Wednesday, March 07, 2012

"American Idol" 3/7- BIG LIVE SHOWS BEGIN

Theme of the Week: Men (Stevie Wonder) vs. Women (Whitney Houston)
Mentor of the Week: Mary J. Blige

IMPORTANT NOTE: For tomorrow night only, the guy & girl w/ the least amount of votes will face the judges to determine who stays & goes.

1. Joshua: "I Wish" by Wonder (1976)(this is played a lot when Ellen DeGeneres does her daily dance through the audience)
2. Elise: "I'm Your Baby Tonight" by Houston (1990)
3. Jermaine: "Knocks Me Off My Feet" by Wonder (1976)
4. Erika: "I Believe In You & Me" by Houston (1996; originally done by The Four Tops in '83)
5. Colton: "Lately" by Wonder (1981)
6. Shannon: "I Have Nothing" by Houston (1993)
7. Deandre: "Master Blaster" by Wonder (1980)
8. Skylar: "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" by Houston (1988)
9. Heejun: "All in Love is Fair" by Wonder (1973)
10. Hollie: "All the Man That I Need" by Houston (1990)
11. Jeremy: "Ribbon in the Sky" by Wonder (1982)
12. Jessica: "I Will Always Love You" by Houston (1992; originally done by Dolly Parton in '74)
13. Phillip: "Superstition" by Wonder (1972)

Tomorrow's results show musical guests are MJB & Lauren Alaina; next week's are scheduled to be Daughtry & the team of Monica & Brandy.
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