Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/2012 Results

LMaD: We should be back to normal in the Head-to-Head For a Car Game. This morning's competitors in that deal are Jennifer (a stay-at-home mom w/ two dogs dressed as an outlet) & Angela (a student majoring in Communications).

Curtain Choices:
Jennifer: #2
Angela: #3

OFFERS: $200, $500, $1K, $1,200 & $2K- THAT'S ENOUGH FOR ANGELA

#2- 2012 Chevrolet Cruze (#3: Cardboard car)


Deal #2's the deal that involves the top four rows of the audience.

BIG BOX (Shelby): YES ($1K)- Maytag washer/dryer ($3,165)
SMALL BOX (John dressed as a love doctor)(Tiffany in front of CURTAIN #2): NO ($1K)- Year's worth of dry cleaning, gas & groceries ($5,446)
Joshua (an Engineering student): SILVER ENVELOPE- Ostrich racing school
Lisa (a new stay-at-home mom dressed as a brown dog w/ two seven-year-old twins for her boyfriend Adam, who's dressed as a chicken): CURTAIN #1 ($2K)- Bedroom ($7,160; she really needed that)


Melissa's Fast Deal Decision (dressed as Pippi Longstocking): SB ($1,200)- Two pieces of jewelry ($4,050)

Avise (dressed as a sailor) can choose her own adventure.

Rejected in R1: SB (Western)- Cactus cowboy hat
Rejected in R2: CURTAIN #3 (Chick flick)- Venti accessories ($5,760)
Final Round Decision: CURTAIN #2 (Action)($1K)- Snowboarding/surfing package ($4,109)

Ariana enters Wayne's Hair Salon (the host's wearing a fake afro, BTW).

Rejected in R1: SB (it can get hot)- Six-night trip to the Hyatt Regency Suites Palm Springs ($3,400)
FR Decision: BB ($1K)- Candy accessories

Cheryl & Nicholas (he's dressed as a cowboy) from Rockwood, CA play 3 of a Kind (w/ a new logo that has playing cards in the background at the top of the board; one time earlier this season, the gameboard had all six cards in one row) for the $17,460 Toyota Corolla (CURTAIN #3).

PICKS: #1, #4 & #6 (the last one was originally #5)


They need to quit now w/ at least two years of date nights (Tiffany w/ SB) valued at $5,077...$700's thrown in to sweeten the deal...but they don't & leave w/ $100.

#4- 4 OF CLUBS

(Note: Also earlier this season in 3oaK, the right trios were #1-#3 & #4-#6- mean!)

The Nine Checks Deal's back.

Check Choices:
Susan (dressed as a gnome): #2
Otega (a lady who tutors kids): #6

SE (Susan)- Trip to Robert's Grove in Belize ($5,734)
CURTAIN #1 (declined)- Home office ($3,038)

#1- $2.5K
#2- $250
#3- $725
#4- $2,200
#5- $150
#6 (Otega)- $1,600

THE BIG DEAL: Surprisingly, Lisa gives up the furniture she previously won for DOOR #2, which has The Bank Vault...& THE BD!

#1- Extreme home entertainment center ($7,396)
#3- Motorscooter ($2,999; revealed last)

(Note: There was again no one-by-one display of the three doors at the start of the big part of this show.)

Jayne (dressed as a chicken) knew to bring a floppy disk that was worth $500 today, but she forgot to do so. Nicholas does pull out a recipe for honey dijon orange ruffy (Jonathan) that's good for $200, making today's grand total $62,608!

TPiRecap (Curtis Stone appears)


$1K T-U: Thing

P R O _ F / O F
_ U _ C H _ _ E

Amy solves the shopping-themed PROOF OF PURCHASE. Let's identify these fine people now:

Amy Lazzaro (Nesconset, NY)- A Special Education teacher at the Deasy School in Glen Cove who's also a savvy shopper
Jodrell Walker II (Atlanta; originally from Columbia, SC)- An Art Institute of Atlanta student who's planning to get his Bachelor's Degree in Audio Production
Becky Cotton (Murrieta, CA)- A slow cooker married to Daniel w/ two girls (Madison & Ashlyn)

$2K T-U: Living Things

_ U L I P S / A N D
I R I _ _ S


Wednesday's SS: Beyond the Rack

Gorton's Jackpot Round: Proper Name

Becky begins the proceedings by calling for an N, which gets her three for $400 each, then she buys two E's, calls the $300 T but then buys a dud vowel of I. Second, Amy picks up two H's for $1,100 & an A before her turn ends w/ an M call. Third, Jodrell finds the $300 W, a $550 R & three O's to finish the vowel section off, but after a $300 C comes the Lose a Turn. Becky then goes to the board...

_ W A _ N E
T H E / R O C _
_ O H N _ O N

...& identifies DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON.

DUDS: I (Becky), $800 M (Amy)
SOLE LaT: Jodrell

Current Scores:

Becky: $3K/Amy: $1K/Jodrell: $0
Mystery Round: Song/Artist

Amy calls two $300 R's to lead off, purchases six E's but then Bankrupts out next to $3.5K to give back 350 bucks. Jodrell secondly spins LaT for the second time in a row. Third, Becky discovers $10.5K for a T trio, two A's & O's, a $1.5K set of Y's for that blue 1/2 KIA & the other two vowels as singles. After that are a $450 K, two H's to take the Bookperk package, two $1K B's while on the Mystery Wedge in between Free PLAY & LaT (the $10K was back there), the $500 V but then a crucial dud of N. Amy then Bankrupts on the Million Dollar Wedge's left side, so Jodrell just tries to solve the following...

E V E R Y / B R E A T H
Y O U / T A K E
B Y / T H E / _ O _ I _ E

...& does so on "EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE" BY THE POLICE to keep his turn.

SOLE DUD: $600 N (Becky)
SOLE LaT: Jodrell

Current Scores:

Becky: $3K
Everyone else: $1K each

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

He next hits the pink $450 & calls an M, followed right after by the triple I's, double N's for another six bills, twin O's, the $500 G for the same 1/2 KIA but then a negative vowel of E. Second on Becky's road is the other regular Bankrupt. Third, Amy has put up a $500 T & bought the board's last vowels of two A's...

I ' M / _ _ O A T I N G
O N / A I _

...then she'll put another $250 in her pocket, take the lead & will later say "I'M FLOATING ON AIR" on her way to a stay courtesy of at the Iberostar Bavaro worth $5,725.

SOLE DUD: E (Jodrell)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: BH0542228 (Betty H.)

Current Scores:

Becky: $3K/Amy: $6,975 in cash & Dominican Republic/Jodrell: $1K

WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: $15 gift certificate for only a buck

$3K T-U: Show Biz

I _ / _ H _
_ P _ _ _ I _ _ T

Amy's currently IN THE SPOTLIGHT, because she's padded her leading score to $9,975 in cash & trip.

R4: Around the House

Amy starts w/ a $900 T, an E, two A's, a $600 R pair & the same amount of I's prior to the Speed-Up Bell sounding...

_ _ _ R T _
_ E _ _  R A _ I _ I A

...& it's a $6K Final Spin! Once two M's are picked on, only one consonant's yet to be uncovered in this puzzle & we're in Sudden Victory...

S P _ R T S
M E M _ R A _ I _ I A

...Becky takes it w/ $12K instead of it all being in SPORTS MEMORABILIA! Jordell could've won $18K in that round.

DUDS (after big bell): C (Becky), H (Amy), N (Amy)

Final Scores:

Becky: $15K/Amy: $9,975 in cash & D.R./Jordell: $1K
GT: $25,975


Big Money Round #140: Becky spins up the second A in AMERICA'S.

Category: Thing


_ _ R _ / _ _
T _ E / _ _ _

HDYO are good choices & they're all up there...

_ O R D / O _
T H E / D _ Y

...her WORD OF THE DAY is WIN, because she's quadrupled her money to $60K!

J!: Now entering Sony Pictures Studios are Amy Ketterling's challengers (BTW, she's using the money she ends up winning here to help cut down a giant tree, which costs about $5K in her neck of the woods):

Sean Hansen (originally from Cleveland, OH)- An Assistant Professional of Management Information Systems who failed to pass the Teen Tournament audition about 23 yrs. ago
Lindsay Reese (originally from Escanaba, MI)- Post-doctoral researcher

Leading off w/:
THE PANAMA CANAL (all clues from Sarah Whitcomb)

The entire panel's separated by $200; Sean has the lead w/ $1,600, so Amy's a slight third place w/ $1,200 (and Lindsay likewise has $1,400). Later, Sean goes Daily Double Hunting w/ eight clues to go (last three in Basic Black & the entire category of The Panama Canal's waiting to be heard from)...but the champ beats him on the Video version of that w/ the last clue regarding The Panama Canal (the other clue on the board at the time was the $600 Basic Black one) & $5,200. She leads Lindsay by $1,200 & Sean by two grand. Amy wagers all but $200 of her stash for the night on this clue:

The labor of building the Canal was made possible by the discovery that mosquitoes spread deadly diseases; screens, fumigations & oily standing water helped quickly eliminate this disease & drastically reduce Malaria.

"What is Yellow Fever?"...$10,200! Lindsay ends this round w/ $4,600.

LACH TRASH (all unattempted): $3,200

Double J! Menu:
ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS (also the name of an independent film company)
IN COJUNCTION (each correct word/words have letters from "conjunction)

Amy's bagged another DD w/ the $1,600 Tale Ship; she's still in Lock Game Territory w/ $15,800, followed by Lindsay w/ $5,400 & Sean at $4,800. On this clue, Amy's trying for another...$4K:

The Fuwalda was the ship that stranded Lord John & Lady Alice, this character's parents.

"Who is Robinson Crusoe?", it was Lord Greystone (aka Tarzan), but she maintains her positioning by $1K w/ $11,800. Later, Sean goes for the other strategy (High School Strategy) between the 21st Century Tonys & the $1,200 Roadside Attraction...& the Tony worth $1,600 holds the last DD of the evening. He's a respectable last w/ $8,400, w/ Lindsay at $10,200 & Amy back at $15K. After some thought, he makes a $7K bet for first:

2010's winner for a musical revival was this French-named farce.

"What is 'La Cage aux Folles'?"...this round's over w/ him now in front w/ $15,400! Left unplayed were the $400-$1,200 clues in that same subject besides the $1,200 Roadside Attraction.

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $1,200 (What's Up, Pierre?)

Heading into Final:
Amy: $15K
Lindsay: $10,200
Sean: $15,400

Amy: $14,800
Lindsay: $10,200

Sean: $10K

FJ! TOPIC: Art Styles.

Printmaker Richard Hamilton's credited w/ coining the name of this style, calling it "...designed for a mass audience".

Lindsay Reese has written "What is pop art?"...sure enough for another $5,201 & $15,401 in total. Amy also right to match her score from last night, but it doesn't hold up this night, as she leaves w/ $32K while Sean Hansen has $30,001 to the good.

pumped!: After SPEED burns the rest of this series off, it's safe to say Greg Fitzsimmons has had NO luck when it comes to hosting GSs.

Melissa Heady: '08 Honda Accord Coupe

regular: She missed the first two...but then got the other two to stay in the game.

1. #68 on the Fortune 500 but tops in auto racing, what's the exclusive gasoline of NASCAR- Shell, SUNOCO, Exxon or bp?
Guess: SUNOCO ($100; no gas card was awarded even w/ that answer)(3/4)
2. Gatorade was developed in 1965 by researchers at what university- University of Florida, University of Alabama, University of Miami (FL) or Georgia Tech?
Guess: University of Florida ($150)(FULL)
3. Which of the following is NOT considered one of the "Big Four" outlaw motorcycle gangs- Bandidos, Free Souls, Hell's Angels or Outlaws?
Guess: Free Souls- WON GAS CARD ($250)
4. In what country was Osama Bin Laden killed last May- Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq?
Guess: Afghanistan (A: Pakistan)

bumper to bumper Topic: James Bond films

Sean Connery: "You Only Live Twice"
Timothy Dalton: "License to Kill"
Pierce Brosnan: "Live and Let Die"
George Lazenby: "On My Majesty's Secret Service" ($400)
Roger Moore: "Goldeneye"

But she didn't get any right on the high octane level, so that was her final winnings.

Steve Pecko drives a black Ford Mustang GT Convertible, but he only won $50 from the opening round.

Brian, Krystal & Carmine: '11 Mercedes-Benz E350 Sedan 4MATIC (their game was taped on a Saturday night)

regular: SWEEP

1. Which of the following isn't an Internet browser- Explorer, Chrome, Deja Vu or Firefox?
Guess: Deja Vu ($200)
2. What city dominated the four major sports in the past decade w/ a combined seven titles between 2001-2011- NY, Boston, Pittsburgh or L.A.?
Guess: Boston ($250)
3. In what key do most American car horns beep- D Major, F, A Major or C Minor?
Guess: C Minor- INCORRECT (A: F)(3/4)
4. Dominating GT sports car racing in the early 2000s, the CR-5 was a model designed by what American company- Chevy, Dodge, Ford or Chrysler?
Guess: Chevy ($300)(FULL)

search warrant topic (which took place w/ a purple/black '73 Dodge Challenger): Auto Brands

$200: Stuttgart
$100: Spyder
$50: Black horse logo- LAMBORGHINI & FERRARI
$25: Ferdinand- LOSS (A: Porsche)

high octane:
1. Gone for 14 yrs., what two slacker cartoon characters did MTV announce they were bringing back last year?
Guess: "Beavis & Butthead" ($400)
2. Spanish for "little cigar", what tobacco product's often found w/ a plastic tip?
Guess: Cigarito (A: Cigarillo)
3. What country music singer had his song "All My Rowdy Friends" dropped as the theme to "Monday Night Football" last year?
Guess: Hank Williams, Jr. ($500)
Final Q: Dominating the circuit between 1992 & 2004, what German driver holds the record for F1 championships w/ seven?
Guess: Michael Schumacher ($600)
top-off challenge: Which of the following actors wasn't a cast member of the sitcom "Taxi"- Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd or Harry Anderson?
Guess: Christopher- LOSS (A: Harry, which was Krystal's guess)($325)

Episode #2:

Daniel Silvestri (who's 19 yrs. old): '08 Jeep Grand Cherokee (white)

regular: He was right on the second & fourth Q's.

1. What rapper hosted MTV's "Pimp My Ride"- Ludacris, Method Man, Xzibit or Nate Dogg?
Guess: Xzibit ($100)(3/4)
2. What company was responsible for creating the famous 426 HEMI engine that swept the top four spots at Daytona in '64- Chevy, Oldsmobile, Dodge or Chrysler?
Guess: Dodge (A: Chrysler)(1/2)
3. What Portuguese soccer star said referees don't give him fair treatment because he's "rich, handsome" and "a great player"- Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani or Hugo?
Guess: Cristiano Ronaldo ($150)(3/4)
4. After the U.S., what country's home to the most billionaires- China, India, Germany or Japan?
Guess: India (A: China)(1/2)

motor skills:
1. Brake pad
2. Fuses
3. BLANK (A: Clutch disk)
4. Fuel filter ($300)

1. What oil company began a holiday tradition of selling toy trucks at its U.S. gas stations in 1964?
Guess: HESS ($400)(3/4)
2. In '72, what comedian first performed a famous stand-up routine titled "Seven Dirty Words You Can Never Say on Television"?
A: George Carlin (1/2)
3. Which international racing series begins each race by waving the host country's flag & ends w/ the national anthem of the winner's home country?
Guess: F1- YES INDEED ($500)
4. A drink known as the Three Wise Men includes Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels & what third spirit?
Guess: Jim Beam ($600)- BAILOUT

Edward Bradley, Jr.: '89 Jeep Wrangler Laredo

regular: He cleared the first two Q's.

1. What phrase did George Carlin call "...the three most puke-inducing words that man has yet to come up with"- "How's My Driving?", "Baby on Board", "Keep on Truckin'" or Caution! No Brakes"?
Guess: "Baby on Board"- RIGHT ($100)(3/4)
2. Though each of these teams has multiple Super Bowl wins, which is the only one without back-to-back titles- Dolphins, Packers, Cowboys or Giants?
Guess: Giants- RIGHT ($150)(FULL)
3. The oldest motor oil in the U.S., what company was responsible for lubricating the winning car in the first American auto race in 1895- Penzoil, Quaker State, Valvoline or Havoline?
Guess: Q.S. (A: Valvoline)(3/4)
4. Volkswagen compared the Beetle to what type of fruit in a '61 print ad- lime, lemon, plum or passion fruit?
Guess: P.F. (A: Lemon)(1/2)

squeegee challenge category: Universities

$200 (bottom-right): South Bend
$50 (bottom-left): Fighting Irish- NOTRE DAME ($200)


Jessica Sindora & Peter Martino from South Philly, owners of a '00 Cadillac Deville DHS (I think), left w/ $100 after missing their last three Q's on the plus stage (they got the first two regular Q's correct).

Millionaire Wednesday:
Game 1
Game 2

Episode ratings:
8: "Jeopardy!" & "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "pumped!"
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