Sunday, February 19, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: Feb. 20-26

On the last full week of this month next time:

-The finale of "Baseball IQ" (including the Thursday tripleheader)!

-The continuation of both the "Jeopardy! Teacher's Tournament II" & the "Top Chef: Texas" finale!

-This year's installment of the "Millionaire" (Million Dollar) Movie Week!

All this, plus the Top 48's revealed on "American Idol", "Wipeout" wraps up its second Winter run & more next week on GSK.


oaklandfan2kx said...

Also Coming Up This Week on GSK

project RUNWAY: All-Stars: In Case Your Wondering Last Week We Supplied our Decoy Models in which used the 14 Season 9 Models that Tatjana reunited together on the runway, this time let's do that again with a Different Group of Decoy Models who are dancers from a high school.

But First Here are This Week's Protected Models

Karli Karissa Babcock (Jerell Scott)
Jessamine Kelley (Mondo Guerra)
Leslie Mancia (Michael Costello)
Taylor Dean McCausland (Austin Scarlett)
Elaina Williams (Kenley Collins)

And a Real Model Name Alert on Mila Hermanovski beginning this week

Name: Haile Noel
Hometown: New York, NY
Info: Currently a Model on Project Runway All-Stars

Now For The Decoy Models (Note: Those who are New in Asterisks)

From Project Runway All-Stars: Kelly Dahlen, Rae Hight, Tatjana Sinkevica, Katya Tolstova* & Eden Viza
From Project Runway Season 7: Holly Ridings & Brittany Oldehoff

And This Week's Mystery Guest Model

Kaitlyn Crooker [Alameda High School - Alameda, CA - Jr.]

Plus: The Fremont High School Featherettes (from Sunnyvale, CA) will be on the runway as Decoy Models so Mondo Guerra (who won the challenge from last week; he will get the right to use the officers from the Featherettes as Decoy Models, rest were selected at Random)

Now, So Let's See The Modeling Roster for This Week (in order of Last Week's Runway Order; Designer in Parenthesis)

Leslie Mancia, Kelly Dahlen, TBA, Brittany Cole*, Tiffany Lung*, Natalie Paul* (Michael Costello)
Elaina Williams, Katya Tolstova, Holly Ridings, Ofek Avidah-Antonir*, Kinoka Masumoto*, Matlynn Henry* (Kenley Collins)
Taylor Dean McCausland, Rae Hight, TBA, Karina Gonzalez*, Helen Alvarez*, Amit Zilberstein* (Austin Scarlett)
Karli Karissa Babcock, Kaitlyn Crooker, TBA, Stephanie Ellis*, Shir Cohen*, Vivian Lue* (Jerell Scott)
Jessamine Kelley, Tatjana Sinkevica, Brittany Oldehoff, Mallory St. George*, Valerie Rico*, Ashley Dwelle* (Mondo Guerra)
Haile Noel, Eden Viza, TBA, Sanaz Batmanghilich*, Jennifer Harms*, Belinda Cuaresma* (Mila Hermanovski)
*Fremont High School Featherette

Note: There are 4 TBA spots on Michael Costello, Kenley Collins, Austin Scarlett and Mila Hermanovski which will now be filled with 4 Female Students from the Bobby McBride years of Varina HS to be designated to walk down the runway as decoy models, so only Leslie, Elaina, Taylor, Karli, Jessamine and Haile will walk the rest will decoy.

Also for this week's Designated Runway Song for this week, Bobby will have to pick a great hit song from 1998 (I hope it will be a sung by a boy band)

oaklandfan2kx said...
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