Monday, February 20, 2012

"RuPaul's Drag Race" 2/20

Mini-Challenge #4: The five teams are handcuffed & they're responsible for their partners' makeup; they have to pose in mugshots.


1. Willam & Madame
2. Chad & Sharon
3. Dida & Jiggly
4. Phi Phi & Kenya
5. Milan & Latrice

WINNERS- Willam & Madame

MAIN CHALLENGE #4: In their ripoff of "Hot in Cleveland", two five-member teams will be starring in "Hot in Tuckahoe"; the remaining members per team will be determined by drawing names from a shoebox.

A: Madame, Dida, Sharon, Kenya & Milan
B: Willam, Jiggly, Latrice, Phi Phi & Chad

Guest Judges: Max Mutchnick & Nicole Sullivan


1. Phi Phi
2. Latrice
3. Dida
4. Madame
5. Willam
6. Kenya
7. Chad
8. Jiggly
9. Milan
10. Sharon

WINNER- Latrice (Immunity & Al and Chuck travel cruise)
BOTTOM TWO- Madame & Milan

LIP SYNC SHOWDOWN SONG #4: "Trouble" by P!nk
OUT- Madame (was in second-to-last place last week)
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