Thursday, February 09, 2012

2/9/2012 Results

TPiR: W/ Drew back in that brand-spankin' new sling, coming on down first are Leanne Betchel from the front row, Sue Lloyd, Scott Sailor from Springfield, MO & Cyan Grandison. Leading off the IUFBs is a SONY HD camcorder held by George ("Disaster" by JoJo).

Cyan: $899/Scott: $1,100/Sue: $1,101/Leanne: $595

ARP: A C-note

The red lady, who's a Syracuse University Broadcast Journalism student from Chicago, plays 1 Right Price for trips to places that should be near "Cyan"-colored waters ("International Love" by Pitbull featuring Chris Brown)...the island inn at 123 West on the San Juan Islands (Amber) & the Verdanza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico (Rachel). Her placement of the $6,620 tag goes on the San Juan Islands...$5,207.

Fifth's Christopher Vales & the second one-bid gift's ROXY skiing equipment (Manuela in the clam)(IUFB/truck cue by Michael Karp).

CHRISTOPHER: $650/Scott: $750/Sue: $651/Leanne: BUCK

ARP: $758

Scott, a welder, plays Switcheroo (Rachel) for a 2012 Honda Accord LX Sedan AT (Std., Sensors, Mirror, Lighting)(Amber at Door #3)(MGHS theme by Edd Kalehoff for the car, "Someone Like You" by Adele for the SPs). Board:

ACCORD: $ 2 3 , 1 _ 2
Teapot: $ _ 5
Double-burner range: $ _ 2
Knife sharpener: $ _ 3
Kitchen tool set: $ _ 1

NUMBERS AVAILABLE: 1, 2, 4, 5 & 8

My guesses:

ACCORD: $23,142
Teapot: $25
Double-burner range: $82
Knife sharpener: $53
Kitchen tool set: $11

First Try:

ACCORD: $23,152
Teapot: $45
Double-burner range: $82
Knife sharpener: $13
Kitchen tool set: $21



ACCORD: $23,112
Teapot: $45
Double-burner range: $82
Knife sharpener: $23
Kitchen tool set: $51

He's won that small range, that teapot...& THE CAR- WE HAVE OUR FIRST CAR WIN IN THIS PRICING GAME IN ALMOST TWO YEARS BECAUSE OF A RICHARDS ROBBER & THAT'S THE MOST EXPENSIVE CAR WON IN SWITCHEROO SINCE THE $24,495 DODGE RAM BACK ON JUNE 21ST OF '06!!!!! The producers & I would like to pat him down during the first commercial break to make sure he wasn't cheating!

(Additional note: This is the first time a Switcheroo car was won despite a number appearing back-to-back as the third & fourth digits or the fourth & fifth digits since that $41,255 Ford Thunderbird on Bob Barker's 80th birthday celebration in daytime back in Dec. '03!)

Who might be able to follow that is Martha Graham (& she gets a high-five from Scott) & the third PUFB's that Expressione Cafe Retro machine (Amber & Rachel)("Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson).

Christopher: BUCK (STUPID BID)/MARTHA: $550/Sue: $600/Leanne: $395

ARP: $500

Leanne, an Orange County bartender, plays Side By Side for an Ashley Dawson bedroom set w/ the BOSE system (Manuela)("Blackout" by Breathe Carolina) w/ the blocks stacked like this...


...& she wins the $5,698 furniture!

Cyan ($1K): 35 + 55 = $.90
Leanne ($6,198): 65 + 55 = OVER BY TWO DIMES
Scott ($23,997): 70 + Half-Dollar = SAME AS LEANNE

Lauren Benbow exits the Peanut Gallery & the fourth PUFB's three pairs of cargo pants & jeans for both genders (Rachel behind rising sign)("Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People).

Christopher: $500/Martha: $450/Sue: $501/LAUREN: $400 (STAGE GARF)

Sue wins the $1,197 attire by default, completes the First Four Sweep & plays Make Your Move for a mini cooler (Manuela), a 14-piece Playstation3 package (Manuela) & the 60" SAMSUNG 3-D HDTV w/ a Blu-Ray Disc player set (Amber at Door #2)("5 O'Clock" by T-Pain feat. Lily Allen & Wiz Khalifa). The number line of the morning:


Her guesses are arranged as...


...the TV's is everything else!

Orange occupant #2's Sean DeBeikes & the next GUFB's a glasstop desk (Amber behind splitting sign)("In the Dark" by Dev).

Christopher: $700/Martha: $601/SEAN: $350/Lauren: $600

ARP: $1,695

Christopher, an Architecture student from the University of Arizona from Monterey, CA, plays Check-Out for a '12 Scion xD (Manuela at Door #3)("Pay the Rent" by Karp) worth $16,875. The evil groceries on the counter ("Mr. Know It All" by Clarkson) in this playing for a ride are a 30-ounce package of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Flavored Cookies dough, three 15-stick packages of Extra Winterfresh gum, an 18-ounce can of Quaker Oats, the Cheez-Whiz & the ULTA eye shadow.


C. Dough: $6.99
Gum: $2
Oats: $3
C.W.: $4
E. Shadow: $6


C. Dough: $5.19
Gum: $2.49
Oats: $3.29
C.W.: $4.99 (he's only three pennies high at this point!)
E. Shadow: $7

ACTUAL TOTAL: $22.96- WIN!!!!!

If that's not the first season to have two car wins at this PG, I'll be very surprised!!

While Mike's wondering if he accidentally let either Jeremy Blais &/or Ken Jennings into the studio to give the entire audience a pep talk, George last calls on Michele Baggio, also from the front row (w/ that "clock on the wall" graphic now on Door #4 in addition to Door #6; that's permanent as of now). The final IUFB on this unbelievable episode is on that tugboat (Manuela)- a 24-inch stainless steel dishwasher (Rachel)("Dance" by Big Sean).

MICHELE: $650/Martha: $1,200/Sean: $1,201/Lauren: $800

ARP: $699

Michele, a preschool teacher from Orange County (but originally from N.J.), plays Danger Price (which is set at $3,595; a different version of Edd's "Fortune Hunter" is used) for the Reebok elliptical trainer (Rachel), a Golden West pool table (Rachel), an Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL set (Amber) & five Marc Jacobs accessories (Amber).

1. Kayak ($1,310)
2. Accessories ($809)
FINAL PICK FOR A 5-1 EPISODE- Pool table (Trainer: $2K)


Sue: 95 + 60 = OVER (leaves w/ $6,475)
Christopher: 90 + Quarter = OVER BY $.15 (leaves w/ $18,570)

Video Bonuses:

#1: Epic Car Game Wins
#2: $26K SCSD Win #4

SHOWCASE #1 (Door #2)("Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO):

Left- DELL 23" desktop (Manuela)
Right- Stainless-steel Teppanyaki table (Manuela)
Inside- '12 Jeep Patriot CVT (Rachel)(Consolation prize cue by Edd)


MICHELE'S SHOWCASE ("Good Feeling" by Flo Rida for last two prizes):

In front of Door #1- Water-resistant Gucci men's watch (Rachel)("Car Slide" by Edd for this prize only)
Inside- Trip to the Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort & Casino (Manuela)
Door #3- Bayliner 175 Bowrider (Amber)


Showcase Prices:

Michele: $32,968
Cyan: $27,273

Honestly, Mike just couldn't afford a DSW (missed by $23) on top of everything else today. Anyway, Cyan's seen on TV leaving w/ $28,273 in stuff, while Michele leaves w/ $26,699 in cash & dishwasher.



GAME #1: Changs (whose three-day cash winnings total $2,785) vs. Bishops

R1: Name something the average man takes about 10 minutes to do. We start w/:

#1: Take a shower/bath (22)(David)


Liz: Shave- #3 (17)
JB: Get dressed in the morning- #5 (9)
Gene: Eat his meal- #6 (3)
Eileen: Go to the bathroom on the toilet- #2 (21; known as "pinch a loaf")
David: Get to work- X

Video Bonus: Last response (s) of this round

R2: Name a fear a man might have at a nude beach. Starter (s):

#1: His package's too small/nude (69)(Liz)


JB: Beer belly/out of shape- X
Gene: Other people checking out his wife/girlfriend- XX
Eileen: Getting sunburned- #2 (9)
David: He sees people he knows there- XXX

Dustin Steal (for 78): There's only men there- #4 (4)(#3: "Saluting")(5)

Double: Name your favorite music reality show. I'll bet you what's the top answer:

#1: "American Idol" (51)(Gene)
DUDS: "So You Think You Can Dance" (Andie), "Finish the Lyrics" (JB) & "Making the Band" (Alexandra)


Eileen: "America's Got Talent"- #3 (8)
David (after repeating "Making the Band"): "Soul Train"- X
Liz: "Dancing with the Stars"- XX
JB: "The Glee Project"- XXX

Dustin Steal (for another 118 & the lead): "The Voice"- #2 (24)(196)

BOTTOM ANSWERS: "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" & "Name That Tune" (3 each)

Triple: According to 100 married ladies, name something of your husband's you'd love to throw out. Important buzz-in guess (es):

#1: Old underwear/clothes/shoes (81)(Alexandra)
#4: Couch/chair (2)(Gene)


Grant (a student at UCLA): Laptop- X
Dustin: Parents- XX
Marsha: Remote control- XXX

David Steal to Qualify for Car Game: Porn- #2 TO WIN! (13)(335)(OTHER BA: Cigars/cigarettes)(2)

FAST MONEY: Is the fourth time the charm for The Changs?

1. Name an occasion that women look forward to much more than men do.
2. Name something that's between your cheeks.
3. How often do you trim your toenails?
4. Name someone who's the most critical of your appearance.
5. Name something soft you find in your bathroom.

1. Weddings- 17
2. Nose- 30
3. Two weeks- 17
4. Wife- 25
5. Facial puff- 3

1. Anniversary- 31
2. Mouth- 34
3. Once a week- 37
4. Parents- 21; WIN AT 215!
5. Toilet paper


4. Myself
5. Towels

Their four-day total's $22,785.

GAME #2: Regans (Waterbury, CT; this is Mercedes Martinez's hometown, but she's recently moved to Miami, FL) vs. Chandlers (whose one-day cash winnings total $770)

R1: Name a reason a man might be embarrassed to take off his shirt. Opening response (s):

#1: Fat/beer belly (55)(Nate)


Thilana: Flabby chest/"man boobs"- #3 (14)
Kyera: Insecure- X
Hakim: Embarrassing mark/sore- #5 (3)
Theo: Hairy chest/back- #2 (17)
Nate: Embarrassing tattoo- BA (2)
Thilana: Too skinny- XX
Kyera: Big birth mark- XXX

Maggie Steal (for 91): Too pale- NO

#4: Scars
OTHER BA: Third nipple (2)

R2: What does a 25-year-old wife get tired of waiting for her 80-year-old husband to do? Face-off answer (s):

#2: Sex/"salute" (21)(Thilana)
#4: Go to the bathroom (6)(Shea)


Kyera: Wake up- #3 (15)
Hakim: Walk/travel- #5 (5)
Theo: Die- #1 (32)
Nate: Take her shopping- X
Thilana: Talk- XX
Kyera: Take too long to eat- XXX

Maggie Steal #2: Tired of him not staying awake- WRONG (Chandlers: 170)(#6: Dress/undress)(4)

Double: Name something that might be described as twisted. An example or more:

#2: Twizzlers/candy (10)(Dave; a software analyst)
DUDS: Tea (Nick) & Twisted Sister (Hakim)


Regan (she's a social worker): Tornado- X
Maggie: Knee- XX
Shea: Metal- XXX

Nate Steal (for another 20): Pretzel (which Steve thought of)- #1 (21)(190)

T3: Rope & people (9 each)
BAs: Hair & sense of humor (7 each)

Triple: Name something about a department store Santa that would make a kid suspect he's NOT the real Santa. At the buzz-in:

#3: Color of his skin (10)(Hakim)
DUD: Drunk (Dave)


Theo: Too skinny- #2 (32)
Nate: Fake/no beard- #1 (42)
Thilana: No reindeer- X
Kyera: His voice's not deep enough- SHUTOUT! (4)(454)

FM #2:

1. Name a U.S. state where a woman has the best chance of being married.
2. Name something you can buy cheaper the day after Christmas.
3. Name a bird that walks funny.
4. Name a specific place people keep a family photo.
5. On the 1-10 scale, how much do you enjoy eating?

1. Utah- 2
2. Clothes- 21
3. Flamingo- 16
4. Photo album- 25
5. 8- 17

1. California- 14
2. Jewelry- DUD
3. Ostrich- 14
4. Picture frame- DUD
5. 7- 11
TOTAL- 120 ($600)

They're the second clan this season NOT to give any #1s in FM; their two-day take's $1,370.

1. Nevada
2. Ornaments/decorations
3. Penguin
4. Wall
5. 10

WoF: This Military Spouses Week has already been very special- no champion this week has won less than $30K in cash &/or prizes, & last night, we had Melissa Templeton become the first single two-car winner on the program since the start of the Nashville shows just about nine years ago!

$1K T-U: Event

_ _ _ I C

T _ A I _ _ _ G

I wish there could be MAGIC TRAINING according to Greg, but no.

_ _ _ I C

T _ A I N _ _ G

$1K worth of BASIC TRAINING is earned by Maryanne. Here's the scoop on tonight's players:

Maryanne Rigor (Manchester, NH)- A wife who finished a college degree the first time Army Major Andrew was deployed to Afghanistan & a certificate the second time (& Andrew's about to come home); they've got four sons
Grace French (San Diego)- A graduate student at Point Loma Nazarine majoring in Biology who's married to a 22-year Navy member (who works for special warfare in Coronado); they've got four children
Greg Gonzalez (Murietta, CA)- A Flight Commander for the 196 Reconnaissance Squadron at the March Air Reserve Base married to Joan & they've got two children (& soon to be three)

$2K T-U: Living Thing

B _ A R D E D

C O _ L I E


Thursday's Prize Wedge: Nancy Green's Cahilty Lodge at Sun Peaks Lodge in Canada ($5,200)
Gift Tag: The Maids

Meineke Jackpot Round: Song Lyrics

Grace first comes up w/ a $500 N, four E's & three R's for the blue 1/2 KIA & another $1.5K, then three Y's for another 18 pictures of Benjamin Franklin, four O's, two U's before the Lose a Turn comes around at her expense. Which means Greg secondly calls two $300 D's...

D _ D / Y O U / E _ E R

_ N O _ / _ _ _ _

Y O U ' R E / _ Y

_ E R O

...& turns them into $2K (& keeps control) by solving "DID YOU EVER KNOW THAT YOU'RE MY HERO", which comes from "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler.

SOLE LaT: Grace

Current Scores:

Maryanne: $1K/Grace: $2K/Greg: $2K

Mystery Round: Phrase

He first calls out triple T's for $1.5K & a $500 H & buys five E's, then he calls a dud in S while on the Mystery Wedge next to the Million Dollar Wedge. Second, Maryanne calls for an $1,800 pair of R's but then buys a worthless vowel of A. Third, Grace Free Plays three I's & puts in five N's for $2,250 & $7K worth of a couple G's...

G I _ I N G / I T

_ N E / H _ N _ R E _ / &

T E N / _ E R _ E N T

...& she's GIVING IT ONE HUNDRED & TEN PERCENT for another $9,250 & the outright lead back.

DUDS: A (Maryanne), S (Greg)

Current Scores:

Maryanne: $1K/Grace: $11,250/Greg: $2K

Prize Puzzle Round: What Are You Doing?

Maryanne makes four T's appear to retrieve the gift certificate, calls three H's for nine bills & purchases five E's, followed by a $1,200 N pairing, a $1.5K set of N's for the previous 1/2 KIA, three I's & six S's for an additional $4,800. After the rest of the vowel department's been purchased (two A's & an O)...

S E E I N G / T H E

S I G H T S / O N / T H E

_ A S / _ E G A S

S T _ I _

...she's banked another $8,400 in cash & gift tag & will be SEEING THE SIGHTS ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP courtesy of (includes a one-night stay at The Bellagio) w/ a $5K getaway there.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RH1088823 (Robert H.)

Current Scores:

Maryanne: $14,400 in cash & prizes/Grace: $11,250/Greg: $2K

$3K T-U: Around the House

B O T _ _ E

O _ E _ _ _

Greg takes $3K from a BOTTLE OPENER & now has five.

Last Chance Round: Things

$1,800 will be the consonant value, so he could still catch up to the women. He calls the S at the end first & says BASIC TRAINING again as a joke answer (I won't count that as a disqualification or anything because he wanted to be funny in admitting he didn't know this puzzle that quickly). He later calls an M...

_ _ L _ _ M - _ _ L L _ _

_ _ L L _ _ N S

...& just on the buzzer, he says HELIUM-FILLED BALLOONS to steal the victory w/ a $12,600 solve!

DUDS: G (Maryanne), R (Grace), T (Grace)

Final Scores:

Maryanne: $14,400 in cash & stuff/Grace: $11,250/Greg: $17,600
GRAND TOTAL: $43,200


Big Money Round #98: Greg gets the I envelope from SPIN.

Category: Thing

1/3 of this puzzle's spotted to him:

_ _ N _

_ _ _ E R

GCMO adds to there...

_ _ N _

O _ _ E R

...but he quietly says just the second word & won't be accepting this KIND OFFER of $45K. He leaves w/ $17,600 of that.

After Pat presents all of tonight's panel w/ the Tablets at center stage, Andrew comes out to surprise Maryanne!

Video Bonus: Tonight's Special "Wheel" Ending

B IQ: In the second round, we're focusing on one bracket for each doubleheader. Tonight, we start w/ the NL Central/West.

SECOND ROUND GAME #1: Josh DeFamio vs. Rich Linville

Leadoff Home Run: Which Blue Jay had 5 RBI in Game 4 of the '93 World Series?
Josh: Tony Fernandez

CATEGORIES: Gopher Ball Kings, Bench Jockeying for Position, Extra Large Fish Sticks, Big in Japan, Pitchers Who Can Count to 10, Guys Who Hurled for Davey Johnson, Tigers Who See Stars & Rally Time

#1: Extra Large Fish Sticks- Players to lead Marlins in HRs for a season besides Mike Stanton (12)
GUESSES: Gary Sheffield, Carlos Delgado, Dan Uggla, Miguel Cabrera, Preston Wilson & Bobby Bonilla- JOSH (3)(Others: Hanley Ramirez, Mike Lowell, Derrek Lee, Cliff Floyd, Moises Alou, Jeff Conine & Orestes Destrade)

#2: Guys Who Hurled for Davey Johnson- Most career wins by P's playing under Davey (18)
GUESSES: Dwight Gooden, David Cone, Ron Darling, Sid Fernandez, Pete Schourek & Jamie Moyer- RICH (2)(Others: Bob Ojeda, Jesse Orosco, Rick Aguilera, Roger McDowell, Mike Mussina, Kevin Brown, Chan Ho Park, Scott Erickson, Darren Dreifort, John Smiley, Randy Myers, Jose Riko & Terry Leach)

#3: Big in Japan- Most career hits by players born in that country (10)
GUESSES: Ichiro Suzuki, Kosuke Fukudome, Hideki Matsui, Kazuo Matsui & So Taguchi- JOSH (5)(Others: Dave Roberts, Tadahito Iguchi, Kenji Johjima, Akinori Iwamura & Tsuyoshi Shinjo)

#4: Bench Jockeying for Position- Longest-tenured active managers other than Jim Tracy (10)
GUESSES: Dusty Baker, Charlie Manuel, Joe Girardi, Bruce Bochy, Bud Black, Rod Gardenhire, Jim Leyland & Ron Washington- JOSH (7)(Others: Mike Scioscia & Joe Maddon)

#5: Rally Time- Teams to overcome 3-1 best-of-seven postseason series deficits (10)
GUESSES: '04 Red Sox, '85 Royals, '07 Red Sox, '68 Tigers, '86 Red Sox & '97 Braves- JOSH (9)(Others: '03 Marlins, '96 Braves, '79 Pirates, '58 Yankees & '25 Pirates)

#6: Tigers Who See Stars- Tigers All-Star selections since start of '07 (12)
GUESSES: Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander & Victor Martinez- JOSH (10)(Others: Carlos Guillen, Jose Valverde, Alex Avila, Curtis Granderson, Brandon Inge, Edwin Jackson, Magglio Ordonez, Jhonny Peralta, Placido Polanco & Ivan Rodriguez)

#7: Pitchers Who Can Count to 10- Most seasons w/ 10+ wins (19)
GUESSES: Nolan Ryan, Greg Maddux, Walter Johnson, Steve Carlton & Christy Mathewson- RICH
BIG INNING: Tom Seaver, Gaylord Perry, Phil Niekro & Cy Young (5)(Others: Don Sutton, Roger Clemens, Tom Glavine, Bert Blyleven, Tommy John, Mike Mussina, Warren Spahn, Ted Lyons, Grover Alexander, Randy Johnson & Robin Roberts)

#8: Gopher Ball Kings- P's w/ most career HRs allowed (20)
GUESSES: Bert Blyleven, Robin Roberts, Don Sutton & Nolan Ryan- RICH (6)(Others: Jamie Moyer, Fergie Jenkins, Phil Niekro, Frank Tanana, Warren Spahn, Tim Wakefield, Steve Carlton, Randy Johnson, David Wells, Gaylord Perry, Jim Kaat, Jack Morris, Charlie Hough, Tom Seaver, Mike Mussina, Catfish Hunter & Javier Vazquez)

NINTH INNING PROMPT: Most HR by player whose primary career position was catcher (20)

First Bidder: JOSH AT 5
Final Bid: 8 BY RICH
GUESSES: Johnny Bench, Yogi Berra, Carlton Fisk, Gary Carter, Javy Lopez, Lance Parrish, Roy Campanella & Darren Daulton (Others: Mike Piazza, Ivan Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Joe Torre, Ted Simmons, Mickey Tettleton, Gabby Hartnett, Benito Santiago, Bill Dickey, Todd Hundley, Gene Tenace, Bill Freehan & Jason Varitek)

Up until the "Baseball IQ" Championship Game, the winner of every game wins $5K for their charity. The series champion wins another $25K & the runner-up receives $15K more.

SECOND ROUND GAME #2: Seth Bluman vs. Aaron Heinrich

LHR: Whom did the Royals defeat in the '85 American League Championship Series?
Aaron: Blue Jays

CATEGORIES: Interleague of Their Own, Shea, Batter, Batter, Grunge Rock Throwers, One MVP Deserves Another, Expos Exposed, Perfect Around Larsen, You Can Count on Me & Table Setters

#1: One MVP Deserves Another- Players to win consecutive MVP awards (12)
GUESSES: Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, Dale Murphy, Frank Thomas, Mike Schmidt, Joe Morgan, Roger Maris, Hal Newhouser & Roy Campanella- SETH (2)(Others: Ernie Banks, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra & Jimmie Foxx)

#2: Expos Exposed- Most games played w/ Montreal Expos (16)
GUESSES: Tim Raines, Andre Dawson, Warren Cromartie, Gary Carter & Rusty Staub- AARON (TIED at 2 per man)(Others: Tim Wallach, Vladimir Guerrero, Jose Vidro, Larry Parrish, Bob Bailey, Andres Galarraga, Orlando Cabrera, Chris Speier, Rondell White, Ron Fairly, Tim Foli & Marquis Grissom)

#3: Shea, Batter, Batter- Other than Jose Reyes, Mets to bat at least .300 in a season (20)
GUESSES: David Wright, Keith Hernandez & Wally Backman- SETH
BI: Mike Piazza, Lenny Dykstra (Others: Edgardo Alfonzo, Cleon Jones, Hubie Brooks, Luis Castillo, Roger Cedeno, Joe Christopher, Tommy Davis, Bernard Gilkey, Rickey Henderson, Ron Hunt, Lance Johnson, Paul Lo Duca, Dave Magadan, Lee Mazzilli, John Olerud, Lenny Randle & Robin Ventura)

#4: Perfect Around Larsen- Hall of Famers to play or manage in Don Larsen's perfect WS game besides Yogi Berra (8)
GUESSES: Duke Snider, Mickey Mantle, Walter Austin, Casey Stengel & Phil Rizzuto- AARON (3)(Others: Roy Campanella, Pee Wee Reese, Jackie Robinson & Enos Slaughter)

#5: Grunge Rock Throwers- Most innings pitched in Mariners history (16)
GUESSES: Randy Johnson, Jamie Moyer, Bill Swift, Felix Hernandez, Mark Langston & Kyle Lohse- AARON (5)(Others: Mike Moore, Freddy Garcia, Joel Pineiro, Erik Hanson, Jim Beattie, Glenn Abbott, Matt Young, Gil Meche, Ryan Franklin, Floyd Bannister & Jarrod Washburn)

#6: You Can Count on Me- Most games pitched w/ one team (16)
GUESSES: Mariano Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, Walter Johnson & Hoyt Wilhelm- SETH (3)(Others: Roy Face, Phil Niekro, Kent Tekulve, Warren Spahn, John Smoltz, John Franco, Jeff Montgomery, Red Faber, Eddie Guardado, Gary Lavelle, Bob Stanley, Christy Mathewson & Charlie Root)

#7: Interleague of Their Own- Most career hits in Interleague play (16)
GUESSES: Ichiro Suzuki, Derek Jeter, Michael Young, Alex Rodriguez & Nomar Garciaparra- SETH (4)(Others: Johnny Damon, Bobby Abreu, Vladimir Guerrero, Miguel Tejada, Garret Anderson, Ivan Rodriguez, Edgar Renteria, Magglio Ordonez, Scott Rolen, Orlando Cabrera, Jermaine Dye & Carlos Lee)

#8: Table Setters- Most R's scored last year from the #1 spot in batting order other than Michael Bradley (16)
GUESSES: Michael Bourn, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jose Reyes, Dexter Fowler, Rickie Weeks & Curtis Granderson- SETH (6)(Others: Ian Kinsler, Austin Jackson, Ichiro Suzuki, Juan Pierre, Jimmy Rollins, Drew Stubbs, Yunel Escobar, Alex Gordon, Emilio Bonifacio, Derek Jeter & Starlin Castro)

NIP: Most seasons of 30+ HR

First Bidder: SETH AT 5
Final Bid: 12 BY SETH
GUESSES: Barry Bonds, Henry "Hank" Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey, Jr.- LOSS (Others: Alex Rodriguez, Mike Schmidt, Jimmie Foxx, Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, Carlos Delgado, Mark McGwire, Albert Pujols, Frank Robinson, Sammy Sosa, Lou Gehrig, Harmon Killebrew, Eddie Mathews, Fred McGriff & Rafael Palmeiro)

W: Couples are competing this week five days before Valentine's Day.


Opening Obstacle: Lovestruck
$500 Object: A Teddy Bear named Barry White
Final Obstacle Theme: Wedding reception


Eric & Katie Poole: 7:33
Brian McConnell & Jason Dudley: 11:25.5

The other five good teams are Daniel & Praise Byun, James Parent & Jacqueline Ferreira, Thomas Hilipsch & Alison Godden, Justin & Erin Sanders and JR & Crystal Dira.

Advancing Past Pain in the Ice:

1. The Pooles
2. James & Jacqueline
3. The Sanderses
4. The Byuns

FINALISTS: The Pooles and James & Jacqueline


Eric- 7:40.24
AFTER KATIE- 23:35.09


J!: Second up in the '12 College Championship semis:

Jaime Alayon
Greer Mackebee
Sarah Bart

Base Subjects:


Jaime SWEEPS It's the Law! to go into Lock Game Territory just like that w/ $3,600. That leading score's climbed to $5,400 at the midway mark, followed by Sarah w/ $1,400 & Greer w/ $800. Sarah later finds the Daily Double under the next-to-last Nonfiction clue w/ $1,800, which is currently 1/3 of Greer's first-place total at the moment. For $3,600 or zippo, here's her clue:

Sebastian Junger re-creates the final hours of a fishing boat during a devastating Nor'Easter in this bestseller.

"What is 'The Perfect Storm'?"...good for her to get within striking distance at $3,600. By the end of this Jeopardy! Round, she's leading Jaime by three biggies, $7K-$4K, while Greer's a distant third place w/ $1,200.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1K (The Animal Kingdom)

Double J! Categories:

"OH" MY!

Four clues into this DJ! Round, Sarah's the individual in LGT at the $9K plateau when she spots the DD within World Capitals; Greer has $1,600, which is half of Jaime's second-place sum of $3,200. Sarah wagers $4K on this info:

This Scandinavian capital's Kon-Tiki Museum houses mementos of Thor Heyerdahl's voyages.

"What is Oslo?" right for 13! W/ four clues left in this round of play, Greer grabs the last remaining DD tonight w/ $8,400 attached to the second clue revolving around Festivals; Jaime's at $4,800 & Sarah's still sitting pretty w/ $24,600. Greer's going for a much-needed $6K addition to his score courtesy of this:

A Japanese lantern-lighting ceremony's a part of this two-week-long Spring festival in Washington, D.C.

"What is the Cherry Blossom Festival?"...keeps him in the tourney w/ $14,400!

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1,600 (Festivals)

Totals Following DJ!:

Sarah: $25,800
Greer: $14,400


Sarah: $22,400
Greer: $9,200
Jaime: $3,200

FINAL J! TOPIC: Characters in Poetry.

The name of this title heroine of an 1847 poem's from the Greek for "good news".

Jaime has NOTHING & finishes w/ a buck. Greer wrote a response of "Who is Persephone?"...NO, it was Evangeline as written by Sarah, so Greer's lost $11,401 & Sarah's the second female finalist w/ $29,300!

CC: The title of this Thursday's first show's "Red Light, Green Light".

Donna & Joe are looking for a romantic steak dinner at Sparks Steak House on 46th & Third from 32 blocks away.

$50 Round:
1. Birthplace of Pope John Paul II, what Eastern European nation unveiled the world's largest statue of Jesus Christ in 2010?
Guess: Poland- CORRECT ($50)
2. According to Stephen King, a WS between the Red Sox & what cursed second-city team would signal the coming of the apocalypse?
Guess: Chicago Cubs- YOU BET ($100)
3. Made by Nabsico, what iconic cookie sandwiches feature wafers embossed w/ a serrated edge & 12 stylized clovers?
Guess: Oreos- RIGHT ($150)(Blocks left: 23)
4. Affecting men & women alike, what physiological phenomenon does define as "a seamless blend of calf into ankle"?
Street Shout-Out Location: Upper East Side (female)
Guess: Cankles- RIGHT ($200)(BL: 20)

$100 Round:
1. Though he moved to Delaware at age 10, Joe Biden's still known as that scrappy kid from what hard Scrabble Pennsylvania town?
Guess: Pittsburgh- X (A: Scranton)
2. Boasting the best-selling Xtra, what famed brand of fire log was first created when pencil shavings were combined w/ petroleum wax?
Guess: Duraflame- RIGHT ($300)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: The TSA lists 10 pieces of sports equipment that may not be carried onto a plane, including spear guns & cricket bats. Name five of the other eight.
Correct equipment given: Lacrosse sticks, pool cues, baseball bats, hockey sticks and bow & arrows ($550)(Others: Dumbbells, golf clubs & ski poles)(BL: 12)
3. In emergency medicine, the so-called ABCs of basic life support are airway, breathing & what?
Guess: Compression- XX (A: Circulation)
4. Alluding to their state's French heritage, what university's fans wear shirts that read "Geaux Tigers"?
Guess: Louisiana State University- OF COURSE ($650)(BL: 7)

$200 Round:
1. Featuring an SF in its logo, what Irish political party sells T-shirts that read "I still hate Thatcher"?
Guess: Sinn Fein- RIGHT ($850)(BL: About two)
Final Question: To cut down on commotion last year, protestors at the Wisconsin state capitol were banned from bringing what noisy South African horn?
Mobile S-O: Joseph's brother-in-law Bob
Final Answer: Zuzu Weiser- ZONK (A: Vuvuzela)

Two Matts, Marissa & Alissa are taking the season's first DOUBLE RIDE to Varick & Vandam for 40 blocks...they run into some early trouble (second & third queries) & are in danger of striking out at the end of their $100 Round w/ 29 blocks left. Their last such Q:

Since 1974, International Nurses Day has been observed on May 12, the birthday of what British practitioner?
MSO #2: Gramercy Park (male)
Guess: Florence Nightingale (that stranger wasn't of any help)- YES INDEED ($200)(BL: 16)

$200 Round:
1. According to, what slang term for gem-encrusted dental jewelry can also refer to one's personal business?
Guess: Grille- RIGHT ($400)(BL: 10)
2. Viewing it as sacrilege, what four-word phrase did Teddy Roosevelt briefly remove from U.S. coins in 1907?
Guess: "In God We Trust"- YES ($600)
FIRST $500 RLC OF THE SEASON: From 2000-'10, six different cities have hosted either the Winter or Summer Olympics. Name four of the six.
Correct cities given: Sydney, Athens, Salt Lake City & Beijing ($1,100)(Others: Turin, Italy & Vancouver, BC)

$2,200 VIDEO BONUS: The U.S. Supreme Court has considerable curb appeal due to the 16 fluted columns adorned w/ intricately-scorned leaves. Named for an Ancient Greek city, what's the name of this ornate order of classical column?

They lock in Corinthian & the final verdict for this team of four is...a WIN!

Presumed mom Jean-Michelle's also riding 40 blocks to 63rd & Central Park West...she makes a successful MSO to Fernando at the end of R1 & gets to her target w/ $400 & just one strike.

"The Adventures of Ben Bailey":

Also playing solo tonight's Pete, who has 33 blocks to reach 10th Avenue & 24th Street...he sweeps his opening round.

$100 Round:
1. Including the notorious Ned Kelly, The Bush Rangers were 19th Century outlaws who roamed the barren countryside of what nation?
MSO #4: Brother Rich
Guess: Australia- YES ($300)
2. What seasoning brand was created by working mom Carol Bernick as a salt-free way to flavor food?
Guess: Mrs. Dash- YOU BET ($400)(BL: 8)
3. Originally the code of arms of a Swedish county, The Crowned Griffin's the official emblem of what famed auto brand?
Guess: SAAB- RIGHT ($500)(BL: 3)
4. Capitalizing on the demand for rechargeable batteries, Bolivia's been dubbed the Saudi Arabia of what lightweight metal?
Guess: Aluminum- WRONG (A: Lithium)(BL: 1)

FQ for $200: Once the poster boy for the Mets, what former first baseman has the best 'stache in sports according to the American Mustache Institute?
Guess: Keith Hernandez- WINS $700

Harrison, Ben, Corrie & Allie are ready to endure 31 blocks to stop at Chat 'N' Chew on 16th...they're perfect through their first seven Q's.

RLC #3: The Commonwealth of Nations includes 51 nations that once belonged to the British empire. Based on land area, name four of the five largest.
Correct nations given: Australia, Canada, South Africa & India ($750)(Other: Nigeria)

They RUN THE TABLE for a total of $1,050, but they're not through.

$2,100 VB: Requiring three objects, two hands & a dash of coordination, this is usually the first pattern learned by Neophyte jugglers. Also a synonym for waterfall, what's the name of this basic move?

They're confident on Cascade...also a kind of detergent, that's $2,100!

That also means that Kara & Megan WON'T survive their 40-block ride to the Tribeca Grand- they lost in seven after blowing both S-Os back-to-back.

Millionaire Thursday:

Game 1
Start of Game 2

(Also: In what's been a rough week for "Let's Make a Deal", Mariela traded down from the $3,910 Palm Springs trip to Door #3's contents, the $2,579 home gym. #2 had the Big Deal of the Day worth $22,080, trips to the Windjammer Landing & Switzerland.)

Episode ratings:

"Family Feud":
5:30 PM: 8
6 PM: 5
"Baseball IQ":
9 PM: 8
9:30 PM: 6
9: "The Price is Right"
8: "Ca$h Cab" & "Jeopardy!"
7: "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "Wipeout"
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