Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18/2012 Results

LMaD: Charles (who's wearing a Sacramento Kings replica jersey; that NBA team might NOT be in said city in the future) is assigned the title of The Man Who Can't Say No.

Amy's Round (dressed as a gator catcher): CURTAIN #2- Yamaha ZUMA 125
Stephanie's Round (dressed as a bumblebee): $900- Panasonic 42" HDTV w/ MacBook Pro & apple tv device ($3,198)
CHARLES' BIG RISK (CURTAIN #1): NO- Spaghetti & meatballs boat 


Sabrina (dressed as a fat princess) & Daniel (who has an ostrich as part of his costume; they've been together for six years) play Gold Rush for the Dodge Caliber (Curtain #3).

1. #4- GOLD
3. #3 (her daughter's age)- LOSES $200

Jessica's Cash Multiplier Deal Decision ($100; dressed as a drum majorette): B- x5 ($500)
BIG BOX- Viking gas range w/ chocolate supplies ($1,978)

A- x50
C- x7
D- x3
E- x2

Carolyn's Real/Fake Bracelet (Tiffany) Fast Deal Decision (dressed as a chef): CURTAIN #2- Patio/BBQ set ($6,624)(Bracelet ARP: $100, w/ three times that in cash)

Hartley's Good/Bad News Choice (dressed as a German; her friend Alex came all the way from China)(CURTAIN #3): Good- More than one item
DECISION: GO ($1.5K)- Designer accessories ($5,365)
Aubrey's Good/Bad News Choice (SMALL BOX w/ Tiffany in front of CURTAIN #2): Bad- You don't want to leave it outside for too long
DECISION: $800- Butter pumps (next offer would've been $1K)

Sophia (dressed as a Playboy Bunny) & David play Remember When for the Honda Fit MT (Curtain #1). 

Titles: "American Beauty", "Legally Blonde", "My Best Friend's Wedding", "Titanic" & "The Princess Diaries"
GUESSES: "Titanic" & "My Best Friend's Wedding"

But they decide they're more interested in what's in the RED BOX- the Panama tour.

'97- "Titanic" & "My Best Friend's Wedding"
'99- "American Beauty"
'01- "Legally Blonde" & "The Princess Diaries"

The last regular deal's titled Majority Rules.

R1: RB (Jonathan; something that lasts a year) or SILVER ENVELOPE?
Majority: SE
RB- Dry cleaning for a year ($2,506)

R2 Majority: SE
BB ($$$)- Laundred donkey dollars

FR Decisions:
Erin (dressed as a jailor & math whiz): CURTAIN #3
Trent (dressed as a knight): $1K
Denver (who's wearing a white headband): CURTAIN #3- Bedroom set w/ SAMSUNG 46" 3-D HDTV ($4,948)

SE- Strong Spa 8

THE BIG DEAL: We're going for that Mustang/oil changes package today w/ Carolyn. DOOR #3's her pick. #2 had The Bank Vault w/...$7,477 in it, so she's still alive. Is she a winner...YES! #1 had a $2K Spirit Fitness e-Glide flight elliptical machine. 

Erin doesn't have a 3 of Diamonds that would've been good for the $500 twitter wad. Chelsea has the right to be confident about telling Jonathan 4's the last number of her driver's license for a Benjamin, Juan didn't bring Tiffany either a $100 diploma or student ID & because he brought a giant Teddy Bear, Anthony gives to Jonathan Yogi Bear, Winnie the Pooh & Little Bear as three famous bear characters for $100.



$1K T-U: Place

I N T _ _ S _ A _ E

H I G H _ A Y

Heidi has just come off the INTERSTATE HIGHWAY to get on the scoreboard first. Panel of the night:

Heidi Bird (Vista, CA)- A softball coach at Simi Valley High School & former four-year Arizona State University softball player married to Tim w/ a one-year-old son named Cody
Steve Brenner (Grafton, MA)- A technical sales director for a security software company married to Lisa w/ three kids; he plays the guitar
Donna Perkins (Chattanooga, TN)- A Tennessee Tech University student who will graduate on May 5th & become an elementary school teacher; she served in the Army for 16 yrs. & has seven children & one grandchild

$2K T-U: In the Kitchen

_ _ E / _ _ _ _ M

_ _ K _ _

Heidi quickly triples w/ an ICE CREAM MAKER.

Wednesday's Featured Trip: MacArthur Place in Sonoma Valley from ($5.5K)

meineke Jackpot Round: Title

Her opening letters to lead off this episode's maingame action are two $500 T's while on the Jackpot right away, six E's, an H for that Million Dollar Wedge, a $400 R & two A's, then she calls four N's for $2K more & the blue 1/2 KIA & $900 worth of three D's. Following her purchase of the twin I's...


D E _ _ A R A T I _ N / _ _

I N D E _ E N D E N _ E

...she solves "THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE" to definitely keep another $3,550.


Current Scores:

Heidi: $6,550 MDW (1/2 KIA)
Everyone else: $0

Mystery Round: Same Letter

Steve spins up $550 to start but calls an automatic dud of S. Second, Donna's powers pick up two $800 R's but no more after she duds out by calling T. Third, Heidi Loses a Turn. Fourth, Steve says a $500 D, a pair of E's, a trio of A's, the SL of four B's for the Red Roof Inn gift card & N for negative while on the Wild Card. Donna follows w/ another dud of L while on that same piece of cardboard, then Heidi claims a $900 C couplet, a U, a $500 Y, a $300 K before buying the only dud vowel on the board (O). After Steve calls the G for that California trip...

B _ G



...he wins that & the gift tag because of a BIG BACKYARD BARBEQUE; he's $50 off the lead.

DUDS: L (Donna), N (Steve), O (Heidi) $550 S (Steve), $300 T (Donna)
SOLE LaT: Heidi

Current Scores:

Donna: ZIP/Heidi: $6,550 MDW 1/2 KIA/Steve: $6.5K in merchandise

Prize Puzzle Round: Phrase

Donna has begun this round by calling for an R, but it's not there. Second, Heidi inserts an N & two T's at $300 each, then she purchases tres E's, calls the double H's for another six bills, buys the I's in a four of a kind pack & gets a $1.5K M set before landing on the blue 1/2 KIA again & having a $500 G lit by Ms. White. Afterwards...

I ' M / H _ _ I N G

T H E / T I M E / _ _

M _ / _ I _ E

...also a lyric in the Mark Schultz song "The Time of My Life", she's right on "I'M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE" for not only another $18K in cash & Soul, but the big trip to the St. James's Club worth $7,140!

SOLE DUD: $300 R (Donna)

TONIGHT'S SPIN ID: JZ9332158 (Jann Z.)

Current Scores:

Donna: ZILCH/Heidi: $31,690 in cash & stuff MDW/Steve: $6.5K in gifts

WHEEL Deals! Wednesday Offer of the Week: $20 shopping voucher for half the price; $8 if you use that SonyCard

$3K T-U: Landmark

H O _ _ _ R

D A _

Steve now has some money because of the HOOVER DAM & now has $9.5K in cash & goodies.

Last Chance Round: Fictional Character

Consonants in this crucial round are all worth...the $1,300 minimum. After three C's are asked for by Steve...

L _ _ B _ R _ _ C _

P _ _ L / B _ N _ _ N

...he gets LUMBERJACK PAUL BUNYAN for $3,900 extra. Left in the ladies' banks:

Donna: $2,600
Heidi: $5,200

Final Scores:

Donna: $1K GOOSEEGG/Heidi: $31,690 in cash & stuff MDW/Steve: $13,400 in cash & stuff
GT: $46,090

DUDS: D (Steve), H (Donna), S (Steve), T (Donna)


MILLION DOLLAR BONUS ROUND #9 FOR POSSIBLY A NEW ALL-TIME RECORD: Bird's Bonus Spin has flown to the S in SPIN. As the late, great Dick Clark might say in similar situations, we must ask for absolute silence in the studio before we begin.

Category: Phrase

Reveal the legend:

_ _ T / _ _

S _ _ _ T

CMPU adds just said vowel...

_ U T / _ _

S _ _ _ T

...& she doesn't even get past the first word by getting that wrong as GUT. A $1M win topped w/ a new "Wheel" winnings record sure would've been OUT OF SIGHT...

 wasn't going to happen for her, but she does lose the $40K. That said, she flies (& maybe drives, too) away w/ $31,690 in cash & loot.


TS: This all-girls episode pits those from public schools against those from the private ones.

What You Know Preliminary Results:

1. Danielle d. Jody (both missed their first two Q's)
2. Amy d. Jazmine (twin sister)
3. Sarah d. Nicole (who played the recorder in 3rd Grade; their first Q was a stumper)
4. Alissa d. Melba
5. Marcelis d. Amanda
6. Christina S. d. Jenny
7. Derbie d. Sylwia (first Q stumped both)
8. Lauren d. Alex
9. Olivia d. Amanda B. (first query was a stumper)

Extra Credit #3 (Canon PowerShot camera): Christina R. vs. Amanda- What Italian fashion house's known by its simple D&G logo?
Christina R.: Dulce & Gabbana

What You Should Know:

Olivia vs. Amy: What mythical Greek king's best known for gouging out his own eyes after he accidentally married his mom?
Amy: Oedipus

Sarah vs. Lauren: The Earth's atmosphere's roughly 21% oxygen & 78% what other elemental gas?
Lauren: Hydrogen
Sarah: Carbon (A: Nitrogen)
T2: What kind of poem fits well on twitter because its three lines have just five, seven & five syllables each?
Lauren: Haiku

Danielle vs. Derbie: What fraction's 1/2 of 1/2?
STUMPER (A: 1/4)
T2: What U.S. civil rights leader won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 when he was just 35?
Derbie: MLK

Christina S. vs. Marcelis: Dubbed the "ring of fire", a line of what lava-spewing geological formations encircles the Pacific Ocean?
Marcelis: Lava
Christina S.: Volcano(es)

Alissa vs. Christina R.: Taken together, your heart, blood, arteries & veins make up what system in the body?
Alissa: Cardiovascular

WTH Categories:Top 20 most widely-spoken languages & Brad Pitt movies
This Evening's Torture: For at least this episode, the five semi-finalists are strapped to a yellow wheel & spun around while ping-pong balls are shot at them.


Alissa: 7
Lauren: 8
Derbie: 3
Christina S.: 11- WINNER


1. To the nearest half-hour, what time do you typically go to bed on school nights?
Amy: 11- 10% (originally 10:45)
Christina: 11:30- #2 (15%; #1 was midnight at 18%, while #3 was 10:30 at 14%)

2. Name a celebrity who seems really egotistical.
Amy: Kris Humphries- DUD
Christina: Kanye West- #1 (20%; #2 was his former wife Kim Kardashian at 14% & Paris Hilton was third w/ 12%)

3. To the nearest $5, how much money do you usually have on you at school?
Christina: $25- 1%
Amy: $20- 10% (#1 was $5 w/ 32%, followed by nothing w/ 18% & $10 at 14%)

4. Name your favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie.
Amy: "Inception"- #2 (24%)
Christina: "Titanic" (36%)

FQ: What decade had the worst hair & clothing styles?
Christina: '70s
Amy: '90s


Tara Pettit: '12 Hyundai Elantra Sedan

regular: She was right on the even-numbered questions. 

1. What company's the largest manufacturer of NASCAR trading cards- Upper Deck, Press Pass, TOPPS or Panini?
Guess: Upper Deck- INCORRECT (A: Press Pass)(1/4)
2. "Action Comics" #1 was notable for the first appearance of which character- Superman, Batman, Spider-Man or Green Hornet?
Guess: Superman ($100)(1/2)
3. A four-time points champion, what driver extended his record for Truck Series wins w/ his 50th last year- Todd Bodine, Jack Sprague, Ron Hornaday, Jr. or Travis Kvapil?
Guess: Ron Hornaday, Jr. ($150)(3/4)
4. In what country was NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya born- Mexico, Brazil, Columbia or Peru?
Guess: Brazil (A: Columbia)(1/2)

squeegee challenge theme: Race car drivers

$200 (top-left): Brazil
$100 (bottom-left): '78 Formula 1 Champ
$50 (bottom-right): Associated Press Driver of the Century
$25: M.A.- EMPTY (A: Mario Andretti)

Lacey Gruber & Anthony Sweetman only accumulated $75 in the regular round after arriving in an '05 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

Steve DiSimone (a 43-yr.-old retired police officer whose two boys are James & Tyler; they couldn't help him out in this game): '11 Jeep Grand Cherokee

regular: SWEEP

1. Before dropping it in '04, Chevy used what Bob Seger song as its slogan for nearly a dozen years- "Night Moves", "Hollywood Nights", "Like a Rock" or "Against the Wind"?
Guess: "Like a Rock"- OVERFLOW ($200)
2. Which is the largest rental car company in the world- Enterprize, Hertz, AVIS or Dollar?
Guess: AVIS (A: Hertz)(3/4)
3. At 9.5M barrels per day, what country's the world's top oil producer- Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Libya?
Guess: S.A. (A: Russia)(1/2)
4. Three of the four major American sports have a Hall of Famer who've also served in Congress, but which sport hasn't- basketball, football, baseball or hockey?
Guess: Hockey ($250)(3/4)

sc subject: Baseball players (Note: The clues in this playing were yellow on black instead of red on black)

$200 (top-right): #7
$100 (bottom-right): Pinstripes- NICK SWISHER
$50 (top-left): Center Field- CURTIS GRANDERSON
$25: 3 MVP's- BERNIE WILLIAMS (A: Mickey Mantle)

high octane:
1. Upon the release of its "San Andreas" installment, what video game series did Hillary Clinton claim was "...stealing the innocence of our children"?
Guess: "Grand Theft Auto" ($350)
2. The name of what annual New Orleans celebration's French for "Fat Tuesday"?
Guess: Mardi Gras ($450)
3. What color flag calls a single driver to the pits due to a rules violation or a safety reason?
Guess: White (A: Black)
FQ: In all 50 states, it's a crime to drive w/ a blood-alcohol level above what percent?
Guess: .08% ($550)

top-off challenge: What North American racing competition, which began in '73 & continued until going out of business in '08, was an all-star race w/ drivers from IndyCar & NASCAR competing in identically-prepared stock cars?
Guess: Brickyard 400 (A: IROC)($300)

Pamela Longobardi (a schoolteacher w/ a dog): '11 Mazda CX-9

regular: SWEEP

1. A hockey game's divided into three 20-minute segments called thirds, innings, periods or crackers?
Guess: Periods- OVERSPILL ($200)
2. Which of these typically are perforated along all four sides- driver's license, postage stamps, credit cards or VISA cards?
Guess: Stamps ($250)
3. Which of these isn't one of the three current NASCAR divisions- Sprint Cup, Nationwide, Roadster or Camping World Truck?
Guess: Roadster ($300)
4. Cynophobia is a fear of what animal- dogs, snakes, cats or rats?
Guess: Snakes (A: Dogs)(3/4)

motor skills:

1. Dipstick ($350)
2. Piston (A: Shock absorber)
3. Alternator
4. Wheel/tire weight

1. In the "Back to the Future" films, what speed did The Delorean have to reach to achieve time travel?
Guess: 97 mph (A: 88)(1/2)
2. Last October, NASCAR signed an agreement w/ what company to continue as the exclusive tire used in NASCAR's top three racing series?
Guess: Goodyear ($450)
3. What toy was originally invented to be wallpaper cleaner?
Guess: Silly Putty (A: Play-Doh)
FQ: What was the name of the first American-built steam locomotive?
A: Tom Thumb


t-o c: What member of the 600 HR club was voted "Baseball's Nicest Player" in a Sports Illustrated player poll- Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez or Chipper Jones?
A: Jim Thome (she would've guessed Chipper instead)

Stacy Gabello & Peter Reyes, Jr., who wheel around in a '08 Honda Civic Mugen Si Sedan, only got their last two regular statements right in the whole game to leave w/ 50 bucks.

David Ramos: '98 Civic EX Coupe

regular: He nailed the first & last T/F statements. 

1. The '11 Sonata, Esquire's Car of the Year, is manufactured by what carmaker- Honda, KIA, Hyundai or Toyota?
Guess: Hyundai ($100)(3/4)
2. After being criticized for paying Casey Anthony for an interview, what broadcast network vowed to stop its pay-per-story practice- ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX?
Guess: ABC- RIGHT ($150)(FULL)
3. Which of the following isn't an Adam Sandler movie- "Happy Gilmore", "Superbad", "Spanglish" or "Anger Management"?
Guess: "Superbad"- SPILLOVER ($250)
4. Home of the All-American Soap Box Derby, Derby Downs' located in what Ohio city- Akron, Columbus, Dayton or Toledo?
Guess: Dayton (A: Akron)(3/4)

last sc topic of the evening: Movie title

$200 (bottom-left): Flux Capacitor- "AEON FLUX"
$100 (top-left): DeLorean- "BACK TO THE FUTURE" ($350)(Other clues: Doc Brown, located on the top-right corner, & Michael J. Fox) 

1. What three-word term describes a road that terminates w/ a dead end?
A: "Cul-De-Sac" (1/2)
2. In 2010, what motorcycle gang sued fashion designer Alexander McQueen for unauthorized use of its trademarked logo?
Guess: Hell's Angels ($450)
3. Founded by five brothers in Bologna, what's the only Italian car manufacturer to win the Indy 500?
Guess: Ferrari (A: Maserati)
FQ: What publicity-savvy faith became the first church to sponsor an Indy 500 driver?
Guess: The Salvation Army (A: The Church of Scientology)
t-o c: What was the first team to to ever win two World Series championships in a row?
Final Answer: NY Yankees- LOSS (A: Cubs)($250)

Millionaire (Double Your Money Week IV, Day 3):
Conclusion of Nancy Duran's Game
Game 2
$2K Question Game

(Also tonight: Even though he missed the Final Jeopardy! clue, Dan Adkinson had a lock game win & picked up $13,200, while Mary Harris left w/ $7,900.)

Episode ratings:

8: "The Substitute"
7: "Let's Make a Deal", "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Jeopardy!", "pumped!" & "The Price is Right"
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