Thursday, March 29, 2012

3/29/2012 Results

LMaD: This morning's Big Deal of the Day's worth $23,490, so the Chevrolet Equinox could play a part in giving away the $50K suitcase (remember, "$ale of the Century" was best known for that).

But we're going to give Kimberly (a leadership training & consulting company worker dressed as Santa whose boyfriend Scott broke up w/ her recently) a chance to win up to a car right now playing Find the Face.

Three-Card Tiffany Prize (SMALL BOX): Luxury spa day at Thibiant in Beverly Hills w/ skincare ($2,910)

#3: TIFFANY ($500: #2)

Four-Card Jonathan Prize (CURTAIN #1): Designer accessories, makeup & sunglasses ($4,771)

#4: $1K ($750: #1)

FIVE-CARD WAYNE AUTOMOBILE (CURTAIN #3): Mitsubishi Lancer ($17,455)


#2- $500
#3- $2K

Aisha (a temp worker/receptionist dressed as an outlet) starts out w/ a bottled message brought out by Tiffany.

Adam's Round (dressed as a Mexican Scotsman): CURTAIN #2 ($1K)- KEMCO scooter

Janette's Round (dressed as a cowgirl): NO to BIG BOX ($1K)- HDTV trio ($4,100)

Aisha's Round: Message (because she likes "Message in a Bottle" by The Police)- A treasure map that leads to a treasure chest filled w/ $4,675 (CURTAIN #3)
SB (Jonathan)- Rock radio

Michelle will be in the first-ever "LMaD" Debate. Both the host & the co-host will have 20 seconds to talk about their prize (s).

Wayne: CURTAIN #1

PICK: SE- $100
CURTAIN #1- Four-night trip to the Beaver Creek Lodge in Avon, CO w/ equipment ($10,920)

Dominic Brown (dressed as a feather bird) plays The New New Car Pong for the Toyota Tacoma MT (Curtain #3).

Prompt: Stores in the Mall of America
Choices (now on iPads for at least this playing): Adidas, Bloomingdale's, macy's & Nordstrom
PICKS: macy's, Nordstrom & Bloomingdales

RESULTS- WINS TRUCK & $750 (Southeast & South cups; the $250 cup landing came at the buzzer)

He got the truck in just nine of the 20 seconds!

(Notes: Even if you win the automobile before time expires, you can still keep throwing balls for the money. Also, Wayne forgot that he landed the $500 cup in three sec. & an instant replay of that was shown just before the next deal.)

Patricia's Fast Deal Decision (dressed as a fried egg): CURTAIN #2- A chariot w/ a gorilla on top of it 
SILVER ENVELOPE (X10): $310 ($3,100)

Teaming up for the last regulation deal today are Melanie & Phung (who've been high school friends for 6-7 years).

Lounge: Phung ($1K)- living room ($4,905)
Focus: ELIMINATED AT THE START- Digital camera & camcorder w/ classes ($3,008; it could've been a said Ford car)
BB (Style): NEITHER ($1K; this would've been Melanie's)- Packing peanut clothing

THE BIG DEAL: Phung chose Door #3 one aired episode too late, so she's headed to the cleaners- a $2,456 washer/dryer set, to be exact.

#1- Mustang (Std., Axle, Tire/Wheel)
#2- Trip to theReef ($6,306)

(Note: There was no pan of the three doors just before her final selection.)

While wearing a sombrero, Sean shows Jonathan a credit card w/ a 1-800 number on it for $100, Yontiguah (dressed as a pageant girl) can't find a nail file to have Tiffany pay her $100 & Kailen digs up 47 cents from her purse in time to win Wayne's $200.



$1K T-U: On the Map

T H E / S O U T H

C _ _ _ A / _ E A

The non-hosting Pat's wrong w/ THE SOUTH CASPIA SEA, so Shaun steals this one on THE SOUTH CHINA SEA. Introducing these guys & the girl for tonight's game:

Shaun Garvin (Atlanta; originally from St. Louis)- A flight attendant who's going to graduate school to be an organizational psychologist
Amira Azimi (L.A.; originally from Oxnard, CA)- A sales account manager for an apparel company who's been a Wheel Watcher since she was three years old w/ a 99 yr. old grandma
Pat Kotsonis (Fords, NJ)- Owner of two restaurants

$2K T-U: Occupation

H _ _ E _

D O _ _ M _ N

Amira solves HOTEL DOORMAN.

Thursday's Featured Trip: Tour of Japan from g adventures ($8,946)

Meineke Jackpot Round: What Are You Doing?

She starts w/ two $500 N's for the blue 1/2 KIA, three I's but then the Lose a Turn. Secondly, Pat calls the G & three T's for $500 each, buys two E's & an A & gets two H's for another $800, but then Bankrupts out on the Million Dollar Wedge's left side for $2,300. Third, Shaun collects the $600 W & the three O's to finish out the vowels, then a $900 pair of C's but he then LaTs out. After Amira picks a $500 P...


N O O _ _ E _ / W I T H

C H O _ _ T I C _ _

...she's EATING NOODLES WITH CHOPSTICKS for another $1,250.

LaTs: 2 (Amira & Shaun)

Current Scores:

Pat: $0/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $3,250 (1/2 KIA)

Mystery Round: Same Name

Pat picks up the tour right away w/ two T's, Free PLAYS an O, calls for three S's for $900 & buys two I's & three A's, then he gets an N for the TravelSmith gift card & two E's to clean the vowel department out again and let's go to the board...

S A T E _ _ I T E

A N _ / S O A _

_ I S _

...he solves SATELLITE AND SOAP DISH for $10,096 in cash & merchandise.


Current Scores:

Pat: $10,096 in cash & prizes/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $3,250 (1/2 KIA)

Prize Puzzle Round: Song Lyrics

Shaun immediately duds out w/ S while on the other 1/2 KIA. Second, Amira finds a $300 N, three E's, a $600 pair of R's, a $600 H, two A's up top & a $300 M, then she FPs triple the I's & takes the two C's for $600 extra...

C A _ I _ _ R N I A

H E R E / I / C _ M E

...too bad she has to solve the 1927 Al Jolson song "CALIFORNIA, HERE I COME", but at least she has first place back w/ another $1,900 & a $5.5K trip for two of her friends to the Omni Hotel & Resort in S.F.

SOLE DUD: $500 S (Shaun)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JC7350224 (Judi C.)

Current Scores:

Pat: $10,096 in cash & stuff/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $10,650 in cash & S.F.

$3K T-U: Person

_ _ R _ _ _ _

D _ P _ O M A T

Shaun quadruples his moolah because of a FOREIGN DIPLOMAT.

R4: Place

He gets the S at the beginning & end of this board for $600 each, two A's & two FP T's for another thou, but an I buy ends his turn. Second for Amira is a dud consonant of N. Third, Pat inserts trip R's for $1.5K, an E quartet & a $450 C before...


_ E A _ _ _ A R T E R S

...he steals an extra $1,700 from the SECRET HEADQUARTERS to get first back.

DUDS: I (Shaun), $600 N (Amira)

Current Scores:

Pat: $11,796 in cash & stuff/Shaun: $1K/Amira: $10,650 in cash & trip

Last Chance Round: Living Things

Consonants pay $1,600. Early in this puzzle, Shaun asks for an L...

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ L _ S S _ _ S

...CHERRY BLOSSOMS is a good guess, but that's incorrect. W/ only vowels left after this, Amira wants the B...

_ R _ N G _

B L _ S S _ M S

...& she says ORANGE BLOSSOMS on the buzzer for the $8K win! Shaun ultimately gave back $4,800.

DUDS: C (Amira) & F (Pat)
SOLE DQ: Shaun (missolve)

Final Scores:

Pat: $11,796 in cash & merchandise/Shaun: $4K/Amira: $18,650 in cash & vacation
GT: $34,446


Big Money Round #131: Amira whips up the W.

Category: Phrase

Starting us off this time are:

_ L _ _ / T _ E

S _ _ T _ _

She's about to nail this one! After calling the P, F, C & the I's...

F L _ P / T _ E

S _ I T C _

...don't FLIP THE SWITCH on your TV's, my friends- she's $40K happier as the 50th BR winner of the season, meaning she's leaving w/ $58,650 in cash & local vacation!

(Note: Jimmy came up w/ a new post-BR line "_______, here's your ticket to instant happiness...".)

Remember, "Wheel" starts shooting in Portland tomorrow!

J!: No joke- Beau Henson's a two-time champ on this program (he's an actor originally from Mt. Carmel, IL). But challenging him are two more guys:

Richie Rodriguez (Haywood, CA)- Mechanical engineer
Jay Ben Markson (originally from Lakeville, MA)- Also an actor

For real, here are Thursday's first six:


Jay Ben correctly answers Where on Earth is the Video Daily Double? Under its $600 clue & he has $2,200; Richie has the six bills. He's going for the $4,400 doubler:

The Tower of the Great Opening Hotel's in Khartoum in this country.

"What is Sudan?"...Khartoum's indeed its capital for the $4,400! He's added half that score to that once we reach the first break, while Richie's gotten to the $1K mark; however, Beau's $400 in the hole.

SOLE TS OF THE ROUND (attempted): $600 (N.T.)

Post-J! Round Scores:

Beau: $3,400
Jay Ben: $9,200 (Lock Game Territory Alert)
Richie: $3,200

Double J! Topics:

14-, 15- & 16-LETTER WORDS

Richie's road to getting rich has reached a crucial point- him finding a DD w/ $8K attached to the $1,600 Philosophical Metaphor during such a spree. He's $600 behind Beau for second & is $2,400 out of the lead. For another five big ones & the lead, here's the clue for Richie:

In a work of political philosophy, hobbies compared "The great power of..." man's governor to this Biblical beast.

"What is the Behemoth?"...NO. It was The Leviathan & his bank's cut to $3K. Jay Ben's second & final DD this match comes from the middle spot under They Came From Ohio w/ about a minute left in this round of play & he's barely leading the champ, $13,600-$12,600; Richie's far behind them at $3,800. To move back in front w/ a $4K bet:

An elementary school in Lorain, OH is named for this woman from Lorain, who's both a Pulitzer & Nobel Prize winner.

"Who is Rachel Carson?"...heeeeeeeeeeere's bad news for Jay Ben- her name was Toni Morrison instead, meaning he has a $3K deficit between him & Beau.

ATTEMPTED LACH TRASH: $1,600 (14-, 15- & 16-Letter Words)

Scores After DJ!:

Beau: $13,800
Jay Ben: $11,600
Richie: $5,400


Beau: $13,800
Jay Ben: $14K

Richie: $10,400

FINAL J! SUBJECT: Space Exploration.

On March 17, 2011, a probe called Messenger became the first spacecraft to orbit this planet.

RR's response to that answer was "What is Neptune?"...BUSTED. Jay Ben Markson almost agreed w/ Richie, but he wrote "What is Mercury?"...Ford's now-defunct mid-luxury line name is GOOD FOR THE DOUBLER TO $23,200...but Beau Henson's won for the third time at $23,201! Three-day total: $51,202.

Episode ratings:

8: "Let's Make a Deal" & "Wheel of Fortune"
7: Everything else
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