Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day 2012 Results

LMaD: She's a LFaT of the show as Wednesday's first trader- Britney from Tampa, FL (dressed as the twitter bluebird; she follows both this program's & Wayne's twitter feeds). There are cars behind each of the three curtains, but just in case she thinks she's gonna get ZONKED, she can have a $50 bankroll loaded w/ $100s. Her final answer's Curtain #1. Actually, there's only one new car on offer in this deal...

Bankroll- $1,850
#1- 2012 KIA Forte LX ($16,120)
#2 (Transportation)- Broken-down Buick
#3 (Wheels)- Carpool

...& she's got it, even though her new husband Kyle Clothesoff (dressed as a cop; they got married about two weeks after this episode was filmed) was of no help at all to her- PERFECT DEAL!

(Note: Just before the first break, I see somebody wearing a replica of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.)

Nicole's Fast Deal Decision (13 carrots/karats of jewelry in SB- Jonathan): $80 per carrot/karat ($1,020)- Topaz & diamond-accented ring ($3,996)

Ca$h Marbles Match-Up: Vincent (dressed as an orange/black '70s Locker) vs. Kari (dressed as a grilled cheese sandwich)
WINNER- Vincent ($4.5K)
REJECTED (SILVER ENVELOPE)- Predator petting zoo trip

Christopher (dressed as a cowboy) & Tannisha (who's wearing a black cat masquerade mask) have the Foreign Words Deal. Here are these three Polish words:



Tannisha: Boczek
Christopher: Meble

Left behind: Wakacje (Big Box)- California Wine Country VACATION ($3,863)


Tannisha (SB- Jonathan): $1K- BACON jewelry
Christopher (CURTAIN #2): GO- Living room FURNITURE ($6,077)

Let's go on to the next deal.

Rachel's Round (she's dressed as an orange/purple kite):

Andrew (who's wearing a RUN DMC T-shirt): Golden Envelope- $800
Melissa (dressed as a spaghetti table): Red Box- Gucci accessories ($2,470)

Melissa's Round:

Andrew: SE- $700 ($1.5K)
Rachel: Green Box- Luxury spa day package ($2,595)

Andrew's Round:

Rachel: Bronze Envelope- $900 (Current total: $3,370)
Melissa: Blue Box- Exercise bike ($2,551)(CT: $5,021)

TBR (CURTAIN #1): NEITHER- Kitchen w/ cookware & groceries for a year ($5,854)

Gaylend (dressed as a basketball hoop) plays Gold Rush for the '12 Chevrolet Cruze (Curtain #3).

2. #1- GOLD ($500)(C----)
3. #7- GOLD ($1K)(CR---)
4. #4- GOLD ($2K)(CRU--)



Adrian's "Hollywood Squares" Deal (he's dressed as a joker): CURTAIN #1 has prizes worth $3K+
DECISION: AGREE- Game room ($3,023)
BB- Giant paddle ball set


THE BIG DEAL: Christopher has a chance at that '12 Subaru Forester. Door #3's what he wants...#2 had Apple products valued at $2,947, so he won't win it. After we confirm it was behind #1 again, he rides away to the Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa, a four-night trip worth $6,560.

In the Quickie Deal department, Tina recalls that "meble" meant furniture for $200 & Amanda (dressed as a Mexican) brought an egg at Tiffany's request for $500 (I wonder if Britney had one too)!



GAME #1: Flowerses vs. DiSpenas

R1: Name something an angry girlfriend might do to get back at her cheating boyfriend. Beginning with:

#2: Blow up/damage car (34)(Hope)
TIME OVER- Vanessa


Monica (a casino worker): Date his friend/revenge cheat- #1 (41)
Tammy: Bleach his clothes- X
Letitia (a recovery specialist for a bank during the day & a comedienne at night): Break up w/ him- #3 (6)
Angela (who looks like Angela Bassett): Spread rumors about him- XX
Hope: Slap/punch him in the face- #4 (3)
Monica: Change phone number- XXX

Vanessa Steal (for 84): Kill him- NOPE (Bottom Answers: Rip up his clothes & slice his "salami")(2 each)

R2: Name something bad that makes people feel good. For instance:

#1: Boozing it up (36)(Tammy)
DUDS: Money (Monica) & death of an ex (Denise)


Letitia: Smoking cigarettes- X
Angela: Eating sweets/junk food- #2 (23)
Hope (a minister & sister): Smoking weed/drugs- #3 (14)
Monica: Gossiping- XX
Tammy: XXX

Vanessa Steal #2 (for 73): Gambling- BA (4)(Other BA: Boinking)(4)

Double: Name something that has a horn in it. I wonder what the top answer this time is?:

#1: Car (41)(Tammy)


Letitia: Child's bike- #6 (4)
Angela: Band- X
Hope: Bull- #5 (5)
Monica: Electric shopping cart- XX
Tammy: Train- XXX

Vanessa Steal #3 (for another 100 & the lead): Boat- NO GOOD, TOO (Flowerses: 184)

#2: Unicorn (20)
#3: Ram/sheep (7)
#4: Rhinoceros (6)

Triple: Name something that can be smooth or bumpy. Face-off time:

#1: Road/street (53)(Letitia)


Angela: Line- X
Denise: Skin/face- T2 (15)
Monica: Mashed potatoes- XX
Tammy: Ice cream- XXX

Vanessa Steal to Stay Alive: Plane flight- LOSS (Flowerses: 388)

T2: Peanut butter (15)
#4: Sandpaper (2)

Leftovers: Danielle, Jessica & Nicole

FAST MONEY: The Flowerses are from St. Louis.

1. Name a body part that gets tired after you've been doing a lot of driving.
2. At what age did you get your first job?
3. Name something you use to wash a car.
4. Name something that's colored black & white.
5. Name something you'd find in a chef's salad.

1. Legs- 15
2. 16- 26
3. Sponge- 23
4. Zebra- 34
5. Lettuce- 36
TOTAL- 134

1. Foot- 3
2. 18- 12
3. Water- 19
4. Clothing- DUD
5. Meat- 28
TOTAL- 196 ($980)


1. Eyes
3. Soap

GAME #2: Karapetians vs. Singers (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,960)

R1: If a man's zipper broke at work, name something he might use to keep his fly closed. Starter (s):

#3: Paperclip (13)(Ryan)
DUD: Shoelace (Joe)


Scott: Staples- #2 (29)
Patricia: Tape- T3 (13)
Onjoli: Safety pin- #1 (40)
Ami: Glue- BA (2)
Ryan: Belt- X
Scott: Untucking your shirt- XX
Patricia: Band-aids- XXX

Joe Steal (for 97): Rubber band- NO (Other BA: His secretary's hand)(2)

R2: Name something you would do to prepare for a game of strip poker. To get this survey started:

#5: Buy a deck of cards (3)(Sylvia)
#7: Buy/drink alcohol (3)(Scott)


Nick: Bring the girls- BA (3)
Ani (a fashion designer who's giving back some proceeds to charity): Poker chips- X
Taline: XX
Joe (club owner): Wear a lot of (extra) clothes- #1 (64)
Sylvia (a homemaker w/ three boys): Learn how to strip- XXX

Ryan Steal (for another 73): Get your sexy (clean) underwear- #3 (5)(170)

#2: Shower/bathe (8)
OTHER BA: Prepare to cheat (3)

(Note: Just after the second break, the family name screens weren't working for the rest of this episode.)

Double: The last time someone told you to hold on tight, what were you doing? Base guess (es) in this round of play:

#1: Carnival rides/roller coasters (30)(Nick)


Ani: Making love- BA (7)
Taline: Driving fast/riding in a car- #2 (11)
Joe: Riding on the back of a motorcycle- OTHER BA (7)
Sylvia: Shopping- X
Nick: Horseback riding- XX
Ani: Piggyback riding- XXX

Ryan Steal (for another 110): Riding an airplane- NOT IT, EITHER (#3: Riding a bike)(9)

Triple: Other than clothes, name something you keep in your closet. For example:

#1: Shoes/shoe rack (72)(Onjoli)


Ami: Suitcases- X
Ryan: Pistol/gun- XX
Scott: Belt- XXX

Joe Steal for the Win: Hangers- T2 FOR THE WIN (5)(326)

T2: Boxes (5)
#4: Purses (4; the last two answers were revealed the old way)

FM #2: Nick's three sons are in their Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment.

1. Name something you own that might have a ring of dirt around it.
2. On the 1-10 scale, how law-abiding are you?
3. Tell me something that gets pinched.
4. Name something a large family runs out of quickly.
5. Name something annoying that people w/ colds are always doing.

1. Car- 2
2. 7- 10
3. Hand- 9
4. Money- 21
5. Coughing- 41

1. Ring- 2
2. 9- 30
3. Nerve- 6
4. Milk- 37 (food would've also counted)
5. Sneezing- 21
TOTAL- 179 ($895)


1. Bathtub
2. 8
3. Butt


T-U #1: Things

_ _ _ _ V E

V O L C _ _ _ _ S

Kristen sees these ACTIVE VOLCANOES. Looking to build their own one bursting w/ cash & prizes here this evening are:

Kristen Knowles (Chattanooga, TN)- A respiratory therapist & football fan who does some crafts around the house
Heather Stephenson (Torrance, CA)- Rehab therapist
Michael Smith (North Las Vegas)- An assistant bank manager who's recently married to Renee & has two bunnies named Peanut & Fluffy (the latter's pronounced w/ the regular U sound), as well as two dogs

$2K T-U: Title

_ A _ K / _ N _

T _ _ / _ E A _ _ T _ _ K

Kristen solves "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" to triple her money.

Wednesday's Featured Resort: Holvaloa Inn w/ Bed and airfare ($6,590)

IHOP Jackpot Round: Phrase

She starts by calling two $500 N's, buying two A's, calling a $400 R & two D's for the Wild Card, then she buys an I but then gets into Lose a Turn trouble. Second, Heather wastes a spin because of the Million Dollar Wedge's right Bankrupt. Third, Michael calls out two T's for five grand & a $2.5K H, purchases three E's & calls the $900 S set before we get...

S _ _ _ / A N D

S T E A D _ /

_ I N S / T H E / R A _ E

...& he gets the Aesop moral "SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE" for $8,150.

SOLE LaT: Kristen

Current Scores:

Michael: $8,150/Kristen: $3K (WC)/Heather: $0

Mystery Round: Before & After

Heather picks up a $600 T at the end of the first of three words, then four S's turn those six bills into 30, after which she buys an E (the second letter of the middle word) but then the sole baddie vowel (A). Second, Michael calls for an R, but that's also a dud. Third, Kristen calls a couple N's for a thousand dollars & a $400 D, then she buys twin O's & puts in two C's for 1,200 more bucks & a $500 P for the green 1/2 KIA. The board as we see it currently...

S P _ _ T


C O _ S _ N S

...she's correct w/ "SPLIT SECOND" COUSINS for another $2,850.

DUDS: A (Heather), $800 R (Michael)

Current Scores:

Michael: $8,150/Kristen: $5,850 (1/2 KIA)(WC)/Heather: NIL

Prize Puzzle Round: Same Letter

Our current leader Michael begins w/ $1,050 worth of three S's, two E's & an A, but he then gets let down by the I. Second, Kristen captures two R's at $300 each, quad T's for another $3,600 & the two O's down at the bottom prior to Bankrupting next to where the WC formerly was to fork over both pieces of cardboard & $3,950. Third for Heather are two $600 B's but then the same Bankrupt, her second tonight. That gives Michael a chance to pad his lead...

T _ B A S

T R _ _ _ E T S / &

T R O _ B O _ E S

...& he hits those TUBAS, TRUMPETS & TROMBONES to add $300 & this $5K mystery trip to The Big Easy courtesy of New

SOLE DUD: I (Michael)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: AC14455 (Angela C.)

Current Scores:

Michael: $13,450 in cash & NO/Kristen: $5,850/Heather: NADA

$3K T-U: Landmark

R _ S _ / _ _ W L

_ T _ _ _ _ _

Located in Pasadena, Michael solves the ROSE BOWL STADIUM to move to $16,450.

R4: Movie Quote

His next letters are four S's at the bottom for 18 Benjamins, an O, two E's, a $700 T couplet, an $800 H, five U's & the A to finish off the vowels, then coming his way is the LaT. Once Kristen calls the $10K P pairing, she calls up the $400 L but then goes Bankrupt the same way she did before to flush down $10,400; both women have two Bankrupts to their credit. Afterwards, Heather calls the $500 N but gets the same fate, so that's her third & likely final one of this match, which also means Michael...

_ O U _ _ / U P / T H E

U S U A L / S U S P E C T S able to "ROUND UP THE USUAL SUSPECTS" ("Casablanca") for $2,300 more.

SOLE LaT: Michael
BANKRUPTS: 2 (ladies)

Current Scores:

Michael: $18,750 in cash & trip/Kristen: $5,850/Heather: NOTHING

Last Chance Round: Event

$1,600 will be paid for each time a consonant is put into this puzzle. Late in this round, after a W's said...

W _ L L - D _ S _ R _ _ D

P R _ M _ T _ _ N

...Kristen blanks out w/ $11,200 on the line. After Mike calls the three free O's...

W _ L L - D _ S _ R _ _ D

P R O M O T _ O N

...he only gets the first two syllables of the solution, so he's still not definitely the champ just yet (& $1,600's in his bank). Kristen then gets a hold of that E quartet...

W E L L - D E S E R _ E D

P R O M O T _ O N

...& gets a WELL-DESERVED PROMOTION (not necessarily, though) by $11,200! Heather missed out on $6,400.

DUDS: A (Heather), C (Mike), F (Heather) & H (Mike)
SOLE DQ: Mike (TO on solve attempt)

Final Scores:

Michael: $18,750 in cash & NO/Kristen: $17,050/Heather: $1K GOOSEEGG
GT: $36,800

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $5,150

(Note: I think they've discontinued the WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week promotion as of this week.)

Big Money Round #111: Michael has spun up the I in WIN.

Subject: Thing


_ _ _ E T _ _ N

_ _ _ _ R _ T E

DCKI only gives him...

_ _ _ E T _ _ N

_ _ _ _ R I T E

...& don't expect him to be the overly-big HOMETOWN FAVORITE anytime soon, because he loses the $40K. He leaves w/ $18,750 in cash & vacation.

J!: After a month off, Patrick Morrison returns (whose one-day cash winnings total $29,601) to put up his title against:

Michael McCall (Pompano Beach, FL)- Political consultant
Sarah Edwards (Oakland, CA)- Attorney & home brewer

First Half-Dozen Categories Tonight:

COLLEGE TOWNS (each correct response's the town where the main campus' located)

Here Comes the Wedding Movie & the Daily Double behind its $600 clue for Patrick while he's at the $3K mark; Sarah has $800 & Michael's a couple hundred in the hole. Patrick wagers $1,200:

Spencer Tracy played the title role in this 1950 film w/ Liz Taylor as his affianced daughter Kay.

"What is 'Father of the Bride'?"...that's right for $4,200. He adds $1K to that before the halfway point of the round's reached; Sarah's at the $1K mark & Michael's now $1,400 in the blue.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $400 (Going Dutch)

Scores After J! Round:

Patrick: $8,200
Sarah: $1,600
Michael: $5,200

Double J! Slate:

ROBBING PETER (each correct question here has all but one of the letters in "Peter")

At the end of Robbing Peter, Patrick has stolen a Video DD & is in Lock Game Territory w/ $15,400 to Michael's $4,800 & Sarah's $1,200. For the face value of this clue:

Seen here is some of the rock art that gives a New Mexico national monument this name.

"What is Painted Rock?"...that's in Michigan; we needed petroglyphs & he's dipped to $13,400. The other VDD of the round from the center clue under A Bookish in Michael's possession w/ $5,600; Sarah's got $3,200 & Patrick's still sitting pretty w/ 19 large. Michael bets three C-notes:

The cup seen here has this French name that can also refer to the coffee served in that type of cup.

"What is press?" is absolutely...wrong; that was an example of demitasse & the GAME'S OVER.


After DJ!:

Patrick: $19K (LG!)
Sarah: $4,800
Michael: $1K


Patrick: $20,400
Sarah: $4,800
Michael: $4K

FINAL J! TOPIC: The History of Christianity.

The Catholic & Eastern Churches separated in 1054, when the pope & patriarch did this to each other; it was undone in 1965.

All three are right w/ "What is excommunicated?"...

Michael: $500 = $1.5K
Sarah: $1K = $5,800
Patrick: $2.5K = $21.5K

...this Patrick's two-night total's $51,101.

Millionaire Wednesday:

Game 1
Start of Game 2

Episode ratings:

7: "Family Feud", "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Wheel of Fortune"
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