Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Survivor: One World"- PREMIERE

At the start, both tribes had a minute to grab as much as they could from a truck before they had to share an island. Redemption Island's NOT available this season, however.

Click this link for details about this cycle's cast.

FIRST IMMUNITY/REWARD CHALLENGE: One contestant per team started on a 25-foot tower & they had to drop into a net. At that point, they had to go across a balance beam & a long rope bridge. The first tribe that made it all the way through the course completely & raised their flag earned both the Tribal Immunity Idol & fire.

Immunity & fire both went to...

...Manono (the men) by default, even though they chose not to finish the challenge themselves. That was because Kourtney of Salani (women) felt dizzy due to suffering a broken wrist (including multiple fractures), which also resulted in the MEDICAL DISQUALIFICATION of her from the program.

Elsewhere, Sabrina found a Hidden Immunity Idol which she gave to Colton for the time being.
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