Thursday, March 01, 2012

"project RUNWAY: All-Stars" 3/1

CHALLENGE #9: Avant-garde looks w/ backlit technology.

Guest Judge: Pharrell Williams (who will use this week's winning look for one of his artists)

Budgeting: $300 at Barbizon (a lighting store) & $100 at mood

DESIGNATED RUNWAY SONG: "Dilemma" by Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland (which sounds like some of the medley of the theme song for "The New Hollywood Squares")

1. Mondo Guerra (neon plastic & Mississippi pearls): Jessamine Kelley, Kelly Dahlen, Megan Davis, Chelsea Blackburn, Heather Safley, Caroline Poehls, Jenna Carrillo & Amelia Favela
2. Jerell Scott (fiber optics & magnets): Karli Karissa Babcock, Rae Hight, Rose Cook, Thais Magalhaes, Krystal Stinnett, Danielle Dardis, Christina Mondon & Jessica Buitrago
3. Kenley Collins (neon tape & fairy lights): Elaina Williams, Haile Noel, Sveta Glebova, Brittany Oldehoff, Kristen Pike, Emily Gasper, Nikki Ng & Nicole Chernikova
4. Austin Scarlett (fiber optics & fairy lights): Taylor Dean McCausland, Eden Viza, Alexis Broker, Lisa Blades, Lauren Martin, Tara Moore, Tasia Moore & Christina Karina Rios
5. Michael Costello (neon tape & el wire): Leslie Mancia, Tatjana Sinkevica, Lenka Dayrit, Kristina Sajko, Alexis Konstantino, Claire Wiles, Marissa Solano & Ashley Aliprandi

WINNER- Austin (Runners-up: Kenley & Mondo)


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