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3/12/2012 Results

CC: The first episode this week- "Three Strikes, You're Out!".

Unfortunately, we can say that to Lee, Dennis, Athan & Jeff while riding 37 blocks to 15 John Street; following a perfect first round, they strike out for $300 because of Dennis' friend Wayne on a Mobile Shout-Out.

Max could pick a good time to "max out", because he's in a 36-block DOUBLE RIDE to Saint Mark's Hotel between First & A.

$100 Round:
1. Held by Usain Bolt & Carl Lewis, the title "Wold's Fastest Man" typically goes to the winner of what Olympic track & field event?
Guess: 100-meter dash- CORRECT ($100)
2. Ranging from one to 118, the atomic number of an element's determined by the number of what positively-charged particles in its nucleus?
Guess: Protons- RIGHT ($200)
3. When introduced by Hasbro in the 1950s, what iconic toy required you to provide your own spud?
Guess: Mr. Potato Head ($300)
4. In NY, the world-renowned MoMA is short for Museum of Modern Arts; what is L.A.'s MoCA short for?
Guess: Museum of Contemporary Arts- YES ($400)(Blocks Left: 23)

$200 Round:
1. Named "The Worst Show Ever" by TV Guide, what long-running tabloid talk show once ran a controversial episode titled "I Married a Horse"?
Street S-O: Kips Bay man in front of a closed SUBWAY
Guess: "Entertainment Tonight"- X (A: "The Jerry Springer Show")
2. After the 2011 tsunami, what Japanese city suffered a nuclear crisis that detected radiation as far away as Montreal?
Guess: Fukushima- YES INDEED ($600)
3. Due to its chemical makeup, what brand of Philly Cheesesteak topping's known for its ability to remove grease stains?
Guess: Cheez-Whiz- RIGHT ($800)(BL: 10)
4. Including Elvis Presley & Johnny Cash among its members, "The Million Dollar Quartet" jammed together at what famous Memphis recording studio?
Guess: Sun Studios- RIGHT ($1K)(second commercial break taken)

FIRST $500 RED LIGHT CHALLENGE OF THE SEASON: Outside of NY, five MLB franchises are named for their home states, not their home cities. What are their full names?
Correct baseball franchises given: Florida/Miami Marlins
Unsaid: Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Minnesota Twins & Texas Rangers (BL: 2.5)

Sole $400 Question: From Greek words meaning "all god", what philosophy maintains that the universe, nature & supreme being are all one?
MS-O #2: Eric
Guess: Monotheism- NO (A: Pantheism)

Curry, Monica (who's about to shed tears of joy) & Glenn want the sky to be raining both water & money after riding 38 blocks to 21st & Third Avenue...but even w/ a good MS-O to Curry's dad Jeff, they lose $400 at the end of R2.


It may be quiet at the Brandy Library between North Moore & Varick Sts., but it's going to get pretty loud again inside the Cab, because Scott's playing a 38-block DR to there.

$100 Round:
1. Home to strict naming laws, Sweden has rejected parents' requests to name their baby after what famous Scandinavian furniture retailer?
Guess: IKEA- YES INDEED ($100)
2. While recovering from a heart attack in the hospital, what General turned President wore five gold stars on the lapels of his pajamas?
Guess: (Fidel) Castro- ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE (X)(A: Dwight D. Eisenhower)(BL: 29)
3. Suffering a cerebral edema in 1973, the early demise of what Martial Arts star was officially ruled "death by misadventure"?
Guess: Bruce Lee ($200)
4. In its Japanese version, what simple game features hand gestures that symbolize either chief, tiger, or mother of the chief?
Guess: Charades (XX)(A: Rock, Paper, Scissors)

$200 Round:
1. Described as a backwards running man, what dance move was named for a loose-limbed animated animal from a '88 movie?
MS-O #4: Fiancee Tori
Guess: Roger Rabbit- CORRECT ($400)(BL: 17)
2. Inspiring its name, The Tanglefoot Company launched in the 1880s w/ the production of what sticky pest control device?
SS-O #2: West Village woman
Guess: Fly strip- ACCEPTABLE FOR FLY PAPER ($600)
3. Originally claiming to offer "Service w/ the speed of sound", what fast-food drive-in chain was founded by an Oklahoma man in '59?
Guess: Burger King (A: Sonic)

Marlene, Barbara, Jonathan & David would like to sharp at PJ Clarke's on 55th & 3rd, but they've got to endure 34 blocks of Q's...they're perfect through two rounds & a break's taken before this pops up:

RLC: According to The New Yorker, the book industry's dominated by the big six publishing houses. Name four of these six publishers.
Correct book companies given: Random House & HarperCollins
Unlisted: Penguin Group, Simon & Schuster, Hachette Book Group & Macmillan

$200 Round:
1. Forming the majority of the Earth's crust, which of the three main varieties of rock consists of solidified rock & magma?
Guess: Igneous- RIGHT ($800)(BL: Six)
2. Founded in 1963, what Austrian gun manufacturer pioneered the use of lightweight plastics in hand pistols?
Guess: GLOCK- YES ($1K)
Final Q: As indicated by its logo, what automaker's name translates as either "three water chestnuts" or "three diamonds" in Japanese?
Guess: Mitsubishi- WIN ($1,200)

Camilla, Eliot & Jason are going straight up 42nd 30 blocks to Sixth...despite a bad MS-O at Gramercy, they barely leave w/ $450.


TNG: This starts what could very well be the beginning of the end of GSN's version of the classic GS. In the first episode tonight, we've got Broadway couples:

Ben ("American Idiot") & Kat
Brad ("Billy Eliot") & Happy (who first met while in the stage production of "The Full Monty")
Sean & Elaine (who fell in love while performing in "The Phantom of the Opera")


1. At the end of your bedroom Broadway show, how often does your wife experience her own grand finale- in a few select performances, almost every show or every night, she gets encore after encore?
2. "I'm not afraid to say I wish my wife were a little less ___________."
3. No relationship's perfect, so tell me from the time you officially started dating what was the longest period of time you spent broken up?

1. Encore after encore- ENCORE AFTER ENCORE (5)
2. Late- LATE (10)
3. 45 minutes- NEVER

1. Encore after encore- ENCORE AFTER ENCORE (5)
2. Hard-working- SELF-DEFEATING
3. Not at all (he says they've been together since '04)- NEVER (10)

1. Encore after encore- ENCORE AFTER ENCORE (5)
2. Busy- NAGGING
3. Three months- SIX MONTHS



1. When you first met your husband, what was the filthiest thing about him- his mouth, mind or apartment?
2. "Unless you want to hear a three-hour monologue w/ no intermission, do not get my husband started on ____________."
3. Where's the one place you want to do it, but you know your husband would never go for it?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: If you gave your husband a stage name using the first name of your most recent ex, followed by the state your husband lost his virginity it, what would it be?

1. Mind- MIND (20)
2. College football- COLLEGE FOOTBALL (30)
3. Outside- NOWHERE

1. Mind- MOUTH
2. Football- FOOTBALL (20)
3. At the theatre- THEIR BACKYARD
BONUS: Douglas Maryland- DOUG MARYLAND (50)

1. Apartment- APARTMENT (15)
2. Politics- COMIC BOOKS
3. Dressing room- CAR
BONUS: Michael Virginia- MICHAEL VIRGINIA (45)

Consolation Prize: Pier 1 Imports

Now, to some normal pairs:

Luke & Abbi (whose mom has been a pain to them)
Tim & Sandy (who watched his own VHS movies on their first date)
Jason & Donata (who enjoy wrestling together)


1. Complete your side of this phone conversation w/ your wife- "Hello? Why yes, if it makes you happy, I'll go out on my way to pick up some __________ before I come home."
2. When it comes to complaining, does your wife dish it out by the teaspoon, tablespoon or ton?
3. If your wife wrote a column in Cosmo featuring her top 10 tips on how to please your man, what would be her #1 tip?

1. Cheese- MILK
2. Ton- TON (5)
3. Have sex frequently- HEAD RUBS

1. Potato chips- POPCORN
2. Tablespoon- TABLESPOON (5)
3. Quantity- NOT TO RUSH HIM

2. Ton- TON (5)
3. Problem w/ Juliet- TO LEARN HOW TO GO DOWN UNDER (10)

SH: Marriott Casamagna Cancun Resort


1. Would you describe the area beneath your husband's "mighty oak" as a lush underbrush, well-trimmed lawn or field cleared of all shrubbery?
2. "My husband's in desperate need of an intervention when it comes to his obsession w/ ___________."
3. When you first checked out your husband, what did you consider to be his unique selling point?
30-POINT BQ: On a 1-5 scale, how many stars did your family give your husband when they first met him & how many stars do you think his family gave you?

1. Underbrush- LAWN
2. Shoes- COOKIES
3. Big heart- BRAIN
BONUS: One/five- ONE/FIVE (35)

1. Lawn- LAWN (15)
2. Meat- WORK
BONUS: Four/five- TWO FOURS (40)

1. Field- LAWN
2. "Bravo Juliuses"- PHILADELPHIA EAGLES
3. Smile- BODY
BONUS: Three/five- TWO FIVES (25)

CP: Fandango

WoF: This is Big Money Week (even though last week's America's Game Week had quite a bit of it)!

$1K T-U: Things

_ T _ C K S / A N D

B _ N _ _

Megan's response of STICKS AND BONES is worth nothing.

_ T _ C K S / A N D

B O N _ _

Michael draws a blank.

S T O C K S / A N D

B O N _ S

Crystal solves STOCKS AND BONDS, so we go around the horn in greeting the first three players of the week:

Crystal Oviedo (Dinuba, CA)- A Speech Language Pathology student at Fresno State University & literacy coordinator at T.L. Reed After-School Program who's engaged to Pedro
Megan Miller (Lansdale, PA)- A speech language pathologist at Willow Dale Elementary School & Philly sports fan who's married to Dan for 3+ yrs. & has a baby boy named A.J.
Michael Dryden, Jr. (Houma, LA)- An assistant manager at a high-end retail clothing store & a singer at heart who has an 18 yr. old son named Tanner & a 16 yr. old daughter named Taylor

$2K T-U: What Are You Doing?

F _ Y _ N G

F _ _ S _ / _ L _ _ S

Megan's FLYING FIRST CLASS to the cash & control.

Monday's Wheel Prize: Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach, FL courtesy of ($8,475)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Gift Tag: Omaha Steaks

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Occupation
Category Wipe of the Week: A golden dollar sign that pops up next to the category title graphic

Megan's pursuit of riches begin w/ a $900 R, two N's to make that $2.5K, three I's but then a dud of G. Secondly, Michael calls S for sorry while on the Million Dollar Wedge. Third, Crystal calls three T's for the food but hits Lose a Turn w/ her second spin. Fourth, Megan calls a $500 L while on the Jackpot, buys two E's up top & two A's at the bottom & wants a D & it appears at the end of the first word for three more bills. After an O buy, she...

_ E R T I _ I E D

_ _ _ L I _

A _ _ O _ N T A N T

...identifies a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT for another $2,300.

DUDS: $500 G (Megan), S (Michael)

Current Scores:

Crystal: $1K/Megan: $4,300/Michael: $0

(Note: Pat tells us just before the start of the next round that there's bigger money up for grabs in Bonusland, at least for this week only.)

Mystery Round: Before & After

Michael leads the way by calling a couple of N's for $600 each (including the one at the N), buying an A, calling a D for the vacation & purchasing three O's, then comes an L while on the Mystery Wedge in between Free Play & LaT. Surprisingly, he gives back the extra $1K & risks $9,175 in cash & Florida...oops. Second, Crystal calls the three R's for $2,400, purchases the same number of E's & takes the M to add $3.5K, a $550 S, the U to clean out the vowels, a $600 Y & a $500 F for the green 1/2 KIA. Afterwards...

L E N D / M E / Y O U R


O F / _ O R N

...she quips "LEND ME YOUR EARS" OF CORN for another $7,050 & stays in control.


Current Scores:

Crystal: $8,050 (1/2 KIA)/Megan: $4,300/Michael: NIL

Prize Puzzle Round: Event

Crystal loses her turn right away w/ an R call. Second, Megan FPs two E's, finds three N's for $900, five A's, a $550 G, a $1,200 S pairing, three I's & the O at the end of the first line to round out the vowel department, then a $450 C & a couple D's for an additional C-note, after which...

E S C A _ I N G / _ O

A N / I S _ A N D

_ I D E A _ A _

...she's ESCAPING TO AN ISLAND HIDEAWAY w/ another $3,350 to the Divi Little Bay Beach Resort from worth $5,875.

SOLE DUD: $550 R (Crystal)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: MT8538299 (Misty T.)

Current Scores:

Crystal: $8,050/Megan: $13,525 in cash & St. Maarten/Michael: BUPKIS

$3K T-U: Food & Drink

R E D / _ _ L _ E T

C _ _ _

Megan eats a little RED VELVET CAKE to kinda match her shirt to boost her score to $16,525.

R4: Phrase

She next lights up $600 worth of two N's, two E's & quadruple A's while on FP before Bankrupting next to top dollar to give back the remaining $350. Michael secondly gathers by reluctance a $10K pair of D's before it's Last Chance Mode time...

A N _ _ _ E _ / D A _

A N _ _ _ E _ / D _ _ _ A _

...the rest of the consonants pay $1,300 a pop. Following a couple L's...

A N _ _ _ E _ / D A Y

A N _ _ _ E _ / D _ L L A _'s considerably more than ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DOLLAR for Megan- she's won it w/ another $2,600. Mike left behind $11,300 on the table.

SOLE DUD (after final bell): S (Crystal)

Final Scores:

Crystal: $8,050/Megan: $19,125 in cash & trip/Michael: $1K GOOSEGG
GT: $28,175

(Note: The ding was heard when the Y was called during the Speed-Up Round.)

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH: $9,525 in cash & travel

BM Round #118: For at least this week, $65K, $75K & $85K envelopes are on the Bonus Wheel! And the car on offer this week's the most expensive one they've offered this season- a '12 Lexus IS 250 Convertible. Megan spins the '.

Category: Thing

Reveal the legend:

S _ _ L _ _ _ T

HDMO gives her just...

S _ _ L _ _ H T SKYLIGHT in about eight seconds, Jimmy says these words...

..."Megan, you're not dreaming, you're on the fast track to big cash- $35K!". That sends her packing w/ $54,125 in cash & trip!

J!: The men challenging current female champ Jessamine Price:

Reid Rodgers (North Platte, NE)- Locomotive mechanic
Richard Elepano (NYC)- Pediatrician

The Week's Base Category Board:

TONGUE, TWISTED (each correct word has letters you might find in "tongue")

Reid finds a Daily Double assigned to the $800 Presidential Artifact, but w/ only $200; Richard has four times that. For $1K & the lead, here's the clue:

Documents relating to these agreements, the framework for peace in The Middle East, are at The Carter Library.

"What are 'The Camp David Accords'?"...he's back up to $1,200. At the halfway point w/ $4,400, he's doubled up Jessamine this time.

TECHNICAL TRIPLE STUMPER: $400 (The Sporting Life; Reid said "Wimbleton" in his response instead of Wimbledon)

Scores After First Round of Play:

Jessamine: $4,200
Richard: $5,200
Reid: $8K

Double J! Rundown:

"O.S." WE DO

Richard might also say "We Love You, Conrad" because behind its $1,200 clue is a DD; he has a $1,600 lead over Reid, while Jessamine's considerably behind them w/ $4,600. Richard settles for the face value of this answer:

As a part of this 1969 mission, Charles "Pete" Conrad became the third man to walk on The Moon.

"What is Apollo...11?"...he just missed it- it was Apollo 12. And NOT enough time to find the other one; the remaining clues were the $1,200 one from Zoology & the last four Herr Bands ones.


Heading into Final J!:

Jessamine: $9,400
Richard: $11,600
Reid: $10,800


Jessamine: $9,400
Richard: $12,800
Reid: $10,600

FJ! SUBJECT: People of Europe.

These people who ruled large parts of Spain before Celtic & Roman dominance left their name on the land.

Jessamine Price had "Who are the Basques?"...that costs her $1,799, so $7,601's her final total this evening. Reid Rodgers wrote down "Who are the Ibernians?"...NOT ACCEPTABLE- he added an N in the middle of his responsible (we needed the Iberians); that costs him the game & $9K. Richard Elepano agreed w/...Jessamine's query for the most part by writing "Who were Basque", so Jessamine has won again w/ a lowball wager for the second game in a row! Three-day total: $26,803.

Millionaire Monday:

Game 1
Start of Game 2

(Also today on "Let's Make a Deal": Megan chose Door #2 in Big Deal Land & won the can-am ATV & the Kawasaki dirt bike, a total of $6,898 in prizes, but what the Big Deal behind #3 had was the $7,250 trip to Vancouver, BC & a $20,480 Bayliner 175 Bowrider.)

Episode ratings:

7: "Jeopardy!", "The Newlywed Game", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Ca$h Cab" & "Let's Make a Deal"
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