Sunday, March 25, 2012

Next Week in Game Shows: Mar. 26-April Fool's Day 2012

No joke, here's what you can expect next week:

-The two weeks of Super Deal shows on "Let's Make a Deal" begin, including the taped 500th episode! Will "Deal" history be re-written forever?

-The finale of "The Challenge: Battle of the Exes"!

-The first losers of the season are revealed on "Dancing with the Stars".

-"The Voice" wraps up its Battle Rounds for Season 2.

Also, there's a three-hour edition of "The Celebrity Apprentice" on April Fool's Night, a new Saturday night series hosted by Rossi Morreale titled "Escape Route" debuts on NBC & more next week on GSK.

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oaklandfan2kx said...

And Also Coming Next Week in GSK (March 26th to April Fools Day)

TPIRecap: 2 Newcomer Decoy Prize Cues for This Week and they are "Breathing" by Jason Derulo (#40) and "Broken Hearted" by Karmin (#33) both will start at the IUFB Level and will work up as they progress for future weeks.
And with "Give Me All Your Luvin'" by Madonna f/ Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. did not made a single TPIRecap at GSK we will give the honor to use as a Car Cue on This Week's TPIRecap on Monday or any other weekday (Whichever is first).

Fashion Star: With project RUNWAY: All-Stars ending it's 1st season, What are we going to do with no names for these Models on all Fashion Star Recaps at GSK?

Answer: In Order to make it fair the Decoy Models are now carried over from project RUNWAY: All-Stars to Fashion Star starting with the March 27th show, so all models for Tuesday's Fashion Star Recaps will be supplied from LA Models and the decoy models will now be in play for the first time (in the show's history of Fashion Star) so Fashion Star is like a knockoff of project RUNWAY.

So Here's What will look like
Designer (Signature Look) (Model 1, Model 2, Model 3, Decoy) - Offers

So Here's The Designated Model Roster For This Week (In order of Last Week's Runway Show; Designer in Parenthesis)
Virginia Martin, Elaina Williams*, TBA, Allison Holker (Lisa Vian Hunter)
Kacy Owens^, Kerstin Lechner**, TBA, Ashley Everett (Kara Laricks)
Talesha Byrd, Chelsea Freeborn^, TBA, Nika Kljun (Ronnie Escalante)
Lauren Dellolio, Sarah Desage^, TBA, Kayla Kalbfleisch (Orly Shani)
Brooke Ritchie^, Kalyn Hemphill**, TBA, Christina Glur (Ross Bennett)
Ashley Anderson, Rose Cook*, TBA, Taja Riley (Lizzie Parker)
Caitlin Fowler^, Rae Hight*, TBA, Ryan Ramirez (Barbara Bates)
Sharaun Brown, Alexia Tomcheck^, TBA, Noelle Marsh (Sarah Parrott)
Luba Vitti, Celesta Hodge^, TBA, Cassidy Noblett (Edmond Newton)
Courtney Bingham^, Sveta Glebova*, TBA, Kim Gingras (Luciana Sacarabello)
Helen Park^, Rainey Forkner^, TBA, Aubree Storm (Nikki Poulos)
Taylor Dean McCausland*, Leslie Mancia*, Jessamine Kelley*, Tracy Shibata (Nzimiro Oputa)
Note: In order to make an even playing field Nzimiro will now use female models so we will use the Final 3 Models of project RUNWAY: All-Stars instead of male models

*Model from project RUNWAY, **Model from project RUNWAY who also worked at LA Models
TBA = Random Female Student from Varina HS during the Bobby McBride Years

So 36 Girls will walk on the Runway (Including 9 from project RUNWAY) will be used for tuesday night's airing of Fashion Star on NBC and 12 will decoy for the first time because they are Dancers from the X-Factor on FOX.

In Addition If There is a lack on the song title for this runway show in any round (including highlighted runway shows), The Designated Runway Order Song (carried over from project RUNWAY: All-Stars) will also be activated so for the series as well so for my request it will be "Easy Lover" by Phillip Bailey & Phil Collins and to top it off LMFAO and Quest Crew (Season 3 Champions of ABDC) performs on Tuesday Night!.

And So There You Have it for the forecast for Next Week at GSK.