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3/2/2012 Results

FF: This is the last couple of episodes until May Sweeps (unless something changes).

GAME #1: Flowerses (whose two-day cash winnings total $1,930) vs. Rzentkowskis (Madison, WI)

R1: Name something a prisoner wearing handcuffs might ask a guard to do for him. Here's at least one guess:

#2: Unlock/loosen cuffs (25)(Hope)
DUD: Brush his teeth (Allen)


Monica: Scratch his back- #1 (48)
Tammy: Tie his shoe- BOTTOM ANSWER (3)
Letitia: Pull his pants up- X
Angela: Pick up something on the floor- XX
Hope: Button his shirt- XXX

Allen Steal (for 76): Light his cigarette- #3 (7)

#4: Help him pee/aim (6)
#5: Open the door (4)
OTHER BA: Make phone call (3)

R2: Name a battery-operated device that you might keep next to the bed. Example object (s):

#1: Alarm clock (35)(Danika)
#3: Sex toy/vibrator (20)(Monica)


Shawn (a stay-at-home mom of four who also coaches volleyball): Remote control- #2 (23)
Diana: Cell phone- #5 (4)
Lee (car dealership worker/poker player): Baby monitor- X
Allen: Cordless phone- XX
Danika: Flashlight- SWEEP! (11)(169; Steve mistakenly gives them an extra point)

Double: Name something fried that people eat at county fairs. I don't go to them, but I think I know at least half this board:

#3: Chicken (12)(Tammy)
#4: French Fries (9)(Shawn)


Letitia: Turkey leg- X
Angela: Corn- XX
Hope: Funnel cake- T4 (9)
Monica: Hot dogs- XXX

Allen Steal (for another 60): Corn dogs- #2 (13)(229)

#1: Dough/elephant ears (14)
#6: Pickles (7)

Triple: According to 100 guys, name someplace women just can't seem to go without bringing along someone.

#2: Mall/shopping (36)(Letitia)
DUD: Dinner/restaurant (Diana)


Angela: Bath/powder room- #1 (37)
Hope: Bar/club- #3 (10)
Monica: Church- X
Tammy: Movie/theater- SWEEP! (9)(276)

SUDDEN DEATH: Name something that a person digging in the backyard would be excited to find.
Lee: $$$/treasure- WIN (88)

FAST MONEY: The new champs' Comfort INN Home Town Family Moment representative's their mom Rose.

1. According to 100 ladies, how long do you date somebody before deciding they're the one?
2. Name a place people go to whether they want to or not.
3. Name something in an office that often gets refilled.
4. Name an animal that gives birth to a lot of babies at one time.
5. Name a device you look through.

1. Six months- 18
2. Church- 20
3. Water jug- 14
4. Puppy- 30
5. Camera- 7

1. Two weeks- DUD
2. Funeral- 9
3. Coffee machine- 16
4. Rabbit- 12; FIRST-RUN FM SHUTOUT (first this season)
5. Telescope- 36
TOTAL- 162 ($810)


1. One year
2. Work
3. Copy/paper machine

GAME #2: Brennans (Green Bay) vs. Browns (whose one-day cash winnings total $710)

(Note: This is probably the last episode w/ the big board main show logo on the blue background.)

R1: Name something you hope the other couple doesn't do when you're on a double date. Beginning w/:

#2: Fight/argue (26)(Nancie)
#3: Get drunk (5)(Dorothy)


Kevin: Smooch/make out/"get it on"- #1 (42)
Jay: Hit on your spouse/swap partners- #6 (4)
Kristin: Leave you w/ the bill- T3 (5)
Chad: Talk about loved one(s)- X
Nancie: Bring their children- XX
Kevin: Talk on the phone- XXX

Dorothy Steal (for 82): Talk too much- NOT THERE, EITHER

T3: Leave (5)
#7: "Toot" (3)

R2: Name a body part you'd hate to have your doctor accidentally sew shut during an operation. Starter (s):

#1: Lips/mouth (54)(Kevin)


Jay: Stomach- X
Kristin: Eyes- #2 (10)
Chad: Butt/"Uranus"- #2 (21)
Nancie: Nose- #5 (3)
Kevin: Ears- XX
Jay: Vagina/privates- #4 (9)
Kristin: Throat- XXX

Dorothy Steal #2 (for 97 & the lead): Legs- NO (Brennans: 179)(#6: Bellybutton)(2)

Double: Name something a husband hopes his wife doesn't tell him to get rid of. Answer away:

#4: His pet (8)(Faye)
DUD: His tools (Jay)


Brenda: His smokes- X
Wanda (the oldest member of this team): His old clothes/shoes- #1 (21)
Dorothy (a community college worker in Texas): His motorcycle- XX
Dana: Furniture/favorite chair- #3 (9)
Faye: Car- #2 (13)
Brenda: Best friend- XXX

Nancie Steal (for another 102): His porn- #5 (6; Steve mistakenly said it was for the win)(281)

Triple: Name a place you'd hate to get caught on hidden camera. This could be a fast round:

#2: Bedroom (9)(Brenda)
DUD: Porn shop (Kristin)


Wanda: Nightclub- X
Dorothy: In the potty/bathroom- #1 (71)
Dana: Jail- XX
Faye: Stealing from a department store- XXX

Nancie Steal to Win: Dressing room- SHUTOUT (9)(521)

FM #2: The Brennans are supported in their CIHTFM by their sister-in-law Jodi & her two little girls.

1. Name something people make sure's comfortable before they buy it.
2. On the 1-10 scale, how nice of a person are you?
3. Name a place where even shy people will sing.
4. Tell me a game people play when they go to a casino.
5. Name a sport where players score a goal.

1. Bed- 34
2. 8- 25
3. Church- 39
4. Slot machines- 36
5. Football- 14
TOTAL- 148

Kristin (Nancie's a sister of hers):
1. Shoes- 20
2. 7- 22
3. Karaoke- 17; WIN AT 207!
4. Blackjack
5. Soccer

(Note: There's no FM win instant replay this time, but the two families are dancing like The Rockettes at the end!)


WoF: Remember, the third America's Game Week of the season's next week.

$1K T-U: Place

T _ E / _ _ _ H A

S _ A _ E

Jaquelin isn't fooled by Hawaii's nickname of THE ALOHA STATE. Last "Wheel" solvers this week:

Jaquelin Hubbard (Beverly, MA)- A teacher & girls' basketball coach at Landmark School who's also an endurance athlete & just finished her first Ironman
Tannen Mitchell-Briggs (Denver)- An operations manager for a fitness company & a UC-Denver graduate student in Accounting who studied abroad in Spain
Cathy Johns (Canton, GA)- A married paralegal & tennis player w/ three children who had to skip a tennis match just to audition for this GS

$2K T-U: Around the House

_ E _ E _ _ A N

B L _ _ D S


Last Hawaii Trip This Week: Marriott Kauai Resort from ($5,530)

IHOP Jackpot Round: Fictional Characters

Cathy calls three S's for an instant $1.5K & the blue 1/2 KIA & two R's for another $900, then she buys two E's, calls on two T's for another 11 Benjamins, buys an A & puts in two $300 L's before buying a dud vowel in I. Second, Jaquelin calls the two C's for the Hawaii wedge, the $350 K & the $450 M prior to buying the six O's to wipe out the vowels & taking the two $300 H's, but then comes the Bankrupt next to $2.5K to let $6,680 in cash & holiday go up in smoke. Tannen then has a chance at the $1K steal...


H O L M E S / &

_ O C T O R

_ A T S O _

...& he's successful because of SHERLOCK HOLMES & DOCTOR WATSON, we presume.

SOLE DUD: I (Cathy)

Current Scores:

Tannen & Jaquelin: $1K each
Cathy: $2K

Mystery Round: Fun & Games

Jaquelin's opening letters are two N's at $550 each, a T for the Hilo Hattie online shopping spree, a $300 S & a couple I's, then she gets a $600 G but then Loses a Turn. Tannen secondly wants triple R's for $1,800; following two E's & three A's come the Free Play of the leftover vowel of O, an $800 L & trip P's for an extra $1,050...

T _ R O _ I N G



...& we won't be THROWING PAPER AIRPLANES at him now, because he's solved his second straight puzzle, this one for $3,450, & he's still in control.

SOLE LaT: Jaquelin

Current Scores:

Tannen: $4,450/Cathy: $2K/Jaquelin: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: Food & Drink

His initial letters in this round are two T's for six bills & a $10.5K H trio; following those are three A's & I's but then a negative of E. Second for Cathy are the Wild Card w/ two W's but then comes the same Bankrupt from before. Third, Jaquelin has called $1.5K worth of three M's & right after that...

H _ T / _ _ _ _ A

W I T H / M I _ I

M A _ _ H M A _ _ _ W _

...she drinks some HOT COCOA WITH MINI MARSHMALLOWS to add that amount to her score & a $5.5K ski trip to the Resort at Squaw Creek.

SOLE DUD: E (Tannen)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: GH04100 (Garry H.)

(Note: The first letter of the given SPIN ID was incorrectly shown to be N.)

Current Scores:

Tannen: $4,450/Cathy: $2K/Jaquelin: $8K in cash & Lake Tahoe

$3K T-U: Song Title

_ _ D E R / T H E

_ O _ R D _ A _ _

Jaquelin's up to 11 thou in cash & getaway by identifying "UNDER THE BOARDWALK" by The Drifters.

R4: Living Things

She next proceeds to say a $500 T, a $900 N, the $500 S at the end & two I's before the Speed-Up Bell goes off...

_ I _ _ _ T I N _

_ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ S

...w/ the rest of the consonants during Last Chance Mode worth $1.5K each. After a B from Cathy...

M I G R _ T I N G

B L _ _ / _ H _ L _ S

...she envisions some MIGRATING BLUE WHALES for another three C-notes; Jaquelin missed out on $9,150 that round.

DUDS (after final bell): D (Tannen), F (Cathy), P (Tannen)

Final Scores:

Tannen: $4,450/Cathy: $5K/Jaquelin: $11K in cash & Tahoe
GT: $20,450

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding WC): $6,680 in cash & HI

Big Money Round #113: Jaquelin has the I envelope from SPIN.

Category: Thing

About half the letters are given from RSTLNE:

_ _ _ E

R _ _ T E

PMCO add just a vowel on the bottom...

_ _ _ E

R O _ T E

...but she doesn't follow the BIKE ROUTE (JOKE ROUTE was two letters off) towards $45K, so she leaves w/ $5.5K in cash & the same-valued Tahoe trip.

J!: Patrick Morrison goes for four wins tonight against:

Annette Todd (Riverside, CA)- Marketing director
David Gard (Jamaica Plain, MA)- Retail horticulturalist

Friday's First Six:

2 BY 2 (each correct response's a pop duo)
"V" ME

David doesn't need a telescope to find the Daily Double in five clues under the middle Astronomy screen. While Patrick's started w/ $200, David risks his whole $1K on the following:

The two shortest-named constellations each have three letters; Ara & this one in the Zodiac.

"What is Leo?"...he has two. As a matter of fact, he's got four at halftime; Patrick's at $2,400 & Annette's on the board w/ $200.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $600 (2 By 2)

Post J! Round Banks:

Patrick: $6K
David: $6,600
Annette: $3K

Another Half-Dozen Double J! Topics For Your Pleasure:

THE POST MAN'S HERE ("post" is underlined)

After an incorrect response reversal on an $800 clue earlier, David's score's upped to $11,400 just as he's about to attempt his second DD of the night behind the $1,600 Antonymic Pair; Patrick's still within reach w/ $7,600 & Annette has half the champ's second-place score. David will wager $2,600 on this one:

Scientific American has a feature that presents a common belief & asks this alliterative question.

"What is Fact or Fiction?"...that's true to get him to the $14K mark! But while he's on a roll, Patrick takes the other DD attached to the $1,600 The Post Man's Here answer & is leading David $14,800-$14K; Annette's back to where she started this DJ! Round, $3K. To retain his lead & add $2,200:

Stuart Whatley's managing blog editor for this post.

"What is...The Denver Post?"...back to second the champ goes; it was The Huffington Post.


Totals Following Both Rounds:

Patrick: $14,600
David: $16K
Annette: $3K


Patrick: $16,800
David: $14,600
Annette: $3K

FINAL J! CATEGORY: Book Villains.

The first time we meet this man in a 1981 novel, he's in his cell holding "Le Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine".

Response: "Who is Hanibal _______"
Wager: $2,998
Final score: $2

Patrick Morrison had "Who is Hannibal Lecter?", which is the complete correct name to add $8K & prop him up to $22,600...but he's leaving at least for now w/ $82,701, because David Gard's the new titleholder w/ $29,300.

Millionaire Friday:

Conclusion of Mark Lingenfelter's Game
Game 2
Game 3
$1K Question Game

(Also on "Let's Make a Deal" today: There was nowhere near as much luck as yesterday, as Ellyn lost a $3,250 Yamaha scooter to the $1,995 Crosley jukebox package behind Door #3 in the Big Deal Round. The BD worth $23,685 was behind Door #1 & it consisted of the red $15,320 Nissan Versa SV & a trip to the Tanque Verde Ranch.)

Episode ratings:

"Family Feud":
5:30 PM: 6
6 PM: 9
7: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
5: "Let's Make a Deal"
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