Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/28/2012 Results

LMaD: The couple of the morning consists of Keith (a commercial real-estate underwriter) & Marcia (a hospital manager of a hospital's security department) from San Fernando Valley, CA (dressed as knights).

Marcia's Round: Mostly blue (w/ some orange) Prada purse ($1,060)(Tiffany)
Big Box- Four pairs of designer shoes ($1,066)
Purse bonuses- $1K Besamme Cosmetics gift card & a $5K check

Keith's Round: CURTAIN #1
Tumi murse bonus ($295)(Jonathan)- $1.5K card
CURTAIN #1 (not revealed until after the first break)- Yamaha ATV ($3,399)

THE BIG RISK (as a team)(CURTAIN #2): NO- Five-night second honeymoon to the Abaco Beach Resort ($6,300)


Going into the Dice Duel are Bradley (husband) & Aubrey (dressed as a ping-pong ball; John's dressed as a red paddle).

Control Round:

Bradley: 2
Aubrey: 3

The Game:

1. Aubrey: 5/5- $1.5K
2. Bradley: 4/2- $600
3. Aubrey: 1/4- $800 ($2,300)
4. Bradley: 5/6- $2.5K ($3,100)
5. Aubrey: 1/1- $2.5K ($4,800)
7. Bradley: 4/5- $1,200 ($4,300)
9. Aubrey: 4/3- $400 ($5,200)
10. Bradley: 5/3- $700 ($5K)
11. Aubrey: 5/4- ELIMINATED

And NO $14,970 SmartCar (CURTAIN #3) for Bradley (or his bride Catherine), either.

Cynthia (dressed as Grandma Mangum's fireplace) & Marsha (dressed as a ladybug) are teaming up for the next deal.

R1: Red Box (something to wear)
Silver Envelope- $999

R2: RB
Green Box
(something that lasts for six months)- Facials ($5K)

R3: RB
BB (something for the outside)- BBQ/patio/lobster tail set ($4,274)

TBR (CURTAIN #1): BOTH (Fortune teller)(RB: Broken glass slippers)(both also lost out on $1,200)

Shyla (a 12-year teacher) plays 0 to 80 for the Nissan Sentra 2.0 (Curtain #3).

2. 20- TURNS DOWN $600
3. 30- BAILOUT AT $1K

We just saw two $5K checks get claimed & maybe a third will be given to Claudette if she can correctly identify the show out of these three that produced the most original episodes- "The Cosby Show", "Night Court" or "Murphy Brown", all of which are on SEs. The two losing SEs have bounced checks in them.

GUESS: "The Cosby Show"
REJECTED (CURTAIN #1): HDTV trio ($2,599)

"Night Court"- 193
"Murphy Brown"- 247
"The Cosby Show"- 201

THE BIG DEAL: That also means she just gave Shyla a free shot at today's. After studying the three doors, Shyla selects Door #1...EVERYTHING'S hers! Behind #3's a TuffStuff home gym ($2,579), #2 has an Electrolux washer/dryer w/ The Maids service ($7,456) & her door holds for her & mom...a seven-night $12K trip to the St. Raphael in Cyprus within The Mediterranean, for a total of $22,035 in prizes!

To close this episode, Katy (dressed as a chef) pulls out a suction dart worth $500!


FF: Today's "Feuding" starts off w/ the last taped episode of the season:

GAME #1: Vermettes (Nashua, NH) vs. Flammias (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,530)

R1: According to 100 guys, name a reason why you don't call a woman back after the first date. Base guess (es):

#3: She's ugly (13)(Rocco)
TIME OVER- Ann (she's a dentist like her father Emile)


Dino: She wouldn't shut up- T2 (13)
Corie: She didn't talk at all to me- X
Mandie: No personality/spark- #1 (41)
Sherie: Bad (garlic) breath- BOTTOM ANSWER (3)
Rocco: She wouldn't put out- XX
Dino: Met someone else- XXX

Ann Steal (for 70): Body odor- NO

#4: Bad date (8)
OTHER BAs: Gold digger & jacked teeth (3 each)

R2: Name something a husband starts doing differently that makes his wife suspects he's cheating. Examples away:

#1: Goes out/home late (39)(Dino)


Corie: Stiff in bed- X
Mandie: Dressing differently/nicely- #2 (12)
Sherie: Less conversation- XX
Rocco: Hides his cell phone/secret phone call- BA (5)
Dino: No more gifts- XXX

Ann Steal #2 (for 56): He's traveling more- NO (Flammias: 126)

#3: Grooming/shaving (11)
#4: Loving/helpful (6)
OTHER BAs: Cologne/new scent, wife gift/flowers & taking showers (5 each)

Double: As a last request, name something a stripper might wanna be buried wearing. First answer (s) this time:

#1: G-string/undies (48)(Emile; he's wearing a pink jacket)
#4: Teddy/lingerie (5)(Corie)


Don: Pole- X
Michael (orthodontist): Shoes- XX
Ann: Jewelry- XXX

Rocco Steal (for another 106): Handcuffs- ALSO NOT THERE

#2: Pasties/tassels (13)
#3: Dress/gown (9)
BAs: Bikini/swimsuit & dollar bills (5 each)

Triple: Name an occupation whose clients lie down most of the time. Important answer (s) incoming:

#1: Shrink/M.D. (74)(Mandie)


Sherie: Chiropractor- #3 (7)
Rocco: Dentist- X
Dino: Prostitute (incidentally, this was once said as a horrible guess to a "Face the Music" puzzle)- #4 (2; "hooker")
Corie: XX
Mandie: Masseuse- WIN! (14)(417)

Unaccounted challenger: Cheryl

FAST MONEY: I've got a good feeling about at least this playing.

1. Name a birthday many people are too depressed to celebrate.
2. Name a trick people teach dogs.
3. Name a drink that's usually served in a pitcher.
4. Name a game schoolgirls play at recess.
5. Name a type of paper that comes on a roll.

1. 50- 30
2. Beg- 6
3. Soda
4. Jump rope- 31
5. Toilet- 54
TOTAL- 121

1. 40- 34
2. Fetch- 19
3. Iced tea- 14
4. Tag- 4
5. Wall- LOSS
TOTAL- 192 ($960)

They'll be back in the near future w/ $2,490.


2. Sit
3. Lemonade
4. Hopscotch

(Note: By this time in the tapings, Steve doesn't say the "Clock will start after I've finished reading the first question" line anymore.)

GAME #2: Malloys (Warwick, NY; originally from NYC) vs. Singers (whose one-day cash winnings total $995)

(Note: This episode was also taped w/ the blue background logo on the gameboard.)

R1: According to 100 men, name something you pull out. Right away, here's:

#1: Wallet/cash (31)(Ryan)


Scott: Credit card- X
Patricia: Chair- XX
Onjoli (customer services rep/mom): Of the driveway- XXX

Jeannie Steal: Car keys- ALSO WRONG

The rest of these answers are revealed the traditional way (remember, that's not the case anymore starting this season):

#2: Your "knockwurst" (23)
#3: Gun (12)
#4: Nose hair (s)(7)
#5: Shirt (5)
#6: Cork (4)

R2: Name something a prisoner might do that would annoy his cellmate. Beginning w/:

#1: Sing/hum (26)(Scott)


Patricia: Snore- #2 (25)
Onjoli: Whistle- T3 (11)
Ami: Talk all the time- T3 (11)
Ryan: Bite- X
Scott: Use the restroom while they're in there- XX
Patricia: Cutting the cheese all the time- #5 (10)
Onjoli: Move around a lot- XXX

Jeannie Steal #2 (for 83 & the lead): Cry- NO (Singers: 114)(#6: "Hit on him")(4)

Double: Name something Noah's wife probably griped about when she was on his arc. Jump-in response (s):

#2: Animal (upkeep)(25)(Harry)
DUD: Cooking (Patricia)


Jessica (a Chinese buffet waitress that did a workout related to this show in a gym daily & lost 40 pounds!): Rain- X
Annemarie (nursing home volunteer): Tight quarters- XX
Jeannie: Working too much- XXX

Ryan Steal (for another 50): She was seasick- BA (3)(164)

#1: Smell (47)
#3: No time alone w/ her (7)
#4: Noise (5)
OTHER BA: Getting out (3)

Triple: Name something you might see people pushing down the street. I've got at least one good idea:

#1: Stroller (61)(Onjoli)


Ami: Grocery cart- #2 (27)
Ryan: (Broken down)- #3 (8)
Scott: Trash/garbage can- TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP FOR THE SHUTOUT! (2)(458)

Unaccounted challenger: Danny

FM #2:

1. Name a holiday/occasion when people make fools of themselves.
2. Tell me the youngest age when people should start to get married.
3. Tell me a word that rhymes w/ "dork".
4. Name a musical instrument you blow into.
5. Name something a mom would send her kids into the bathroom to do.

1. Christmas- 2
2. 25- 19
3. Pork- 26
4. Trumpet- 40
5. Pee- 18
TOTAL- 105

1. April Fool's Day- 10
2. 21- 11
3. Snork
4. Flute- 20
5. Clean- 47
TOTAL- 193 ($965)

They have a two-game total of $1,960.


1. New Year's Eve
2. 20
3. Fork

WoF: The next time the Winnebago will be offered should be on Wheel Across America Week, set to air on Apr. 16-20.

$1K T-U: Food & Drink

_ R E S H

C O C O N U T / M I L K

Denise barely drinks some FRESH COCONUT MILK. Let's see who's feasting tonight here on the "Wheel":

Denise Hipskind (Alexander, AR; originally from Michigan)- A realtor married to builder Shawn for nearly six yrs. w/ three kids (aged from one to three)
Paula Brown (Germantown, TN)- A teacher who frequently volunteers at her daughter's school (Dogwood Elementary) & stay-at-home mom/homemaker
Gus Lopez (L.A.)- A regional sales manager for a local car company who has a nine-year-old son named Gus III; both are red belts in Tae Kwon Do

$2K T-U: Person

_ E A _ O N E D

_ E T _ R _ N

Paula's a SEASONED VETERAN, at least for the moment.

Tuesday's Featured Resort: Maui Kai on Kaanapali Beach w/ Piholo Beach Zipline tickets from Hotwire.com ($5,994)
Tuesday/Thursday Gift Tag: Maui Jim

IHOP Jackpot Round: Quotation

Paula doesn't give a good first spin of the wheel whatsoever, as it stops on the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card. Second, Gus calls two S's for $400 each & a $550 T, buys two E's, makes the call of four N's for 2,200 more bucks & buys three A's, then he calls a dud in M while on the Jackpot. Third, Denise calls five L's to get the WC, two G's for $1K & the green 1/2 KIA, then after four I's, two $550 D's & an O, she duds out w/ R. Paula then calls the $500 P & the $1,800 pair of P's...

L E A P / T A L L

B _ I L D I N G S

I N / A / S I N G L E

B O _ N D

...& exactly recites the Superman intro line "LEAP TALL BUILDINGS IN A SINGLE BOUND" to keep the additional $2,300.

DUDS: $500 M (Gus), $600 R (Denise)

Current Scores:

Gus: $0/Denise: $1K (WC)/Paula: $4,300

Mystery Round: Before & After

Gus guesses four S's that are in the puzzle for $1,200 to start his stake for the round off, then he buys three E's & gets the same 1/2 KIA w/ a $1K T couple, after which comes a stopper letter of M. Second, Denise says an R while on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar Wedge...& picks up the $10K! After that are a $900 P, two O's but then a dud of A. Over to Paula, who picks the $300 L & $400 B prior to her Losing a Turn. Gus follows suit by calling the $300 D but fails to claim the other 1/2 KIA w/ the C. That gives Denise a chance to solve for $10,400...

S T _ _ T

D O _ B L E


...& she does it w/ a STUNT DOUBLE ESPRESSO to also keep control!

DUDS: A (Denise), $500 C (Gus), $450 M (Gus)
SOLE LaT: Paula

Current Scores:

Gus: $0/Denise: $11,400 (WC)/Paula: $4,300

Prize Puzzle Round: Same Letter

She next puts up a $400 N, a $300 R & buys three E's before trying to solve this already...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ E / &

_ _ N _ _ - _ R E E

...& she nails "FOOTLOOSE" & "FANCY-FREE" for the remaining $450 & a trip to NOT The Big Apple, but the Silverado Resort & Spa in Napa Valley worth $9,250.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: HP2801620 (Hillary P.)

Current Scores:

Guy: NIL/Denise: $21,100 in cash & Napa (WC)/Paula: $4,300

$3K T-U: TV Title

_ A Y S / _ F

_ _ _ / _ _ _ E S

Denise's up to $24,100 after getting "DAYS OF OUR LIVES".

R4: Occupation

Two $400 T's get her going, then she spins the other regular Bankrupt to lose her WC & eight bills. Second for Paula are a $1K R pairing, an $1,800 H quartet, two E's in the fourth & final word & the same number of C's for eight more Benjamins...

H _ _ H / _ C H _ _ _

A R T / T E A C H E R

...& she does indeed solve HIGH SCHOOL ART TEACHER to add $3,350 to her current winnings & start the next round.


Current Scores:

Gus: NADA/Denise: $24,100 in cash & NV/Paula: $7,650

Last Chance Round: Show Biz

The next-best Speed-Up consonant amount of $1,900's set. After two F's from Paula...

B _ _ / _ F F _ C _

B L _ C _ B _ S T _ R

...she's $7,600 happier w/ a BOX OFFICE BLOCKBUSTER.

DUDS: D (Gus), N (Paula), P (Denise)

Final Scores:

Gus: $1K GOOSEEGG/Denise: $24,100 in cash & CA/Paula: $15,250
GT: $40,350


Big Money Round #110: Denise spins the second A of AMERICA'S.

Subject: People

Nearly half the puzzle's given to this good champ at the beginning:

_ _ _ S / _ _

_ L L / _ _ E S

DPMA gives her at least the A's at the bottom...

_ _ D S / _ _

A L L / A _ E S

...& a D up top- KIDS OF ALL AGES see her win $30K for a final cash/vacation total of $54,100!

J!: Tonight's base board as this Tourney February concludes for the program:


$200 The Short Form answer:

When a Brit tells you to hold on "arf a mo", "mo" is short for this word.

Justin: "What is a moment?"- CORRECT ($200)


It's what "pro" & "am" are short for in the at&t Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Brooks: "What are professional & amateur?"- NAILED IT ($400)


Rather than meaning the chip company, "Intel" is probably short for this in news stories about Langley (which is the current production company name for "COPS").

Brooks: "What is intelligence?"- RIGHT ($1K)


You've nailed it if you know this short form's most often paired w/ "mani".

Justin: "What is petty?"- YES INDEED ($1K)

Last clue there:

If you throw "cat" around, you may hear from the Peoria company that trademarked it.

Justin: "What is Caterpillar?"- DOUBLE ($2K)

$200 City Folk:

She was the oldest of the novel-writin' Bronte sisters.

Justin: "What is Charlotte?"- RIGHT ($2,200)


He plays Will Turner in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies.

Patrick: "Who is Orlando Bloom?"- RIGHT ($400)

First from Drum & Drummer:

Aka a side drum, this small, double-haded drum has a reverberating effect; "catch" my drift, man?

Justin: "What is a bongo drum?"- INCORRECT ($2K)
Patrick: "What is a snare drum?"- CORRECT ($600)


Purdue's marching band boasts the world's largest drum of this type; it's more than 10 feet high when mounted.

Brooks: "What is a bass drum?"- YES ($1,400)


This pair of cymbals is mounted on a rod so the upper cymbal can be lifted & dropped on the lower by means of a pedal.

Patrick: "What is a hi-hat?"- DOUBLE ($1,200)


Ears to these six-to-12 inch cymbals that share their name w/ a Darryl Hannah film; listen.

Patrick: "What is 'Splash'?"- RIGHT ($2K)


Bongos, conga drums & floor are types of this double-named drum.

Patrick: "What are tom-toms?"- RIGHT ($3K)

First TV Show Characters:

Alan & Jake Harper, Berta

Justin: "What is 'Two and a Half Men'?"- CORRECT ($2,200)


Leonard Hofstadter, Penny, Sheldon Cooper

Justin: "What is 'The Big Bang Theory'?"- RIGHT ($2,600)

$600 (last clue before the break):

Captain McNeil, Detective Crocker, Detective Stavros

Justin: "What is 'Chips'?- NO ($2K)
Brooks: "What is 'Kojak'?"- CORRECT ($2K)

$600 City Folk clue:

She served between William Barr & John Ashcroft.

Patrick: "Who is Janet Reno?"- RIGHT ($3,600)


Mr. Clift who starred in "A Place in the Sun".

Justin: "Who is Montgomery?"- RIGHT ($2,800)


DAILY DOUBLE! To double up to $5,600 so far this night, here's his clue:

Last name of the first Democratic President elected after The Civic War.

"Who is (Lyndon B.) Johnson?"...WASN'T it; he was Grover Cleveland.

$800 TV Show Characters:

Robin Scherbatsky, Lily Aldrin, Ted Mosby

Justin: "What is 'How I Met Your Mother'?"- RIGHT ($800)


Nancy & Shane Botwin, Doug Wilson

Justin: "What is 'Weeds'?"- RIGHT ($1,800)

First on The Dewey Decimal System:

This branch of Philosophy's found under 160; Mr. Spock would approve.

Justin: "What is Physics?"- NO ($1,600)
Patrick: "What is Logic?"- RIGHT ($3,800)


The 800s are Literature, w/ 810 being Lit in English from this nation.

Patrick: "What is England?"- WRONG ($3,400)


$200 Baby, I Think We're Gonna Make It:

He referred to Edith, his wife of 55 yrs., as his Luthien, a beautiful princess from Middle-Earth.

Patrick: "Who was (J.R.) Tolkien?"- RIGHT ($3,600)


She wed her beloved Albert in 1840 & never remarried after his 1860 death, though she outlived him by nearly 40 yrs.

Justin: "Who is Queen Victoria?"- CORRECT ($2K)

In the middle:

He stayed married to Dolley from 1794 to his death in 1836.

Patrick: "Who is Madison?"- RIGHT ($4,200)


Rachel Isum wed this baseball player in 1946 & after his '72 death created his foundation.

Justin: "Who is Lou Gehrig?"- NO ($1,200)
Patrick: "Who is (Roberto) Clemente?"- ALSO NOT RIGHT ($3,400)

TS #2: Jackie Robinson

For a grand:

She partnered w/ George in 1922 & they married in '26; after her '64 death, George never remarried.

Brooks: "Who is Gracie Allen?"- YES ($3K)

Middle clue on The Dewey Decimal System:

020 is for this "science" of which the numbers themselves are an important part.

Justin: "What is Numerology?"- WRONG AGAIN ($600)

TS #3: Library Science


The 220s cover the entire Bible, w/ 227 covering just The New Testament letters known by this name.

Patrick: "What are Apostles?"- RIGHT ($4,200)

Final clue this round:

The 370s cover books on education, including Louanne Johnson's "My Posse Didn't Do..." this.

TS #4: "Homework"

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $1K (The Dewey Decimal System)

Lineup for Double J!:

"D" IS FOR...

First Poetic Last Line:

T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men" ends by telling us the world "...ends not with a bang but..." w/ this.

Patrick: "What is a whimper?"- YOU BET ($4,600)

Opening "D" clue:

This game that calls the pieces remaining after the draw "the boneyard".

Patrick: "What is Dominoes?"- RIGHT ($5K)


This "explosive" combo, a shot of Schnapps in a glass of beer.

TS #5: Depth Charge


This five-letter term for a duck (is also the name of a hit musical artist).

Justin: "What is Drake?"- TRIPLE ($1,800)


The Diavel model & also this maker that says the muscular bike's "Hard to be seen, easy to be noticed".

Patrick: "Who is Ducati?"- RIGHT ($6,600)


This Latin title of Oscar Wilde's really long letter from prison to Lord Alfred Douglas.

TS #6: "De Profundis"

$400 Canada's Walk of Fame answer:

Since 1998, the Walk of Fame has honored 137 Canadians w/ stars along King & Simcoe Streets in this Ontario city.

Brooks: "What is Ottawa?"- NO ($2,600)
Justin: "What is Toronto?"- YES ($2,200)


A certain quiz-show host & this British Columbia-born "Baywatch" babe both got stars in '06.

Justin: "Who is Pam(ela) Anderson?"- OF COURSE ($3K)


The Walk includes this Letterman music man, a native of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Justin: "Who is Paul Shaffer?"- RIGHT ($4,200)


This Quebec-based circus troupe got a star in 2002.

Justin: "What is Cirque de Soleil?"- RIGHT ($5,800)

For the Sweep:

In 2000, The Walk honored Joni Mitchell & this other Canadian music icon who had a "Heart of Gold".

Brooks: "Who is Neil Young?"- GOT HIM ($4,600)

$800 Poetic Last Line:

DD #1! To add two thou:

"Poems are made by fools like me...", Joyce Kilmer justly wrote, "...but only God can..." do this.

"What is make a tree?"...$6,600!

$1,200 one:

He asked (w/ "experience") "What immortal hand or eye dare frame thy fearful symmetry?".

Justin: "Who is (William) Blake?"- CORRECT ($7K)


"Rage, rage against the dying of the light..." is one of his pieces of parting advice.

Justin: "Who was Dylan Thomas?"- RIGHT ($8,600)

Final one:

Byron lamented "The day returns too soon/yet we'll go no more a-roving by..." this.

Brooks: "What is The Moon?"- NOT ACCEPTABLE ($4,600)

TS #7: The light of The Moon

First Before & After:

Early 18th Century Russian Czar for whom Linus waits on Halloween night.

Justin: "Who is Peter the Great Pumpkin?"- RIGHT ($9K)


Pair of Disney chipmunks, one of whom's a popular NASCAR driver.

Justin: "Who is Chip & Dale Earnhardt, Jr.?"- I SHOULD THINK SO ($9,800)


Retired longtime CNN talk show host who's the world's largest venomous snake.

Justin: "Who is Larry King Cobra?"- OF COURSE ($11K)


The "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" battle site's the setting for a 1980s ensemble cop drama.

Brooks: "What is Bunker 'Hill Street Blues'?"- CORRECT ($6,200)

$400 Work of Art:

He was living in Brittany when he painted "The Yellow Christ", so it features Breton women, not Tahitian ones.

Justin: "Who was (Paul) Gauguin?"- RIGHT ($11,400)


At The Louvre, the ancient comb, a duck-shaped ox & a virgin & child are some of the works carved from this material (which is also the name of a famous soap & a former three-time WWE Women's Champion).

Patrick: "What is Ivory?"- RIGHT ($7,400)

$400 Body Works:

Most digits in the human body contain three phalanges, but these have only two.

Patrick: "What are thumbs?"- YEP ($7,800)


You've gone meta- you've got metacarpals & these other bones, too.

Brooks: "What are metatarsals?"- YEAH ($7K)


Because it contains this fluid, the knee can be classified as this type of joint.

TS #8: Synovial


Feel the pulse of life, your life, in these arteries that supply blood to the head.

Patrick: "What are carotid arteries?"- RIGHT ($9,400)


About eight feet long, this part of the small intestine connects the duodenum to the ileum.

TS #9: Jejunum

Last Before & After:

A seven-time women's singles Wimbledon champ takes to the skies as a German rigid airship.

TS #10: Steffi Graf Zeppelin

Middle Work of Art:

LAST DD OF THIS TOURNEY PERIOD! He goes for another grand.

Like a Rodin work, a carving by Brancusi of two lovers embracing's called this.

NO idea from him; it was "The Kiss".

$1,600 clue from Jimmy Maguire:

In "The School of Athens", Rafael depicted many of the great thinkers of Ancient Greece, including Pythagoras, Socrates & these two philosophers- teacher & student.

Brooks: "What are Plato & Aristotle?"- NAILED 'EM ($8,600)

Last clue before the Final:

In this artist's "Woman with a Velvet Ribbon", the ribbon's wrapped around her elongated neck.

TS #11: Amedeo Modigliani

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $2K (Poetic Last Lines)

Heading into Final J! Tonight:

Brooks: $8,600
Justin: $11,400
Patrick: $8,400


Brooks: $7,400
Justin: $14,200
Patrick: $9,400


Brooks: $16,400
Justin: $22,600
Patrick: $22K

FJ! CATEGORY: The 1960s.

On nominating this man in 1967, LBJ said "It is the right thing to do, the right time to do it, the right man & the right place".

Let's remind you of last night's scores:

Brooks: $5,800
Justin: $4,799
Patrick: $5,589

Patrick Quinn's last question was "Who is T. Marshall?"...he just got it in under the wire & it's a good thing- Thurgood's right! That earns him another $8,311, for $16,711 this evening & a final total of $22,300. Brooks Humphreys...falls short w/ Abe Fortas, dropping $2K to $6,600 here, $12,400 overall. Justin Hofstetter needed to have gotten this clue right & have wagered at least $8,102...

...but Robert Kennedy costs him 10 big ones, so he leaves w/ the $25K after finishing this finale w/ $6,199 & PATRICK WINS THE $100K!

Millionaire Tuesday:

Conclusion of Mike Rowe's Game for Charity

George Elias' Game

Episode ratings:

8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "Family Feud", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "The Price is Right"
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