Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Top Shot IV" 3/27

Team Challenge #7 ("Trick Shot"): Let's get out the Remington M1911 & Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 (1964). Assignments:

1. Hit the center bowling pin from 30 ft. & have it slide cleanly in between the two other pins (M1911)(Augie & Chris).
2. Hit the center pin & have it slide diagonally against another pin (M1911)(Kyle & Greg)
3. Shoot the bottle opener to release the cap on a bottle of soda from 75 ft. (10/22)(Terry & Gabby)
4. Shoot the bottom paint bucket from 30 ft. to have that & the top paint bucket go up; the top bucket must then be shot in mid-air (M1911)(Gary & Dylan)
5. Shoot four half-inch gumballs on golf tees from 35 ft. (10/22)(William & Chee)

In the first four rounds, three shots are given & each success is worth one point, while the final round offers four shots & three points for each good one.

R1: RT, 3-2
R2: RT, 5-3
R3: RT, 6-4
R4: RT, 9-4

Nomination Range: Dylan & William each get two votes (one for the former came from Greg while one for the latter came from Terry).

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #7 ("Tops & Bottoms"): Using the Sig Sauer P229 (1992; Germany/Switzerland) & the Browning Buck Mark .22 (1985), both marksmen have a rack of 10 bowling pins (one pin on the bottom level, two on the second & so on). Each pin's top has been sawed off & just been placed back on. Shooting off a pin's top w/ the Mark .22 is worth one point & taking out the bottom w/ the P229 right after that's worth another point. Most points in two minutes wins.

WINNER- William (18-7)

Dylan leaves w/ NOTHING.
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