Friday, March 30, 2012

3/30/2012 Results

LMaD: On this episode, someone could win that Tahoe boat & the $50K, so this morning's Super Deal's worth $75,045.

Blanca (a surgical technician from Dallas) starts out w/ a $1 bankroll loaded w/ $100s...& turns that down for the middle curtain...the money totaled $2,101.

CURTAIN #1 (THE BIG RISK)- Bedroom w/ acer laptop ($4,968)
CURTAIN #2 (it moves)- Nissan Versa SV ($15,445)
CURTAIN #3 (it uses gas)- 2012 Mazda2 MT 


Jennifer (who's wearing a grandma wig) has the other chance of the week to Smash for Ca$h. All of this day's piggy banks are blue & for at least this playing only, Wayne & Jonathan trade places!

1. #9 (for her daughter's birthday)- DANGER ZONE ENFORCED ALREADY
2. #5- $2
3. #10- $2 ($4; $1K)
4. #1- $2 ($6; $2K)
5. #6- LOSS
$100 Consolation Pick: #8- WINS $200

Lynne (a director of teaching & learning in MN dressed as Santa) is part of a good deal given that she's an educator- Spell Me a Deal.

First Letter: S
Nicole's Round (she's a dancer, fitness instructor & cheerleader from Diamond Bar, CA dressed as a bee): BIG BOX ($1.5K; originally $800)- Shag carpet appliances ($100)

Second Letter: E
Joshua's Round (a Orange County, CA native dressed as a matador): SMALL BOX ($2K)- Used cell phones ($100)

Third Letter: A
Lynne's Final Round: $2K- SEA-DOO ($8,999)

Get out the Headlines Deal, Jonathan.

Natasha Ellis' Round (from Reseda, CA)("Trader Feels the Heat Behind CURTAIN #1!"): GO ($1.5K)- Six-night trip to the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino ($6,282)


James (a freshman at UCI dressed as a penguin) plays Remember When for that same Mazda2 (but it's behind Curtain #2 this time).

Today's Titles (all superhero flicks): "Batman Begins", "Spider-Man 2", "Superman Returns", "Catwoman" & "Iron Man"
GUESSES: "Batman Begins" & "Spider-Man 2"- INSTANT BAILOUT

He's going home w/ the $2,573 AjMadison royal blue washer/dryer (BB).

"Batman Begins"- '05
"Iron Man"- '08
"Superman Returns"- '06
"Catwoman"- '04
"Spider-Man 2"- '04

The last regular deal of the week's Raven (who's a mom of three). At least either the SB or CURTAIN #1 has something worth $3K+, but she takes neither in favor of $900.

CURTAIN #1- Home gym ($4,399)
SB (which would've been her choice)- Vera Wang pumps & a diamond ring ($3,475)

THE BIG DEAL: BLANCA'S GOING FOR AT LEAST THIS! Her hopefully not final answer's DOOR #2 for her two-year-old baby Omar. Behind #3 was...the two-night spa retreat at The Oaks at Ojai w/ a round spa, a total deal of $8,050. #1 had...the SAMSUNG 50" 3-D HDTV on top of a media console worth $2,999!

SUPER DEAL #2: Because she lives on a lake, she's KEEPING HER BOAT. She also would've chosen the Emerald...


After we shake that major disappointment off, Matthew correctly tells the host that five's the last digit of his credit card number for $100 & Jonathan gives a pinata girl $500 for her bag of candy ($100 per piece w/ a limit of five)!

(Final notes: The BD win cue didn't sound when the boat was revealed & there apparently was no deal edited out for a SD playing this time.)

TPiRecap (NO April Fool's Day pranks at all; sorry)

WoF: After this week, the next full week on the dips & columns set will be in two weeks & feature Shopping Sprees as featured prizes.

$1K T-U: On the Map

H _ _ _ / _ _ _ G

Dennis can't resist completing the TV show title "____ ____ PHOOEY" w/ "HONG KONG". Last panelists of the week:

Dennis Farrell (Valley Stream, NY)- A field technician for a major telephone company who's here because of her girlfriend thinking he's been procrastinating too much in his life
Kym Jenke (San Diego; moved from Vancouver, BC five years ago for better weather)- A zookeeper married to John
Sara Lewis (St. Louis)- A St. Louis Area Foodbank agency relations coordinator who's pursuing her Master's Degree in Nonprofit Administration at Longwood University

$2K T-U: Event

C _ _ _ _ L

F _ _ D A _

I don't know if "Tic Tac Dough" showing off featured hats on this day of the week counts as an example of CASUAL FRIDAY, but I do know Dennis' tripled up.

Last Featured Trip of the Week: Lotte Hotels & Resort in Seoul, South Korea w/ airfare from Asiana Airlines ($9,160)

Meineke Jackpot Round: Fun & Games

He loses his turn immediately by calling N for negative while on the Wild Card. Second, Kym calls two T's to put $1,600 in her bank, but has to give it right back because of the Bankrupt next to $2.5K. Third, Sara calls a second dud of S. Fourth, Dennis calls for two R's to pick up the S.K. wedge & a $300 L, then he buys three E's & calls a $2.5K C before buying two A's & landing the LaT. After Kym gets the same fate from her previous spin of the wheel, Sara takes the $900 D at the end, the $800 G at the start and the $1K pair of F's while on Jackpot...

G E T / _ _ T / _ F

_ A _ L / F R E E


...she doesn't need a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD to break the $11,700 bank and win $14,400 overall!

DUDS: N (Dennis), $900 S (Sara)
SOLE LaT: Dennis

Current Scores:

Dennis: $3K/Kym: $0/Sara: $14,400

Mystery Round: Song Lyrics

Kym immediately cashes in on $4K w/ four T's while on the Mystery Wedge next to that Million Dollar Wedge, which she uses to buy a flip of that...but also her third Bankrupt of the night. Sara secondly Free PLAYS three E's but then Bankrupts out next to $3.5K. Third, Dennis lights a $500 P for the blue 1/2 KIA, & quadruples the cash w/ three L's before spinning LaT for his second time. Kym tries again but records her third Bankrupt in a row (and fourth overall; that's her third next to top dollar), giving Sara the chance to call a couple R's for a grand, buy the same number of A's, say an $800 H and purchase two O's before she goes to the board...

P _ T / A / L _ T T L E

L O _ E / _ _ / _ O _ R


...and solves "PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR HEART" by Jackie DeShannon from 1968 (we also hear that lyric at the end of the current Smart Balance commercials) to retain control and add $1,300 to her winnings.

SOLE LaT: Dennis
BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by Kym, Sara)

Current Scores:

Dennis: $3K/Kym: $0/Sara: $15,700

(Note: The people in control inadvertently gave Dennis another $500 when he picked up his plate.)

Prize Puzzle Round: What Are You Doing?

She calls the two obvious N's for $1K & that blue 1/2 KIA and a $350 G, followed by the buys of four I's and three A's but then a dud of R. Going Dennis' road second is another baddie of S. Third, Kym discovers a $1,200 T pairing, an H for the LuggageOnline gift tag and an E before wisely FPing the sole dummy vowel of O. After a $300 K & the U come a $400 D, a $300 P but then that same Bankrupt, her fifth in total this evening, depriving her of $2,700 in money and luggage. Sara follows all of that w/ the back-to-back Z's for six more crisp pictures of Mr. Franklin...

T A K I N G / A

D I P / I N / T H E

_ A _ U Z Z I

...and she'll be TAKING A DIP IN THE JACUZZI shortly, since she's $1,450 richer & has won the getaway to the SuperClubs Breezes Runaway Bay Resort & Golf Club worth $6,540.

DUDS: O (Kym), $300 R (Sara), $300 S (Dennis) 

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: NH4309859 (Nick H.)

Current Scores:

Dennis: $3K/Kym: NO LUCK/Sara: $23,690 in cash & Jamaica

$3K T-U: Person

E S C A _ E

A _ T I _ _

Dennis gets the T-U Sweep on an ESCAPE ARTIST.

Last Chance Round: Phrase

The big one of $6K is what every consonant's worth in this last maingame round of the week! Four lit I's later...

T H _ / T _ N S I _ N

I S / _ _ I L _ I N _

...THE TENSION IS BUILDING and Sara makes the $12K solve to seal the deal! Left behind:

Dennis: $18K
Kym: $24K (she could've won by $310)

Final Scores:

Dennis: $6K in T-U cash/Kym: HARD LUCK $1K/Sara: $35,690 in cash & trip
GT: $42,690


Big Money Round #132: Sara's last spin comes to a freeze on the single-star.

Topic: Phrase


_ N / T _ E

_ _ _

CPDO...end it all. We couldn't add the $30K IN THE MIX for her (she thought the last word was HUB and HUT at the buzzer), but she made a good deal out of that to the tune of $35,690 in cash & vacation.

Pat & Vanna talk about the show's April Fool's Day past to end this week.

J!: Beau Henson could be at least a four-time champ at the expense of:

Ruth Robbins (Jacksonville, NC)- Stay-at-home mom
Sarah Curtis (Oceanside, CA)- Mechanical/electrical drafter

Friday's Base Topics:


Beau goes Daily Double Hunting quickly in the middle of the "EX" clues...& gets it at the end of the Wild Cats w/ a Lock Game Territory-quality score of $2,800, while Sarah has $200. He goes w/ this clue's face value:

The cougar has the Guinness (World) Record for most other names in English, over 40, including this four-letter name.

"What is Puma?"...also the name of a clothing & consumer goods manufacturer, that's right to make his score $3,800. It's down to $3,200 at the timeout, but he's still $2K ahead of Ruth; Sarah's $800 in negative territory. The time's up signal goes off before we end the round w/ the $1K It's All Relative answer.


Post-R1 Scores:

Beau & Ruth: $2,600 each (following an incorrect response reversal by Ruth on a $1K clue, which means the champion's starting Double Jeopardy! because he's furthest to the left of the two tied contestants)
Sarah: $2,800

Next on Tap:


Beau goes DDH right away in this round of play in the center of Poe's takes him a while, but he does pick up his second of this game courtesy of the $1,200 Language of South America & he's back in LGT w/ $7,400; Ruth's at $3,200 & Sarah's close behind her w/ $2,600. He makes this clue worth $2.5K:

W/ 1.5M speakers, Italian's this country's second-most spoken language; Arabic's third and German's fourth.

"What is...Chile?"...nope, it was Argentina, so he's kicked back out of LGT to $4,900. He does sweep those DDs & after choosing the last one in the center screen of Michael at the Mike w/ $8,900 (Sarah stands at $4,600 & Ruth trails her by a thou). For two more C-notes & to move back in LGT:

Last year, this singer said of his band's breakup "We have to thank all the people who helped us...for these 31 years".

"Who is Michael Stipe?"...that was indeed the lead singer of R.E.M. we were looking for to send the champ to $10,900 w/ less than a minute on the round's clock! It runs out prior to the last three Record Destroyers being talked about.


Heading into the Final:

Beau: $11,300
Sarah: $7K
Ruth: $5,200


Beau: $13K

Sarah: $7K
Ruth: $5,200

FJ! CATEGORY: U.S. Vice-Presidents.

More V-Ps have been from this state than any other, including two 20th Century V-Ps who were its governor.

RR put "What is Texas?"...she wasn't confident & for good reason- she drops to a buck. Sarah Curtis guessed "What is New York"...good enough for the $14K & the win. Beau Henson, who thought of TN, leaves us w/ $53,202.

Episode ratings:

8: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "The Price is Right" and "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Jeopardy!"
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