Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"The Challenge: Battle of the Exes" 3/14

THE DOME MATCH-UP #7: Emily & Ty vs. Dunbar & Paula (T.J. thought that choice was the dumbest in show history)
GAME ("Hall Pass"): In between a "hallway" are two walls of hay bales; at both sides of the hall are colored balls. The first player to get all five balls into their goal wins their heat; two heats win the game.

H1: Ty
H2: Emily- UPSET!

Challenge #8 ("Feel the Burn"): While jet winds are blowing throughout, the players have to move everything that you might find at a picnic from one side of the field to the other (including two fake people), after which they have to drag a white parachute across the finish line. Up to 20 minutes are allotted for this challenge & not only does this week's Power Couple win $2.5K & a spot in The Final Challenge, but also a chance to fly home w/ the host!


1. Johnny & Camila- MAX OUT ON PARACHUTE
2. Mark & Robin- SAME RESULT
3. Ty & Emily- CLEAR
4. CT & Diem- WIN!

Mark & Robin will face Johnny & Camila next week in the last edition of The Dome to determine who else will go the distance.
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