Thursday, April 12, 2012

4/12/2012 Results

LMaD: Get out those Colored Money Envelopes again, Wayne.

$750 Round (Barry dressed as a mad doctor)(CURTAIN #2): YES- Small kitchen featuring a gas range ($2,539)
$1K Round (Christina)(BIG BOX): NO- Rocking motorcycle horse
Golden Envelope Round (Jamila, a student dressed as a firefighter)(CURTAIN #3): NO- Kawasaki KLR650 motorcycle ($6,149; she leaves w/ a total of $525)

Brett, a catering company chef dressed as a crocodile, plays Card Sharks for the $16,785 Scion xD (CURTAIN #1).

1 ($2.5K): 6 OF HEARTS- GO ON

(Note: The ZONK sound's used for each miscall/double in this game at this point in the tapings.)

Thy's Fast Deal Decision (who's holding a spatula): Bag of Classic Chips ($1,100)- VIP trip to the Tropicana Las Vegas w/ $1K spending money ($4,400; that's where Carson Kressley's hosting "Dancing with the Stars LIVE")

Kimberly, an orthodontist's office worker from Los Alamitos, CA, gets the Grab Bag Deal.

#1: VEHICLE (adds one more)
#3: TRAVEL (adds two more)


#2- Outdoor home theater w/ 100 movies ($4,199)
QUITS W/ $1.5K (at the request of her daughter Amanda, dressed as a ladybug)

#1- DUD race car
#3- Six-night Amsterdam Adventure ($6K; Kimberly helps do the ticket plug)


Greta goes to the Crystal Ball Deal. Remember, exactly a week ago in this same segment, there were two chances at the KIA Rio behind CURTAIN #3 via the SB & the SE, but that car wasn't won.

Good News (BB): Comes w/ $$$

She goes for that.

SE- ZONK chef school
BB- Luxurious day of beauty from My Everything w/ $2K shopping spree, 100 small bottles of OPI nail polish & limo service ($5,288)


Dice Dueling are Kaylani (who's wearing a white Stand Up 2 Cancer headband) & Keith (who's wearing an afro).

Control Round:
Kaylani: 2
Keith: 4

1. Keith: 2/1- $2.5K
2. Kaylani: 6/1- $400
3. Keith: 4/3- DZ
4. Keith: 2/5- BUST

But Kaylani WALKS w/ $1,200, when she could've won the $14,970 smart car (CURTAIN #3).

Lorenzo (dressed as a blue graduate) runs the SB Gauntlet.

RB- 15 pilates classes w/ $750 for workout clothing ($1,725)
GB- TOSHIBA 47" HDTV ($1,700)


BB- Eternity diamond necklace ($2K)
GB- Butter pumps

THE BIG DEAL: It also means he loses any chance of going for this, because Greta's going on. But DOOR #2 doesn't have another BD, at least not today- she instead wins the four-night getaway to the Sandals Grand Riviera Beach & Villa Golf Resort in Jamaica w/ Ricardo Bel Air luggage totaling $7,870.

#1- 2012 MINI Cooper HT
#3- Apple products ($2,237)

Marie's small bottle of Pamprin's accepted by Wayne for $200 & when asked how much the MINI was worth, Jeremy hits it on the nose for his own $200!


WoF: The first Toss-Up tonight has something to do w/ "The Bachelor" & "You Deserve It" host Chris Harrison.

$1K T-U: Landmark

_ _ _ _ / _ F
_ M _ _ _ _ _

Anna way jumps the gun.

_ _ _ _ / O F
A M _ _ _ _ A

Michael solves MALL OF AMERICA, which was home to the short-lived GSN GS "Mall Masters" hosted by Mr. Harrison. And now, to three people who doesn't have that same last name:

Michael Keeley (San Diego)- A probation officer & former elementary school teacher married to Jessica w/ Katie & Emily as their children
Lisa McClain (Mission Viejo)- A real estate agent w/ a 15-year-old son named Alex
Anna Cinar (Watertown, MA)- A Science elementary school teacher at Stanley Elementary in Waltham, as well as a professor at Framingham State University who just got engaged

$2K T-U: Show Biz

S _ P _ _ _ _ I _ G
C A _ T

Michael needs no SUPPORTING CAST help in tripling his cash.

Thursday's SS: HomeGoods

Gorton's Jackpot Round: Person

He's on his way w/ three T's for nine bills, two E's, a $2.5K S, four A's, a $2.5K M, trip O's, then after calling a $1K N pair while on that Jackpot...

A / M E A T - A N _ -
_ O T A T O E S
_ _ N _ / O _ / _ _ _

...he wins it at $10,800 by saying he's a A MEAT-AND-POTATOES KIND OF GUY, for a total this round of $16,950 & $19,950 overall.


Mystery Round: Before & After

Lisa calls first a T for $500 & the blue 1/2 KIA, buys two A's, says two S's for the HomeGoods gift card & purchases two E's, then the Million Dollar Wedge's right-side Bankrupt strikes to take away both of her non-cash items. Second, Anna finds three R's for the Wild Card but her spin right after that lands on Lose a Turn. Third, Michael takes the $1.5K worth of three P's, two O's, the I singleton, a $900 L, a $500 C & the remaining vowel of U. Following a $300 G...

P A P E R / O R
S U R G E O _

...instead of having the choice of a PAPER OR PLASTIC SURGEON, he banks another $2,450.

SOLE LaT: Anna

Current Scores:

Michael: $22,400/Lisa: NOTHING/Anna: WC

Prize Puzzle Round: Event

Anna locates first a $400 R, then quadruple E's & the Bankrupt in between $600 & $900 to lose both the WC & $150. Second, Michael loses control because of the same Bankrupt from the MDW. Third, Lisa retrieves four $300 T's & two $500 H's, buys vowel singles of A & O but then Bankrupts the same way Anna did to forfeit $1,700; that's her second of the evening. Anna also has her second taste of the worst thing possible on the wheel, this time w/ the one next to top dollar. On Michael's second try in this round, he puts up a $600 V, buys the remainder of the vowels (a set of I's & a U), gets a $1K S pairing for the same 1/2 KIA, an $1,800 N couplet, the $500 G but then L for LaT. Then, Lisa gets two C's to pop up for the TicketsNow gift tag...

T H E / S U N
O V E R / T H E
_ A C I _ I C

...& also wins the chance to see THE SUN SETTING OVER THE PACIFIC on her trip to the Maui Kai Kanapali Beach worth $5,614.

SOLE DUD: $300 L (Michael)
BANKRUPTS: 4 (two by Anna)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: RN01817 (Robert N.)

Current Scores:

Michael: $22,400/Lisa: $6,614 in prizes/Anna: NADA

$3K T-U: Rhyme Time

_ _ E _ _ / _ O R
S _ C _ _ _ S

Lisa tastes her first bit of cash w/ the solution DRESS FOR SUCCESS, for a new total in cash & merchandise of $9,614.

Last Chance Round: Phrase

The Final Spin's worth $1,600 per consonant appearance. After Lisa's called H...

T O O T _ _ _ / _ O U R
O _ _ / H O R _

...while TOOTING YOUR OWN HORN ladies & gentlemen, she's got herself $4,800 extra for a nice turnaround.

DUDS: L (Michael), S (Anna)

Final Scores:

Michael: $22,400/Lisa: $14,414 in cash & stuff/Anna: $1K GOOSEEGG
GT: $37,814

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $6,850 in cash & spree

Big Money Round #141: Mike's Bonus Wheel spin ends on the S in AMERICA'S.

Category: Phrase

About 1/3 the letters are spotted:

_ / _ E _
L _ _ _ _ S

PBDA gives him a pair of something...

A / _ E _
L A _ _ _ S

...the A's, but we won't be hearing A FEW LAUGHS on the good side for $35K. He departs w/ $22,400.


Jesse, Kelly & Briana: '02 Hyundai Elantra GLS Sedan

regular: They only missed their third question.

1. In what year was the first Indianapolis 500 held- 1909, 1911, 1913 or 1921?
Guess: 1921- NO (A: 1911)(1/2)
2. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, what hit from The Beatles is the most covered song of all-time- "Hey Jude", "In My Life", "Yesterday" or "Let It Be"?
Guess: "Let It Be"- NO (A: "Yesterday")(1/4)
3. Founded as an alternative to the Indy 500, what race did the CART series stage on the same day as Indy in '96- U.S. 500, American 500, National 500 or Champ Series 500?
Guess: U.S. 500 ($125)(1/2)
4. What luxury car brand introduced a "Celebrity Edition" designer denim line last year- Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce or Porsche?
Guess: Lexus (A: Porsche)(1/4)

bumper to bumper topic: Baseball legends & records

Pete Rose: Batting Average (A: Hits)
Barry Bonds: HRs
Rickey Henderson: Hits (A: SBs)
Hank Aaron: RBIs ($225)
Ty Cobb: SBs (A: Batting Avg.)

high octane:
1. What energy drink sponsored Kasey Kahne's race car last year?
Guess: Red Bull- RIGHT ($325)(1/2)
2. What pitcher was the first to win four consecutive Cy Young Awards?
Guess: Aaron Rodgers- ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE (A: Greg Maddux)
3. What men's sportswear has been the primary sponsor of the IndyCar series since '09?
Guess: Nike- EMPTY (A: IZOD)

Jon Bernardo, driver of a '10 Nissan Altima Sedan, drove out w/ $100 after losing all of his gas at the end of the plus round.

Kevin Dart (a NY Jets fan): '97 Volvo GLT 850 Sedan

regular: Kevin got the last three statements.

1. In an episode of "Seinfeld", George believes he bought a Chrysler LeBaron formerly owned by what actor- Jon Voight, Dustin Hoffman, Gene Hackman or George C. Scott?
Guess: Gene Hackman- NO (A: Jon Voight)(1/2)
2. Which NASCAR driver goes by the nickname "Smoke"- Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick or Tony Stewart?
Guess: Jeff Gordon (A: Tony Stewart)(1/4)
3. A champion of the moguls, who was the first skier to medal in both the X Games & the Olympics- Jonny Moseley, Shaun White, Hannah Teter or Bode Miller?
Guess: Jonny Moseley- YES ($125)(1/2)
4. Who's named #1 on Forbes' 2011 list of the world's highest-paid musicians- U2, Paul McCartney, Lady GaGa or Bon Jovi?
Guess: U2- YES INDEED ($175)(3/4)

squeegee challenge theme: Athletes

$200 (top-left): Jr.- DALE EARNHARDT, JR.
$100 (bottom-left): 2,131- CAL RIPKEN, JR. ($275)

1. What annual race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was first held in '94?
Guess: Indy 500 (A: Brickyard 400)(1/2)
2. What former MLB pitcher lends his name to the surgery known as "ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction"?
Guess: Tommy John ($375)
3. What state hosts the annual 12 Hours of Sebring race?
Guess: Florida- GREAT GUESS ($475)
FQ for the Gas Card: In the Don Henley song "The Boys of Summer", on what type of car does the singer see a deadhead sticker?
Guess: Cadillac- YES ($575, but no gas card was awarded even though he overspilled at the end)
top-off challenge for fun: Acrophobia is the scientific term for the fear of what- lying, heights or crowds?
Guess: Heights

Millionaire Thursday:
Game 1
Start of Game 2

(Also tonight: Sean Hansen blanked out in Final Jeopardy! & was sent home w/ $31,001, while Judy Nichols returns tomorrow w/ $25,300.)

Episode ratings:
7: "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "pumped!"
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