Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"The Biggest Loser: No Excuses" 3/20

Special Guest: Bethany Hamilton (she was born & raised in Hawaii)

Multiple-Choice Pop Quiz for the One-Pound Advantage:

1. How many miles does it take to complete an Ironman Triathlon- 26.2, 58.8, 112.2 or 140.6?
A: 140.6
CORRECT- Buddy, Chris & Kim

2. Which of these vacation drinks has the most calories- Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Blue Hawaiian or Lava Flow?
A: Lava Flow (490)
CORRECT- Buddy, Chris, Kim & Conda

3. Which of these Hawaiian dishes has the highest amount of fat per serving- six ounces of Kalua pork, 12 chocolate-covered Macadamias, four oz. of Lu'au sweet potatoes or four oz. of Huli chicken?
A: 12 chocolate Macadamias (45 grams of fat)
CORRECT- Everyone but Buddy

4. How many calories does the average 200-pound person burn surfing an hour- 100-140, 160-200, 250-290 or 320+?
A: 250-290
CORRECT- Jeremy, Megan & Mark

TIEBREAKER (for Chris & Kim only): If you indulge yourself on 24 chocolate-covered Macadamias, how many calories will you have consumed?

Kim: 518
Chris: 1,260
A: 1,320- CHRIS WINS

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: They'll run up & down collecting colored leis & placing them on their opponents' Tikis. Once somebody has had their 10th lei placed on their Tiki, they're eliminated; a player can also be eliminated if an opponent places a black/white death lei on their Tiki.

Buddy's already OUT because of that lingering tibia.


1. Desire (death lei)
2. Chris
3. Megan
4. Kimmy
5. Mark

WEIGH-IN #12 (at Pearl Harbor; the voting also takes place here):

Conda: 217 lbs, four pounds lost, 1.81%

Chris: 174 lbs, four pounds lost (w/ bonus), 2.26%

Mark: 200 lbs, four pounds lost, 1.96%

Jeremy: 266 lbs, seven pounds lost, 2.56%

Megan: 195 lbs, three pounds lost, 1.52%

Buddy: 275 lbs, six pounds lost, 2.14%

Kimmy (needs to have lost at least four lbs.): 161 lbs, two pounds lost, 1.23%

Desire (needs to have lost at least three lbs.): 171 lbs, five pounds lost, 2.84%

NEXT VOTE-OFF: Kimmy is quickly sent home; she now weighs 154.
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