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3/8/2012 Results

CC: This episode's titled "May 'The Dude' Be With You".

Dawn & Riegan are on a 35-block DOUBLE RIDE to the 40/40 Club on 25th & Broadway.

$100 Round:
1. Promising music, comedy & awkward silence, what current tbs (& former NBC) talk show host embarked on the "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on TV Tour" in 2010?
Street Shout-Out: West Village guy
Guess: Conan O'Brien ($100)
2. Providing a ride as smooth as ice, what rink-resurfacing machine was taken for a test drive by Car & Driver in '09?
Guess: Zamboni ($200)(Blocks Left: 23)
3. According to its own slanguage dictionary, what Hollywood trade paper claims to have coined the terms "sitcom" & "sex appeal"?
Guess: Variety- CORRECT ($300)
4. "Incredibly", what Marvel Comics superhero was supposed to have grey skin until printing complications resulted in his iconic green complexion?
Guess: The Incredible Hulk ($400)(BL: 18)

$200 Round:
1. The second-highest mountain on Earth, what so-called killing peak's considered by climbers to be much more dangerous than Mt. Everest?
Guess: Mt. Kilimanjaro- X (A: K2)
2. Often served w/ fried onions, what staple of British pub grub's comprised of sausages & mashed potatoes?
Guess: Bangers & mash- RIGHT ($600)(BL: 12)
3. Beating Columbus by several centuries, what bold Viking explorer's credited as the first European to set foot in North America?
Guess: Leif Ericcson- RIGHT ($800)
4. Erected by The New York Times last year, what term refers to an online barrier that keeps content away from non-subscribers?
Guess: Firewall- ACCEPTABLE FOR PAYWALL ($1K)(BL: 6)

$400 Round:
1. Named for its creator, what clunky, crank-operated Civil War weapon was widely considered to be the precursor to the modern machine gun?
Mobile S-O: Riegan's friend Will
Guess: Gatling gun- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,400)(BL: 3)
2. The owner of Sheraton & Westin, what major hotel company put another win in its column by launching the W brand in 1998?
Guess: Starwood- RIGHT AGAIN ($1,800)
Final Question: According to legend, what synonym for an old, run-down car's derived from the auto scrapyards of Xalapa, Mexico?
Guess: Jalopy ($2,200)

Will they attempt to become the third-highest winners in "Cab" history...NO.

Their daughter Abby's watching Jack & Carol go on a 34-block trip to Brother Jimmy's BBQ, Brisket, Ribs & Chicken on 31st & 8th...perfect through one round.

$100 Round:
1. Upon winning the OSCAR for Best Picture, what director thanked The Academy for seeing the past of trolls, the wizards & the hobbits?
X (A: Peter Jackson)(BL: 17)
2. Long mocked for its service w/ a scowl, Aeroflot's the largest airline of what nation?
Guess: Russia- RIGHT ($300)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: As of last year, The NY Times' website indexes the U.S. dollar against six key currencies. Name five of these six international currencies.
Correct currencies given: Euro, Yen, Yuan, Peso...& the Pound ($550)
Leftover: Canadian Dollar (BL: 7)
3. Last year, researchers found evidence that researchers of tanning booths may be physically addicted to what type of cancer-causing rays?
Guess: Ultraviolet- YES INDEED ($650)(BL: 5)
4. Perpendicular to the mast, what's the term for the horizontal bar at the bottom of a sailboat's sail?
Guess: Boom- RIGHT AGAIN ($750)

$200 Round:
1. Allegedly named for a small state in Nepal, what famously fierce soldiers from South Asia fought for the British in WWII?
Guess: Tartars- XX (A: Gurkhas)
FQ: Covering much of Botswana, what African desert took center stage in the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy" & a TV series "Meerkat Manor"?
Guess: Serengeti (A: Calahari)

Purple, Blake, Andrew & Mary Jane take the final ride of this edition 39 blocks straight down 14th's what pops up at the $300 mark:

RLC #2: According to data released the previous year by Beverage Digest, name five of the top six non-diet soda brands in the U.S.
Correct drinks given: Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Sprite & Mountain DeW ($550)
Left behind: Fanta

To end their trek...they get the $850 SWEEP & go on.

VIDEO BONUS: This steel-stringed member of the lute family's a staple of genre ranging from traditional Celtic music to modern Bluegrass. Famously featured in the soundtrack to "The Godfather", what's the name of this plucky musical instrument?

Without adding the E at the end, the worth $1,700!

"The Greatest Show on Earth":

Jen Lee rides as much as 34 blocks on her own to Chelsea Market (Chelsea Handler or Laura Prepon not included, even though Chelsea's from New Jersey)'s what she ponders at the end of R1:

In a 1935 report on color & lighting, architect Irving Morrow convinced the U.S. war department to paint what bridge bright orange?
M S-O #2: Lauren
Guess: The Golden Gate Bridge ($200)(BL: 18)

$100 Round:
1. Last year, what apocalyptic nickname was coined by the media to refer to the two-day closure of L.A.'s 405 freeway?
S S-O #2: West Village man
X (A: "Carmageddon")
2. Not even popular under the big top, what orange marshmallow confection did Complex Magazine name "The Worst Halloween Candy Ever"?
Guess: Pumpkin marshmallows- XX (A: Circus peanuts)(BL: 14)
3. Bowling's most difficult shot, what nearly-impossible pin configuration's nicknamed "Goalposts"?
Guess: 7/10 Split- YES ($300)
4. Acquired by Google in '04, what online photo application combines the name of a Spanish painter w/ the Spanish word for "house"?
Guess: Picassa- CORRECT ($400)(BL: 2)

Sole $200 Q: A good substitute for la leche, what sweet Mexican beverage's traditionally made from rice, vanilla & cinnamon?
LOSS (A: Horchata)

Lou, Arlene, Sellian & Mark want to arrive at the Angelicka Film Center" on Houston & Mercer, but they have to answer as much as 32 blocks worth of Q's...after six, they've got $300 & one strike.

RLC #3: To the tune of $250, name four of the five musical instruments featured in a standard woodwind quartet.
Correct instruments listed: Clarinet, oboe, flute & French horn ($550)
Unsaid: Bassoon

After two rounds, we take a break they've got $750.

$200 Round:
1. Billed as the world's mostly widely-read firearm magazine, what publication's website boasts blogs named "The Handgun Journal" & "Defend Thyself"?
Guess: Guns & Ammo- RIGHT ($950)
FQ: Members of an unfortunate club, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin & Amy Winehouse all passed away at what early age?
Guess: 27- WIN ($1,150)

$2,300 VIDEO BONUS: A surprisingly good swimmer, this thick-skinned creature likes to browse the bottom of Amazon Riverbeds w/ its long prehensile snout. Derived from the indigenous Tupee language, what's the name of this swinelike beast?

One lady's confident & feeds the guy next to him a guess of taper...cut them a check for $2,300, Ben!

Beginning in front of a parking deck, 13th St. & 7th Avenue is where Bill, Danielle & Nicole want to go...but both S-Os lead them astray (Justin & the destination of Chelsea), so no $250 for them.

LMaD: We're doing a Bank Vault (Curtain #1) version of the famous Ca$hbox Deal to kick off this episode.

Carissa's Round (who's wearing an afro & a tutu): CURTAIN #3- Six-night trip to The Ballantine in Charlotte, NC ($6,526)
Janae's Round (her mom's name is Jane & this Journalism student's original name was Jenny): VAULT
BIG BOX- Home office ($2,577)
Jeffrey's Round (dressed as a referee): SILVER ENVELOPE- ZONK Chef School
VAULT (Janae)- $3,330

Dionne, who recently turned 40, is playing Find the Face.

Tiffany Prize (Small Box in front of Curtain #2)- Fred Segal Salon makeover ($1.5K)

#2- Tiffany ($500: #1)

Jonathan Prize (CURTAIN #3): SAMSUNG 46" HDTV w/ cable service ($2,728)

#1- $1K (JONATHANs: #2 & #4)

WAYNE CAR (CURTAIN #2): '12 Ford Fiesta S



#4- $500
#5- $2K

Cash Marbles Match-Up: Linda (dressed as a genie) vs. Graham (dressed as a Roman)
WINNER- Graham ($4.5K)

THE BIG RISK (SE): NO WAY- Anchorage holiday ($8,132)

Kathleen (dressed as a bee) gets to be in The Dealing Game.

Q's of the Morning:

1. If I were to spend some quality time w/ you & your prize, would we be spending more time indoors or outdoors?
2. If I took a picture of both your prize & my BFF, what's one of the first things she would notice about the prize?

PICK: CURTAIN #1 (Jonathan)- DUD houseboat
CURTAIN #3 (Wayne)- Kitchen ($6,275)

Since we came so close to giving away that Fiesta w/ the prize cards, let's try again in Ca$h Register; Melanie & Nathan are up to the challenge (& are dressed as stick figures).

1. #9- $400
2. #5- $200 ($600)
3. #3- $200 ($800)
4. #11- $200 ($1K)
5. #10- $400 ($1,400)

$200- #1, #6, #7, #8 & #15
$400- #2, #12 & #13

Laura (who's wearing several fake snowflakes & Roderick (dressed as a sheep) are the non-related team participating in the next round (s) of dealing. All the way through, they want $1K each.

BB- Gas grill ($2,049)
CURTAIN #1- Living room ($3,907)
SB (Jonathan)- Rock radio

Susanne (dressed as a banana) could win five times the bankroll of both of those previous traders in the $5K Show Biz Deal.

Prompt: Events that occurred twice

A: Denzel Washington won an OSCAR
B: L.A. hosted the Summer Olympics
C: Susan Lucci won an Emmy
D: "Hawaii Five-O" premiered on CBS
E: Jenna Morasca won "Survivor"


A- YES ($50)

Sure Thing for the Deal (Tiffany w/ SB in front of Curtain #2)- Michael C. Fina white gold sapphire & diamond bracelet ($1,250)- BAILOUT

C- ZONK (Last right answer: B)

THE BIG DEAL: Carissa has an opportunity at a Big Deal of the Day worth $28,154, including that '12 Honda Civic LX Coupe. According to her, let's try Door #1 again...#2 had the $6,600 South Beach vacation awaiting her...while #3 contained the $3,129 TuffStuff home gym- she wins all three prizes & is the second-winningest trader to date this year!

Joanne pulls out three pieces of makeup for $100, while the nerdy couple of Alisha & Andrew have a brown hard-boiled egg wrapped in some toilet paper for Jonathan's $500 wad! Also, Daniel (a 20 yr. firefighter) pulls out a $20 bill to have Tiffany hand him 10 times that amount!

BTW, the shows including the Super Deal that are reportedly set to air starting at the end of this month will involve three envelopes- Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald. And they're going back to the very first SD format, so the two non-winning envelopes will have $1K & $2K respectively.

TPiRecap (featuring Daniel Goddard again, of course)

WoF: So far this season, after bringing most of last season's BONUS ROUND SHUTOUTS, the America's Game Weeks have had a turnaround; on this one so far, $211,665 in cash & stuff have been won! Tonight's stop is the Pure Paradise set, where we got skunked earlier this year (although on that same set w/ the Hawaii theme, the $33K+ '12 Mazda Miata was won).

$1K T-U: Thing

T _ _ / _ _ _ R _ C A N

F _ O _ T _ E _

La Donna IDs THE AMERICAN FRONTIER. Interviews at once:

La Donna Jones (Cordova, TN)- A hair salon owner w/ three children who's looking to get her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology
Cheryl Bloom (Fresno, CA)- An event/party planner married to Mike w/ two children
Bryan Davore (Carlsbad, CA)- A realtor & baseball team coach for Nathan married to Alison w/ two boys (Nathan's obviously one of them); he's also working for a non-profit organization called Casa de Amparo

$2K T-U: Rhyme Time

F A _ _ / _ _ D

_ _ U _ R _

Cheryl's answer of FAST AND FURY doesn't qualify.

F A _ R / _ _ D

_ _ U _ R _

Bryan steals this puzzle FAIR AND SQUARE.

Thursday's Prize Wedge: Hawks Cay Island Resort/Marina/Villas in the Florida Keys ($5K)

Meineke Jackpot Round: Landmark
Category Wipe of the Night: A Statue of Liberty that pops up next to the category title graphic w/ a silver version of the word "WHEEL" apearing on the bottom of the SoL

While going first, he calls three T's for $900, buys an E & two A's, wants four S's for another $1,200 & the rest of the vowels (two U's, an I & a couple O's) before picking up the green 1/2 KIA w/ two $500 C's...

_ _ _ _ O U T _

_ O C _ / I _

_ A S S A C _ U S E T T S

...& getting PLYMOUTH ROCK IN MASSACHUSETTS for another $1,850.


Current Scores:

Cheryl: $0/Bryan: $3,850 (1/2 KIA)/La Donna: $1K

Mystery Round: Song Title

La Donna has twin $900 T's, two A's, three O's and a couple I's & E's to get her started on this solution, then two Y's to add $1,200, the two remaining U's, a $2,400 L set but then F for flunk. Cheryl calls the $500 J & $400 C & here's the layout...

I / _ _ S T

C A L L E _ / T O / _ A Y

I / L O _ E / Y O U

...she knows Stevie Wonder's '05 song "I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU" to add the other $100 bill & retain possession of the wheel.

SOLE DUD: $300 F (La Donna)

Current Scores:

Cheryl: $1K/Bryan: $3,850 (1/2 KIA)/La Donna: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

Next from Cheryl's lips are three $500 S's & double E's, but she then kisses the $250 remainder goodbye because of the Bankrupt next to the Wild Card. Second for Bryan are five Free Play T's for $2.5K, the rest the vowel shop has to offer (four O's, a U & pairs of A's & I's) but then the Lose a Turn spot. Third, La Donna calls out a dud of Y. After Cheryl has called two M's for that Million Dollar Wedge, we are looking at...

_ O _ / T _ A T ' S

S O M E T _ I _ _ / T O

S M I _ E / A _ O U T

...NOW THAT'S SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT- not only does she hang on to that for the time being, she's won the mystery vacation, which is the $6K Central American Tour.

SOLE DUD: $500 Y (La Donna)
SOLE LaT: Bryan

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: SM7924069 (Sarah M.)

Current Scores:

Cheryl: $7K in cash & travel (MDW)/Bryan: $3,850/La Donna: $1K

$3K T-U: People

_ I _ I _ _ N G


La Donna doesn't quadruple his money by blanking out.

_ I S I T I N G


Bryan comes within $150 of regaining first place as part of the VISITING TEAM.

R4: Living Things

The base letters from the middle man here are 10 grand worth of two S's (the first & last letter of the second & final word), an E but then a negative vowel of A. La Donna secondly takes T, but that's a miss, too. Third, Cheryl's got a $500 N but no O's, so her latest turn's over. Bryan then buys the other two vowels in the puzzle (two I's & a U) & Bankrupts in the same fashion as earlier to lose his remaining $9K. Once La Donna calls the $350 F & the $600 pair of L's...

F L _ I N _

S _ U I _ _ E L S

...she avoids the FLYING SQUIRRELS to double her won T-U amount.

DUDS: A (Bryan), O (Cheryl), $300 T (La Donna)

Current Scores:

Cheryl: $7K in cash & C.A. (MDW)/Bryan: $6,850/La Donna: $2K

R5: Occupation

This time, La Donna first fills in two T's for 12 Benjamins before we hear the time's up bell...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ T

...& the other consonants pay $1,300 per appearance; anyone's game. After a non-dud D's said...

B R _ _ D _ _ S T

_ _ _ R N _ L _ S T a BROADCAST JOURNALIST major myself, I can proudly say Cheryl solves this puzzle to win the championship w/ 5,200 more bucks! Left behind in the other banks:

Bryan: $2,600
La Donna: $3,800

DUDS (during Last Chance Mode): H (La Donna), M (Bryan)

Final Scores:

Cheryl: $12,200 in cash & vacation (MDW)/Bryan: $6,850/La Donna: $2K
GT: $20,050


MILLION DOLLAR BONUS ROUND #8: Cheryl's big check could be coming courtesy of the I in WIN.

Category: Phrase

The usual starting help:

L _ _ _ N _

_ R _ _ _

GVDO should give her at least most of the first word...

L _ V _ N G

_ R O O _

...Pat IS WRONG for once in thinking he saw some LIVING PROOF that a champ was toying w/ us- she blows the second word w/ GROOM & GROOVE. Did she just make history in very heartbreaking fashion tonight?...

...WELL, ALMOST. The $1M was one wedge off in the W instead; she actually loses the $30K. Whatever the case, she'll have to settle for $12,200 in cash & tour.

J!: David Gard's fifth pair of challengers:

Jessamine Price (Greenbelt, MD)- Graduate student in Creative Writing
Vijay Iyer (NYC)- Attorney

First Topic Slate:

SOUTH AFRICAN WILDLIFE (Clue Crew clues from Madikwe Game Reserve)

Jessamine hits the Video Daily Double behind the next-to-last answer about South African Wildlife w/ $1,800; David has $2,200 & Vijay's in Lock Game Territory for now w/ $5K. For another C-note & to move her to second place, Sarah has her clue:

Zebras spend a lot of time standing around on grassy plains, which would make them seem like easy prey. But to lions, they blend in w/ tall stalks of grass, because lions have weak color vision due to a shortage of these retinal cells.

"What is cones?"...yes, they indeed are for $2,800. She runs that up to $3,600 before the round's conclusion; David's slightly in second place again w/ $3,800.


What Do We Have for Double J!?:


Vijay's taken a DD from the $1,600 Women Authors monitor & both guys are tied for first w/ $7,800 a head, $1K ahead of Jessamine. For $1,800 more & the outright lead, the answer is:

This "Age of Innocence" author aided refugees in WWI & was made Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor.

"Who was Edith Wharton?"...right for the lead! By selecting the $2K Bells clue, Jessamine has her other DD opportunity of the night (the first three clues on the same theme & the $800 & $1,200 May-Decemeber Movies ones will likely be kept secret, because time's running out in this round) while the challengers are tied for second at $9,200 apiece; they each trail the champion by $1,800. She's going for double the answer's face value & the lead heading into Final J! upon seeing this information:

This term for a bell tower comes from the region in Southern Italy that produced the metal used in some bells.

She can't get Campanile, which is also the name of a restaurant in L.A.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $1,600 (I'm Feeling Dis-Oriented)

Heading into the Final:

David: $11K
Vijay: $9,200
Jessamine: $5,200


David: $11K
Challengers: $9K each

FJ! CATEGORY: Tony-Winning Musicals.

These two back-to-back Tony winners for Best Musical (1987 & 1988) were both set in Paris.

Jessamine Price quickly wrote "What are 'Les Miserables' & 'Phantom of The Opera'?"...right for a total of $9,201 & the title...

Vijay: "What are 'La Boheme' and 'The Producers'" ($3K) = $6,200
David: Only got first one right ($9K) = $2K

...& Dave finishes in last place. However, he still leaves w/ $85,700 & maybe we'll see him again.

Millionaire Thursday:

Game 1
Start of Game 2

Episode ratings:

7: "Ca$h Cab", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Jeopardy!"
5: "Wheel of Fortune"
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