Friday, February 10, 2012

"project RUNWAY: All-Stars" 2/9

CHALLENGE #6: Mondo assigned each designer (including himself) a weekend getaway bag that had a luggage tag w/ one of the four seasons marked on each one, which led to four weekend getaway sportswear face-offs (one day was given to make the looks). The loser of each one faced elimination.

Winter: Michael Costello vs. Jerell Scott
Spring: Austin Scarlett vs. Kara Janx
Summer: Kenley Collins vs. Mondo Guerra
Autumn: Mila Hermanovski vs. Rami Kashou

mood Shopping Budget of the Week: $200

Guest Judge: Cynthia Rowley

DESIGNATED RUNWAY ORDER SONG: "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne

(Note: For each battle, both designer's models appeared, but only one walked down the runway at a time.)

1. Austin (Taylor Dean McCausland)
2. Kara (Rae Hight)
3. Kenley (Elaina Williams)
4. Mondo (Jessamine Kelley)
5. Rami (Kelly Dahlen)
6. Mila (Dre Davis)
7. Jerell (Eden Viza)
8. Michael (Leslie Mancia)

BIG WINNER OF THE WEEK- Jerell (Runners-up: Kenley, Kara & Michael)
ELIMINATED- Rami (Dishonorable mention: Austin)
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