Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"The Voice" 2/20


Jonathas (originally from Rio de Janiero; came to the U.S. when he was five years old)- CHRISTINA (7/12)(Cee-Lo also buzzed in)
Monique Benabou (Alameda, CA)- CHRISTINA (8/12)
Naia Kete (Santa Monica)- BLAKE (7/12)(Cee-Lo also jumped in)
Charlotte Sometimes (Wall, NJ)- BLAKE (8/12)(all hit their buttons)
Troy Vincent (NYC)- CEE-LO (7/12)
Anthony Evans (Dallas)- CHRISTINA (9/12)
Jamie Lono (Chicago)- CEE-LO (8/12)(Adam also came into play)
Justin Hopkins (Redondo Beach, CA)- CEE-LO (9/12)
Nicolle Galyon (Sterling, KS)- ADAM (8/12)
Ashley De La Rosa (Orlando)- CHRISTINA (10/12)
Jordan Rager- BLAKE (9/12)
ALyX- BLAKE (10/12)
Karla Davis (Monroe, NC)- ADAM (9/12)
Mathai (Dallas)- ADAM (10/12)(all the males buzzed in)
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