Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16/2012 Results

LMaD: Hopefully, this No Complaining deal lives up to its title to start the week.

R1 (Leah, dressed as a cat burglar): SMALL BOX- Five-night trip to The Fairmont Hamilton Princess in Bermuda ($4,050)($50 bankroll: $1,350)
R2 (Kinacio): BIG BOX- 46" 3-D HDTV/MacBook Air package ($4,499)
R3 (Elizabeth): BERMUDA
FR (Leah, dressed as a Hawaiian): CURTAIN #3 ($1.5K)- Toyota Yaris ($16,433)


Adolfo (who's wearing red pajamas w/ penguins all over it) can win a $3K check if he can identify the U.S. TV show out of these three that premiered first- "Walker, Texas Ranger" , "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Teletubbies".
PICK: "Walker, Texas Ranger" (I can tell you that's correct)
FINAL DECISION: CURTAIN #2 (he also could've walked w/ $700)- Bluedot bedroom w/ customized closet & $1K macy's gift card ($5,298)

Ca$h Marbles Match-Up: Quinn (a lady dressed as a tiger) vs. Zachary Bills (Navy member)
WINNER- Quinn ($1.5K)
FD (CURTAIN #1): GO ON- Bridezilla


Christine (dressed as a robot) will walk The ZONK & Winding Road.

R1: Wild (CURTAIN #1) or Water (CURTAIN #3)?
CURTAIN #3- Sea-Doo (not fully described)

CURTAIN #1- Bridezilla w/ a gorilla groom

FR: GREEN BOX (Jonathan)- $400
BB- Gourmet coffee counter ($2,453)

(Note: The cash box left behind was the Blue Box.)

Jessica (dressed as a pot of gold) & Paul (dressed as a leprechaun) are on a Gold Ru$h for possibly the Ford Focus S (Curtain #3).

2. #2- GOLD (F----)
3. #5- GOLD (FO---)
4. #3- GOLD (FOC--)
5. #7- GOLD (FOCU-)

The Ca$h CD Jukebox's been activated for the day.

Jessie's Round (cowgirl)(CURTAIN #1): Four-night trip to the Wild Dunes in S.C. ($5,600)
#3 (Commercial Jingle)- $1,700
Lant's Round (a San Luis Obispo native dressed as a cowboy)(SILVER ENVELOPE): GO- Arctic Innertube Cruise
#4 (Salsa)- $1,300

THE BIG DEAL: Jessie gets the opportunity at this, which includes the $16,972 Nissan Sentra 2.0. She selects DOOR #3...she has COMPLETED THE MORNING'S THREE-CAR SWEEP w/ said Nissan & $7.5K from a briefcase (also, it's raining money on the car)! 

#1- Pool table ($2,550)
#2- Home office ($6,794)

Thomas confidently says 1 as the last number of his driver license for $200, Jose & Veronica waste no time showing Tiffany a black comb for $100 & Yvette (dressed as a bee) wins $500 for a postcard, making the grand total for this episode the HIGHEST NON-SUPER DEAL TOTAL THIS SEASON- $73,247!!!


TNG: Tonight's "Newlywed" doubleheader begins w/ the following:

Charles & Jennifer
Matt & Amy (he proposed to her in an airport just after getting out of serving duty in Iraq)
John & Kim (he proposed to her a dozen times before they finally got engaged & married)

1. Let's say you pulled the classic boneheaded move of a new husband & lose your wedding ring. Do you confess, try & stall until you could find it or secretly replace it?
2. If your wife were making an adult movie, which one of her friends would you cast as her co-star?
3. "The kitchen appliance that most reminds me of my wife is a ____________."

1. Stall- CONFESS
2. Corey- WENDY
3. Blender- STOVE

1. Stall- STALL (5)
2. Lisa- LISA (10)
3. Coffeemaker- COFFEEMAKER (15)

1. Confess- CONFESS (5)
2. Sue- SUE (10)

SECOND HONEYMOON: The Fairmont Southampton (Pleasant Holidays)

1. When was the last time your husband's "subway" pulled into your station on an alternate track- within the last month, within the last 12 months or has he only arrived on the standard track?
2. "I'm pretty sure my husband's last girlfriend was probably _____________ than me."
3. What percentage of the time do you both enjoy "The Big O" at about the same moment?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "If we have a yard sale, the first thing my husband will try to sell's my _____________ & I will be selling his ______________ the minute we open."

1. 12- MONTH
2. Heavier- FATTER (10)
3. 90%- 100%
BONUS: Purses & baseball caps- PURSES & PLAYSTATION (25)

1. Month- STANDARD
2. Whiter- FATTER
3. 50%- 0%
BONUS: Shoes & PS3- COFFEEMAKER & PS3 (30)

1. Standard- STANDARD (20)
2. Bustier- CRAZIER
3. 90%- 5%
BONUS: Blue couch & one of his cars- COMPUTER STUFF & ZOOMBA STUFF

Consolation Prize: Omaha Steaks

Next Three Couples:
Andre & Diana (he proposed to her on the subway)
Chris & Megan (she snores so loud that he clasps his hands to wake her up)
Ben & Alexis (who had a honeymoon in the Dominican Republic during the hottest part of the year

1. Which of these's the loudest thing about your wife- her wardrobe, exclamations during ecstasy or mother?
2. What's the one thing your wife spends too much money on?
3. "Rihanna has a Top 10 hit called 'S&M'- something tells me my wife's friend _________ likes it for more than the catchy tune."

1. Exclamations- EXCLAMATIONS (5)
2. Bags- TOTEBAGS (10)
3. Baum- BAUM (15)

1. Exclamations- EXCLAMATIONS (5)
2. Clothes- CLOTHES (10)
3. Shannon- SHANNON (15)

1. Exclamations- EXCLAMATIONS (5)
2. Shoes- SHOES (10)
3. Lisa- LISA (15)

PERFECT ROUND (just after we had a scoreless one at the end of last week)!

SH #2:

1. When you look in the mirror, what's the one body part that makes you think "Hmm, maybe I should have some work done"?
2. "My husband's as slow as a turtle when it comes to __________________."
3. If I looked through your husband's recent browser history on his personal computer, what would I be most surprised to find?
30-POINT BQ: "Between the two of us, _____ has the best moves on the dance floor & ______ has the best moves in the bedroom."

1. Waist- WAIST (25; she wanted it to be tighter)
2. Picking up his cell phone- RETURNING PHONE CALLS (35)
BONUS: I & he- TOTAL MATCH (65) 

1. Nothing- BREASTS
2. Chores around the house- GETTING TO BED
3. He's always on Craigslist- NOTHING
BONUS: I & he- TOTAL MATCH (45) 

1. Nose- NOSE (25)
3. He's on gmail a lot- SPORTS SCORES
BONUS: He (both)- LOSS W/ FIRST PART (50)

CP: Cuisinart cookware

WoF: As previously mentioned, the '12 Winnebago Access' back in play for Wheel Across America Week.

$1K T-U: Place

R _ A D S I _ E

_ R U I T / _ _ A _ D

Terry totally messes up the last word w/ a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE of ROADSIDE FRUIT SALAD, so Holly steals ROADSIDE FRUIT STAND. First three winner wannabes this week:

Holly Owens (Springfield, OR)- A major hotel chain worker in Downtown Eugene married to Wade w/ a two-year-old daughter named Mallory
Janet Selby (Carbondale, IL)- A preschool teacher for autism children 3-5 w/ two dogs named Guido & Rayley; she rode her first roller coaster last Summer
Terry Long (Boston)- Banking customer service rep

$2K T-U: Thing

_ E _ _ - K E P T

_ E _ R E _

Janet has the BEST-KEPT SECRET at the proper time.

Monday's Featured Trip: Grand Canyon/Great American West Tour ($5K)
Monday/Wednesday/Friday Gift Tag: Red Roof Inn

meineke Jackpot Round: Landmark (the Wheelmobile category wipe's back, naturally)

Janet leads the way by calling a quick dud in R. Secondly, Terry calls three T's for $1.5K & the blue 1/2 KIA & two H's for the Wild Card, buys two E's & an A, calls the $900 W & the $500 S & we have...


W A S H _ _ _ T _ _

_ _ _ _ _ E _ T

...him solving THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT for the early lead by $400 & stays in control.


Current Scores:

Janet: $2K/Terry: $2,400 (WC)(1/2 KIA)/Holly: $1K

Mystery Round: Food & Drink (big puzzle alert)

Terry uses his WC right away to call $10.5K trios of the T's & N's, then he buys five E's & two I's before Bankrupting out on the Million Dollar Wedge's left side to lose his plate & $20.5K. Ouch. Holly follows that painful experience w/ three C's for that same 1/2 KIA & $1.5K, three Free PLAY H's to double that amount, two A's, an $800 K, a $600 pair of D's (one's at the end) & the remaining two vowels (both singletons). After that are a $1.5K R set...


T E N D E R _ / _ I T H

C R E A _ _ / H O N E _

M U _ T A R D

...& her right response of CHICKEN TENDERS W/ CREAMY HONEY MUSTARD for another $5,150 & first place; she also keeps her turn.


Current Scores:

Janet: $2K/Terry: $2,400/Holly: $6,150 (1/2 KIA)

Prize Puzzle Round: What Are You Doing?

Her next letters are two T's for the gift card, a $900 H, triple the E's, two FP A's & three N's for the other 1/2 KIA & $1.5K more. Following trip I's, she hits the MDW's other Bankrupt to lose $17,900 in cash & prizes; darn. Janet secondly has lit three R's, a P & double G's for $300 each, then after buying the rest the vowel shop has to offer (two O's & a U)...

R E _ A _ I N G / I N

T H E / A I R P O R T

_ O U N G E

...she avoids the READING trap & will be RELAXING IN THE AIRPORT LOUNGE w/ another $1,900 in her pockets on her way to the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, a trip valued at $8,220.


TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: SC6978953 (Shirley C.)

Current Scores:

Janet: $12,120 in cash & Belize/Terry: $2,400/Holly: $6,150 

$3K T-U: Living Thing

_ _ I _ _ _ Y / _ E _ R

_ _ _

Janet nails GRIZZLY BEAR CUB no sweat to move to $15,120 in cash & trip.

R4: Phrase

She gets going by having Vanna insert an R at the end of the first & third (last) words at $800 apiece & quad E's, then come a $600 N for both lines...

N E _ E R / _ _ _

N E _ E R

...also the title of a Justin Bieber song & movie, she blitzes through "NEVER SAY NEVER" to add $2,550.


Current Scores:

Janet: $17,670 in cash & vacation/Terry: $2,400/Holly: $6,150

Last Chance Round: Occupation

That was a $1.5K Final Spin. After an R's taken by Terry...

L _ N D S _ _ P _

_ R _ _ _ T _ _ T

...he identifies LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT for 6K additional bucks; the ladies each left half that amount behind.

Final Scores:

Janet: $17,670 in cash & Belize/Terry: $8,400/Holly: $6,150
GT: $32,220

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $38,400 in cash & stuff

Big Money Round #143: Janet spins the single-star.

Category: Things

Reveal the RSTLNE board, please:

_ _ R _ E L _ _ N

_ _ _ _ R _ N E S

BMCA adds to the mix...

_ _ R C E L A _ N

_ _ _ _ R _ N E S

...but she doesn't win the $45K for only coming up w/ the first half of PORCELAIN FIGURINES, so she flies out w/ $17,670 in cash & trip.

TS: Season 2 has new graphics.

Opening What You Know Results:

1. Darrell d. Kathryn
2. Nate d. Brittany A.
3. Brittany L. d. Anthony
4. Armand d. Afua
5. Justin d. Golda (their first two Q's were stumpers)
6. Jon d. Erica
7. Elena d. Teddy
8. Dan d. Elizabeth
9. Michael d. Gabrielle 

In the last heat of this round starting this season pitting Zach vs. Sadja, whoever wins it will also win for him/herself & all of the members of their gender in the room a prize. Tonight, it's an iPod boombox.

Extra Credit Q: What talking dog's the star of a cartoon & movie series in which he rides around w/ crime-fighting teens who call themselves Mystery Inc.?
Zach: Scooby-Doo

What You Should Know:

Justin vs. Michael: Tobacco smoke's known to contain several carcinogens, which by definition are substances that can cause what disease?
Michael: Lung cancer

Brittany L. vs. Zach: A meteorologist's a professional who studies what phenomena?
Zach: Weather

Dan vs. Darrell: Though conspiracy theorists claim he was just a patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of assassinating what U.S. President?
Dan: JFK

Elena vs. Armand: Only one honeybee in every hive's capable of laying eggs & that bee has what royal title (which Madison Rayne still also allegedly holds)?
Armand: Queen Bee

Nate vs. Jon: In the continental U.S., the four time zones are Eastern, Central, Pacific & what?
Jon: Standard
Nate: Mountain

What the !#@%: Each semi-finalist gets to be in a rocking chair & having to list as many valid items for two different topics within :45 while having confetti & whipped cream shot at them. 
Topics: Instruments in Orchestra & Makes of Cars (car companies)

Nate: 10
Michael: 13- WINNER
Dan: 10
Armand: 6


1. To the nearest $10, what's the money money you would spend on a birthday gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Michael: $100- #2 (15%)
Zach: $50- #1 (23%; #3 was $30 at 14%)

2. How many emails do you send each day?
Michael: 0- #2 (23%)
Zach: 3- 10% (one was #1 at 24%, while #3 was 2 at 12%)

3. Name a possession that you would never lend, even to your best friend.
Michael: Toothbrush- 7%
Zach: Pair of underwear- T2 (13% each w/ jewelry; phone was #1 at 16%)

4. When you get dressed in the morning, what item of clothing do you usually put on first?
Zach: Underwear- WIN FOR THE CLASS (#1)(42%)
Michael: Socks- 3%

FQ: Including pluses & minuses, what's the letter grade equivalent of your overall GPA?
Zach: B
Michael: C

(Final notes: Most of the chalkboard's now a video wall, especially for the final round, when the question prompts on the board light up on a white background, w/ the best answers being lit up on a yellow background.)


Ryan Coyle (not sure if he's related to Mark, but he's a fireman): '07 Mazda6

regular: He stayed in the game w/ the last two statements.

1. Manning car #29 for Richard Childress Racing, what driver replaced Dale Earnhardt after his death in '01- Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick or Jeff Burton?
Guess: Kevin Harvick- CORRECT ($100)(3/4)
2. Which of the following candy bars was introduced first- Snickers, 3Musketeers, Twix or Hershey's?
Guess: Hershey's- RIGHT ($150)(FULL)
3. "One Piece at a Time" was the last song to hit #1 on country charts for what artist- Johnny Cash, Travis Tritt, Tanya Tucker or Billy Ray Cyrus?
Guess: Cyrus (A: Cash)(3/4)
4. What sport began as an upper-class game called "sphairstike"- croquet, baseball, cricket or tennis?
Guess: Croquet- INCORRECT (A: Tennis)(1/2)

motor skills:
1. Starter (A: Car horn)
2. Something w/ the fuel injection ($200)
3. Oil fill (A: Front break reservoir)- TIME OVER
4. Distributor (he thought it was a transmission for fun)

high octane: EMPTY

'06 Volkswagen Jetta owner Vanessa Paganelli left w/ $100 after fuming out in the plus round.

Andrea Fekete & Lace Cestaro (Texas Roadhouse restaurant workers; at least one's a waitress): '02 Dodge Intrepid

regular: They got off to a $75 start after only missing their second statement.

1. Jeeps were originally designed for military use in what conflict- WWI, WWII, Korean War or Spanish-American War?
Guess: WWII- RIGHT ($125)(FULL)
2. Not including tentacles, how many arms does a squid have- six, eight, 10 or 12?
Guess: 8- OVERSPILL ($225)
3. One of the last racers you'd ever want to see in your rearview mirror, what was Dale Earnhardt's nickname- "The Enforcer", "The Intimidator", "The Troublemaker" or "The Dominator"?
Guess: "The Troublemaker" (A: "The Intimidator")(3/4)
4. Which adult men's magazine was published first- Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse or Modern Man?
Guess: Playboy (A: Modern Man)(1/2)

bumper to bumper category: State license plate symbols

Oranges: FLORIDA
Cowboy: WYOMING ($475)

1. What Midwestern university was actually founded by French priests in 1842?
Guess: Notre Dame ($575)(3/4)
2. What chain-smoking cartoon mascot was retired in 1997 due to criticism that he promoted cigarettes to children?
A: Joe Camel (1/2)
3. What '00 movie details Ashton Kutcher's quest to remember where he parked his vehicle?
Guess: "Dude, Where's My Car?" ($675)
FQ: What electronic book reader did Barnes & Noble introduce in '09 as a rival to the kindle?
A: nook

top-off challenge: The use of radar detectors in passenger vehicles is illegal in Washington, D.C. & what U.S. state?
Guess: California- PAINFUL LOSS (A: Virginia, their first guess from Andrea)($362.5)

Joe Valentino, who owns a '06 Chevrolet Avalanche 4X4, only got the last two statements in the regular round & settled for 50 bucks.

Tyler Servis: '08 Honda Civic Si Coupe

regular: After being right on the opener, he stayed in the game w/ this round's ender.

1. Who has appeared on more covers of Sports Illustrated than any other athlete- Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Derek Jeter or Kobe Bryant?
Guess: Kobe (A: Michael Jordan)(1/4)
2. In '05, Robby Gordon complained that Danica Patrick had an unfair advantage because of her sponsors, superior equipment, weight or publicity?
Guess: Weight- YES INDEED ($100)(1/2)
3. Red Bird is the name of the vehicle driven by what superhero sidekick- Robin, Superboy, Batgirl or Jimmy Olsen?
Guess: Robin ($150)(3/4)
4. What classic car company takes its name from the French explorer who founded Detroit- Cadillac, Chrysler, Oldsmobile or Renault?
Guess: Chrysler (A: Cadillac)(1/2)

btb theme: Car companies' trucks

Dodge: RAM
Ford: F-150
Toyota: TACOMA ($400)


Kristina Rosselli & Daniel Mulleady (he was taking a nap inside their car just before their game started): '01 VW Beetle

regular: SWEEP

1. What cyclist initially blamed his abnormally high testosterone levels on Jack Daniel's- Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador, Jan Ullrich or Floyd Landis?
Guess: Landis- OVERFLOW ALREADY ($200)
2. What state's license plate contains a graphic portrait of Lincoln- Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois or Tennessee?
Guess: Illinois ($250)
3. What company owned by Richard Branson offers suborbital spaceflights for a fee of $200K- Virgin Cosmic, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbital or Virgin Infinity?
Guess: Galactic ($300)
4. Which of the following women has never been named #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 List- Brooklyn Decker, Lindsay Lohan, Katy Perry or Olivia Wilde?
Guess: Brooklyn ($350)

btb subject: Colleges/universities that appeared in movies

Faber College: "BLUE CHIPS" (A: "Animal House")
Coolidge: "ANIMAL HOUSE" (A: "Van Wilder")
Harrison University: "OLD SCHOOL"
Western University: "VAN WILDER" (A: "Blue Chips")

Adams College: "REVENGE OF THE NERDS" ($450)

1. In honor of Jackie Robinson, what number was retired by every team in MLB in '97?
Guess: #7 (A: #42)(3/4)
2. "Macho Man" Randy Savage was in commercials suggesting you "Snap into..." what gas station staple?
Guess: Mobil (A: Slim Jim)(1/2)
3. The 1974 Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act prohibited states from approving speed limits higher than what speed?
Guess: 65 (A: 55)(1/4)
FQ: What massive model of SUV did GM discontinue two years ago?
Guess: Trailblazer (A: Hummer)

Millionaire Monday (Double Your Money Week IV, Day 1):
Game 1
Start of Game 2

(Also tonight: Judy Nichols finished in last place tonight after Final Jeopardy! tonight & left w/ $47.5K, while Michelle LaDonde returns Tuesday w/ $18.5K.)

Episode ratings:

3 AM: 5
3:30 AM: 6
"The Newlywed Game":
6 PM: 6
6:30 PM: 9
10: "Let's Make a Deal"
7: "Millionaire" & "The Substitute"
6: "Jeopardy!" & "The Price is Right"
5: "Wheel of Fortune"
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