Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"The Voice" 2/6


The Line (Hailey Steele & Leland Grant from Nashville; they've performed for two years)- CHRISTINA (all buzzed in)
Jamar Rogers (Bronx)- CEE-LO
Gwen Sebastian (Hebron, ND)- BLAKE (all the men rang in)
Kim Yarbrough (L.A.; 50)- ADAM (Christina also rang in)
Angie Johnson (St. Louis)- CEE-LO
Lindsay Pavao (Sacramento)- CHRISTINA (Adam didn't jump in)
Jermaine Paul (Orange County, NY; he toured w/ Alicia Keys)- BLAKE (Cee-Lo also jumped in)
ANGEL TAYLOR (L.A.; she's best known for singing "Like You Do")- ADAM (Christina didn't activate her buzzer)

Also, Neal Middleton did the absolute best he could singing "I Heard It Through the Grapevine", but shockingly DIDN'T get a buzz-in; if there's a second chance at the end of the blind auditions, he's got a great shot at that.

(Note: At the start of this two-hour episode, the coaches did a Prince medley.)
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