Sunday, February 26, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: Feb. 27- Mar. 4

Next time, it's Leap Year Week:

-On the 28th day of February, which is usually the last day of this month (but not on one of these years), we see how well the "Jeopardy!" Teachers Tournament Finals & Mike Rowe's two-day on "Millionaire" went!

-On Leap Year Night (the 29th), the winner of "Top Chef: Texas" is finally revealed!

-It's one of those three-night weeks on "American Idol"!

All this & maybe a lot more next week on GSK.

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oaklandfan2kx said...

Also Coming Up This Week on GSK

project RUNWAY: All-Stars: The First Annual project RUNWAY: The Recap decoy model extravaganza continues with the following

1. Haile Noel (who is the Model for Mila Hermanovski who got eliminated last week) is relocating to Kenley Collins on next week's Project Runway as a decoy model
2. 4 Other Eliminated Models (Besides Haile), will be in the runway as Decoys (Rae Hight, Eden Viza, Katya Tolstova, Tatjana Sinkevica)
3. Speaking of Decoys alot of Project Runway Alumni Models are Here as well and they are Sveta Glebova (S9), Thais Magalhaes (S9), Chelsea Blackburn (S9), Lenka Dayrit (S8), Rose Cook (S8), Brittany Oldehoff (S7), Kristina Sajko (S7), Alexis Broker (S7), Megan Davis (S7) & Lisa Blades (S6)
4. Double Decoy Models from Alameda High (Alameda, CA) This Week are Lauren Martin (So.) and Alexis Konstantino (Jr.)
5. The Other Decoy Models are members of the Valencia HS Dance Team (Valencia, CA) which will be in asterisks (*)
6. In Addition 5 New Models will be on the Runway as Decoys selected from outside Valencia, CA in 100 miles in (^)
Amelia Favela (Los Angeles), Nicole Chernikova (Los Angeles), Jessica Buitrago (Sherman Oaks), Ashley Aliprandi (Orange), Christina Karina Rios (Los Angeles)

Current Modeling Roster in order of Runway from Last week

Karli Karissa Babcock, Rae Hight, Rose Cook, Thais Magalhaes, TBA, Danielle Dardis*, Christina Mondon*, Jessica Buitrago^ (Jerell Scott)
Elaina Williams, Haile Noel, Sveta Glebova, Brittany Oldehoff, TBA, Emily Gasper*, Nikki Ng*, Nicole Chernikova^ (Kenley Collins)
Taylor Dean McCausland, Eden Viza, Alexis Broker, Lisa Blades, Lauren Martin, Tara Moore*, Tasia Moore*, Christina Karina Rios^ (Austin Scarlett)
Jessamine Kelley, Kelly Dahlen, Megan Davis, Chelsea Blackburn, TBA, Caroline Poehls*, Jenna Carrillo*, Amelia Favela^ (Mondo Guerra)
Leslie Mancia, Tatjana Sinkevica, Lenka Dayrit, Kristina Sajko, Alexis Konstantino, Claire Wiles*, Marissa Solano*, Ashley Aliprandi^ (Michael Costello)

TBA = Varina HS Student from the Bobby McBride Era and is a girl

And For The Designated Runway Song with Shane Demmitt of the LA Angels of Anaheim winning Baseball IQ, The Designated Runway Order Song will be going back to 2002 the same year of the Angels World Series Win) with a good hip hop hit called "Dilemma" by Nelly f/ Kelly Rowland and will have a choreographer from FOX's SYTYCD which will have a Dance Style (Bobby McBride will comment that because it sounded like the theme song from the 1986 John Davidson Revival of Hollywood Squares by Stormy Sacks along with other info to it as we go along.)

And for The TPIRecaps: First The Bad News, Bobby McBride didn't post a week of TPIRecaps from February 20-24, 2012 to another TPIRecap page by Devin de Gruyl (out of Port Jefferson, NY located near the home of Baseball IQ runner-up Ben Baumer and the New York Mets.
The Good News: Beginning February 27th and continues forever Bobby will now do a new feature to the GSK called "A Rundown of Today's TPIR Musical Cues for (insert date)" which will have list of the music shown on today's TPIR (as well as Decoy Prize Cues are included as well ranging from Adele to Wiz Khalifa) + Today's TPIRecap link (which will be moved to their new home from today's results in which J!, WOF and others reside), and yeah "Rat Race" will now become The GSK 500 with stock cars instead of Rats featuring NASCAR Drivers in each lane (expect Tony Stewart entering in Lane 2) plus added designated race music song when the race has started.
And Trying to Come on Down to Decoy The Cues which are new to the Top 40 This Week: Brighter Than The Sun (Colbie Caillat), Give Me All Your Lovin' (Madonna) and Take Care (Drake)

So There You Have It Next week on GSK, will be a lot better for now.