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3/13/2012 Results

CC: This episode's titled "Driving at the Speed of Light".

An Italian restaurant called Eataly on 23rd & Fifth awaits George, Kenny, Robbie & Allen; a big tip could be coming their way from Ben, because this is a 33-block DOUBLE RIDE.

$100 Round:
1. To prove that U.S. gold reserves are still there, representative Ron Paul demanded an audit of what Kentucky repository last year?
Guess: Fort Knox ($100)
2. Literally meaning "me", what French pronoun's is a fixture in the Muppet vocabulary of Miss Piggy?
Guess: Moi ($200)
3. Launched in 2008, the Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road honored what singer's first-ever concert in Vermont?
Guess: (Sir) Elton John- CORRECT ($300)(Blocks Left: 27)
4. In 1994, what astronaut sued Hallmark over a Christmas ornament that played a recording of his "One small step for mankind" quotation?
Guess: Neil Armstrong ($400)

$200 Round:
1. Named after the Indian chief Tammany, what notorious NY political machine boasted headquarters known as "The Wigwam"?
Guess: Tammany Hall- RIGHT ($600)(BL: 14)
2. According to Charlie Chaplin, what iconic character's walk was inspired by a rheumatic old man named Rummy Binks?
X (A: Tramp)(BL: 7)
3. Abbreviated WWF, what Scrabble knockoff for iPhones boasts a souped-up board for higher scores?
Guess: "Words With Friends"- YES ($800)(BL: 4)
4. A broad side against the auto industry, the 1965 polemic "Unsafe at Any Speed" fast-tracked the career of what perennial Presidential candidate?
Guess: Ralph Nader- RIGHT ($1K)

Sole $400 Q: According to slate.com, A/C units are backbreakingly heavy due to their coils made of what soft & oft-stolen metal?
Guess: Copper- WIN ($1,400)

$2,800 VIDEO BONUS: This sailor's making use of a navigational tool that explorers have used for centuries to explore The Seven Seas. From a Latin word meaning "one-sixth", what's the name of this ancient precursor to the GPS?

They originally think its sex- something, but their final answer's septograph...unfortunately, they were closer w/ their gut- it was a sextant.

For Danielle, some drinks could be on the host at the Heartland Brewery on Union Square West between 16th & 17th after 32 blocks worth of gameplay...she sweeps her $50 queries.

$100 Round:
1. Boasting more Schmidts than Smith in its phone book, what birthplace of Miller brewing's nicknamed "The German Athens"?
Guess: Milwaukee, WI- YES INDEED ($300)
2. Derived from the Latin word "malva", what purplish color did chemist William Perkins accidentally invent while trying to make malaria meds?
Guess: Muave- RIGHT ($400)
3. Increasingly obsolete, what bladed rifle attachments are now used in the Army as backup weapons for hand-to-hand combat?
Guess: Bayonets- RIGHT ($500)
4. Better suited for squeaky chairs, what brand of lubricant notes on its website that it's NOT an effective cure for arthritis?
Guess: WD-40- RIGHT AGAIN ($600)

RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: As reported by the American Heart Association last year, what are five of the six most commonly eaten varieties of fish in the U.S.?
Correct fishes given: Salmon
Others: Tuna, Pollock, Cod, Catfish & Sole

$200 Round:
1. The largest moons of Uranus, Tatiana & Oberon, are named for the king & queen of the fairies in what Shakespeare comedy?
Guess: "(The) Taming of the Shrew"- NO (A: "A Midsummer Night's Dream")
FQ: Along w/ its black turtleneck & blue jeans, Apple's Steve Jobs was also known for wearing what brand of grey sneakers?
Guess: New Balance- WINS $800

Rob & Andy are riding straight down 36th 30 blocks to somewhere between that & 2nd...but don't get any of their R2 queries & waste both of their Shout-Outs (one of which was to Rob's dad Norman).

"Wax On, Wax Off" (also the name of a game on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"):

Being driven 30 blocks to Ninth Ave. between 37th & 38th are Lisa & her sister Nancy.

$50 Round:
1. A staple of the Pacific Northwest, what tall, wooden Native American carvings were once constructed to shame people w/ their unpaid debts?
Guess: Totem pole (s)- YES ($50)
2. Alarmed by anti-European sentiment, what famous mustard company issued a 2003 statement assuring customers it's 100% All-American?
Guess: French's- YES INDEED ($100)
3. The subject of a 2010 film, what racehorse was the highest-ranked non-human on ESPN's list of "100 Greatest Athletes of the 20th Century"?
Guess: Secretariat ($150)(BL: 18)
4. A home fit for a king, what Memphis mansion has two jets named Hounddog 2 & Lisa Marie parked outside?
Guess: Graceland ($200)

$100 Round:
1. Located in the heart of Beijing, the name of what palace complex alludes to the fact that it was off-limits to both commoners & unwelcome nobility?
Mobile S-O #2: Lisa's friend Pat Wheeler
Guess: Forbidden City- CORRECT ($300)(BL: 8)
FQ: In a record that nobody can deny, what celebratory tune has Guinness World Records identified as the Most Recognized Song in English next to "Happy Birthday"?
Guess: "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" ($400)

Striking out in Soho & forfeiting $400 at the start of their final round after also wasting both S-Os are Annie, Emily & Morgan; they wanted to travel 31 blocks to Spring between Broadway & Crosby and started on East 42nd St.

The last game of this day was played by Joe & JASON BLOCK! They had 37 blocks to make it to a house on 137 near Forsythe.

$50 Round:
1. In 1993, Crayola debuted a violet crayon called Purple Mountain Majesty in honor of what patriotic song?
Guess: "America the Beautiful" (& they were ordered to sing part of the chorus)($50)
2. Counting all of them, what North American bodies of water contained of about 20% of the Earth's accessible fresh water?
Guess: The Great Lakes ($100)
3. Featuring 60-second games in over 30 countries, what popular TV series' known as "Un Minuto Para Garar" in Chile & Columbia?
Guess (Joe): "Minute to Win It" ($150)(BL: 25)
4. Founded in 1914 in Minnesota, what bus line's name was inspired by the color & sleek appearance of its vehicles?
Guess: Greyhound- RIGHT ($200)

$100 Round:
1. Flying over the U.K. since 1801, The Union Jack incorporates the crosses of St. George, St. Patrick & what patron saint of Scotland?
Guess: St. Gregory- X (A: St. Andrew)
2. Also called the breastbone, which bone in the human body was often cracked in half to perform open-heart surgery?
Guess: Sternum- YES ($300)
RLC #2: The esteemed International Treenut Council represents the interests of nine different treenut industries. Name seven of these nine varieties of nut.
Correct nuts said: Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Pecans, Almonds, Macadamias, Pistachios...but nothing else in time
Unspoken: Cashews, Hazelnuts & Pine Nuts
3. A metaphor for American optimism, "The Little Engine That Could" was a classic children's book that makes repeated use of what mantra?
Guess: "I think I can" ($400)
4. Also known as a slipstick, what mechanical computational device was rendered obsolete by the invention of the calculator?
Guess: Slide ruler- RIGHT ($500)

Sole $200 Q: The largest tree-dwindling animal on Earth, what colorful ape has hanging cheap flats that demonstrate male dominance?
Guess: Orangutan- WIN ($700)

VB #2: You're looking at the remnants of a Roman city that spent over 1,600 buried beneath layers of pumice & ash. Providing a chilling snapshot of life in 79 A.D., what's the name of this world-famous ghost town (that was named for a ride at Busch Gardens Williamsburg)?

Jason nodded...because he knew it was Pompeii for the 14 Benjamins- congratulations!

TPiR: A future Olympian will appear in this morning's episode. Before we get to this athlete, let's hear George call on Dominique Jackson, Tracey Mosconi, Wilbur Bakke & Pearl McAllister & announce that the first IUFB's another one of those DXG camcorder pairings (Manuela & Rachel; different version of the IUFB/truck cue's used).

Pearl: $529/Tracey: $703/Wilbur: $850/Dominique: $800

ARP: $570

Pearl does a baseball slide just as she comes up on stage, but she's NOT playing 3 Strikes; instead, she's playing Bonkers for a Catalina Yachts Expo 12.5 sailboat (Jessica Hardy at Door #3; she's the Olympic hopeful we're talking about)(Boat cue by Edd Kalehoff). Base numbers:

7 5 4 7

4. HLHH- WIN W/ :11 LEFT! (ARP: $9,459)

While Pearl continues to use even more energy celebrating w/ Jessica & the sailboat, Michael Ceccolini from Ithaca College comes on down fifth & the second one-bid gift's four pairs of Yves St. Laurent sunglasses (ceiling platform)("Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris).

MICHAEL: $1,004/Tracey: $575/Wilbur: $650/Dominique: $1,005

ARP: $1,085

Dominique, a guy from Dayton, OH, plays Switch? for the 32" SunBriteTV marked at $4,800 (Gwendolyn) & the BULL Luxury Q BBQ island marked at $2,595 (Rachel)("Work Out" by J. Cole). He swaps...& wins!

Sixth's Ana Bravo-Morris & the third one-bid round deals w/ a treadmill (Manuela behind splitting sign)("Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj).

Michael: $1,999/Tracey: $1,248/Wilbur: $2K/ANA: $1,475

ARP: $1,900

Ana, a Temecula after-school program who's been watching this GS every time she gets a break at work, better have taken note of lots of the prizes' ARPs recently, because she's playing More or Less for the Hamilton Beach appliances marked at only $300 (Gwen), three pairs of Prada heels marked at three grand (Gwen & Rachel), an Electrolux washer/dryer marked at $4K (Rachel) & the '12 Jeep Patriot CVT marked at $19,800 (Manuela; "Part of Me" by Katy Perry for the first three prizes, followed by the truck/van/convertible cue by Edd).

Appliances- MORE ($590)
Heels- MORE ($2,085)
JEEP P.- $18,770

I believe three LESSes followed the MORE at the start, so there was very little chance someone was going to run the table in this playing.

Ana ($2,490): $.60
Dominique ($8,480): $.65
Pearl ($10,029): 40 + Half-Dollar = $.90

The next green contestant's Mary Peters & the fourth GUFB's a VocoPro system (Rachel behind rising sign)("Say You Like Me" by We the Kings).

Michael: $800/Tracey: $850/Wilbur: BUCK/MARY: $750

ARP: A thou

Tracey, who's wearing zebra-colored attire w/ a hoodie, plays Squeeze Play (which would've been a slightly more appropriate Pricing Game for Pearl to have played given what she did right after walking up the Southpaw Steps) for a six-piece Office DEPOT Magellan home office that includes a MacPro 8 GB desktop system (Gwen at Door #2)("Blackout" by Breathe Carolina). Board:


She removes the first zero & she's absolutely...

$ 5 5 0 3


Going to the blue spot second is determined to be Gabriel Fernandez & the next PUFB's a Goal Zero Elite Sherpa 120 Explorer kit (Manuela in the clam)("Disaster" by JoJo).

Michael: BUCK/GABRIEL: $750/Wilbur: $1,100/Mary: $900

ARP: $830

Gabriel, a mechanic in Hollywood, CA, plays the Rat Race for the Marvel Industries stainless-steel beverage center courtesy of Plessers.com ($1,699)(Gwen), groceries for a year (Gwen) & the '12 Nissan Versa S HB AT (Std., Plus/Guards)(Rachel)($16,765)(MDS theme for the car, main prize cue by Edd for the other two prizes, I hink).

Rat Lane Assignments (for this playing only, I'm assigning a CAA college/university to each color):

#1- Green (George Mason)
#2- Yellow (VCU)
#3- Orange (Drexel)
#4- Blue (Delaware)
#5- Pink (Northeastern)

SPs (Manuela)("Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett & Afrojack):

1. Gold Bond Extra Strength Body Lotion (small bottle): $5- $4.93 (GREEN)
2. Nostalgia Electronics non-stick soft pretzel maker: $55 (audience doesn't like it)- $29
3. Cuisinart stainless-steel confection bread maker: $200- $235 (PINK)


B. Center: Pink- WIN
Groceries: Yellow
VERSA HB: Green- WIN! (& Mike thought it was cute to assign the winning rat after we just saw a hybrid-themed prize of any kind; he previously did this on the red Toyota prius last season)

(Notes: As of this episode, George usually doesn't repeat the name of the car being played for in Pricing Games after describing it. Also, we didn't hear any dinging while the rats on the results board were being lit up off-camera & there was no instant replay just before the break.)

The last newbie of the day's Tammy Schulman & the final IUFB of the morning's a pair of Dahon Expresso 26" mountain bikes (Rachel at Door #5)("Drive By" by Train). Wilbur's in BIG trouble.

Michael: $1,501/TAMMY: $1,350/Wilbur: $900/Mary: $1.5K

ARP: $1,098- Wilbur has finally won!

This Austin filmmaker plays Pick-a-Pair for a six-night stay at the Strater Hotel in Durango, CO (Manuela at Door #3)(camping/outdoors cue by Edd) worth $5,865. No matter what happens w/ these groceries (using a vamp of an Edd Showcase cue), he'll spin The Big Wheel second in the day's other SCSD- Gorton's Skillet Crisp tilapia, Sunsweet plum Amazins, Hamburger Helper Classic Stroganoff mix, a 17-ounce bottle of The Healthier Oil, Aspercreme Heat Pain-Relieving Gel & the Breyers Strawberry Ice Cream. He starts w/ both ends of the board, the tilapia & the ice cream...both are $5.69! Both the plums & the pasta mix cost $2.49 apiece & the Aspercreme & cooking oil were each valued at $6.79.

SCSD #2:
Tracey ($1K): Quarter + Half-Dollar = Three Quarters
Wilbur ($6,963): 40 + 80 = OVER BY TWO DIMES
Gabriel ($19,534): WINS TOP WINNER'S SHOWCASE PODIUM W/ $.80

SHOWCASE #1 ("International Love" by Pitbull featuring Chris Brown):

Door #4- Three-night getaway to the Hotel Bel-Air (Gwen; includes six hours of limo service)
Door #3- SpaBerry spa (Rachel)
Door #1- Six-night trip to the Sandy Beach Resort in Tonga (Rachel)



JESSICA SHOWCASE (Door #2)(this will thus determine if both of Gabe's cars are going to be back there at show's end):

Left- 15 pieces of speedo swimwear (featuring regal music at the start of this Showcase)
Right- Four-night trip to Omaha, NE (includes first-class, four-day passes to the Olympic Swimming Trials)
Inside- '12 MINI Cooper HT (Gwen)(Consolation prize cue by Edd)



Showcase Prices:

Pearl: $23,327
Gabriel: $27,570

Pearl wins a total of $33,356 in merchandise.


TNG: Tonight's first three couples:

Mario & Erika (who first met while at a First Lady event)
Erick & Christina (she was about to break up w/ him prior to the proposal)
Kevin & Megan (he accidentally overslept & stood her up on their first date)


1. What type of freak's your wife- one who wants it all the time, real kinky or do it anywhere?
2. If you & your wife starred in a reality show, what person from either of your worlds would most likely be the villain?
3. "If I were kept away from my wife for 30 years, I'd still never forget the smell of her ____________."

1. Anywhere- ANYWHERE (5)
2. Jonathan- HERSELF
3. Booty- VI-JAY-JAY

1. Kinky- ALL THE TIME
2. Christina (because she's a fan of witches)- HERSELF (5)
3. Cooking- COOKING (10)

1. Anywhere- ANYWHERE (5)
2. Her brother Allen- TERRY
3. Hair- CHEST

SECOND HONEYMOON: Hacienda Encantada (Cabo San Lucas; courtesy of MEXICO.com)


1. Tell me what's the nastiest word you can use in the bedroom- to keep it clean, we're going to replace the first letter of the word w/ the letter B.
2. Of all your husband's pet peeves, which one's so ridiculous you just want to tell him "Get over it"?
3. Every recipe for long-lasting love's different- what's the secret ingredient in your marriage?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: Think back to your first fight- who was in the wrong & who said sorry first?

1. Bump roast (Sherri wastes a lot of time talking about them)- BUMP ROAST (15)
2. She's the boss- DRINKS SOME WINE
3. Love- LOVE (25)
BONUS: Erika & Mario- FIRST PART WRONG (40)

1. Buck- "BUCK ME" (20)
2. She's a loud talker- THE TIME IT TAKES HER TO GET READY
3. Her cooking- FOOD (30)
BONUS: Erick (both)- LOSS (fake Zerg Cam alert)

1. Ballow- BUCK
2. His dog (a Schnauzer/Poodle mix) licks her face when he gets up- MISMATCHED SOCKS
3. Talking- HOT SAUCE
BONUS: Kevin & Megan- RIGHT (35)

Consolation Prize: The NY Pass

Last Episode of the Week:

Yosi & Heather (he took her for a ride in his race car on their first date)
Will & Cassandra (they first me when he woke her up while she was sleeping in the middle of class)
Ryan & Adrien (who enjoy dressing as pirates)


1. If you were interested in doing some sexy spouse swapping, who would you approach first out of the couples you're friends with?
2. Would you save more of the dinners you eat together are made in the microwave, oven or by someone else?
3. "I walk on eggshells every time I talk to my wife about _____________."

1. Danielle & Alex (after originally going w/ THAT Will & Cassandra)- CAT & ONE OF HER BOYFRIENDS
2. Someone else- MICROWAVE
3. Making plans- CARS

1. Quiana & Brandon (originally nobody)- DAVID & LATRICE
3. Money- $$$ (5)

1. Jacqueline & her boyfriend- KERRY & JACQUELINE (5)
2. Someone else- SOMEONE ELSE (10)
3. Money (he's the spender)- $$$ (15)

SH: Caravan.com


1. When your husband reaches the peak of Pleasure Mountain, does he yell out in triumph, sigh w/ satisfaction or grunt through the final few steps?
2. "When work in life have me all stressed out, nothing relieves the tension better than _____________."
3. What's the sexiest item you've bought that's designed to be worn in the bedroom only?
30-POINT BQ: "When it comes to what we do when we're doing it, all I want is more ____________ & a little less ____________."

1. Yell- GRUNT
2. Going out to dinner & a movie on a date night- SNUGGLING W/ MY BABY
3. A T-shirt that says "Smile if you're not wearing underwear"- HIGH-HEELED SHOES
BONUS: Kissing & time preparing for "the procedure"- PDA & LESS TALKING; SKUNKED

1. Sigh- SIGH (15)
2. A foot rub- BEING W/ MY HUSBAND
3. A nightgown- BLACK-LACED WHITE SILK GOWN (25)
BONUS: Kissing & nothing- KISSING & NOTHING (55)

1. Yell- YELL (25)
2. Watching TV- WATCHING TV (35)
3. Schoolgirl outfit- SCHOOLGIRL OUTFIT (45)
BONUS: Kissing & snoring- KISSING & FOREPLAY (60)

CP: Arthur Murray


$1K T-U: Around the House

_ _ Y _ T A L

_ L A S _ W _ _ E

Brian wins $1K in cash instead of CRYSTAL STEMWARE. Tuesday's trio:

Brian Fiorino (Memphis; originally from Liverpool, NY)- A senior finance associate for a non-profit organization & former 20 yr. school bus driver
Sav Le (Federal Way, WA)- A bank worker & frequent baker/cook married to Paul w/ two children; she just started her own Internet cooking channel
Anita Jefferson (Quitman, GA)- A business analyst & state Toastmaster of the Year who has written five self-help books & is also a volunteer radio reader for the blind through the Junior League of Atlanta

$2K T-U: Event

S I _ N I N G / A

C O _ T _ A C _

Long after all three of these contestants were SIGNING A CONTRACT to participate on "Wheel", Sav's on the board now.

Tuesday's Prize Wedge: Trip to The Palazzo from Vegas.com ($6K)
Tuesday/Thursday Gift Tag: LobsterGram

Eggland's Best Jackpot Round: Thing

Sav starts by calling for an S to ring up $550, buying two A's, making the call of four T's to multiply her remaining $300 by nine & purchasing four E's, then she takes a $300 H but then Bankrupts out on the Million Dollar Wedge's right side for $2,750. Secondly, Anita calls out triple the R's for $1,800...

_ E _ A R T _ E _ T / _ _

T H E / T R E A S U R Y

...& even though I think this should've fallen under a different theme, she solves DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY to keep that amount & stay in control.


Current Scores:

Sav: $2K/Anita: $1,800/Brian: $1K

Mystery Round: Same Letter

The middle lady immediately takes off the MDW w/ three S's, then she goes ahead in Free Playing an E & Bankrupting next to $3.5K to lose her $1 Million opportunity. Second, Brian lands on top dollar & calls three R's, buys four A's & two O's, discovers a $300 L & buys the I to close the vowel shop. After that, he claims the SL of five C's for $1.5K more...


C A R _ O O _

C _ A R A C _ E R S

...& can tell you that Bugs Bunny & Mickey Mouse are among those CLASSIC CARTOON CHARACTERS to not only retain control, but earn another $11,550.


Current Scores:

Sav: $2K/Anita: $1,800/Brian: $12,550

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

Brian initially chooses a $600 N but then Bankrupts next to top dollar. Sav secondly says an $800 S & an I, but she then spins the other available Bankrupt to give back $550. Third for Anita is that Bankrupt next to $3.5K, also her second of the night. Brian next gets the exact same fate, so two Bankrupts for each of these people so far on the episode. After Sav tries a $500 G at the end, an A buy fails her. Anita follows that by FPing four E's, taking two $600 T's, two $500 H's for the blue 1/2 KIA, a $450 R & an $800 F, then she FPs trip O's, collects a $1.5K L trio & a $600 Y pair. Once she's bought the twin U's...

Y O U ' L L / L O _ E

T H E / _ U T Y - F R E E

S H O _ _ I N G

...she solves for $5,300 extra & my dear, YOU'LL LOVE THE DUTY-FREE SHOPPING during your Caravan.com Costa Rica Tour, for a total this round in cash & travel of $11,300.

BANKRUPTS: 4 (two by Brian)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RH8883533 (Rachel H.)

Current Scores:

Sav: $2K/Anita: $13,100 in cash & tour/Brian: $12,550

$3K T-U: Fun & Games

S _ E _ _ I _ _ / B _ E

One of the games introduced on "Family Game Night" this season, Anita solves SPELLING BEE to pad her first-place score to $16,100.

R4: Person

Her next letter call of T's a dud. Second for Brian are a $500 R, three E's (one at the end of both lines), a $500 N, double A's & $900 worth of three L's, then the board...

_ E L _ - _ A _ E

_ _ L L _ _ N A _ R E

...he's nowhere near being a SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRE, but he's $1,400 wealthier.

SOLE DUD: $300 T (Anita)

Current Scores:

Sav: $2K/Anita: $16,100/Brian: $13,950

Last Chance Round: Show Biz

$1.5K's spun up to be the consonant value. Following a D...

S T _ N D _ N G

_ _ _ T _ _ N

...we give Sav a STANDING OVATION for winning three more C-notes; Brian missed out on twice as much & the title.

DUDS: L (Sav), P (Brian), R (Anita)

Final Scores:

Sav: $5K/Anita: $16,100 in cash & vacation/Brian: $13,950
GT: $35,050

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $3,900

Big Money Round #119: Anita spins up that ' again.

Theme: Phrase

Starter (s):

_ R _ _ _ E

T _ E / _ _ _

DHMA puts in besides the obvious H...

_ R _ D _ E

T H E / _ A _

...she doesn't BRIDGE THE GAP to victory. The good news is that it's not either the $65K, $75K or $85K...

...THE BAD NEWS IS THAT SHE'S THE FIFTH $100K LOSER OF THE SEASON; FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A ROW IN THAT KIND OF SITUATION, THE G'S PROBABLY WOULD'VE DONE IT. Well, it's kinda a blessing in disguise that she lost that MDW quickly; in any event, she's shown the door w/ $16,100 in cash & tour.

Millionaire Tuesday:

Conclusion of Dawn Sheehan's Game

Game 2
Game 3

(Also: Jenna completely missed the $26,790 Big Deal of the Day that was behind Door #1, which had the Subaru Impreza & the Kawasaki Vulcan, but she's still going on the $7,701 trip to The Sands at Grace Bay because of choosing #3...Jessamine Price's luck on "Jeopardy!" ran out as she blanked out in FJ!, leaving w/ $28,803 while Patrick Antle won $22,800.)

Episode ratings:

"Ca$h Cab":
9 AM: 6
9:30 AM: 7
8: "The Newlywed Game"
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "Millionaire"
5: "Wheel of Fortune"
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