Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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QUALIFYING CHALLENGE: One at a time, the 18 marksmen used the M14 to hit a target from 250 yards away as close to the bullseye as they could. The two whose shots were furthest away from the target were sent packing. In the final standings for this challenge, those w/ the odd-numbered positions were on the Blue Team, while everyone else made up the Red Team.

Frank Melloni- 5.6 IN.

Gregory Littlejohn- 2.5 IN.

Forrest McCord- 6.3 IN.

Kyle Sumpter- 5.5 IN.

Michelle Viscusi- 5 IN.

Terry Vaughan- 4.5 IN.

Eric "Iggy" Keyes- 6.2 IN.

Dylan Fletcher- 2 IN.

Chee Kwan- 1.5 IN.

Gary Shank- 4.7 IN.

Augie Malekovich- .5 IN.

Keith Gibson- 3.1 IN.

Chris Cheng- 4 IN.

Colin Gallagher- 3.7 IN.

Gabby Franco- 5.8 IN.

Craig Buckland- 9.6 IN.

Tim Trefren- 2.02 IN.

William Bethards- TIED W/ IGGY FOR 15TH AT 6.2 IN.

Iggy was on the RT.

First Team Challenge ("The Perfect Run"): The Ruger Vaquero (1993)(U.S.) made its debut on this episode. From 35 feet away were eight rows of six targets for each team starting at 10 in. on the top row & getting increasingly smaller down the board to 4.5 in. for the last row's targets. In each round, one shooter per team got a total of six shots each at their row of targets (starting on the top, of course). If they missed even one target, their turn was over & any targets they did hit on that row were reset. The team who cleared their board first won.

Challenge Order:

1. Frank
2. Tim
3. Michelle
4. Colin
5. Terry
6. Greg
7. Iggy
8. Chris
9. Chee
10. Gary
11. Kyle
12. Gabby
13. Augie
14. Craig
15. William
16. Chris


Nomination Range:

(Note: The team colors are on these targets starting this season.)

William- GREG
Colin- GREG (2)
Dylan- GREG (3)
Frank- GREG (4; clinched Elimination Challenge berth)
Michelle- FRANK (2)
Augie- FRANK (3; clinched other EC berth)

FIRST EC ("Sidecar Shootout"): The M1 Carbine (1942)(U.S.; also made its debut) had to be used in a motorcycle sidecar to hit up to 10 red 25 in. targets from 15-25 yds. away w/ 15 rounds of ammunition per marksman.

Frank- SIX

Greg- SIX

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