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2/7/2012 Results

TPiR: No harm, no foul, Contestant's Row starts being filled out by Amanda Cardwell-Aiken, Ronald Rogers, Kimberly Morrow & Kristopher Bowers; a Gateway desktop system's the first GUFB (Rachel in the clam)("Young, Wild & Free" by Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg featuring Bruno Mars).

Kristopher: $829/Ronald: $599/Kimberly: $650/Amanda: $999

ARP: $880

Kristopher's 2012 KIA Soul+ (Amber; he's a youth pastor & full-time student from Temecula, CA)("Headlines" by Drake) could come from these Five Price Tags (Manuela; remember, the license plate's always kept behind the FPT board):


SPs ("Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson):

1. Belgian waffle maker (Rachel)($280)- FALSE
2. Aroma juicer (Amber)($38)- FALSE ($17)
3. Fondue set (Rachel)($150)- TRUE
4. Carafe (Amber)($40)- TRUE


1. $19,390
2. $21,556
FINAL PICK: $18,145!


The fifth name on the hit list's Sheryll Santos-Markovich & the second GUFB's a 24-inch stainless-steel dishwasher (Amber behind splitting sign)("Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson).

SHERYLL: $675/Ronald: $900/Kimberly: $725/Amanda: $800

ARP: $799

Amanda's $1 overbid means that Kimberly, a 20-year-old Fort Valley State University student from Decatur, GA, plays Coming or Going for a pair of VESPA LX-150s (pink & silver)(Rachel at Door #3; current off-road prize cue by Edd Kalehoff, I think).

Coming: $8,799
Going: $9,978

She's...Going after originally not doing so!

Player #6's Brenda Mosley & the train (Rachel) brings out the third PUFB, the Danby beverage center (Manuela)("In the Dark" by Dev).

Sheryll: $800/Ronald: $520/BRENDA: $725/Amanda: $450

Sheryll, an occupational therapist assistant from San Diego, wins the $1,300 gift & could win three more in Eazy Az 1-2-3 ("Fortune Hunter" by Edd)- some Christian Louboutin Wedges w/ a purse (Amber), the 42-inch RCS gas grill (Manuela) & the SAMSUNG 55" HDTV (Rachel). Regardless of the outcome, she'll start the first Showcase Showdown.

(#1): TV- $1,399
(#2): Grill- $3,798
(#3): Accessories- $2,400 (she had the last two right at first)

SCSD #1:
Sheryll ($1,300): Half-Dollar + 15 = $.65
Kimberly ($10,777): $.80
Kristopher ($19,232): WINS W/ $.90

Coming on down seventh happens to be Melanie Zaferos & the fourth IUFB's four pairs of Valentino sunglasses (ceiling)("Heartbeat" by Fray).

MELANIE: $825/Ronald: $140 (STAGE GARF)/Brenda: $900/Amanda: $299

ARP: $950

Brenda, who's wearing an Auburn BCS National Championship T-shirt, plays the Clock Game for a trip to the Solamar Hotel in San Diego w/ $1K spending money (Amber & Manuela).

1. Ocean Kayak Nalu 12.5 package (Amber)($985)
BIDS: $900, $1K, $950, $975, $980, $990, $987, $986, $984 & $985

2. Panasonic underwater camera/camcorder (Manuela)($848)
BIDS: $600, $700, $800, $900, $899, $898, $850 & $841

The third orange occupant's Alfredo Casab & the following one-bid item's a 30-piece Nintendo DS package (Amber & Rachel)(IUFB/truck cue by Michael Karp).

Melanie: $700/Ronald: $705/ALFREDO: $600/Amanda: $850

ARP: $620

Terrible news for Amanda, but Alfredo (originally from Mexico) plays Cover Up for a '12 Nissan Versa S HB AT (Std., Plus/Guards, Prot/Armor, Mats)(Manuela at Door #2). Number board:

First digit: 1 or 2?
Second digit: 1, 2 or 7?
Third digit: 0, 1, 6 or 7?
Fourth digit: 2, 4, 5, 8 or 9?
Last digit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 or 8?

Base Price: $34,209

1. $ 1 7 , 6 9 8
2. $ 1 7 , 6 5 8- PAINFUL LOSS (ARP: $17,628)

The last newbie's Hannah Bivens (w/ a clock on Door #6 for some reason; not sure if this is permanent) & the crucial final IUFB today's a WUSTHOF classic knife set (Amber at Door #5)("Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj).

Melanie: $325 (STAGE GARF)/Ronald: BUCK (STUPID BID)/HANNAH: $399/Amanda: $500

The University of Oregon's Amanda escapes virtually by default w/ the price being $962! She then plays Freeze Frame for an Ashley dining room w/ 50 pieces of dinnerware & a year's worth of monthly pies from ClubsGalore.com (Amber at Door #3)("Marry the Night" by Lady GaGa)...& wins at $4,834!

SCSD #2:
Alfredo ($620): 30 + 75 = OVER BY A NICKEL
Brenda ($1,935): 20 + 60 = $.80
Amanda ($5,796): 60 + 75 = OVER

SHOWCASE #1 ("Love You Like a Love Song" by Selena Gomez for first two prizes only):

In front of CR- Pair of SONY eReaders (Manuela)
Door #4- Trip to the Golden Clouds Villa Estate in Jamaica
Door #3- Catalina Yachts 14.2 sailboat (Manuela)(Sailboat cue by Edd)




Left- Kenwood car audio system w/ Magellan Roadmate 9055 vehicle navigation unit (Amber)
Inside- '12 Mazda6 (MDS theme by Karp)(Rachel)($21,035)



Hot Door Prediction of the Day: Should Kristopher somehow win at least his Showcase, the KIA will replace the sailboat in Door #3

Showcase Prices:

Brenda: $24,729
Kristopher: $25,254

It was never really in doubt that we were going to learn that Brenda's total winnings are $26,664.

TODAY'S PG RECORD (for real this time): 3-3

FF: The Changs' first win is aired today against the Skyes, who leave w/ $20,690, by a 421-point shutout. BTW, David's a dentist & Gene's a gastroenterologist.

Video Bonus: Liz Likes Baldies
Video Bonus #2: Steve Questions Gene's Job

FAST MONEY: I DON'T think they won the $20K their first time out, but let's see how much exactly they did win on this playing:

1. Name something that might be tiny on a female bodybuilder.
2. Name something that makes you feel dizzy.
3. Name something made w/ milk.
4. Tell me a girl or boy name that rhymes w/ "handy".
5. Name an hour of the day when there's a lot of traffic.

1. Breasts- 31
2. Spinning- 7
3. Milkshake (on the buzzer)- 7
4. Candy- 9
5. 5- 39

1. Butt- 2
2. Merry-go-round- 24 (all amusement park rides)
3. Ice cream- 24
4. Mandy- 25 (Top answer: Randy)
5. 4- 18
TOTAL- 186 ($930)

That makes The Changs' two-day total $1,845.

GAME #1: Chrostowskis (Worcester, MA) vs. Youmanses (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,250)

R1: According to 100 single women, what's a lie you told a man just to get rid of him? Starting w/:

#1: I'm married/taken (51)(Kathy)


Kerington: I'm gay- #3 (9)
Brad: Late due to being in a rush- #2 (22)
Miranda: I'm pregnant- X
Philette: I'm leaving the country- #7 (3)
Kathy: I've got an STD- XX
Kerington: I'm not a friend here- XXX

Chelsea Steal (for 85): You're not my type- NO

#4: Family emergency (5)
T5: Have to study & don't want a relationship (4 each)

R2: Name something in a slob's house that might smell bad. Hold your noses while at least one of the responses comes up:

#1: Fridge/leftovers (30)(Kerington)


Brad: Dirty clothes/laundry- #2 (22)
Miranda: Bathroom- #7 (3)
Philette: Bedroom- X
Kathy: Basement- XX
Kerington: Furniture- #6 (4; counts as couch/chair)
Brad: Themselves- #4 (10)
Miranda: Towels- XXX

Chelsea Steal #2 (for 69): Trash- #3 (20)(#5: Sink/dirty dishes)(9)

Double: Name something about a person's lips that would make a goodnight kiss a bad thing. Starter (s):

#1: Chapped/dry (40)(Brad)


Miranda: Too thin- #3 (4)
Philette: Too big- X (Steve wasn't a fan of that answer)
Kathy: Cold sores/blisters- OTHER #1 ANSWER OF THE ROUND (40)
Kerington: Too sloppy- XX
Brad: Hairy- XXX

Chelsea Steal #3 (for another 168 & the lead): Too much lipstick- NO (Youmanses: 253)(#4: Dirt/food on them)(3)

Triple: Name something that might happen while you're bending over touching your toes. At the start:

#1: Hurt your back/muscle (39)(Carol)
DUD: Your underwear shows (Miranda)


Lynne (a special needs teacher for 19 years): You might fall over- #3 (12)
Chelsea: You might split your pants- #2 (32)
Ed: Get dizzy- X
Cheri: Pass gas- WIN (10)(348)

FM #2: The Chrostowskis are represented in this Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment by their future mother-in-law Diane.

1. Name a type of jewelry you'll be more likely to see your woman wearing than a man.
2. On the 1-10 scale, how clean's your house?
3. Name something people cuddle w/ in bed.
4. Who's got the biggest ego in America?
5. Name something an elf has that's pointed.

1. Diamond ring- 19
2. 8- 23
3. Spouse- 19
4. The President- 21
5. Shoes- 32
TOTAL- 114

1. Tiara- DUD
2. 9- 14
3. Teddy Bears- 34
4. Donald Trump (originally passed on this question)- 40; WIN AT 202!
5. Hat


1. Bracelet
3. Pillow (s)
5. Ears

WoF: BTW, Pat visited The White House last week.

$1K T-U: Event

_ _ _ _ C H _ T E

J _ M _

I'm not sure if Valarie's ever done a PARACHUTE JUMP, but I know she's struck first blood amongst this gang:

Valarie Marriott (Brockport, NY)- A wife w/ two girls (Madison & Mariah) who's married to high school sweetheart Joshua in the Marine Corps (who's been serving for about five years & is stationed at Camp Pendleton; he's going to Iraq)
Nathan Chapman (Houston, TX; NOT the same one who produces music for country artists such as Taylor Swift)- A First Class Operations Specialist stationed at the Vessel Traffic Center in Seattle & an American Cancer Society Road to Recovery volunteer driver who's married to Kim (who's a Boatswain Mate Third Class at a small boat station in Bellingham, WA)
Michelle Coronado (Coronado, CA)- A wife w/ a two-year-old girl named Paisley who's been married for five yrs. to Craig in the Navy (a Second Class Petty Officer Engineman)

$2K T-U: Living Thing

B L A C _ - _ Y E D

S _ S _ N

Nathan identifies the flower BLACK-EYED SUSAN.

Tuesday's Prize Wedge: $5K HomeGoods shopping spree

Meineke Jackpot Round: Movie Title

His opening letters are a $300 T & three E's, then he Bankrupts next to the $2.5K space. Secondly, Michelle calls a $500 R for the blue 1/2 KIA, buys an I but then calls S for sorry. Third, Valarie calls four N's for $2,400, buys quadruple A's & picks up the CONOCO gas card w/ a D call, then coming her way are an O to finish the vowels but the Lose a Turn follows right after. After Nathan calls the back-to-back F's for $1,600, we have...

A N / O F F I _ E R / A N D

A / _ E N T _ E _ A N

...a doubler for him after he solves "AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN".

SOLE DUD: $300 S (Michelle)
SOLE LaT: Valarie

Current Scores:

Nathan: $4K/Michelle: $0/Valarie: $1K

(Note: Another message from Michelle Obama is shown just before the first timeout.)

Mystery Round: Before & After

Michelle doesn't quite get off the Million Dollar Wedge's right-side Bankrupt. Second, Valarie calls the $600 R found at the end & an $800 N, purchases five E's but then gets the same regular Bankrupt from the last round to hand in the remaining $1,150. Third, Nathan calls up five T's for $17.5K, then coming in terms of vowel purchases are three A's and two O's & I's. Next for him are a $550 S, that final vowel of U, a $1,200 pair of B's, a $7K couple of V's & a $900 L before he attempts to solve what we're about to see...


_ I T _ O U T


I T / T O / B E A V E R

...he's NOT ABSENT WITHOUT "LEAVE IT TO BEAVER"- he's $26,150 richer!

BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

Current Scores:

Nathan: $30,150/Michelle: NULL/Valarie: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

Valarie starts off w/ two T's at $900 apiece, an O, a couple of N's to add $1,200, a $450 R, two A's & an I, followed by a $300 L but then the S fails a lady for the second time this evening. Nathan secondly inserts two P's for the Wild Card but then his M call's not there. Moving on to Michelle, who bobbles the N, so it's back to Valarie. But she & Nathan both Bankrupt next to the former WC location, so she's just lost three grand & Nathan has to give up said item; that's the second Bankrupt for each of them tonight. Going right back to Michelle, she duplicates the M this time while on the other 1/2 KIA, then Valarie takes a $600 C pairing & buys three E's from the vowel shop & Free Plays the leftover U...

A / P E R _ E C T

P L A C E / T O

U N _ I N _

...& she's won another 350 buckaroos & a getaway to A PERFECT PLACE TO UNWIND- the Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort & Casino w/ Hotwire.com travel worth $7,980.

DUDS: $800 M (Nathan), $300 S (Valarie)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Valarie & Nathan)
DQs (both by Michelle): 2 (N & M repeats)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: CP4318013 (Cathy P.)

Current Scores:

Nathan: $30,150/Michelle: NIL/Valarie: $9,330 in cash & St. Croix

$3K T-U: Fun & Games

_ _ N O _ _ _ Y

M _ _ _ _

Nathan banks another three grand in real dough instead of in MONOPOLY MONEY.

Last Chance Round: Song Lyrics

The Final Spin value for the consonants is...$1,800. After an M's said...

L _ _ _ S / L _ _ _

_ _ / M _ D _ / _ T

...Valarie identifies Barry Manilow's "LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT" for an extra $5,400; Michelle missed out on $3,600 that time.

(Note: A null cycle was edited out of this round.)


Final Scores:

Nathan: $33,150/Michelle: $2K GOOSEEGG/Valarie: $14,730 in cash & St. Croix
GRAND TOTAL: $49,880

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $4,200

(Note: Pat gives Michelle one of those SONY Tablet Ss just before meeting Nathan again.)

Big Money Round #96: Nathan spins the '.

Topic: People

Reveal the tournament to this guy:

T _ E / _ _ _ L E

_ _ N _

DHMA forces Vanna to add...

T H E / _ H _ L E

_ A N _

...after getting stuck w/ WHILE on the second word, he's wrong w/ THE WHOLE BAND. THE WHOLE GANG doesn't see him win...

...100 G's- HE'S THE FOURTH SUCH LOSER THIS SEASON. W/ that, he marches out w/ $33,150.

J!: The last three College Championship newbies on the year:

Monica Thieu (Dallas)- University of North Texas sophomore
Matt Olson (Berkeley, CA)- Stanford sophomore
Zach McDonnell (Harrisonburg, VA)- College of William & Mary freshman

First Six Subjects:


After being right on the last four The Women's Sports answers, Matt ends the Geographic Meanings w/ the Daily Double & $3,200 (as well as Lock Game Territory); Monica has a C-note & Zach has six bills. Matt wagers half:

A country in The Balkans: "Black Mountain".

"What is Montenegro?"...that's got it for $4,800. That first-place score's at $6,200 once a break's taken; Monica's sitting at $2,600 & Zach's down to $200.


Post-Jeopardy! Round Scores:

Zach: $4,200
Matt: $10K
Monica: $3,800

Double J! Categories:


Monica goes DD Hunting right away, starting w/ the $800 Mathematics clue...but Matt steals one of them away from her on its $1,200 spot & it's a Picture. Of his $10,800, he gambles $7K:

.6 .6 (w/ a line on top of the second six)

On the left's the decimal equivalent of 3/5; on the right's the decimal equivalent of this fraction.

"What is 2/3?"...that's the one to be lifted to $17,800! We don't need A Novel Description of him closing that theme out w/ a DD Sweep & him at the $26,200 mark; Zach's only $800 ahead of Monica for a distant second place, $5,400-$4,600. He risks twice the face value of this:

Workin' on the Transcontinental Railroad; Galt-ernate Reality; from the Rand Non-Corporation.

"What is 'Atlas Shrugged'?"...$30,200!


Heading into the Final:

Zach: $5,800
Matt: $32,600 (LG!)
Monica: $7,800


Zach: $5,800
Matt: $24,200
Monica: $7,800

The WC scores to beat are $12,799 & $11.5K.

FINAL J! TOPIC: Medical Discoveries.

Nicolas Paulescu isolated a substance he called pancrein, now known as this.

Response: "What is insulin?"
Wager: ALL-IN
Final score: $11,600

Response: "What is insulin?"
Wager: $7,799
Final score: $15,599

Response: "What is insulin?"
Wager: $7,600
Wins w/: $40K

Zach did the best he could, but he's leaving w/ $5K while Jaime rounds out the semi-final field.

B IQ: This is the next-to-last night of the first round games.

PRELIMINARY GAME #13: Ron Wade vs. Dan Fabian

The winner will face Curt Nelson, probably next week.

Leadoff Home Run: Who was the last starting pitcher to win the World Series MVP?
Ron: Curt Schilling & Randy Johnson (A: Cole Hamels)

CATEGORIES: Mr. Right...Field, Scared Hitless, All-Star Game MVPs, Addition By Division, Dial M for Homer, Brothers in Arms, Guys Who Cover All the Bases & Stop, Thief!

#1: Addition By Division- Players w/ most career League Division Series games played (20)
GUESSES: Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams & Jorge Pasada- DAN (2)(Others: Chipper Jones, Kenny Lofton, Manny Ramirez, Andruw Jones, Mariano Rivera, Tino Martinez, Rafael Furcal, Alex Rodriguez, Jim Thome, Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon, David Justice, Steve Finley, J.D. Drew, Paul O'Neill, Albert Pujols & Omar Vizquel)

#2: Scared Hitless- Pitchers to throw no-hitter in last two seasons (8)
GUESSES: Justin Verlander & Mark Buehrle- RON
BIG INNING: Roy Halladay, Dallas Braden, TIME OVER (Others: Matt Garza, Edwin Jackson, Ubaldo Jimenez, Francisco Liriano & Ervin Santana)

#3: Brothers in Arms- Brothers w/ most pitching wins combined besides Jeff & Jered Weaver (14)
GUESSES: Phil & Joe Nekro & Bob & Ken Forsch- RON (1)(Others: Gaylor & Jim Perry, Greg & Mike Maddux, John, Dad & Walter Clarkson, Pedro & Ramon Martinez, Stan & Harry Coveleski, Gus & John Weyhing, Livan & Orlando Hernandez, Rick & Paul Reuschel, Al & Mark Leiter, Jesse & Virgil Barnes, Dizzy & Paul Dean and Jeff & Big Jeff Pfeffer)

#4: Guys Who Cover All the Bases- Players w/ 100+ extra-base hits in a season (12)
GUESSES: Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth & Mark McGwire- DAN (3)(Others: Luis Gonzalez, Sammy Sosa, Todd Helton, Albert Belle, Stan Musial, Hank Greenberg, Jimmie Foxx, Chuck Klein, Lou Gehrig & Rogers Hornsby)

#5: Dial M for Homer- HR leaders among players whose last name starts w/ M (18)
GUESSES: Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Lee May & Mark McGwire- RON (TIED at 3 a head)(Others: Eddie Mathews, Eddie Murray, Fred McGriff, Stan Musial, Dale Murphy, Johnny Mize, Tino Martinez, Edgar Martinez, Raul Mondesi, Joe Morgan, John Mayberry & Bobby Murcer)

#6: Stop, Thief!- Most stolen bases in the '80s (18)
GUESSES: Rickey Henderson, Tim Raines, Vince Coleman & Barry Bonds- RON (4)(Others: Willie Wilson, Ozzie Smith, Steve Sax, Lonnie Smith, Brett Butler, Mookie Wilson, Dave Collins, Paul Molitor, Juan Samuel, Gary Redus, Gary Pettis, Omar Moreno, Lloyd Moseby, Ryne Sandberg & Willie McGee)

#7: Mr. Right...Field- RFs elected into the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers Association of America other than Dave Winfield (12)
GUESSES: Andre Dawson & Al Kaline- RON (5)(Others: Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, Tony Gwynn, Harry Heilmann, Reggie Jackson, Willie Keeler, Mel Ott, Frank Robinson, Babe Ruth & Paul Waner)

#8: All-Star Game MVPs- ASG MVPs since 2000 besides Jeter (10)
GUESSES: Cal Ripken, Jr., Michael Young & Ichiro Suzuki- RON (6)(Others: Prince Fielder, Brian McCann, Carl Crawford, J.D. Drew, Miguel Tejada, Alfonso Soriano & Garret Anderson)

NINTH INNING PROMPT: '11 HR leaders (20)

First Bidder: RON
Final Bid: 9 BY RON
GUESSES: Miguel Cabrera- SHUTOUT (A: Jose Bautista, Curtis Granderson, Matt Kemp, Mark Teixeira, Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols, Mark Reynolds, Dan Uggla, Mike Stanton, Ryan Braun, Ryan Howard, Adrian Beltre, Jay Bruce, Jacoby Ellsbury, Ian Kinsler, Lance Berkman, Paul Konerko, Evan Longoria, Michael Morse & Justin Upton)

PRELIMINARY GAME #14: David Nosti vs. Tony Blengino

Whoever comes out on top will be battling Shane Demmitt in the following round of competition.

LHR: Spell Carl Yastrzemski's last name.
David: Yaszremski

CATEGORIES: Guys Who Skipped To Cooperstown, Cowboy Up, I Reeled In a Big One, A-Rod's RBIs, Baltimore Bombers, Friars to the Rescue, Better Than Average & '80s All-Star MVPs

#1: Baltimore Bombers- Orioles w/ most HRs at Camden Yards (18)
GUESSES: Cal Ripken, Jr., Rafael Palmeiro, Nick Markakis, Harold Baines & Will Clark- DAVID (1)(Others: Brady Anderson, Melvin Mora, Miguel Tejada, Chris Hoiles, Jay Gibbons, B.J. Surhoff, Luke Scott, Albert Belle, Jeff Conine, Aubrey Huff, Adam Jones, Tony Batista, Brian Roberts & Mike Bordick)

#2: A-Rod's RBI's- Players Alex Rodriguez has driven in the most (16)
GUESSES: Tim Wakefield & Derek Jeter- TONY
BI: Michael Young, Edgar Martinez (Others: Johnny Damon, Joey Cora, Bobby Abreu, Mark Teixeira, Frank Catalanotto, Gary Sheffield, Rich Amaral, David Bell, Dan Wilson, Russ Davis, Rusty Greer, Curtis Granderson, Hank Blalock & Nick Swisher)

#3: Guys Who Skipped To Cooperstown- HoF managers besides Leo Durocher (18)
GUESSES: Connie Mack, John McGraw, Dick Williams, Casey Stengel, Billy Southworth, Sparky Anderson, Bill McKechnie, Earl Weaver & Danny Murtaugh- DAVE (3)(Others: Walter Alston, Ned Hanlon, Bucky Harris, Whitey Herzog, Miller Huggins, Tommy Lasorda, Al Lopez, Joe McCarthy, Wilbert Robinson & Frank Selee)

#4: Cowboy Up- Red Sox w/ 85+ RBIs in 2003 (8)
GUESSES: Kevin Millar, Manny Ramirez & David Ortiz- DAVE (4)(Others: Nomar Garciaparra, Trot Nixon, Bill Mueller, Jason Varitek & Todd Walker)

#5: Better Than Average- Last year's batting average leaders (20)
GUESSES: Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun, Joey Votto & Todd Helton- TONY (3)(Others: Michael Young, Jose Reyes, Victor Martinez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Hunter Pence, David Ortiz, Starlin Castro, Dustin Pedroia, Melky Cabrera, Casey Kotchman, Aramis Ramirez, Yadier Molina, Alex Gordon, Michael Morse & Jose Bautista)

#6: '80s All-Star MVPs- ASG MVPs in the '80s not named Gary Carter (8)
GUESSES: Cal Ripken, Jr. & Tony Gwynn (A: Roger Clemens, Dave Concepcion, Ken Griffey, Sr., LaMarr Hoyt, Bo Jackson, Fred Lynn, Tim Raines & Terry Steinbach)

#7: Friars to the Rescue- Padres w/ most career saves (12)
GUESSES: Trevor Hoffman, Rod Beck, Heath Bell & Todd Jones- TONY (TIED at 4 apiece)(Others: Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage, Mark Davis, Craig Lefferts, Gary Lucas, Randy Myers, Lance McCullers, Luis DeLeon & Gene Harris)

#8: I Reeled in a Big One- Marlin P's w/ postseason wins (12)
GUESSES: Dontrelle Willis & Livan Hernandez- TONY (5)(Others: Brad Penny, Josh Beckett, Kevin Brown, Dennis Cook, Braden Looper, Carl Pavano, Alex Fernandez, Chad Fox, Robb Nen, Jay Powell & Ugueth Urbina)

NIP: HoFers to win Cy Young (15)

First Bidder: TONY
Final Bid: 7 BY DAVE
GUESSES: Whitey Ford, Steve Carlton, Robin Roberts- LOSS (Others: Don Drysdale, Dennis Eckersley, Rollie Fingers, Bob Gibson, Catfish Hunter, Fergie Jenkins, Sandy Koufax, Jim Palmer, Gaylord Perry, Tom Seaver, Warren Spahn, Bruce Sutter & Early Wynn)

Millionaire Tuesday:

Conclusion of Tammy Austin's Game
Game 2
$1K Q Game

(Also on "Let's Make a Deal" this day: Heidi couldn't find the $25,312 Big Deal of the Day behind Door #3, which was made up of a Versa SV & a trip to Buenos Aires, but #2 did bring her a $6,121 Apple electronics suite.)

Episode ratings:

"Family Feud":
5 PM: 7
5:30 PM: 8
8: "Jeopardy!"
7: "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Baseball IQ", "Let's Make a Deal" & "Wheel of Fortune"
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