Sunday, March 11, 2012

"The Amazing Race XX" 3/11

Opening Clue (5:10 PM): Fly 6K miles to Turin, Italy, where they need to drive a marked Ford Focus HB to the Lingotto Building to get their second clue.

FAST FORWARD: One teammate has to land a remote-controlled helicopter on their partner's Lingotto Building model helmet.

ROADBLOCK #4: Rappel 120 feet down the building's spiraled section & grab the next clue within two minutes.

Clue #3: Drive to the Museo Nazionale Dell' Automobile & park properly using the Focus' Active Park Assist feature. The fourth clue's found in a Model T inside the museum.

Clue #4: Teams have to figure out that the penny inside the Tin Lizzie directs them to the Mole Antonelianna, at which point they have to ride its elevator all the way to the top to retrieve their next clue.

DETOUR #3: Clean That Statue or Name That Salami?

CTS: Clean all the given statues.
NTS: Go to Gastronomia Salumeria & taste 14 distinct salamis before correctly recalling each one at a designated block to continue.

PIT STOP #4: Piazza Castello, where a team could be eliminated.


WINNERS BECAUSE OF THE FF- Art & J.J. ($5K bonus per teammate)

2. The Browns

3. Fitness & Danny

4. Ralph & Vanessa

5. Jamie & Nary

6. Brendon & Rachel

HAVING TO FACE SPEED BUMP NEXT WEEK- Bopper & Mark (whom also receive half the prize money Art & J.J. just picked up)
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