Thursday, February 23, 2012

"The Challenge: Battle of the Exes" 2/22

Challenge #5 ("Don't Rock the Boat"): On a beach was a giant shipwrecked boat. In each round, two teams chose either side of the boat to start from & work their way from mast to mast to the "crow's nest" in the center together, where one teammate rang the bell.

R1: Aneesa & Rachel (4:25) vs. Abram & Cara Maria
R2: CT & Diem vs. Emily & Ty (3:33)
R3: Johnny & Camila vs. Mark & Robin (2:22)
Final Team: Dunbar & Paula

LOSERS- Abram & Cara Maria
POWER COUPLE- Mark & Robin (Runners-up: Johnny & Camila)

THE DOME MATCH-UP #5: Abram & Cara Maria vs. Emily & Ty

WINNERS OF X BATTLE #2- Emily & Ty (he won his game in three rounds)
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