Sunday, March 11, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: Mar. 12-18

As you start filling out your 2012 NCAA March Madness predictions, watch over the following next week if you can:

-The return of GSN's "The Newlywed Game"!

-The debut of NBC's "Fashion Star"!

-The first part of the "project RUNWAY: All-Stars" finale!

All this & more next week on GSK.


oaklandfan2kx said...

Also Next Week in GSK: Prepare for Politically Incorrectness this time on the Music Cues

The Price is Right: In Addition to the Current Hits being designated as Prize Cues, Additional Hits will now pop up along with a number of Recurrents and No More TPIRecap Placeholders beginning Tomorrow (Sorry Jay Lewis ( and Devin de Gruyl (TPIRecap Blog) you did not have any music cues in your recaps, sorry!)
Designated Prize Cue Newcomers in TPIRecaps for the Days to Come are: "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris (#35 - IUFB Cue), "Turn Up The Music" by Chris Brown (#31 - IUFB Cue), "Part of Me" by Katy Perry (#25 - Small Prize Cue)
And a New Feature to TPIRecaps - Wildcard Decoy Prize Cues (Consisting of Ex-Top 40 Hits and Future Top 40 Hits as well as music heard on So You Think You Can Dance that are recurrents with Vocals; Ballroom Styles and Classical Music are ineligible) as Prize Cues in all TPIRecaps include: "Hot 'N Cold" by Katy Perry (Car Cue), "Waking Up In Vegas" by Katy Perry (Vegas Trip Cue), "Live Your Life" by T.I. f/ Rihanna (Large Prize Cue), "Every Time It Rains" by Charlotte Martin (IUFB Cue) and much more.
Note: Wildcard Decoy Prize Cues might be used Once or Twice in Each Half-Hour in Today's TPIRecap.

Let's Make A Deal: Well Let's Make A Deal had the same music we hear on the TV Show which is used but how can we fix it?
Here's The Answer: Beginning Monday The Decoy Music Cues have returned to Let's Make A Deal using the same charts from the TPIRecaps except if a song hits #40-#31 in the Charts it will be used when a Zonk is Turned Down and there will be Several Classic TPIR Cues (and Game Show & TV Theme Music) or maybe Sound Effects being used when a Zonk is Won; BTW the Wildcard Decoy Prize Cues will be in effect beginning monday along with the music being played from the California Music Channel at in the Video Playlist Section.

Jeopardy: In The Event when Bobby does his own LMAD Recaps and TPIRecaps as the GSKingdom with Designated Prize Cues, All J! Recaps will now give away Designated Joke Consolation Prizes in addition to the $2,000 (for 2nd Place) & $1,000 (for 3rd Place) complete with Research of Past J! Episodes on Youtube beginning tomorrow

Here is Consolation Prize Theme for Monday from: October 3, 1986
2nd Place: Broyhill Bedroom Set w/ Waverly Fabrics
3rd Place: Whirlpool Microwave Oven

And For Tuesday: April 6, 1988
2nd Place: Burris Reclining Chair and a Emerson 25" Stereo Color Television
3rd Place: Bruce Hardwood Floor Coverings

And So On Beginning with Wednesday with a Different Runner-Up Prize Theme from a Classic Jeopardy Episode until 2002 (when Runners-up are awarded Cash Prizes) and i hope it's mostly from the 1980s to early 1990s.

oaklandfan2kx said...

And on the Reality TV Side: Prepare for Politically Incorrectness on the Models because they're dancing on Solid Gold

project RUNWAY: All-Stars: Nobody goes down the runway this week despite Austin, Michael & Mondo are working on the collections for the finale which will take place Next Thursday; instead a few models from project RUNWAY: All-Stars have been relocated to another new show on NBC which will start Tuesday and it's............

Fashion Star: Making it's Debut starting Tuesday on NBC at 9:30/8:30 central we will carry over the Random Models in the event of Models Names which is not shown, That's Right Random Models will be designated in the Runway Show just like in project RUNWAY: All-Stars, So Here are The Assignments for the first episode of this show

Model - Assigned Designer
ShaRaun Brown (Chicago, IL) - Orly Shani
Lauren Dellolio (Nyack, NY) - Sarah Parrott
Taylor Dean McCausland* - Kara Laricks
Leslie Mancia* - Edmond Newton
Jessamine Kelley* - Nikki Poulos
Karli Karissa Babcock* - Lisa Vian Hunter
Rae Hight* - Barbara Bates
Kelly Dahlen* - Ross Bennett
Lindley Jones* - Nicholas Bowes
Tatjana Sinkevica* - Nzimiro Oputa

*Model from project RUNWAY: All-Stars

The Other 4 will get Random Models (Female Only) which will be taken from the Credits of Tonight's Airing of Fashion Star who are on the category Models in the Credits Section if not 4 Female Students who attended at Varina HS during the years of Bobby McBride (because he has the right to record his DVR for the premiere of Fashion Star on NBC)

In Addition (if necessary) The Decoy Models are now activated as well using the Same Models who have been credited on Tuesday Night's Airing of Fashion Star on NBC (Female Dancers are included as well) along with a number of Models from the Past 3 Seasons of project RUNWAY and A Few from America's Next Top Model and a Number Female Dancers from So You Think You Can Dance so will keep you updated as we go along.

1st Designated Runway Song (If Necessary): "Work Me Down" by Laura Hunter (and will be choreographed by Stefanie Roos who is also the shows choreographer for the entire series)

And That's All You Got Next Week on GSK.