Monday, February 13, 2012

"The Voice" 2/13


Sarah Golden (Houston, TX)- CEE-LO (Blake also jumped in)
Pip- ADAM (everybody buzzed in)
Erin Willett (Maryland)- BLAKE
Katrina Parker- ADAM
Geoff McBride (Florida)- CHRISTINA (also buzzing in was Cee-Lo)
Erin Martin- CEE-LO (Blake was also in)
James Massone (Boston)- CEE-LO (everyone but Adam hit their buzzers)
Chris Cauley- ADAM (Cee-Lo was the other coach to ring in)
Nathan Parrett- ADAM
Brian Fuente- BLAKE
Moses Stone- CHRISTINA
Jordis Unga- BLAKE (Adam sat out; she previously competed on "Rock Star: INXS")
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