Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Survivor: One World" 2/29

Reward Challenge #3: In each round, two castaways will be given a memory test of at least six items (starting w/ the fourth round, that number goes up to eight) behind a curtain that they must assemble themselves in the exact order. The first tribe to win five rounds wins fishing gear.

Leif & Tarzan are benched.

SWEEP- Salani

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #3: It's a blindfolded pairs obstacle course that ends w/ water towers for each tribe; they contain one of five bags of puzzle pieces. Only the callers can solve their tree puzzle for the Tribal Immunity Idol.

Sitting out this go-round are Colton & Jay.

Callers- Bill & Sabrina

TRIBAL COUNCIL #3: Matt loses w/ seven votes; the other two went to Bill & Colton.
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