Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4/17/2012 Results

LMaD: After they pretty much got cleaned out yesterday morning, let's find out what happens today. Valerie (dressed as Dr. Feelgood), on a fast note...is the first aired person to WIN 0 to 80 in three picks (two 20s w/ the 40 in between them) & has that $17,455 Mitsubushi Lancer (Curtain #3)! Because she wants to replace the hooptie she's been driving until now, she's done for the rest of this show.

Three traders are going to their Stock Market Deal. As of this edition, the multipliers range from 1-100.

Chantal's Round (a Canadian dressed as a snow leopard)(Red): CURTAIN #1- Giant croquet set (Multiplier: 25)
Stefani's Round (dressed as a present)(Green): $$$- $300 (BIG BOX: HDTV trio)($4,100)
Adam's Round (a recent college graduate from St. Louis who's been an unemployed teacher for two years & is dressed as a cowboy)(Blue): $$$ (Peanut Gallery)- $7,300 (CURTAIN #2: Gorilla chariot)


Jack Hernandez (who's dressed as a waiter here) is back on a GS, folks! The deal he gets is what I call Make Your Bid for Cash.

Guess: $2.5K
FINAL DECISION: SMALL BOX- AjMadison appliances w/ cookware ($5,596)(Limit: $800)

Dana's Fast Deal Decision Regarding Wayne's Diary (dressed as a Real Housewife from Comfort, TX)(CURTAIN #3): Five-night trip to theReef


Darlene & Tenesha (dressed as cotton candy) are getting quizzed on movies. In each round, whoever's closest to the actual premiere year wins another $500 to go along w/ the $500 they each already have.

"Fried Green Tomatoes":
Tenesha: '94
Darlene: '92- '91 ($1K)

Darlene: '09 ($1.5K)
Tenesha: '08

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon":
Tenesha: '00 ($1K)
Darlene: '01

"E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial":
Darlene: '82 ($2K; I knew that one, too)
Tenesha: '83

THE BIG RISK (CURTAIN #2; costs $1K): Tenesha- Wicker patio furniture & Bull BBQ ($6,238)

A Jonathan wearing an afro will play Find the Face.

Three-Card Tiffany Prize (SB): Camcorder w/ private video editing classes ($1,970)

#2- $500

Four-Card Jonathan Prize (BB): Kawasaki motorcycle w/ HJC helmet ($5,144)

#3- TRIPLE (Jonathans: #1 & #4)

FIVE-CARD WAYNE RIDE (CURTAIN #1): 2012 Toyota Tacoma MT 

#3- LOSS
#2- $500
#4- $2K

Juanita's FD Decision Regarding Mr. Mangum's Diary (a grandma from Myrtle Beach, SC who's wearing a hat her granddaughter made from Burbank)(CURTAIN #2): $1K- Beehive


THE BIG DEAL: Shockingly, Adam's buying DOOR #2 for all that dough he could've used to help get a new job...& he should've walked w/ it- he'll have to relax in an IKEA living room group valued at $3,297. If he had selected #1, he would've also won a one-week trip to Grenada's Ultimate Dive Resort ($8,357)(#3) & the '12 Mazda3 Sport.

Dimas (dressed as a soccer player) is challenged by Jonathan to bounce a soccer ball five times on his knees without using his hands or the ball ever touching the ground for $200...but he only gets through two. Christopher (dressed as Luigi) gets the same challenge from Wayne, but for $300...& he succeeds!

(Note: This was the most recent episode that the Hollywood Junket crew taped, which is where I got the first word about the $50K cash prize being offered starting this season.)



Shane & Kelley (Prince Charming & Princess)
Brian & Arianna (he's obsessed w/ aliens)
Florian & Ara

1. While many men love a thong on their woman, not all women are big fans. So, tell me guys what are your wife's feelings on the "dental floss" of underwear- she loves them, she only wears them when necessary or would she rather go commando?
2. "I love my mother in law, but my mother has her beat when it comes to ___________________."
3. If you were to give a tour of all the public places where you & your wife have gotten intimate, how many destinations would there be?

1. Loves- WEARS
3. Three- ONE

1. Wears- WEARS (5)
2. The cooking- COOKING (10)
3. Four- ONE

1. Wears- COMMANDO
2. Controlling everything- SHOWING AFFECTION
3. Three- TWO

SECOND HONEYMOON: Almond Casuarina Beach

1. Let's say your bedroom escapades were gymnastic routines. What one specific move would've been given the highest level of difficulty?
2. What was the one thing your husband needed to improve on before getting the promotion from boyfriend to husband?
3. When your man checks himself out in a full-length mirror, which part of his body does he spend the most time admiring?
30-POINT BONUS QUESTION: "_______ was the first name of my senior prom date & my husband took _______."

1. Bent over- IN THE BUTT
2. Chewing- CHEWING (10)
3. Chest- FACE
BONUS: I & each other- I & EACH OTHER (40)

2. Clean up after himself- NOTHING
3. Arms- BUTT
BONUS: Joel & no one- JESSE & MICHELLE

1. Pleasuring his little cupcake down there- WHEELBARROW
3. Arms- ARMS (10)
BONUS: An unknown guy & Ja- MARK & JAJA (25)

Consolation Prize: Coffeemaker

Episode #2:
Terrell & Toya (they argue over who's cuter)
Robert & Michelle (who got lost on their way to their wedding reception because of a limo driver)
Greg & Kerri (whose wedding had a '40s theme)

1. After a round of good loving, how long until your wife wants another one- a week, day or half an hour?
2. "Besides sex, nothing puts me in a good mood like __________________."
3. On what day of the week was your first date?

1. Half an hour- HALF AN HOUR (5)
2. Food (especially macaroni & cheese)- PLAYING PLAYSTATION
3. Saturday- FRIDAY

1. Day- DAY (5)
2. A good nap- GOOD FOOD
3. Saturday- SUNDAY

1. Day- DAY (5)
2. Food (especially steak)- RED CABARNET WINE
3. Friday- FRIDAY (10)

SH #2: Renaissance Curacao Resort & Casino

1. What is it about your husband that gets your "pirate ship" afloat- his booty, treasure chest or extra-long plank?
2. "The day after my wedding, I thought 'Hoomph! I don't have to impress him anymore. Now I can relax & ______________________ all I want'."
3. Of all the fights you two have had, which one was just plain stupid?
30-POINT BQ: Tell me the one new thing your husband's gotten you to try in the bedroom & then give me the one new thing you've gotten him to try.

1. Plank- PLANK (15)
2. Sleep in my sweatpants- LET ONE GO (FART)
3. Him hanging out- FLY IN SPACE

1. Booty- BOOTY (15)
2. Let my hair down- READ A GOOD BOOK
3. Fighting over nothing- PROCRASTINATING
BONUS: Sleeping naked & vibrational toys- BACK DOOR & ORAL DEPARTMENT

1. Chest- CHEST (20)
2. Take my makeup off- WATCH TV
3. The one over his side of the bed- THE BILLS HE HAD TO PAY
BONUS: Balcony & backside- BACK DOOR & OILS (35)

CP: La-Z-Boy 


$1K T-U: Phrase

_ R _ / W _

T H E _ _ / _ _ T ?

Curt correctly ponders "ARE WE THERE YET?". To tonight's trio:

Curt Dupre IV (New Orleans)- A University of New Orleans Finance student who's been bowling for 20 yrs.
David Larson (Tacoma, WA)- A bomb technician for the Washington Army National Guard & a home brewer
Beth Friedman (San Clemente, CA)- A family readiness officer for a Marine batallion aboard Camp Pendleton; her husband of 26 years is also a Marine

$2K T-U: Proper Name

_ A _ _ _ E

U _ _ _ _ _ _ _ D

Beth identifies "American Idol" S4 winner CARRIE UNDERWOOD.

Tuesday's Featured Trip: dana hotel & spa from Worldhotels.com & courtesy of Hotwire.com ($6,705)
Tuesday/Thursday Gift Tag: RITZ Camera & Image

meineke Jackpot Round: Food & Drink

First for her are a $900 M but then Lose a Turn strikes. Secondly, Curt's Free PLAYED three E's, called three T's for $900 & bought three I's, then he Bankrupts on the Million Dollar Wedge's right edge to give back the $650 that was left. Third, David captures a W & two N's for $2.5K each, but he then goes Bankrupt next to said value. Fourth, Beth calls three H's for another $1.5K & the blue 1/2 KIA & the $450 V, then after calling a $1K G pairing while on the Jackpot...

H _ M _ _ _ G E _


E V E _ _ T H I N G

_ N / I T

...she lets those fireworks go off yet again by eating a HAMBURGER WITH EVERYTHING ON IT for a $13,150 pot (highest won this season) & a cash total this round of 17 grand!

SOLE LaT: Beth
BANKRUPTS: 2 (men)

Current Scores:

David: $0/Beth: $19K (1/2 KIA)/Curt: $1K

Mystery Round: Landmark

Curt collects the other 1/2 KIA w/ two $500 C's right off the bat & secondly calls an R while on the Mystery Wedge in between FP & LaT. He gives back the doubler for...the 10 G's! After purchasing an E, heading his way are four A's but then S for sorry while on the Wild Card. Second, David locates $1,200 worth of three F's, seven O's, a $400 B, quad L's for the gift certificate, double H's to add $1,800 & two I's to shut the vowel department down for the round. Following a $900 M & a $500 P for the other 1/2 KIA available in this round, he finds the set of N's for nine more crisp pictures of Benjamin Franklin & here's the board...

P R O / F O O T B A L L

H A L L / O F / F A M E

I N / _ A N T O N


...he finally solves PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME IN CANTON, OHIO to not only remain in control & keep his plate, but $6,200 in cash & gift tag as well.

SOLE DUD: S (Curt)

Current Scores:

David: $6,200 in cash & prizes (1/2 KIA)/Beth: $19K (1/2 KIA)/Curt: $1K

Prize Puzzle Round: Fun & Games

Dave Bankrupts next to top dollar on the spot for the second time tonight, so there goes his plate. Second for Beth are a $500 M for another blue 1/2 KIA, but her second LaT landing follows right after that. Third, Curt lights a $300 T & a couple O's, but he's then stopped by an R call. After his second spin of the wheel this round, Dave digs up a $300 V, a set of I's, a G for that WC, an $1,800 N couplet, an E, an $1,800 L pair & the rest of the vowels (two A's & a U), followed by an $1,800 S duo & an $1,800 C triple...

_ A N C I N G / T O

L I V E / C A L _ _ S O


...& he should feel like DANCING TO LIVE CALYPSO MUSIC, because he's $6.5K happier & won a trip to the Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort & Casino worth $8,180, putting him in the lead by $1,880.

SOLE DUD: $600 R (Curt)
SOLE LaT: Beth

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: TB2899628 (Tonya B.)

Current Scores:

David: $20,880 in cash & merchandise (WC)/Beth: $19K/Curt: $1K

$3K T-U: Around the House

W R _ _ P I N G

_ _ _ _ _

It's not Christmas time, but David solves WRAPPING PAPER w/ little trouble to hit the $23,880 mark.

Last Chance Round: Occupation

$1,300 per consonant this time. An H at about the midway mark...

S P _ _ _ H _ R _ T _ R

...& David solves SPEECHWRITER to win the same amount Curt was playing for at the time, $3,900 & take his WC to Bonusland!

SOLE DUD: M (Beth)

Final Scores:

David: $27,780 in cash & stuff (WC)/Beth: $19K/Curt: $1K
GT: $47,780

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $8,150

Big Money Round #144: Dave doesn't have anybody w/ him, but he spins up the I in WIN.

Topic: Thing

Light up the RSTLNE's:

_ _ T T _

R E _ _ R _

YCPAD has Vanna light...

_ _ T T Y

R E _ A R _

...but we're NOT in the mood to make any WITTY REMARK, because he unsurprisingly gets stuck on REWARD & therefore loses the Winnebago. He marches out w/ $27,880 in cash & stuff.

TS: This episode pits hipsters vs. jocks.

Preliminary What You Know Results:

1. Kamal d. Franklin
2. Jenny d. Eddie
3. Yona d. Daryian
4. Shiloh d. Jeffrey
5. Kimberly d. Ish (first question was a stumper about The Great Cornholio)
6. Siobhan d. Jamal
7. Shisel d. Andrew
8. Kira vs. Khalid
9. Jordan d. Jasmin

Extra Credit #2 (iPod Nano): Ron vs. Ben- According to the title of their '04 romantic comedy, Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore go on how many first dates?
Ben: "50 First Dates"

What You Should Know:

Kira vs. Yona: Named for its inventor, what code of dots & dashes was used for old-timey telegraph communication?
Yona: Dewey Decimal System
Kira: Morse Code

Shiloh vs. Kamal: Including species like frogs, toads & salamanders, what class of animals spends part of their life cycle on land & part in water?
Shiloh: Amphibians

Ben vs. Jenny: In a classic short story by Washington Irving, what character awakens after accidentally sleeping for 20 yrs.?
STUMPER #2 (A: Rip Van Winkle)
Take #2: For a right triangle, the mathematical formula A^2 + B^2 = C^2 is known as what theorem?
Jenny: Pythagorean 

Jordan vs. Siobhan: What massive astronomical phenomenon has such strong gravity that even light can't escape it?
Siobhan: The Sun
Jordan: The Solar System (A: The Black Hole)
T2: What "Lone Star State" was an independent country for almost 10 yrs. before joining the Union in 1845?
Jordan: Russia (ZONK)(A: Texas)
T3: The conservative "Tea Party" movement shares its name w/ a colonial-era protest in what U.S. city?
Siobhan: Boston

Shisel vs. Kimberly: Germany, France & Spain & more than a dozen other countries all use what common currency?
Shisel: Euros

WTH Categories: U.S. Presidents before 1900 and Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt children (BTW, they finally just got engaged)
Distraction: Electric chair

Kira: 2
Jenny: 3
Siobhan: 3
Shiloh: 2
Shisel: 3

The tiebreaker in this new round is that each semi-finalist was asked what the combined total number of correct answers was from both lists.

WINNER (30- on the nose!)- Jenny


1. Name one thing, other than underwear, that someone would find in your underwear drawer.
Siobhan: Undershirts- 1%
Jenny: Bra- #2 (19%; top answer was socks at 55%, while the #3 answer of money/wallet got 8%)

2. At what age did you stop believing in the tooth fairy?
Jenny: 7- 11%
Siobhan: 8- #1 (25%; #2 was 9 at 14% & #3 was 10 at 12%)

3. We asked your male peers- what celebrity would you want to be stranded on a desert island w/?
Siobhan: Megan Goode- 1%
Jenny: Kim Kardashian- 4% (the top three were Jessica Alba, Megan Fox & Emma Watson w/ 14%, 13% & 12% respectively)

4. What would be the worst part of your body to have amputated?
Jenny: Legs- WINS EVERYTHING! (25%)
Siobhan: Hands- #2 (23%)

FQ: How many extracurricular activities are you involved in?
Jenny: 3
Siobhan: 2

RG: The first episode's titled "Hammertime".

Age: 40
Hometown: Billingsport, NJ
Vehicle: Silver '01 Dodge Durango SLT
Intel: Same as this episode's title
Host: Tom

1. What does wi-fi stand for?
Guess: Wireless Connection (A: Wireless Fidelity)
2. From '99-'03, what former pro wrestler was governor of Minnesota?
Guess: Jesse "The Body" Ventura
3. Mr. Miyagi says "Wax on, wax off" in what film about a bullied teenager?
Guess: "The Karate Kid"

4. In what year did Christopher Columbus sail The New World (which is also the name of Chris Columbus' production company)?
Guess: 1692 (A: 1492)
FQ: What letter of the alphabet's used more times than any other?
Guess: T- REPO (A: E)

Age: 40
Impound Lot
Vehicle: White '04 Chevrolet Silverado
Intel: Brought 90 lbs. of angry girlfriend w/ her
Host: Josh

1. What's the entire name of the daughter of Janet Leigh & Tony Curtis?
Guess: Jamie Lee Curtis (the Dannon Activia spokeswoman)- RIGHT
2. Who's the only NFL team to lose four consecutive Super Bowls?
Guess: NY Jets (A: Bills)
3. Someone who's lactose intolerant has trouble digesting what type of food?
Guess: Dairy
4. Lara Croft has been the heroine of what video game series since '96?
Guess: "Tomb Raider"- PAID!

Age: 34
Hometown: Westville, NJ
Vehicle: White '09 Dodge RAM 1500 Quad Cab
Intel: Fuggedaboutit.
Host: Tom


And he's gonna have to settle for a MINI Cooper.

"Soul Brotha Chicken Wing":

Age: 34
Impound Lot
Taxi: '00 Lincoln Town Car
Intel: Bro, bro, bro, bro...he wants his car back.
Host: Tom

1. What's the largest U.S. state by area?
Guess: Texas (A: Alaska)
2. Cleveland, OH fans were disappointed when what NBA star who used to play for the Cavaliers signed w/ the Miami Heat in FL?
Guess: Blake Wilson (A: LeBron James)
3. What rap group's known for the tracks "911 is a Joke" & "Fight the Power" (which shares its name w/ a former pro wrestling tag team)?
Guess: Chocolate- ANOTHER WIPEOUT (A: Public Enemy)

Age: 45
Hometown: Somerdale, NJ
Vehicle: White '01 Ford Windstar LX
Intel: Toughest minivan driver on the block.
Host: Josh

1. What's the capital city of Mexico?
Guess: Mexico City- YES INDEED
2. What fast-talking billionaire ran for President in 1992 w/ Admiral Stockdale?
Guess: Ross Perot- RIGHT
3. What hit by Los Del Rio started a Latin dance craze in the '90s?
Guess: "Livin' La Vida Loco" (A: "The Macarena")
4. Which five NFL teams are named after birds?
Guesses: Eagles, Falcons, Cardinals, Seahawks & Ravens- PAID!

Age: 50
Hometown: Somerdale
Vehicle: Red '98 Taurus Sedan
Intel: You should see when he's really surprised.
Host: Josh

1. What two-word name's given to the brassy yellow mineral Pyrite?
Guess: Fool's Gold
2. What celebrity has appeared on every cover of O?
Guess: Michael Jackson (A: Oprah Winfrey)
3. What's the full name of the U.S. President whose initials were LBJ?
Guess: Lyndon Brent Johnson (A: Lyndon Baines Johnson)
4. Name four of the six NBA teams that current "NBA on TNT" analyst Shaquille O'Neal played for.
Guesses: L.A. Lakers, Utah (Jazz), Portland (Trailblazers) & Phoenix (Suns)- REPO
Not said: Heat, Magic, Cavs & Celtics


Jamie Granero: '02 Escape

regular: Only mistake came on her third Q.

1. What type of car door opens upward from a hinge at the top- butterfly, scissor, gull-wing or lambo?
Guess: Lambo (A: Gull-Wing)(1/2)
2. Who wrote the groundbreaking 1957 road trip novel "On the Road"- Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs or Neal Cassady?
Guess: Burroughs (A: Kerouac)(1/4)
3. For five seasons on MTV, Xzibit offered the owners of junk cars the chance to "____ My Ride"- is the missing word in that title improve, pimp, trick out or redo?
Guess: "Pimp" ($125)(1/2)
4. What luxury car brand used the motto "Grace...Space...Pace"- Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley or Jaguar?
Guess: Rolls-Royce (A: Jaguar)(1/4)

btb category: IndyCar drivers' birth countries

Juan Pablo Montoya: CANADA (A: Columbia)
Dario Franchitti: BRAZIL (A: Scotland)
Arie Luyendyk: NETHERLANDS ($175)
Jacques Villeneuve: COLUMBIA (A: Canada)
Emerson Fittipaldi: SCOTLAND (A: Brazil)

high octane: EMPTY

Thomas Loprieno took home $100 after arriving in a '00 Volkswagen Jetta & emptying out following the plus round.

Audra & Wade Frobose: '11 RAM 1500 Quad Cab 4X4 (w/ the HEMI engine)

regular: SWEEP

1. What race was the first to use a pace car & the rolling start for a safer launch- Daytona 500, U.S. Grand Prix, Indy 500 or Talladega 500?
Guess: Daytona 500 (A: Indy 500)(3/4)
2. What type of car's featured in the music video for Jay-Z & Kanye West's music video "Otis"- Mercedes, Maybach, Ferrari or MINI Cooper?
Guess: Maybach- RIGHT ($150)(FULL)
3. In a 1988 debate, Michael Dukakis called what fellow Presidential candidate "The Joe Isuzu of American Politics"- Bob Dole, David Duke, George H.W. Bush or Harold Ford, Sr.?
Guess: Dole (A: Bush)(3/4)
4. For which movie did Martin Scorsese win an OSCAR for Best Director- "Raging Bull", "Taxi Driver", "Goodfellas" or "The Departed"?
Guess: "Raging Bull" (A: "The Departed")(1/2)

btb category: Sports teams & their arenas

Delta Center: BULLS (A: Jazz)
Continental Airlines Arena: DEVILS ($200)
AmericanAirlines Center: JAZZ (A: Mavericks)
U.S. Airways Center: MAVERICKS (A: Suns)
United Center: SUNS (A: Bulls)

1. What West Coast rapper rolls around town in a custom purple & yellow '67 Pontiac Parisienne?
Guess: The Game (A: Snoop Dogg)(1/4)
2. Who's the only driver to win an IRL title & a NASCAR Cup Series title?
Guess: Tony Stewart ($300)(1/2)
3. What undefeated boxer, w/ the nicknames "Pretty Boy" & "Money", is the biggest PPV draw in history w/ $375M+ in buys?
Guess: (Floyd) Mayweather(,Jr.)($400)
FQ: Who authored the best-selling 1965 auto industry expose Unsafe At Any Speed?
Guess: Lee Iacocca (A: Ralph Nader)

top-off challenge: The U.S. Grand Prix will return to the F1 schedule later this year & will be held in what Texas city?
Guess: Dallas (A: Austin)($200)

Dejeta Peay (who commutes in The Bronx): '10 Sienna

regular: His sole mistake in this round came on Question #2.

1. Which car-loving late night talk show host won the Indy 500 in '04 as a car owner- Jay Leno, David Letterman, Johnny Carson or Conan O'Brien?
Guess: Leno (A: Letterman)(1/2)
2. Which film was the top-grossing movie of '10 in the U.S.- "Toy Story 3", "Iron Man 2", "Inception" or "Alice in Wonderland"?
Guess: "Inception" (A: "Toy Story 3")(1/4)
3. Which of these auto manufacturers isn't considered one of NASCAR's "Big Three"- Toyota, GM, Damler Chrysler or Ford?
Guess: Toyota ($125)(1/2)
4. In '53, its first year in production, every Corvette's exterior was painted what color- Sportsman Red, Pennant Blue, Polo White or Tuxedo Black?
Guess: SR (A: PW)(1/4)

btb subject: State license plate symbols

Rainbow: ILLINOIS (A: Hawaii)
Lincoln: MAINE (A: Illinois)
American Flag: ALABAMA
Wright Flyer: NORTH CAROLINA ($225)
Chickadee: HAWAII (A: Maine)

1. What's the name of AmTrak's high-speed rail service that runs along the Northeast corridor?
Guess: Acela- YES ($325)(1/2)
2. Who has been named IndyCar's Most Popular Driver six times since '05?
Guess: Dale Earnhardt (A: Danica Patrick)(1/4)

3. What's Tiger Woods' real first name?
Guess: Peter (A: Eldrick)

David Rivera: '03 Hyundai Tiburon (which has since been replaced by the Veloster as of this year)

regular: The opener was his sole miss.

1. Fred Flintstone's 7,000, B.C. automobile runs on what non-traditional power source which is mentioned towards the end of the classic theme song "Meet The Flintstones"- wind, water, shale oil or his feet?
Guess: Feet ($125)(FULL)
2. What American sports league has a team that's named after an energy drink- NHL, NBA, MLS or Arena Football League?
Guess: Arena Football League (A: MLS)(3/4)
3. Which one of these's NOT a move in figure skating- Lutz, Axel, Salto or Camel Spin?
Guess: Camel Spin (A: Salto)(1/2)
4. What state had the most tornadoes in 2010- Texas, Alabama, Minnesota or Ohio?
Guess: Alabama (A: Minnesota)(1/4)

motor skills: He ran the table w/ windshield washer fluid, antifreeze, motor oil & transmission fluid to up his money meter to $325.

1. What company has been the sponsor of NASCAR's top series since '07?
Guess: Sprint ($425; Nextel was also acceptable)(1/2)
2. What's the maximum number of characters that can be used in a standard tweet?
Guess: 120 (A: 140)(1/4)
3. Al Capone's bulletproof '36 Cadillac was later re-purposed as a limo for what President?
Guess: (Ronald) Reagan (A: FDR)

Johanna Gaine & Kelley Molloy: '11 Subaru Impreza Sedan

regular: Sole mistake was their second statement.

1. What major constellation's commonly known as "The Hunter"- Orion, Cassiopeia, Andromeda or Taurus?
Guess: Orion (also a former production company)- YES ($125)(FULL)
2. The N in NATO stands for National, North, Nuclear or Natural?
Guess: North- SPILLOVER ($225)
3. "Caveat emptor" is a Latin expression that translates to English as "seize the day", "what will be, will be", "out of many, one" or "let the buyer beware"?
Guess: "let the buyer beware" ($275)
4. In NASCAR, a "groove" refers to what- the best way around the track, the ridges on the tires, a metal strip under the front grill or a steady lead in the race?
Guess: Ridges on the tires- INCORRECT (A: The best way around the track)

squeegee challenge subject: TV Show

$200 (bottom-left): Dharma Initiative
$100 (top-left): Island- "SURVIVOR"
$50 (bottom-right): Oceanic 815
$25: "The Others"- "THE OCEAN" (ZONK)(A: "LOST")


Millionaire (Double Your Money Week IV, Day 2):
Conclusion of Teresa Kime's Game
Game 2
Start of Game 3

(Also tonight: Mary Harris only won $5,900 tonight because there was a Final J! Triple Stumper, sending Michelle LaLonde home w/ $20.5K.) 

Episode ratings:

3 AM: 2
3:30 AM: 6
8: "The Substitute"
7: "Let's Make a Deal", "Repo Games" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Millionaire", "Jeopardy!", "The Newlywed Game" & "The Price is Right"
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