Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Survivor: One World" 3/28

As of the end of the last episode, we're in SOLO MODE. The merged tribe's name this season will be Tikiano.

Reward Challenge: In two different tribes, they have to dig up four bags of puzzle pieces before solving a turtle puzzle to win cold beer, pizza & a note that says they can go search for a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Orange: Alicia, Jay, Sabrina, Chelsea, Christina & Troyzan
Blue: Leif, Kat, Michael, Kim, Jonas & Tarzan

FIRST INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: In this balancing challenge, wind will be blowing while they're standing on a log balancing a minimum of one ball (& a maximum of three) on a giant disc.


1. Tarzan
2. Christina
3. Michael
4. Chelsea
5. Kim
6. Alicia
7. Jay
8. Jonas
9. Sabrina
10. Leif
WINNER- Troyzan

TRIBAL COUNCIL #5: By a 10-2 vote over Michael...Jonas' the first castaway this season to be sent to the jury house.
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