yeti".

Opening Qualifier Obstacle: H-E Double Hockey Sticks
$500 Bonus Object: Polar bear
Final Obstacle Theme: Yeti Mountain


Michael "Vlogger" Hanna: 6:52
"The Party Nurse" Corrie Ann Hydrick: 4:23.2
Noel "Charlie Sheen it Before" Doumerc: 4:56.6
Patrick "Captain Planet" Zabroski: 4:07.1
Marly "Math-Obsessed" Barth: 3:35.4
Antonio "Black Thunder" Hardy: 4:52.2

The other six seven in the Ice Qualifiers are Humberto Guida, Matthew Wilson, Monica Stockhausen, Roger "The Whiz Kid" Doyle, Chloe Dorsey, Bekky Malesich & Sean Smith.

Facing the Cold-Hearted Snake:

1. Noel
2. Patrick
3. Roger
4. Marly
5. Corrie Ann
6. Bekky

LAST FINALISTS OF WINTER '12: The remaining three guys


Patrick- 11:29.08

Roger- 7:39.36

Noel- LOSS

Millionaire (Movie Week '12, Day 4):

Game 1
Game 2
Start of Game 3

Episode ratings:

"Baseball IQ":
9 PM: 8
9:30 PM: 9
10 PM: 10
8: "Wipeout"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "Family Feud", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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