Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"The Challenge: Battle of the Exes"- GRAND FINALE

#3: "Feast For a Viking"

#4: "Ice Key"- Break an icebox w/ a rock to get the key inside to unlock two pairs of snowshoes.

Johnny & Camila take first place for now, while CT & Diem drop to third.

#5: "Poled Out"- Using 12 of the 13 logs, make six complete boundaries of each size w/ a boulder in each one.

Emily & Ty MAX OUT on this task (30 minutes), so they're in last.

#6: "What An Ice Hole"- Tunnel throw a snow drift.

#7: "Sliced Up"- Move a totem pole so that all four of its sides have matching designs.

FINAL TASK: "Finish It"- After placing the seven artifacts properly on the Viking sundial, it'll open to allow them to collect a horn to take to the finish line, where they must then blow the horn to claim their cash.

Thanks to having difficulty on that boulder & pole puzzle, Emily & Ty definitely finish in third & leave w/ $20K each, but the bigger dough ($75K each) go to...

CT & Diem
Johnny & Camila

...JOHNNY & CAMILA, SO THEY SPLIT A GRAND TOTAL THIS SEASON OF $152.5K! CT & Diem leave this cycle w/ $105K in total.
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