Sunday, March 25, 2012

"The Amazing Race XX" 3/25

Opening Clue (8:48 AM): Fly 2K+ miles to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijani. Upon arrival, they must make their way to Temple Ateshgah ("temple of fire") to find their second clue.

Budget of the Week: $167

FAST FORWARD #2 (remember, Art & J.J. are NOT eligible for this since they completed the first one two weeks ago): Unload & stack 150 bales of hay 10 across, 3 wide & 5 high. As many as three teams can compete in this task at a time.

Clue #2: Go to Occupational Training International, where the third clue can be discovered in a box on its grounds.

ROADBLOCK #6: Escape from a capsized helicopter rescue simulator & swim to the next clue located on a raft.

Clue #4: The Toghrul Karabakh Carpet Shop, where details about the next Detour await in the carpet rolls.

DETOUR #5: Apples or Oil?

Apples: Search the trunks of old Soviet cars for a marked apple that can be redeemed for the last clue of this leg.
Oil: At Naftalan Health Center, a metal shoe horn, sponge & some water must be used to clean off all the black crude oil off a patient.

PIT STOP #6: Esplanade Estakada.


BECOMING SECOND THREE-TIME WINNERS OF THE SEASON AFTER WINNING THE FF- The Browns (Pair of 2013 Ford Taurus SHOs worth $79,990; these are AWD automobiles!)

2. Art & J.J.

3. Bopper & Mark

4. Brendon & Rachel

5. Nary & Jamie

GOING HOME W/ NOTHING- Fitness & Danny
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