Monday, February 27, 2012

"RuPaul's Drag Race" 2/27

Mini-Challenge #5 ("Beat the Cock"): In each of the first three rounds, three drag queens will compete in a stunt that may remind you of "Beat the Clock". The winner of each round moves on to a final round, where the M-C winner this week will receive a phone call from home.

(Note: In this week's RuPaul SheMail, many GS titles/phrases were mentioned, including "Hollywood Squares", "Wipeout", "Family Feud" & "Press Your Luck"!)

"Cock-a-Doodle-Ru" (Phi Phi, Sharon & Jiggly): Pin chickens on RuPaul's bald head after being spun around blindfolded; the one whose chicken's closest to that host's mouth wins.

"Pluck a Duck": Get one feather across a finish line first using only your breath.

"Choke the Rooster": Toss as many rings on a fake rooster in :30.

"Lay an Egg": Carry some raw eggs "down there" through a series of wigheads on the floor & lay three of eggs safely in a basket.

(Unrelated notes: Remember that "Beat the Time" skit on "Sesame Street" w/ Cookie Monster? Well, when I watched that when I was young, after CM won the cookie for finding three objects that rhymed w/ "rain", I thought it was raining cookies on top of the train that was brought instead of balloons/confetti & I cried. Upon watching the segment on YouTube again today, the ceiling was actually dropping rocks & I laughed! What do I know.)

MAIN CHALLENGE #5 ("Snatch Game"): It's all about the celebrity impersonations.

Guest Judges: Loretta Devine & Ross Mathews (who are also playing on this "Match Game" rip-off!)
Featured Lookalikes: Michelle Visage, Diana Ross, Jessica Simpson, Aretha Franklin, Snooki, Lady GaGa, Wendy Williams, Beyonce & Cher


Loretta: "Ugly Edna is so ugly, when she goes to the beauty parlor, they beat her face w/ _________________."
GUESS: A picture of herself

Notable responses:

Michelle: Baseball bat
Wendy: Cher's plastic surgeon
Beyonce: Honey

Ross: "'The Real Housewives' are so fake, when they make whoopee, their ______________ don't move."
GUESS: "Goldbergs"


Snooki: Tits
Cher: Scabies, crabs + fleas


Loretta: "Fatty Patty is so fat, when she gets on the scales, it says __________________."
GUESS: "Ouch, ouch"


Michelle: "Hello Madam LaQueer!"
Diana: "Mahogany"
Jessica: "No respect" (this person actually shows a red arrow pointing to Aretha)

Ross: "Dumb Dee-Dee is so dumb, she thinks the C word's short for _________________."
GUESS: Kardashian

NR: Crown! (GaGa)

Final Round:

Loretta: "Shy Sheila is so shy, she's afraid to _________________ in public."
GUESS: Swallow

NR: (Say) "I don't give a rat's ass!" (Cher)


1. Jiggly
2. Chad
3. Milan
4. Willam
5. Phi Phi
6. Dida
7. Kenya
8. Sharon
9. Latrice

IMMUNITY WINNER- Chad (Marco Marco custom dress; 2nd win this season)
IN DANGER- Kenya & Milan (the latter for the second straight week)

LIP SYNC SHOWDOWN SONG #5: "Vogue" by Madonna
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